Explore the Best Cannabidiol oil for your Dog, Puppies, Cats as well as different Pets. Check out our Top Recommendations for you This Year. We will be highlighting for you a list of some of the best cannabidiol oils available for dogs in the market.

Our ranking for these products is based on personally having used them combined with detailed research on the same. In 2020 in particular, we hold the belief that these are the very best options available for your puppy, older dog, your cat, horse as well as other pets.

Check out the recommendations below.

Quick Summary of the Best Brands

  Highest Quality 

King Kanine CBD Oil

King Kanine CBD Oil

   Products for Dogs
   Quality Ingredients
   Lab Results Available
   Easy Dosage Chart

  Great Value  

Canna-Pet CBD Capsules

Holistapet CBD Pet Tincture

   Lowest Prices
   For Dogs & Cats
   3rd Party Testing
   Great Reviews

  Treat Alternative 

KarmaPets CBD Treats


   CBD Infused Treats
   Natural Ingredients
   Simple Dosage
   Rich In Vitamins

1. King Kanine

King kanine CBD products

This is also among the best options available.

The company provides a diverse range of pet products that have high-quality components. Their marketing is targeted for dogs only. The company provides oils as well as different and innovative forms of cannabidiol which are inclusive of sprays and balms. King Kanine also offers grooming tools and are reputable for this reason.

The company bagged lots of awards in the previous year and this is a brand that we find trustworthy.

2. HolistaPet

This company is a bit new in the market in comparison to different brands.

However, they are still receiving great feedback, their prices are also a bit better in comparison to other brands. In case you are looking to save a few more bucks, then you should consider them as the best alternative available.

The company provides their clients with oils, treats, capsules as well as having different treats for your cats.  They source their CBD from hemp that is grown in Colorado, they also test their products with third parties to ensure that their clients get the best quality products.

To tell you the truth, this company is gradually becoming a favorite for us and we highly recommend it too.

3. HempMy Pet

Hemp my pet CBD products

HempMy Pet this remains to be our  #1 cannabidiol oil we recommend at the moment.

The company provides its clients with organic products that are of high quality. In case you are usually concerned about the origin of ingredients used in oil, HempMyPet is a to go brand as they emphasize on this according to us.

The company usually grows their own hemp that they use in making the diverse products they avail to the market, in this case, you are always assured of where their ingredients are sourced from.

The company works to ensure that they produce high-quality products for your pet. You can check out their background and get more insight into the dedication they show to ensuring that quality is prioritized.

In short, if you are looking for the best quality, you cannot go wrong by choosing to buy from them.

4. Honest Paws

You should also consider this company as you are looking into purchasing CBD for your pet.

This company could actually be the easiest to use. You will only need to give your dog just one drop in a day and you will be good to go.

Honest Paws provides three Levels of Purity.  With this, you will have to choose a level that applies to your pet and this is usually based on the weight of the pet. You will then give your pet 1 drop per day to your pet of their CBD tincture.  This makes it easy for one to administer a dosage for your pet.

The company also provides different products which are inclusive of treats, coconut oil infused with CBD and peanut butters.

They have very popular products and the process of administering this for your pet is super easy. Additionally, their site is very easy to navigate.

Quick Summary of the Best Brands

Highest Quality!

HempMy Pet

  • It has the highest quality products.
  • They have the best Ingredients.
  • Their products are targeted at dogs and cats.
  • Their products are infused with CBD.
  • They offer 100% natural products.
  • Their dosage is extremely simple.

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The Lowest Prices!

  • This company is new.
  • They offer the lowest pricing for their products.
  • They allow for third party testing on their products.
  • They provide treats for cats.

Their reviews have increasingly grown.

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King Kanine

Great for Dogs

  • Their products are targeted at dogs.
  • They offer balms and sprays (CBD)
  • They ensure quality for their Ingredients
  • They provide lab tests upon request.
  • They offer a simple dosage chart.

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CBD for Dogs: The Guide

A couple years back I was where you are right now. Trying to find answers.

Rosie, our family dog fell ill and our vet could no longer help with her case.

We were resolved to ensuring that she had the best last years as we worked to ensure that she could enjoy each minute.

And with the growing popularity in medical marijuana as a great option, it was not too long before someone else gave me a recommendation for cannabis for pets.

I decided to check this out and I realized that on most occasions there is confusion with regards to what you can give your pet.

That said, you should not worry about this as I decided to research on the questions that you may have and much more, I will keep updating this on my site.

The moment I became convinced that the supplements were great, I decided to give Rosie the same and this was more than worth it.  This saw her quality of life significantly improve just by using CBD products. I can attest to the fact that this worked very well for her!

I kept digging deeper into the industry and what it has to offer, I was amazed at the big number of pet owners who are always amazed in discovering this kind of supplements.

That said, I would tell you that you have come to the right place!

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All round pet enthusiast! I love my dogs and I love to write which is why I am the main contributor to TreeHousePuppies. I know the woes of purchasing subpar products for my pets which is why I aim to provide pet lovers like myself, with the knowledge of the best products through personal experience.