I don’t know about you, but I go through at least two large bath towels when I’m drying my dog. But this was before I found a great microfiber dog bath towel. A dog has fur, while you have hair and (pretty much) a hairless body. Therefore, his needs will vary from your own, and we believe he deserves his own dog towel.

The material, which we will get into, that a dog towel is made from, will reduce the effort you put into drying off his coat. The infamous wet dog smell is something I’m sure we would all like to keep at bay. If your dog isn’t dried properly you can expect the odor to arise.

We’ve looked at dog dryers before, but even before you can begin to think about the dryer, you need a dog shammy or microfiber dog drying towel to absorb most of the moisture. If you are clueless about what those two words mean, then read on!

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1. BONAWEN Dog Bathrobe

BONAWEN Dog Bathrobe

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Not only does your dog deserve his own pets’ towel, but he can also have his own bathrobe too! He is an equal member of the family after all. Find the right size from S to XL in two different colors. We love blue for our fur baby. Not only does this easy wear towel dry off your pup’s coat, but it can also be used as a light jacket when traveling or when he’s in a kennel.

The interior layer of the bathrobe is made from longer microfiber (a fine and absorbent material) to get your pet dry in no time. Just wrap one of these dog bathrobes around your pup after bath time, or after a walk on a rainy day.

+ Longer microfiber material
+ S-XL sizes
+ 2 colors
+ Keeps your dog warm and dry

Why We Like It – We love how this dry ultra absorbent microfiber dog towel is not just a regular towel, but a bathrobe with Velcro closure, a belt, and a little hood!

2. Tuff Pupper Large Dog Shammy Towel

Tuff Pupper Large Dog Shammy Towel with Hand Pockets

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For any sized dog with extra big needs, we have the large dog shammy towel. If you have been wondering what a shammy is, it’s a rayon or poly-vinyl material that can absorb 10x their weight in water! Aside from this, they dry out extremely quickly after being wrung out. This thick dog shammy towel is so easy to use with the hand pockets on either side.

They include elastic bands to provide a more secure grip as you’re drying your dog’s underside. Your dog will have all the moisture absorbed from his fur quickly so he won’t catch a cold! To clean the dog shammy, all you need to do is put it in the washing machine on a delicate cycle.

+ Extra-absorbent
+ Quick-drying
+ Elastic hand pockets
+ Machine washable

Why We Like It – Some regular towels can become dripping wet after taking all the moisture off your dog, but this fast drying pet towel with hand pockets gets rid of moisture once and for all.

3. Dog Gone Smart Dirty Dog Shammy

Dog Gone Smart Dirty Dog Shammy towel with hand pockets

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Dog shammies are becoming increasingly popular in the dog bath product world. This Amazon’s Choice product can be taken with you anywhere for a quick-drying job. Made of microfiber material, this dog shower towel is 20x more absorbent than the average option!

Not only can it suck up all the water embedded in your dog’s coat, but mud is also of no opposition to this dog towel! Save oodles of time with this option as it cuts pet drying time up to 8x! As this is another dog towel with hand pockets, your job is going to get easier. Again, after doing the job of cleaning up a dirty pup, just toss it into the washing machine for a good wash.

+ One size fits all
+ Machine washable
+ Super absorbent
+ Fast drying time

Why We Like It – This microfiber dog drying towel also has the hand pockets with elastic openings on either side to give you a good grip as you are toweling off your wet fur baby.

4. Soggy Doggy Super Shammy Dog Towel

Soggy Doggy – Super Shammy – Microfiber Chenille Dog Towel with Hand Pockets

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Next up we have the absorbent microfiber chenille material shammy from Soggy Doggy. Kick the wet dog smell to the curb with this quick drying towel that can take up to 7x its weight in water! You can’t forget about the hand pockets for your convenience.

As you run this absorbent microfiber chenille dog towel over your dog it will soak up everything like a super sponge! Also, machine washable, make sure you wash it with like colors. Depending on which color option you choose, it will match your regular towels with beige, blue, grey and brown options.

+ Holds 7x its weight in water
+ One size fits all
+ Hand pockets
+ Machine washable

Why We Liked It – If you didn’t really like the fast drying brown shammy option, you can find other solid colors and even chenille microfiber dog towels with a different trim on them! This microfiber pet towel is not one to be looked over.

5. Bone Dry DII Mirofiber Pet Bath Towel

Bone Dry DII Mirofiber Pet Bath Towel

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If microfiber material is still more up your alley, then we suggest this Bone Dry microfiber dog towel. These microfiber dog bath towels come in 12 different colors and patterns with bone shaped graphics or paw designs sewn into the fabric. The ultra-soft material is so incredibly supple against your skin, you will wish you had one too! Buy a couple of these affordable pet products to store in your car or keep in your doggy supply bag for easy access.

You never know when a thundershower will hit. Not only does this absorbent microfiber bath towel soak up moisture like no other, it also keeps your pooch incredibly warm. The Bone Dry microfiber dog towel also functions as a great pet blanket in a cold kennel.

+ Cute bone shaped design and color option
+ Soft microfiber material
+ Keeps your pooch warm
+ Easily washable

Why We Like It – More appearance focused dog parents won’t need to sacrifice utility for aesthetics. This cute microfiber bath towel functions just as well as other options.

6. Kole Ultra-Absorbent Pet Bath Towel

Kole Ultra-Absorbent Pet Bath Towel

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This Amazon’s Choice product comes in two sizes for different dogs. Not only dogs, you can use it on your other companions if you like. The ultra-soft microfiber material is also extra absorbent. It makes your job easier when you dry your dog if the towel already absorbed most of the moisture.

It also leaves less room for risk of skin issues developing from trapped moisture. It’s lightweight, easy to carry around and is machine washable, just like your human towel. Not only is it a towel, but it can double as a protective mat for your bed, carpet, car seats and chairs.

+ Highly absorbent material
+ Machine washable
+ Two different sizes
+ Lightweight and durable

Why We Like It – The micro-fiber towel not only dries your pet, but it also keeps him warm on trips, can function as a comfort blanket, and protective mat.

Dog Drying Towel Buyer’s Guide

Shammy dog towels for drying are often used for cleaning as well. If you have used them before then you know exactly what we mean when we say they have excellent absorbency. Not any old regular towel can be used for our fur baby, and they deserve the best! One that is soft, super absorbent, and relatively cute is what we should look for. Aside from that, there are other factors to consider as well.

What to Look for When Buying Dog Drying Towels


The purpose of buying a dog drying towel is to make your life easier and to save you time. If the absorbency isn’t superior compared to regular towels, then you have wasted your money. To avoid your dog shaking and tracking water around, you want to get at the wetness as quickly as possible. When it comes to absorbent microfiber material, choose a grade that is around 400gsm.

Quick Dry

Quick-drying fabric will not only hold all the moisture, but it will expel it quickly too. The wet and humid smell that could fester on a wet mutt towel is almost as unpleasant as the wet dog odor. Lots of options we provided above dry very quickly after being completely wrung out.


You need to make sure the size you get will be enough to dry off your pooch. The size of your dog matters, but equally important is the type of coat he possesses. A dense double-coat would obviously need a larger and thicker towel than short wiry hair.

Hand Pockets

Solely for your convenience, hand pockets will play a vital role in the grip you have on the towel. Using a dog towel with hand pockets will also make drying your dog’s underbelly and sensitive areas an easier task. It’s also useful to hang dry your towel with the hand pockets.

Machine Washable

Everything your dog uses should be easy to clean. The same goes for microfiber dog bath towels or robes. The easiest way to clean fabric and garments is to throw them in the washing machine. Look for machine washable options.

Benefits of a Dog Drying Towel

Needless to say, it cuts the drying time significantly. The soft material will give your dog a gentle massage. He will love being pampered by his pet owner. Most dog towels repel hair, meaning they don’t trap stray hairs and fur in the fabric, which will make it easier to clean and maintain. This is especially true for microfiber dog towels for drying purposes.


There are tons of good options on our list, you can always invest in more than one type of towel. Especially since you can keep one in the back of your car and another one at home. These multipurpose pieces of fabric can make your life so much easier, and drying your dog much less of a hassle.

Expert Tip

It’s always a better idea to use a specialized dog drying towel for your pooch. It’s much more hygienic than sharing towels and the design is also meant to accommodate their fur. Just make sure you wring out the mutt towel completely after each use.

Did You Know?

Just like the regular towels you and I use, you need to replace them from time to time. On average, we would say a pet’s towel has a lifespan of about a year or the equivalent to 100 washes. When you start noticing the absorbency decreasing or the fabric fraying, then it’s out with the old and in with the new!

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