Halloween is a highlight for many families every year, and it is only natural to want to include also the furriest family members in the celebrations. Why not take your dog along for Trick or Treat with the kids, or to that block party the neighbors always throw? There are few things as adorable as a dog in a suitable costume, and you can even get one for your dog that matches your own costume or that of your children.

Nowadays, the costume ideas and options for pets are many and varied. You can find top rated dog costumes online, and whatever you have in mind for your pooch – you are likely to find it somewhere. Halloween is a family tradition, and why wouldn’t you plan for your pup to also get to enjoy the festivities? Have a look at different Halloween party ideas for dogs below, to see if you can find the right outfit for your pup. Perhaps a pirate? A minion? A Star Trek or Guardians Of The Galaxy character? The dog-friendly Halloween costume ideas are endless, and it is only your imagination that sets the limits for what this Halloween could come to bring with it.

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Notes from our DVM, Sara Ochoa:

“Make sure there aren’t [any] small pieces that can come off the costume for your pet to eat. [Also make] sure that the costume is a proper fit. Costumes that are too big can cause dogs to trip, fall and injure themselves. I usually don’t recommend dogs to go trick or treating or to Halloween parties, [since] there is candy and lots of people that can scare the dog – they can run off!”

View The Best Halloween Costumes For Dogs Below


1. Wonder Woman Woofer

Rubie's Wonder Woman Dog Costume

Can you imagine dressing up your beloved pooch to look like the female superhero Wonder Woman? With this Wonder Woman dog costume – you can! These Halloween costumes for dogs are available in sizes S, M, L and XL, with talk about adding more sizes, and they make the perfect Halloween outfit for both small and large pups. This Wonder Woman dog costume for dogs is an adorable DC Comic pet suit that consists of a charming red, gold and blue dress and a gold headpiece so that your little fur friend can trot around proudly while looking like one of the coolest superhero ladies in the world.

2. Canine Cowboy Rider

NACOCO Cowboy Rider Dog Costume for Dogs

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With this hilarious Canine Cowboy Rider Halloween costume – your four-legged friend is destined to become the life of the party. Watch as the cowboy bounces up and down as your dog makes his or her way through the crowd or down the street when Trick or Treating, and have your pup be the horse he or she might wish they were sometimes. These dog costumes for Halloween come in Small, Medium and Large, and they adjust easily with the Velcro straps.

While dog Halloween costumes should give your dog that prize-winning and often comical look, it also needs to be comfortable. This product is made with a light-weight material that breathes, and it is soft and non-irritating for your dog to run around in. Strap on that cowboy rider and let your fur buddy bounce off into the sunset!

3. UPS Pal

California Costumes UPS Pal Pet Costume

When waiting for a package delivery, who wouldn’t want a fluffy (or not so fluffy) pup come up on the porch one day wearing this gem among Halloween dog costumes? Turn your furry family member into a UPS delivery pet; complete with a shirt, hat and arms holding a box. You cut out and assemble the box yourself, and it attaches to the arms with Velcro. This dog Halloween costume is both comfortable and absolutely irresistible, and it quickly turns your dog baby into the cutest little delivery man or lady you’ve ever laid eyes on.

4. Dog Lion Mane

TOMSENN Dog Lion Mane

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Turn man’s best friend into the king of the jungle with this jungle cat costume for pets and scare the neighbors or whoever happens to ring the doorbell this Halloween! This durable dog's lion mane fits medium dogs and large dogs, with a compatible neck size of 60-80 cm, and the dog’s lion mane comes off and on with ease. Choose between brown and blackish brown and see how your dog will end up outshining al other doggy costumes in the neighborhood. Who would have thought buying a lion mane for dog friends could be so effortless – yet awesome?!

5. Prison Pooch

Casual Canine Prison Pooch Pet Costume

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Perhaps it is time to send a subtle hint to your pup that he has been a little naughty, by dressing your dog up for Halloween in one of these prison pet costumes! This product consists of a black and white striped shirt with high-cut under the belly, to keep both male and female dogs dry and clean while wearing it. There is also a matching little prison hat – just like we are used to seeing in movies – that will transform your pupster into the cutest little felon. You might even have to pardon him for his past crimes (digging in the yard, barking at the mailman and stealing that pot-roast from the counter) because let’s face it – those puppy eyes are hard to resist! These dog costumes are machine washable and come in all sizes.

6. Deadpool Doggo

Rubie’s Deadpool Dog Costume

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These officially licensed Marvel pet Halloween costumes have it all! They come with legs, strong arms holding daggers, a headpiece and a great set of abs, to turn your furry best friend into someone completely different this Halloween. It comes in sizes to accommodate most dogs and breeds, but it is important to measure the dog properly before settling on a size to purchase. For any dedicated Marvel fan out there – this Deadpool dog costume is the obvious choice when dressing your dog, and he or she will love all the positive attention they are likely to receive when trotting down the sidewalk. Due to the costume’s design; it looks almost as if your dog would be running around on his hind legs while waving his front paws around, which adds to the effect and the appeal of these best-selling Halloween pet costumes.

7. Staggering Stegosaurus

Animal Planet PET20105 Stegosaurus Dog Costume

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Here we have a Staggering Stegosaurus, a bit of a bulky cat dog costume pet owners will love, but that might not be ideal to wear for a longer period of time due to it somewhat restricting the pup’s movements. However, it is perfect for a quick photo session or for giving the other Halloween party guests a good laugh, because let’s face it; there are few things as funny as a dinosaur dog waddling through the room. It can be used as a dinosaur- and a dragon dog costume for dogs, and it is also a fun option when looking around for Halloween costumes for puppies.

The Halloween pet costume consists of a bodysuit that stays in place with a strap around the belly, it has foam padded spinal plates and a long and spiky tail that makes your fur baby looks like an authentic prehistoric creature.

8. Pink Fifties Girl

Rubie’s Pink Fifties Girl Pet Costume

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Let’s hop on a dog-friendly train back to the 50s with this adorable Pink Fifties Girl adult dog and puppy costume. It is a cute striped dress with a puffy pink skirt, all made in comfortable and soft fabric, and it comes with a headpiece to top it all off! The dress is light-weight and does not restrict your pooch’s movements so that she can walk around in it all day without feeling uncomfortable. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for large dog Halloween costumes or little dog Halloween costumes – this retro option comes in all sizes, so get your dancing shoes on and accompany your favorite furry family member back to the happy 50s! Better yet, get your pup some dancing shoes for dogs.

9. Hot Dog Hound

Cute Hot Dog Dog Costume

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Puppy Halloween costumes are meant to be cute and endearing; and what could possibly hit higher on the cuteness scale than an adorable dressed pet as everyone’s favorite light meal – a hot dog? With this cute Hot Dog Hound costume, picture your fur baby making his or her way across the floor at this year’s dog-friendly (x2) Halloween party, or take your little hot dog pup out to Trick or Treat!

You are guaranteed to provoke a smile no matter where you head to, and as an extra plus these cute puppy Halloween costumes are comfortable to move around in and easy to take on and off, and it can be washed in the washing machine if your little fur buddy would happen to get him- or herself a little dirty.

10. Glow Bones Dog Skeleton

Casual Canine Glow Bones Dog Skeleton Pet Costume

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Are you looking for scary dog Halloween costumes for your little ones this year? How about this classic Glow Bone costume, which instantly turns your best friend into a creepy looking skeleton? These doggy Halloween costumes Halloween lovers will enjoy have been around for a while, but they are always a hit, especially since the bones glow in the dark! It is a comfortable t-shirt that comes in all sizes, it is machine washable and looks just as good for your chihuahua as it does on your Bulldog.

Looking for the perfect medium sized dog Halloween costume can be time-consuming, due to all the options available, so consider going with this forever popular and comfortable classic that your pooch will love to run around in.

11. Spock From Star Trek

Rubie’s Star Trek Spock Dog Costume

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Look at your dog, see how cute he or she is, and now picture that same dog wearing a blue jacket costume with the Star Trek emblem sitting proudly on the chest. The jacket has a black fancy collar and gold details on the sleeves and comes with a wig headpiece with attached ears. It’s Spock! Use the Spock dog costume individually or get Rubie’s Captain Kirk cat dog Halloween costume for another fur friend in the family, and head out there to put a smile on the faces of all those Star Trek fans out there.

The company behind this Halloween pet costume has been making pet costumes for cats and dogs since 1950, and they know how to make your dog look great but also feel good, by making their products out of soft, breathable and stretchy materials.

12. LED Light-Up Halloween Dress

Rubies Costume LED Light-Up Halloween Dog Costume Dress

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If not sure whether to get scary or sweet Halloween costumes for pets in the family – this combination might be the perfect one! An adorable purple dress with a tutu, and a creepy jack-o-lantern on the back that lights up with LED lights. Look cute inside and scary when going out for Trick or Treat with this LED Light-Up Halloween Dress and show the world that your dog is a sassy four-legged girl that can do both!

The dress is lightweight and easy for your pup to hop around in, just like she always does so that she can be just as happy as she is cute, and a little scary at the same time. It is one of those Halloween costumes for cats and dogs that provide the best of both so that you don’t have to choose.

13. Superman

Big Dogs Superman Dog Costume

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Every one loves Superman, right? If you and your pet are fans of the franchise – nothing would be more perfect than your pet dressed as Clark Kent himself. Perhaps you could dress up as his Nemesis, or perhaps side kick?

Either way, this cute classic is sure to turn heads and evoke “Awww’s” across the town!

14. DC Comics Batman

Rubie’s Batman Pet Costume

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Finding pet Halloween costumes for dogs with special abilities can be hard, but these awesome little costumes for pets can show them off as the superheroes they truly are. Dress Fido or Daisy up as the protector of Gotham City – Batman himself – and get out there and clean up the streets from naughty puppy criminals! Cat and dog costumes are a great way to show off what your four-legged best friend means to you, and since many of us consider our pets our heroes – dressing your dog up as the superhero of superheroes is a way to show the world not only how awesome they are – but also how important they are to us.

This Batman costume is an officially licensed DC comics costume with both a headpiece and a cape, and you could always combine it with one of their Catwoman dog costumes DC lovers will enjoy, in case you have more than one dog.

15. Terrifying Triceratops

Animal Planet PET20104 Triceratops Dog Costume

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This endearing headpiece with horns turns your furry little sweetheart into an extinct (and adorable) dinosaur. They also make great dragon dog costumes, in case you and your dog are more into fantasy creatures rather than prehistoric animals.

The headpiece of this Terrifying Triceratops costume is attached and kept in place with a thin Velcro strap that goes under your dog’s chin, and it is made out of a gentle material that won’t cause irritation or discomfort. Nobody can resist a dinosaur- or a dragon dog, and the Halloween pet costume comes in all sizes at a very affordable price.

16. Pawfect Pirate

NACOCO Pet Pirate Dog Costume

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This pirate dog costume is cute, comfortable, easy to put on and hilarious to look at. The Pawfect Pirate dog costume comes in Extra Small, Small, Medium and Large, and makes it look as if your dog is walking around on two legs instead of four, waving a hook for a hand and looking like something straight out of the Pirates of the Caribbean.

These can work as Halloween cat costumes Halloween lovers will love as well, if your cat will let you put it on him or her, that is, but otherwise just let the doggy family members be the ones to wear this detailed and laugh-provoking gem of a costume with dog bandanas.

17. Teen Titans Robin

Rubie’s Teen Titans Robin Costume

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Now that we have had a look at those Batman Halloween costumes dogs and owners alike will love, let’s check out Batman’s sidekick – Robin! It is a red shirt with green long sleeves, a detachable yellow cape, and a mysterious eye mask.

It is the perfect costume to combine with other dog costumes from the same series, or perhaps you can dress up as Batman and have your four-legged friend be Robin? It is important to properly measure your pet before purchasing dog and cat Halloween costumes, to make sure you don’t end up with one that doesn’t fit properly. Costumes for cats and dogs can vary in size but follow the size chart provided and get the one that your pet can fit comfortably into.

18. Despicable Me Minion Mutt

Rubie’s Despicable Me 2 Minion Pet Costume

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This dog cat costume is bound to be an instant favorite, especially with younger Trick or Treaters, because who doesn’t love a yellow little minion? It is a blue overall with legs, a yellow sweater and a head piece with the characteristic minion eyes, so that you can transform one or several dogs to some of the cutest animated characters in modern time. You can always find matching outfits for both human children and adult costumes, to go out as a united minion family.

19. Holy Hound

California Costumes Collections Holy Hound Dog Costume

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Holy Moly – the perfect dog and cat costumes for pets with a calling! Dress your four-legged friend up as a holy man (or lady) with this incredibly detailed outfit, where a headpiece with stamped-on gold details adds the cherry on top for an already perfect Halloween look. The adorable paw prints make it pup appropriate, and your little guy or girl is sure to approve.

It is made out of soft materials and comfortable to wear, does not restrict movements and it can be washed if it would happen to get dirty. You never know what could happen during Trick or Treat, so it is great to get a dog costume for dogs that can be properly cleaned and reused year after year.

20. Pawfect Pizza Slice

Rubie’s Costume Company Pizza Slice Pet Suit

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Say you’ve been invited to a promising Halloween party and you decide to bring a couple of pizzas over – why not have your dog come with you dressed as a pizza slice or use as a couples costume? Guests are guaranteed to find it hilarious as your pooch struts around with pepperoni on his back, and it is a great way to get other people hungry for those pizzas you brought along.

This product comes in all sizes, so that you can turn your pup into a delicious pizza slice no matter how big or small he is. The Halloween pet costume uses Velcro straps to stay in place and the actual pizza slice is lightweight and won’t bother the dog wearing it, making them the ultimate dog and cat costumes for any pizza-loving animal owner. Combine it with the hot dog pet costume if you have more than one dog and bring a whole BBQ squad to the Halloween party this year.

21. Barking Beetlejuice

Rubie’s Costume Company Beetlejuice Pet Costume

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Some people prefer to dress their pets up in dog and cat princess costumes, while others prefer something a little more original – something that will stand out and make your fur baby the talk of the town after a night of Trick or Treatin’ with the whole family. There are millions of dog and cat costumes Halloween lovers will adore on the market, but this one takes it one step further.

Beetlejuice is a classic Halloween character and a beloved Tim Burton character that continues to triumph as the ultimate Halloween costume for both pets and people even though the film was released several years ago (we simply could not forget to include a Tim Burton themed dog costume from our review!). Put the characteristic striped jacket on your dog and style the little wig with hairspray before putting it on, to get that hilarious spiked effect that we associate with this unforgettable persona.

If you’re a fan of Tim Burton, you may enjoy a Nightmare Before Christmas Jack Skellington or Sally couples costume for Halloween!

22. Cupcake Canine

Rubie’s Cupcake Dog Costume

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Most people have at some point used the expression “so cute I could eat it,” and the mind jumps straight to that at the sight of these taste bud teasing dog and cat costumes for Halloween. Who doesn’t love cupcakes? Who doesn’t love dogs? This cupcake costume from the established costume company Rubie’s is sweet enough to give any dog lover a toothache.

It is a birthday cake inspired bodysuit with a headpiece prided by a cherry, it has pink ruffles and sprinkles and fit most small and medium sized dogs. Remember to measure your pooch to make sure you get the right size, or else you end up having to send it back and you might be left without a costume in time for Halloween. This birthday cake suit is a dog and cat costume for dogs and owners that hope to hear a few aww’s during Halloween!

23. Supergirl

Rubie’s Supergirl Canine Costume

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There are so many different costumes for dogs dressing up for Halloween, but this is a classic superhero option for lovely dog ladies and pups. Dress your girl up as the coolest girl in town – Supergirl – and take her with you to the office costume party or for Trick or Treat with the kids in their own kids’ costumes.

This is an adorable blue dress with a gold belt and a red skirt, and it has the Superman/Supergirl symbol clearly visible on the back. Your pup would never let you down, just like Supergirl won’t let you down this Halloween if you choose to opt for this costume. The family-focused business manufacturing the dress has many years of experience when it comes to creating comfortable quality costumes for cats and dogs, and since their costumes are very comfortable and lightweight – they also make great Halloween costumes for puppy siblings sharing your home with you.

24. Barking Mad Burrito Taco

Rubie’s Taco/Burrito Pet Food Costume

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A dog burrito costume is an excellent example of a costume that is always a good idea, regardless of whether it is Halloween or just a dull day at home. Everyone loves a good burrito, and this is the perfect opportunity to turn your beloved pup into one! It has the tortilla, the guacamole, the lettuce, and the meat, and to top it off just right there is also a cute little sombrero for your pup to walk around in.

The costume is held in place with thick and comfortable Velcro straps under the belly and won’t cause irritation or discomfort. It works just fine as a pet cat costume, or as a costume for your dog. Or hey, if you have both cats and dogs, why not dress them all up and throw a Burrito themed Halloween fest? Who could resist?

25. Star Wars Jedi Master

Rubie’s Star Wars Classic Jedi Robe Pet Costume

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These pet costumes are officially licensed by Lucas Film Ltd, and you know already before purchasing it that you will be getting a high quality and authentic item. Dress your best friend up as a Jedi with these dog shirts and belt with an attached cloak, and we dare guarantee that you will be hearing that Star Wars soundtrack playing in your head before you know it.

There are few to zero dog costumes that are straight-out boring, because who doesn’t love an adorably dressed pet, but this costume takes it all to a whole new level. Star Wars fans will love it; the level of detail is excellent, and it is comfortable for your dog to wear!

26. Growling Ghostbuster

Rubie’s Costume Ghostbusters Movie Collection Pet Costume

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Ghostbusters! This soft orange shirt with the recognizable Ghostbusters emblem quickly turns your dog into a tiny little ghost chaser, and the inflatable backpack adds that extra touch without adding any unnecessary weight to your furry friend. He or she can easily move around and navigate through crowds of trick or treaters, between guests at a Halloween party or inside the house, making it a great choice for the retro-loving dog family!

Combine this costume with ghost or spirit Halloween costumes for your other dogs or cats and laugh at the sight of a ghostbuster chasing actual (or well…) ghosts as they run around and play.

27. Batgirl Ballerina

Rubie’s Costume Company DC Comics Batgirl Pet Tutu Dress

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Perhaps what you are looking for is something a little less costume like, something fancy that makes your dog look like a million bucks, while also being appropriate wear for a Halloween party? Then perhaps this black and gold batgirl tutu dress could be a good option! It has the bat wings symbol, making it impossible to miss what the outfit is meant to be, while still keeping it classy with its design and simplicity.

It is incredibly light-weight and comfortable for your dog to wear, and since it isn’t a costume per se – it can be used for more than just that one costume party you plan to attend. It could even be used for nicer family gatherings, such as Christmas, and by going with this option you get more for your money since the dress can be used over and over again.

28. Dracula Doggo!

Rubies Costume Classic Movie Monsters Collection Dracula Pet Costume

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Few characters are as associated with Halloween as count Dracula! This costume is a fancy and silky shirt with a bow tie, a medallion and the characteristic cape (which is removable), and it also comes with a headpiece for your dog to become the world’s most famous bloodsucker. It is a toothless dog costume, however, so if you think your pup needs bigger fangs than he already has – you will have to be a bit ingenious and make them yourself.

29. Star Wars Bantha

Bantha Pet Costume

Check Latest Price

This right here is one of the more top rated unusual dog costumes, that with its knit flannel fabric and fiberfill stuffing – your dog will look like he came straight out of the Star Wars universe right away! The costume is shaped like a saddle that attaches with Velcro stripes, and it has a Tuscan Raider doll attached to it which looks hilarious as it bounces around with the rhythm of the dog’s movements.

The Star Wars Bantha costume also comes with a horned headpiece that will make your pup look like anything but a dog. The chest and abdomen straps hold the costume and the doll in place, and the hood with the horns has a chin strap that is soft enough to not cause irritation, but also sturdy enough to keep the horns where they are meant to be.

30. Lil’ Stinker Skunk

Casual Canine Lil’ Stinker Dog Costume

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Is your dog one of those pups that like to chase skunks if they would ever be fortunate enough to spot one? It is all fun and games, of course, until one gets sprayed, and then the nightmare for pet owners starts. Perhaps your dog has already been sprayed by a skunk? If so, you probably won’t ever forget what that smelled like…so why not make fun of the event by dressing your dog up as one of these adorable (yet stinky) creatures?

This skunk costume is soft and durable; made with a high-quality material that lasts long and that can be hand-washed in cold water. Pull the hood up and your dog will instantly stop being himself and transform into a black and white skunk, but hopefully a bit less stinky than the original…!

31. Alfie Pet Tuxedo

Alfie Pet by Petoga Couture – Oscar Formal Tuxedo

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If this year’s Halloween party isn’t a costume party, or if you just want your beloved pup to look a little extra fancy for the special occasion, then this well-made Alfie Pet Tuxedo could be the ultimate solution! The product comes with a black replacement bow tie as well as a red bow tie cuff set so that you can choose what best fits your dog or use it for different special occasions with different looks.

You can never have too many tuxedos, they say, and if your dog doesn’t even have one hanging in his little dog closet – then perhaps it is time to invest in this Alfie pet formal tuxedo costume!

32. Jumpin’ Jockey & Saddle

Zack and Zoe Show Jockey Saddle Dog Costume

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There is something about these dog costumes where a doll bounces around on the dog’s back that us dog owners tend to love! Perhaps it’s the fact that it turns our dog into another animal, or how they seem so amusingly unaware of how hilarious they look.

This Jumpin' Jockey & Saddle costume has a little jockey attached on the back, and the costume has a practical D-ring so that it can be used as a harness for your dog by attaching a retractable leash, which means you can easily and safely take your dog out for some Trick or Treat bags while wearing it. Small dogs would appreciate these small dog harnesses. People will surely laugh, so if that is your objective this Halloween – this is definitely the costume for you and your fur friend.

Halloween Dog Costume Buyers Guide

Now that we have had a look at some of the pet costumes available for this year’s Halloween, it is time to start thinking about what you would want your pup to be. The options are endless, and most are very well adapted so that your dog won’t feel too uncomfortable or restricted. Most Halloween costumes won’t be used more than once a year, so focus on finding one that fits the theme of the Halloween party you are going to, one that matches your own costume or the dog’s personality, and you’ll notice how your pup quickly becomes the life of the party.


In most cases; the pet costumes are made out of thin and soft material that won’t harm their sensitive skin or make them too warm. You want your pet costume to be soft enough for the dog to run around and play as usual, or otherwise consider only using the costume for a short moment or for pictures. A Beauty and the Beast costume, for example, might get a little hot for your dog to run around in if he happens to play the beast, so just be aware of these things when shopping for a costume. If you want your dog to wear the costume all night – choose one made out of lightweight material and that doesn’t make the dog feel uncomfortable while wearing it.


While it is hilarious to dress your dog up as a puffy dinosaur or with a doll rider on the back, it might be difficult for your pup to run and play with his friends or to lie down comfortably, so don’t choose these if you want your dog to stay in character all night. While they are hilarious looking, they aren’t very practical, and should perhaps only be used for quick laughs and photo sessions.

Size & Measurements

This is the most important thing when choosing a costume for your pet. Whether you are getting a Mario dog costume, an alien dog costume or a cat princess costume – make sure you have your dog’s measurements properly written down and take some time to compare them to the different size options. Don’t follow breed recommendations, as there are varieties also within the same breed, and instead rely completely on your dog’s individual measurements.

Where to buy dog Halloween costumes?

Around this time of year, dog Halloween costumes can usually be found in stores everywhere, and even supermarkets and grocery stores seem to carry a few options. However, if you are looking for something specific; like a Harry Potter cat costume, Toy Story dog costumes or a dog pilot costume, then your best bet is to look online for a bigger selection. Just make sure you measure your dog properly before ordering so that you don’t accidentally get the wrong size.

What are some funny dog costumes?

Let’s face it, a dog in a costume is always funny no matter what you dress him or her up to, but the list above features several hilarious costumes for dogs and cats. The ones with a doll attached that bobs around as the pet walks are guaranteed laughter-provokers, and so are the food item costume ideas, such as the Burrito dog costume and the pizza slice.

What are the best costumes for small, medium and large dogs?

This depends entirely on taste. What would you like your dog to be this year? If it is a costume for a small dog, just make sure it is made from light-weight materials so that your dog can move around with ease.

What dog and owner costumes can you get?

Dressing your dog is one of the funniest things you can do, and there are several great options for couples costumes and how to do it. Get the Casual Canine Prison Pooch costume mentioned in the list above, and combine your own costume by dressing up as another inmate, or perhaps use police officer adult costumes? Or get one of the Superhero costumes for your pet and you can dress as the villain. The options of couples costumes are many, so just pick what you want to be or what you want your dog to be for Halloween – and pick a matching costume either for yourself or for your dog.

Police Dog Pet Costume

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Charades Lady G Prison Dress Costume

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California Costumes Jailbird

Check Latest Price

InCharacter Costumes Baby's Time Out Convict Costume

Check Latest Price


Have fun when choosing a Halloween costume for your pet, and make a decision based on what you would want your pup to look like. One should always take into consideration what your dog will FEEL like when wearing it, however, because the last thing you want to do is to turn Halloween into your furry friend’s nightmare.

Expert Tip

Double-check your dog’s measurements right before settling on a size, and especially if your dog is young since he might have grown since you last measured him.

Did You Know?

Dogs are very sensitive to sounds, so taking him or her to a noisy Halloween party might not be the best idea. Trick or Treat, however, is a great way to combine a fun walk with this traditional kid’s favorite! You can also try some calming treats to reduce anxiety.

Read more about Halloween here.

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