Dog collars are fashionable leather or nylon pieces used for training, safety and identification purposes. Something that comes so close in contact with our pups and might be worn for a long time needs to be made with sturdy, light and comfortable materials. No matter the use of the collar or breed of your dog, every pet owner and pet can benefit from a dog collar.

They can be used as fashion statements too and some carry cute designs and extra add-ons that give it a bit of extra flair. Some designs are even customizable to give your pet a style that surpasses the rest.

There are a lot of styles and even ones that are specialized for certain types of training available on the market. With so many to choose from it can be overwhelming. Below are the 10 best options we have for you in 2021.

Having trouble with barking? Consider a Bark Collar.

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1. Blueberry Pet Classic Solid Color Collection

Blueberry Pet Classic Solid Color Collection

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This is the standard dog collar design. Dog collars usually come with a buckle closure or a belt-like closure. The simple solid color design that comes in 32 colors is customizable with your pet’s name and your information. The nylon fabric has high-density webbing, adding to the durability of this dog collar.

The easy snap buckle closure is made with eco-friendly plastic to help the environment! Hook your walking leash through the chrome coated D-ring and you’re good to go. A matching leash and harness are also available from Blueberry Pet for you to complete the look. Whichever color you select, the vibrant collar will stand out and the customized text will be in clear and legible font.

+ Eco-friendly
+ 22 colors
+ Fortified high-density webbed nylon
+ Customizable

Why We Like It – The multiple colors and customizable text make this a great choice for puppies who like to wander off. The highly durable nylon is still soft against your pup’s skin and won’t cause any skin irritation. See more puppy collars here.

2. Vcalabashor Custom Braided Dog Collar

Vcalabashor Custom Braided Genuine Leather Name Plated Dog Collar

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Made from 100% real leather with a braided design that fortifies its structure, this design also options as an ID tag. Leather can be hard and inflexible, but the extra padded layer on the inside will make sure it doesn’t cut into your fur baby’s neck. The chrome steel nameplate is customizable with the laser-etched font for clear and easy to read the text.

Coming in eight colors, this is quite the fashionable collar! The belt closure design gives less room for error when it comes to sizing. But worry not, from XS-XL, you can find the right match for your dog. For those looking for an ID tag, this dual function collar is a noiseless option.

+ 100% real leather
+ Padded inner layer
+ Laser etched font
+ Many sizes and colors

Why We Like It – Leather is a material that is made to last throughout the years. Get a dog collar and a name tag with one simple purchase.

3. Blueberry Pet Spring Made Well Floral Dog Collar

Blueberry Pet Spring Made Well Floral Dog Collar

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Give your pet a taste of spring with these floral dog collars. Blueberry Pet always comes out with an entire fashion line of accessories that match. This style comes with a little felt flower design to dress up the look., and is removable for the more rambunctious fur baby. Each collar is made of durable polyester material and the buckles are also made of eco-friendly plastic.

All the collars are adjustable, but please read the chart carefully to figure out the most comfortable and functional size for your pup. Dress up your pet with Blueberry Pet’s floral design collar.

+ Spring flower pattern
+ Strong polyester
+ Eco-friendly plastic buckle
+ Adjustable

Why We Like It – The cute flower will definitely set your pup apart from the rest. Buy the matching leash and harness for your dog to be the talk of the town!

4. ADPET Dog Collar with Bell & Cute Plaid Bowtie

These cute plaid collars with bowties are the perfect added accessory to a doggy tux or dress! Made with a combination of PU leather and polyester, the material is durable yet comfortable for your pooch. All the hardware on this collar is heavy duty and the metal D-rings are welded for extra strength.

Maybe you feel like just using the collar without the bowtie on a certain day, it is removable with the elastic bands. Help your local animal shelter by purchasing a cute and stylish dog collar. Adpet will make a donation every time a cutesy product is purchased.

+ Durable material
+ Cute design
+ Removable bowtie
+ Donation to animal shelters

Why We Liked It – The added bell design will give you a clue to your pet’s position. Follow the sound of the bell to their location if you lose sight of them.

5. Friends Forever Paisley Collar

Friends Forever Paisley Collar

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This buckle design puppy collar from Friends Forever comes with an added inner layer for extra comfort. Since springtime is upon us, flower and paisley designs are very fitting for the season. Do you like a good deal? We doubt your answer will be “no”. Friends Forever are offering an awesome buy 2 get 1 free deal if you want to dress up your pup differently or have multiple pets at home. These pretty nylon collars are durable and strong, and also won’t fade when washed. This is important as collars can be drool receptacles and absorb odors.

+ Beautiful patterns
+ Durable
+ Great buy two get one free deal
+ Adjustable

Why We Like It – The sides of the collar are stitched with extra lining to both strengthen the surface and protect your dog’s neck

6. Bayer Animal Health Seresto Flea and Tick Collar

Bayer Animal Health Seresto Flea and Tick Collar

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If style and aesthetics don’t appeal to you but the function does, this is a great collar that acts as a flea and tick repellent. Each collar has an eight-month lifespan that protects your pooch from these pests. How it works is it spreads imidacloprid and flumethrin slowly through your dog, providing a protective barrier around your pup.

Not only this, but this Seresto collar also aids in the treatment and control of mange and lice! There will be no need for monthly flea and tick drops with this simple collar protection. It is a vet-recommended and odorless design.

+ Flea and tick protection
+ Forms a protective barrier
+ Treatment of mange and lice
+ Vet-recommended

Why We Like It – This collar isn’t so much for beauty and style, but more for convenience and protection. A lot of us might forget to use tick and flea repellents, and this collar will eliminate that need.

7. Sunward Bling Rhinestones Dog Collar

Made for the little divas, the thick PU leather is durable and strong but light and soft on your pup. The rhinestones decorate the surface and run all the way around. Your pup will receive so many compliments with the sunlight bouncing off the beautiful crystal surface. The biggest concern you might have is how securely glued the rhinestones are.

What’s different about this style is the rhinestones are not glued but are inlaid with alloy, giving them a secure grip on the leather. No longer will your little girl be mistaken for a fur baby boy!

+ Thick and soft PU leather
+ Rhinestone studded
+ Inlaid with alloy
+ Very affordable price

Why We Like It – You really end up getting something worth more than the price with this luxury dog collar. Many consumers say the rhinestones are not cheap and glued on, but are the long-lasting kind.

8. GoTags Personalized Dog Collar

GoTags Personalized Dog Collar

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Similar to a lot of other basic designs out there, there is one thing that sets this dog collar apart from the others. Aside from the fact that it’s customizable, the letters are permanently stitched on with strong stitching. The nylon webbing gives longevity to this collar and the stainless steel ring is great for hooking a leash onto. The nylon collar has soft and tapered edges to give extra comfort.

Available in 5 colors in 4 sizes with 15 thread color options for stitching, this is a great choice for dog parents with simple tastes. Each size is adjustable and adds an extra 4-8 inches.

+ ID and pet collar
+ Durable nylon with tapered edges
+ Strongly stitched lettering
+ Customizable

Why We Like It – A long-lasting ID collar is like arming your pet with every tool in the box in case he or she gets lost. Go out for a walk in style with these brightly colored collars.

9. Max and Neo Stainless Steel Chain Martingale Collar

Max and Neo Stainless Steel Chain Martingale Collar

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Your purchase from Max and Neo will help with a rescue. For every dog collar purchased, this company will donate an identical one to a dog rescue. Help support all the dogs in need. The tough nylon is made to last with stainless steel hardware that won’t rust. The adjustment slider has a loop to attach accessories like bells and ID tags.

The edges of the nylon strap have reflective stitching to help with visibility at night. Martingale leashes are great for training. They allow you to give slight corrections to your dog, which is more effective than if he/she is wearing a regular collar.

+ Martingale design
+ Heavy-duty nylon
+ Help rescue dogs
+ Reflective trim

Why We Like It – Martingale collars provide more control over your pooch without the undesirable effects of a choke collar. If you have a harder to train fur baby, give this one a try.

10. Black Rhino Ultra Soft Neoprene Padded Dog Collar

Black Rhino – The Comfort Collar Ultra Soft Neoprene Padded Dog Collar

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Just looking at this heavy-duty design you can tell this collar is strong enough to face any outdoor activity. The neoprene (wetsuit material) padded collar gives such a comfortable fit around the neck. Neoprene material dries easily and is resistant to odor as well. This collar can accompany your pet up into the mountains and down into the sea.

The lightweight design does not take away from the strength of this collar. It is able to provide control over the most energetic dog. For safety and visibility, the reflective stitching will keep our pooch safe at night.

+ Neoprene padding
+ Heavy-duty
+ Lightweight and breathable
+ Quick-drying and odor resistant

Why We Like It – This weatherproof collar comes backed with a money back guarantee. If for any reason this design doesn’t please you, Black Rhino will refund your money in full.

Dog Collar Buyer’s Guide

Whether you are browsing for options at a pet store or online, the selections, styles, functions, textures accessories, etc can overwhelm you. Believe it or not, dog parents commit a lot of mistakes with good intentions but not enough knowledge. We try our best here at Treehouse Puppies to help you make the most informed decision. Dog collars are no exception. Let’s take a walk through what we should look for when buying the perfect collar for your dog, and how to do that.

What to Look for When Buying Dog Collars?


The material is the main component of a good dog collar. It directly affects the fit and comfort of the collar itself. Most collars are made with nylon, polyester or leather material that should be free of harmful chemicals and of course, won’t cut into your pet or snag on their fur. Whichever one you end up choosing, make sure it is lightweight and soft.


If you have multiple collars for a slew of different occasions, the durability might be less of a concern unless you’re headed out for a day of fun in the sun. For the more avid chewers, this is also something that will contribute to the lifespan of the collar. Anything built with tough materials that are sturdy is a good bet.


A collar that’s too small will be extremely uncomfortable and choke your dog. One that is too large is easy to squirm out of. Smaller collars are narrower in diameter than larger collars. The larger ones distribute the weight evenly and won’t dig or cut off circulation. The right sized collar should have enough room for you to fit two of your fingers between. This will be the ideal circumference for maximum comfort and security.


The lightweight material is so important. Some dogs refuse to move when something alien is put on them and this includes clothes, and accessories as well as collars. You have one shot to get them to accept the concept of collars, so make sure it is one that fits like a second skin and won’t hinder their movement.

Types of Dog Collars

Standard Collars

Standard or traditional collars are the basic strap designs that close around your dog’s neck with a buckle or belt closure. They are usually constructed out of nylon, leather or polyester.

Chain/Martingale Collars

As we have introduced to you as one of the options on our list, martingale collars are more for training. Some call choke collars inhumane and most of us would agree, but martingale collars are the safer option that still yields favorable results.

As you can see clearly from the design, martingales are much more comfortable and have no risk of pinching your dog’s neck or damaging his/her esophagus. These collars are a half chain and half nylon material and allow you to do minor corrections during training.

Safety Collars

These collars are the ones that keep your dog safe. Most collars above can be converted into safety collars by adding a simple LED light feature. Most safety collars have 3M reflective strips or reflective trim/stitching. They provide a better visual of your pup during night walks and your dog will be more obvious to oncoming traffic, greatly minimizing the chance of unfortunate accidents.

Outdoor Collar

Outdoor collars are made for exactly what the name suggests: the outdoors. They must be safe, meaning they have reflective material to ensure safety in low visibility, and the material must be durable, weatherproof and be able to withstand different environments.

Decorative Collars

These are the fancy designs that you often see on tiny pups. Usually bedazzled with some sort of jewel or rhinestone and/or embellished with bows or charms, decorative collars are not recommended as daily go-to collars. They are more used for the “wow” factor rather than functional purposes, but still, need to be relatively comfortable and durable.

Medical Collars

An example of this kind of collar is the flea and tick prevention one we have on our list. They shouldn’t be worn on their own. You need to still have control of your dog unless they are confined in the comforts of your own yard. To be used as a supplemental collar, attach them around your dog’s neck next to their normal collar.

There are two types of medical collars. Simply put, one emits a gas that repels ticks and fleas while the other one passes medication into your dog’s neck, which is then spread throughout his body through his natural skin oil and treats the issues.



Neoprene is extremely soft and comfortable, and the perfect waterproof material for dogs who love to swim. The fast drying material is great for pets who are more prone to skin allergies. It is bulkier, but also more durable than the regular nylon.


This is perhaps the most uncomfortable and best used only for training purposes. Never leave your dog unattended with these collars as they can end up accidentally choking. They are tough and durable, but more often do more harm than good.


Nylon collars are the most commonly found collars on the market. They can come in many patterns, designs, and styles. This multipurpose material makes it easy to customize and some people even add charms and ID dog tags or attach LED lights to these collars.


Leather collars are my personal favorite, but they might not be so great on dogs who love to swim. Generally, they are more expensive due to the higher quality leather materials and how long lasting they are. Make sure the leather you choose is genuine leather. Genuine leather is what is durable and long lasting.



These buckles are similar to ones you see on your backpack. Usually made of plastic, or eco-plastic from the more environmentally aware brands, these buckles are lightweight. For long-haired pups, make sure you brush away all their fur before closing the buckle to prevent from pulling or snagging.


These closures resemble a belt buckle and are often seen on leather options. Make sure the hardware is made from durable and rust-resistant material. This option is not as easy to get on your pooch but is definitely safer and sturdier. Metal buckles are generally the most secure kind.


Slip-on collars are usually seamless or closed with a ring. This is the easiest type to wrap around your pup’s neck, but make sure you adjust it to the appropriate size.


In short, if you have all the information, buying a dog collar isn’t as difficult as you think. Keep in mind the age, breed, behavior, purpose, and sensitivity of your dog’s skin before your next purchase. Hopefully, after reading our carefully curated list, you have somewhat of an idea of the next dog collar you are going to get. ID collars are great because they serve two purposes with one simple collar. Good luck with your next selection!

Expert Tip

Finding a collar that is adjustable will leave room for your puppy to grow. This way, you can save some money and you won’t need to expel extra effort to familiarize your dog with something new. Puppies grow quite rapidly, especially smaller breeds, so keep your finger on the pulse of things by measuring them regularly. Every two weeks is the recommended frequency of measuring growing fur babies.

Did You Know

You should always be able to fit two fingers comfortably between the collar and your dog’s neck. This allows for the most secure size but still giving them enough comfort and prevent against choking or chafing. Find more information on how each style of dog collar should fit here.

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