Spoiling our dogs is something most of us like to do, even those who aren’t too keen on admitting it; there is something so satisfying with watching our pup’s eyes light up as we bring out that big bag of treats, but in order to spoil our dogs responsibly – we need to make sure the treats we are offering are safe and healthy.

Natural treats are usually the best way to go, and one of the most long-lasting and delicious chews you can provide your pooch with are pig ears for puppy friends and adult dogs. Your dog will love it, and it will give them essential nutrients needed to thrive.

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1. Brutus & Barnaby Pig Ear Dog Treat

Getting pig ears for dogs that like to chew is a great way to keep them satisfied and healthy, as chewing can help prevent bad breath and tartar build-up. These dog pig ears are harvested from pigs in South America, 100% free from chemicals and other harmful additives, and they have the ideal thickness and size to suit any dog that has had its adult teeth. They are the pig ears of pig ears, and a great option if you want to make your pooch happy while also looking out for his or her health.

+ No chemicals or
+ 100% natural pig ears
+ Ultimate size and thickness
+ Easily broken down and digested

Why We Like It – You can choose between a pack of 12, 25 or 100 pig ear dog treats when you buy this product, and they are 100% natural with no chemicals or strange preservatives.

2. Jack&Pup Prime Extra Thick Whole Pig Ears

Jack&Pup Prime Extra Thick Whole Pig Ears Odor Free Dog Treats

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These 100% digestible and safe smoked pig ears are guaranteed to be easy for your dog’s body to process, with no strange side effects. Any signs of stomach upset is usually due to your dog needing some time to get used to a new treat, as there is nothing in these chews known to cause trouble.

Each treat is hand picked and processed in USDA Human Grade Certified and inspected specialized factories, they are odor free and rich in vitamins and minerals, and the process of preparation is a slow one where the ears are first boiled and then dried; to ensure both quality, flavor, and safety.

+ Natural source of chondroitin
+ Stays fresh for long with no preservatives
+ Made in USDA certified and inspected facilities
+ Low in fat and high in protein

Why We Like It – Are pig ears good for dogs? They are when they come from a company that respects all safety regulations. This product is made in tested and inspected facilities, and it contains no artificial additives or chemicals.

3. Lucy’s Top Choice All Natural Whole Pig Ears

Lucy's Top Choice Made in USA #1 Large Smoked 100% All Natural Whole Pig Ears

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With a pig ear for dogs, your furry friend will have something healthy and natural to chew on, instead of rawhide (which can be hard to digest and even cause an obstruction) or treats full of grains and fillers. It takes three days to cook these delicious treats, and what you get when you purchase the product is a digestible snack that is made in the United States in facilities you can trust. Some other products will have had the ears cut up in pieces, but here you get the full ear so that your dog’s chewing pleasure can last longer.

+ Recyclable and environmentally friendly packaging
+ Removes tartar build-up and plaque
+ With magnesium, iron, zinc and vitamin B12
+ Full of natural delicious flavor and

Why We Like It – It is becoming increasingly important to think about the environment, and this company has skipped the plastic to make packaging that can be recycled.

4. Best Bully Sticks Made in USA Whole Pig Ears

Best Bully Sticks Made in USA Whole Pig Ears

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These large pig ears for dogs are carefully checked and inspected, one by one, before going out to the stores. This guarantees them being completely free from hormones, preservatives, and chemicals, and each ear is full of protein and essential vitamins to give your pooch a real health boost.

Get a pack of 8 of the best pig ears for dogs or go ahead and get a pack of 20 right away! They are oven baked and delicious, and suitable for dogs all breeds and sizes! Always supervise your dog as they munch on treats, but also know that you can’t get a better and more natural treat than these cheap pig ears for dogs in your home.

+ Essential vitamins and minerals
+ Baked to preserve nutrients
+ Promotes good dental health
+ Made by a trustable company

Why We Like It – These affordable and natural pig ears for dogs will give you that much-needed break after a long day of work, as they are long-lasting and free from artificial additives.

5. Nature Gnaws Large Whole Pig Ears

Nature Gnaws Large Whole Pig Ears

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Dental care is important no matter how big your dog is, how old he or she is or how long you have had the pleasure of sharing your home with him/her, and these smoked pig ears for dogs are just what you need to provide natural oral care to your furry friend!

Chewing helps remove plaque and tartar build-up, and ears are a lot more digestible than rawhide and other chews you might normally pick up at the grocery store, making pig ears for dogs safe but also full of nutrients.

+ Large size for big dogs
+ Sourced from natural pork
+ Packed in a re-sealable bag
+ All natural and nutritious

Why We Like It – The size of these dried pig ears is perfect for medium sized- and large dogs, as they are thick and durable enough to last.

6. EcoKind Healthy Pig Ear Chews for Dogs

EcoKind Healthy Pig Ear Chews for Dogs

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Oven baked and slow-cooked – these jumbo pig ears are likely to become an instant favorite in your household! Each ear has been carefully prepared for your dog to munch on, and it is a fully natural product without any unnecessary additions that could harm your dog.

There are few treats better than pig ears, in terms of nutrition and general safety, and this product gives you 10 thick-cut ears to distribute to your furry friends as you see fit. If you want what is best for your four-legged pal – use these natural treats and leave other products with artificial flavors and additives on the shelf where they belong.

+ Crunchy and easily digestible
+ Pack with 10 natural ears
+ Slow-cooked and oven baked
+ Money-back satisfaction guarantee

Why We Like It – The company producing these are so sure of their product that they offer a money-back guarantee if you would be unhappy with the treats, so go ahead and give one to your dogs to see what they think!

7. Brutus & Barnaby Pig Ear Slivers

The ziplock bag containing these yummy treats will keep them fresh for longer, and it will also keep the smell – a smell your dog will love – inside the bag until it is time to take one out. The company (Brutus and Barnaby) inspects every ear to ensure product quality, and you can choose between a 1lb bag and a 2lb bag.

Pig ears do not contain bone, which means there is no risk of splinting or crumbling, and this bag gives you nice large quality ears that will last your dog for hours (unless, of course, your dog is a master chewer).

+ Ideal for help with separation anxiety
+ Option of a 1lb bag and 2lb bag
+ In practical zip lock bag for durability
+ Individually inspected and safety checked

Why We Like It – These pig’s ears for dogs have a strong scent that your pup will go crazy for, and they come in a practical re-sealable bag for your convenience.

Pig Ear Dog Treats Buyers Guide

You are probably reading this if you have already realized that pig’s ear dog treats are among the best chews you can give your pup, and the next step is to find the best pig’s ears in terms of quality. While a pig’s ear for dogs is usually safe and full of nutrients, there are still a few things you want to double check before deciding on a brand.

A good idea is to look up products online, as it allows you to compare prices and package sizes, to eventually find the best option for you and your dog. There are many benefits that come with replacing your dog’s rawhide treats with pig ears for puppies and adult dogs, and some are listed here below.

Easy to Digest

The main problem with treats like rawhide is that the canine body is not necessarily equipped to digest it, and especially not in large quantities. Some dogs eat rawhide daily throughout their whole lives without any issues, but there is always that risk of a piece getting stuck and obstructing the digestive tract. This could lead to very expensive surgery in the best of cases, but it could also lead to death if not discovered in time.

Many dog treats do also have ingredients that are not natural, such as artificial flavors, colors, and preservatives, and this can make the treats harder for the dog’s body to handle and break down – causing diarrhea and gastronomic upset. Are pig ears bad for dogs? No, not at all, and that is why you should consider it as an option to other processed treats.

Mouth & Teeth Care

Chewing is generally great for dogs, as it helps remove- and prevent plaque and tartar build-up, which in turn promotes better oral health and fresher breath. Nobody wants a dog with a stinky mouth, especially if it’s a pooch that likes to give kisses to everyone within reach, and healthy chews is a good complement to brushing the dog’s teeth regularly.

Providing pig’s ears for puppies and adult dogs set them up for a life of pain-free chewing and less doggy dentist visits, but you need to make sure you find treats that won’t hurt them with long-term use.

Pig’s ear dog treats help care for your dog’s mouth by gently removing any existing plaque and tartar with every chewing movement, and continuous use will prevent new build-ups from taking place.

Prevention is always better than trying to fix a problem once it’s there, and dogs can start chewing on ears as soon as they have their adult dog teeth, as young puppies are sometimes unable to chew responsibly on treats which could cause choking.

Protein & Vitamins

Are pig’s ears safe for dogs? They are not only safe but also packed with nutritious vitamins, minerals and – you guessed it – protein. When you look into how to cook pig ears for dogs, you quickly realize what a simple process it is.

The ears come from pork and they are usually cooked and dried before being packed and shipped off to pet stores, and there shouldn’t need to be any additives or additional treatments. This means that each ear is a natural animal product, full of protein that converts in a healthy source of energy.

Pig’s ears dogs can eat are also full of vitamins, minerals and other antioxidants, and a natural source of chondroitin – known to benefit the dog’s joints. Many dog owners buy vitamin supplements with chondroitin, so why not use this natural alternative instead? Let your dog have some fun while also being provided with essential nutrients.

Are pig ears safe for dogs?

It is not what makes pig ears good or bad you should be worried about, as they are 100% natural, and yes – completely safe for our furry friends. Make sure you buy the real product and not rawhide shaped like ears, to give your fur friend the chance to benefit from all the nutrients found in pig’s ears.

How many pig ears can I give my dog?

Are pig ears bad for dogs? No, but nothing should be fed in excess. How many ears you can give your dog depends on the size of your furry friend, how much exercise your dog gets etc. etc. Try to stick to the 90/10 method, where 90% of the daily food intake should be the dog’s regular kibble or wet food, and the other 10% should be treated. If your dog is small – consider removing the ear once they have chewed on it for a while to save some fun for the following day.

Where can I buy pig ears?

Wondering where to buy pig ears? They tend to have them in most well-stocked pet stores, but if you have trouble finding them in stores near you – why not look online? It gives you a wider selection to choose from, and the chance to compare prices.

Are pig ears safe for puppies?

How to make pig’s ears for dogs says everything you need to know in regard to this question, as they are made without additives and/or preservatives, that could otherwise be harmful to young dogs.

This means that a pig ear for dogs is safe also for puppies, but you might still want to wait at least until they have started getting their adult teeth for their own comfort and safety and stick to non-edible rubber treats for puppies that are teething.


You have probably been asking yourself all these questions – Are pig’s ears safe for dogs? Are pig ears good for puppies? Hopefully, this article will have answered some of your questions and helped you with some of your concerns, so that you feel confident enough to go out and purchase some of these yummy treats for your pooch!

Expert Tip

Always keep an eye on your dog while he or she chews, to make sure no bigger pieces are broken off and don’t give more than one ear per day to a medium-sized or large dog.

Did you Know

Pig ears are one of the healthiest dogs treats you can give your dog, and it is also a treat your dog will go crazy over, thanks to the delicious and meaty flavor.

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