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Glucosamine For Dogs

It can really hurt watching an older dog starting to slow down and avoiding moving around because he’s feeling so much pain. Some dog owners just think that’s due to the old age of the dog, but the most probable cause of the dog’s lack of movement is probably joint pain he’s feeling.

So, if you have a dog that has started to move a bit slower, this might be because he doesn’t really want to move because of the pain, and this can be remedied by Glucosamine. These supplements can help safeguard the joints, the bones and the muscles of the dog, and especially if the dog is older and has been having these issues.

Fish Oil For Dogs

You could have a dog with a lot healthier skin and a coat, with a reduced inflammation, with a lot more energy, with more stamina, with an enhanced immune system, that doesn’t shed as much, that has a skin that’s a lot smoother, that has a reduced risk of any heart illness, that feels a lot less discomfort in the joints, etc.

Of course, this can only happen if you start giving fish oil to your dog; as you can see, you’ve got more than one reason to do so and the health benefits for your pup that come along with this are phenomenal. Here at TreeHousePuppies, we have done more than simply review each product!

Probiotics For Dogs

Most dog owners don’t really know what these probiotics are nor why their dog ought to take them. Well, in all honesty, both humans and dogs can take them, and this is because they can be really effective in helping out with digestive tracks problems because they are beneficial bacteria that live there.

Basically, these beneficial bacteria help with the digestion process and help us get a boosted immune system. After taking probiotics, your dog is going to start to experience an increased digestive strength, which is especially important as the dog gets older.

Specific Breed Nutrition Guides

The Best Dog Food for Pitbulls

Some of the most popular dog breeds in the world definitely includes pitbulls. Many people don’t really know that much about the, let alone how to properly feed them, and that is why many controversies exist related to this dog breed. The truth is that these ought to be a specific diet to fit these dogs and help them reach their peak, and that is exactly what we are going to cover here, in order for your pitbull to get the best and develop the best way possible.

The Best Dog Food for Yorkies

Yorkies aren’t really big dogs; in fact that are a small and a rather fun dog of breeds – people call them toy dogs. This means that the Yorkies are a rather unique breed, and that as such, they need a special diet to keep your Yorkie healthy and happy. We are going to cover all the important foods you ought to give your Yorkie, and which ones you ought to avoid. The dogs are a man’s best friends, and we always want what’s best for our friends; so why not show it to them by getting them some healthy and tasty food.

The Best Hypoallergenic Dog Food

Most pet owners might not be aware of the sometimes serious allergies their dog might have. So they probably wouldn’t know the exact symptoms to look for and whether or not their dog was suffering from a potentially fatal allergic reaction. We advise that you ask your local vet to run some tests on your dog so you can see exactly what your dog might be allergic to. You will most likely have to try an elimination diet and this can really help out your dogs lifespan. For more information, check out our dog food guide.

Popular Product Reviews

Nutramax Dasuquin for Dogs with MSM Review

Nutramax Dasquin is a food supplement that is able to maintain and improve your dog’s complete joint health. This is a product in which more than 10 years of research and clinical trials went into, and finally, the result was a formulation of this supplement which is a lot better than the average Glucosamine supplements. Experts have called this product “the most complete supplement for joint support”.

Bark Control Devices (Ultrasonic)

If your puppy or dog barks too much, these are the devices for you! With up to 50 feet of ultrasonic range, these excellent gadgets can help keep the peace and quiet in your neighborhood. They work indoors and outdoors, leaving you with the flexibility to turn on and off at your leisure. Our team of experts have tried and tested the top products, just for you.

Nutramax Cosequin DS Plus MSM Review

Nutramax Cosequin DS Plus MSM is something that every dog ought to start taking in order to have their joint health completely safeguarded. This is the most recommended joint health product by veterinarians on the market, and as such is a pretty good thing to have. It can be taken by dogs of all size, activity and health levels.

Electric Dog Training Collars

If you wish to have a dog that listens, that will never run away, that is never going to destroy any property, that is never going to attack anyone or endanger someone’s life, then you need to train him well, and the best way to do that is to use an electric dog training collar. These things are also great because they can help out in getting the dog to stop barking. These things are completely safe if used properly, and will in no way hurt your dog.

Coconut Oil For Dogs

Coconut oil can be a great thing for dogs, and what’s even more important is the fact that even the humans can enjoy it! It is going to help your dog get a healthy coat and skin, an improved digestive system, and a boosted immune system. Also, the coconut oil is a great thing to use if you wish your dog to lose some weight! This product can add more energy and vitality to your dog, elevate the dog’s metabolism, quicken the recovery time, and guard your pet from any illnesses.

Extend Joint Care for Dogs Review

Extend Joint Care is a product that is used as an advanced support formula for dog’s joints. It is a great product that helps with the repair and the support of joints and cartilages, which in turn allows your dog to retain the flexibility, even though he’s well into the old age. As a dog owner, you never want to see your dog slowly lose his mobility. This product will help with that and allow your dog to be as he was during his youth.

CBD Hemp Oil for Dogs

If your dog is anxious, scared, has seizures, or reacts erratically to loud noises, you might want to consider CBD oil for him or her. CBD is extracted from a Hemp plant and contains very little THC, so no, your dog won’t get the munchies, but will feel calm and relaxed. Take a look at our full review, to see how these supplements can help out your dog today.

Grizzly Salmon Oil Supplement Review

This product has been labeled as the best possible natural source of Omega-3 fatty acids, which is exactly what your dog needs. It is really important to have a product that offers a balance of natural products such as the before mentioned fatty acids, but also of vitamins and antioxidants, and Grizzly Salmon Oil offers exactly that.