You have seen many tools to keep your dog safe, from car seats to car seat covers, now we have the dog car barrier. As transportation becomes increasingly more pet-friendly, manufacturers need to keep up with the times. Taking your dog with you is convenient, but it also comes with a variety of safety concerns.

To keep your family and your pup safe, a dog barrier will create a barricade between him and you. It keeps your pup at a safe distance so he cannot disrupt your driving. It can be heartbreaking as all he wants to do is to be closer to you, but you must remind yourself that the barrier is a necessity.

Dog seatbelts, harnesses, leashes, and even crates could still be used alongside a barrier just for extra security. Some of them may look like prison bars, but your peace of mind greatly outweighs the aesthetics. We will try to help you make the best choice for your car and your pooch.

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1. SUKI&SAM Dog Car Barrier

SUKI&SAM Dog Car Barrier Adjustable Pet Barrier for SUVs, Cars and Vehicles

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The main function of a dog barrier is to keep him safe in the backseat and away from you and other passengers. It needs to be strong and sturdy enough to handle an anxious pup trying to get through with all his might. The adjustable pet barrier from Suki&Sam is strong enough and constructed of tough wire material.

The entire fence is made is galvanized (coated with a protective layer) metal to safeguard your pet and the interior of your car from scratches. It might look complicated, but the installation is incredibly easy with no tools required. The adjustable design can accommodate a variety of vehicles.

+ Very sturdy construction
+ Adjustable design
+ Galvanized metal
+ Easy installation

Why We Like It – The net design will not block your view, so you can keep a close eye on your pooch and whatever is happening outside the rearview window.

2. The Original Zookeeper Auto Car Pet Barrier

The Original Zookeeper Auto Car Pet Barrier

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If you feel a mesh design is too enclosed, the next option gives you even more space between the bars. Without any distractions and a clear line of sight, this metal pet gate provides guaranteed safety. The pet barrier is engineered to fit any vehicle. It’s a universal design that suits any SUV, sedan, hatchback, two or four-door car.

No tools are required for installation, just wrap the flexible straps around your headrests. Once it’s put into your car, you never need to remove it again. The Original Zookeeper has so much confidence in their product they offer 100% satisfaction and money-back guarantees.

+ Easy installation
+ Universal design
+ Satisfaction guarantee
+ Money back guarantee

Why We Like It – A universal fit makes everything easier. It’s better than ending up with a design that doesn’t match your car.

3. Bushwacker – Paws n Claws Deluxe Dog Barrier

Bushwacker – Paws n Claws Deluxe Dog Barrier

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This dog barrier adopts a screen design, which is of course scratch, tear and bite resistant. The best part is it still allows for maximum ventilation and view. The screen is held in place with metal tubing that helps maintain the shape and prevents your dog from somehow disassembling it.

Set up the barricade by attaching it to the front headrests and the car seat frame. Bushwacker even came out with a larger 50” model for folks with larger vehicles. Measure the width of your vehicle to determine the best fit. This near-indestructible product will keep your precious fur baby safe.

+ Mesh Netting
+ Durable
+ Stable
+ Ample ventilation

Why We Like It – The mesh netting will make the backseat feel less like a jail cell and more like your pooch’s own private space without obstructing your view.

4. STARROAD Tim Car Dog Barrier

Car Dog Barrier Vehicle Backseat Mesh Universal Obstacle Stretchable Front Seat Pet Barrier

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Perhaps your dog doesn’t require something as heavy-duty as the previous two options. This dog car barrier is much smaller and also does the same job unless your dog is a champion jumper/climber. The strong bungee cords used to keep the netting in place is extremely durable and provides adequate tautness.

Just hook the net onto the front seat and disassemble it anytime you want. The softer material won’t hurt your dog if he bumps into the netting when you slam on your breaks. It’s a durable and more compact design that will still do the job well.

+ Smaller size
+ Softer material than bars
+ Durable and stable
+ Easy to assemble

Why We Liked It – Due to the design and the size, it will not disrupt your line of sight and allow you to easily reach behind you to comfort your dog and access the back storage pockets.

5. The Great Divide Pet Travel Barrier

The Great Divide Pet Travel Barrier

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A great divide it really is. It provides 360-degree coverage inside any vehicle. Also with a mesh design, it will seem less like a cage to your pooch and gives him no chance of reaching the front seat. There are five different sizes to choose from, minimizing your margin of error when picking the right one.

The outer perimeter of the honeycomb netting is stretched out by fiberglass rods that are not only lightweight but solid and durable. The best part? The affordable price, of course! Quite a bit more affordable than a lot of other options, consider this one for floor to ceiling, and wall to wall protection.

+ 360-degree range
+ Mesh honeycomb netting
+ Fiberglass rods
+ Affordable price

Why We Like It – This barrier protects the entire front seat area of the car with no loopholes. You can be sure there is absolutely no way for your dog to get around it.

6. KOOLTAIL Dog Car Barrier

KOOLTAIL Dog Car Barrier – Front Seat Pet Vehicle Barriers

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The Kooltail dog car barrier is also designed to fit between the front seats. However, unlike the previous netting option, this one made with metal wires has an adjustable height. It acts as a dividing line, forming a block for your pup.

The wire mesh separates into two different parts, which makes it easy to store when not in use. The purchase comes with all you need to set it up, including two hooks and two adjustable belts. The barrier keeps dogs of all sizes safe, while still giving you a clear view through your rearview mirror.

+ Easy installation
+ Adjustable height
+ Durable
+ Does not obstruct your view

Why We Like It – If you were looking for a metal wiring design that doesn’t take up too much space, then look no further! The adjustable height allows it to fit seamlessly into most vehicles.

7. Walky Guard Adjustable Car Barrier

Walky Guard Adjustable Car Barrier for Pet Automotive Safety

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Even though this next model is also adjustable, it might not work for all cars, but it does for most. While a lot of the barriers that fit into the front seat gap are made for smaller dogs, this coated steel design is better for large ones.

Try the other options if your car doesn’t come with adjustable headrests, this is necessary for installation. All it takes to set this up is adjusting the knobs for a tight fit. There are certain car models this option doesn’t work with as well, please refer to the disclaimer for more information.

+ For big dogs
+ Adjustable fit
+ Easy installation
+ Sturdy and durable

Why We Liked It – The rubber knobs at the end of each pipe are designed to not leave indentations or scuff up the interior of your car.

8. Arf Pets Dog Car Wire Barrier

Arf Pets Dog Car Wire Barrier

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Even though this car barrier is considered a universal fit, there are still some car models that are incompatible, so make sure you check the website. The metal feet and the header are covered with a rubber casing to protect your car and your dog.

Also adjustable, and virtually indestructible, the pet barrier with keep your pet in the backseat and away from the steering wheel. Although it looks like a complicated structure, it’s very easy to install without the help of any tools.

+ Universal fit
+ Adjsutable
+ Protective rubber
+ Easy installation

Why We Like It – Arf Pets promises satisfaction with their guarantee. You are also covered by a 1-year limited warranty with exceptional customer service.

9. Etenli Car Dog Barrier Backseat

Etenli Car Dog Barrier Backseat, Premium Pet Dog Fences Car Seat Mesh Obstacle

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Designed for even smaller dogs and doubles as a mesh storage pocket, this dog barrier takes up no space at all. It even works to keep your kids from disturbing your drive. Keep bottled drinks, phones, iPads, etc inside the stable mesh pocket.

It’s a stretchable design that works with most cars, just hook 2 of the 4 poles into your headrest pole. It’s incredibly easy to take down when you leave your pooch and kids at home. Made with virtually unbreakable polyester fiber, it still gives enough stretch and flexibility.

+ Smaller size
+ Softer but strong material
+ Durable
+ Easy to set up

Why We Liked It – It isn’t just a mesh block for your dog, but it also stores any extra drinks in case your car doesn’t come with a cupholder.

Dog Car Barrier Buyer’s Guide

Dogs just naturally want and need to be around us, hence why we refer to them as man’s best friend. They don’t understand that their occasional pawing may turn the steering wheel in the wrong direction.

Instead of putting all those in the vehicle in jeopardy, why not look for a dog car barrier? This useful tool keeps them in the backseat and away from harm while still in your view. So what should we look for when we are buying a dog barrier?

What Are Dog Car Barricades?

These nifty inventions are in existence to keep your dog and its fellow passengers safe. It will be much more difficult for them, if not impossible, to have free reign of the car. They come in two main styles, ones that barricade the entire rear area, or ones that fit snugly between the two front seats. Whichever choice you make, be sure its principal duty is to keep your pet safe.

Size (Universal Fit)

Size should be your first consideration. How big is your dog? How big is your car? Do you need a full barrier or just one that fits between the front seats? Before you purchase anything, measure the interior of your car accurately, then refer to the sizing chart. If it’s a universal fit, that means it should fit inside any and all cars.

However, some only fit MOST cars, which means you would need to manually go through the list of models the barrier is incompatible with. Size matters and the wrong one will basically render the barrier completely useless.


Since the purpose of these blockers are to keep your fur baby contained, it needs to be able to stand up to your pup’s constant physical abuse. Make sure it’s made of strong material.

Soft or Hard?

Both types can be found on the market. For smaller dogs, the mesh netting/rope weave type barriers will do. For tough pups that might tear right through a soft mesh should be met with a hard option.


Most if not all barriers provide adequate visibility for the driver. You do not want to obstruct your view to the rear window. The hard metal options are more cumbersome and could give you a few blind spots. The mesh screens, however, are easier to see through.

Easy Installation

It needs to be easy to install and uninstall. You don’t want something that big and inconvenient as a permanent fixture in your car. It also makes your life much easier. For those who have multiple vehicles and just one car barrier, then one that simply hooks on to the front seats are best. An added bonus would be options that are easy to store once they are disassembled.

What else?

A few of the mesh options have sub-features, like storage. The main reason to invest in a dog car barrier is, of course, to keep all passengers safe, but why not have a little something extra to sweeten the deal?

Do I Need a Dog Car Barrier?

Do I need a dog barrier if I have a dog seatbelt? I always carry my dog in his kennel when we travel, do I need one? Not necessarily, but to be extra safe, why not? An unrestrained fur baby that has free reign can obviously cause the most issues. But for ones that are contained in kennels or with seatbelts, having that extra wall is practical against unexpected stops and sudden breaks.

If your pet made a mess in the backseat, more likely than not you would want to keep that mess contained. Dog carsickness is also a common issue, and the barricade will keep him in the back so he doesn’t track the mess all over.

In some countries/cities, you may be under a legal obligation to keep your dog restrained. Dog safety equipment is becoming more prevalent among fur parents, and a dog car barricade will lessen the risk of injury.

How Do I Install a Dog Car Barrier?

While most of the choices should be a universal fit unless stated otherwise, we suggest double-checking in the product description. If measuring your car is a chore and very difficult to do, opt for ones that are adjustable. You would need to be much more careful with the ones that aren’t adjustable and without a money-back guarantee, it’s quite a big risk.

Make sure the hooks, other attachments or rods fit snugly inside the car. All the small spaces should be covered with no chance of escape for your dog. However, if you have chosen the metal wiring/bar option, there is enough room for you or him to slip a paw through. This is great if you have an anxious and alert pet. You will be able to offer some comfort by giving him an encouraging pet reinforced by some loving words.

A dog car barrier may not be for every dog, but just like most devices and equipment, it will take some getting used to.


Taking your dog for a ride shouldn’t be any less safe than taking him for a walk. If you have purchased dog seat belts as well as seat covers and travel kennels, it’s now time to add a dog car barrier to the list. Money can’t buy life, but it could buy a form of safety.

Why not take the time to install this easy device and keep them extra safe? Other than keeping them safe, you are keeping yourself and other passengers secure. Perhaps they will make the cleanup easier as well when accidents inevitably happen. We hope our suggestions suit your needs and you can find one to do the job right.

Expert Tip

So you have the correct size, but should you choose a mesh barrier or a metal heavy-duty one? This largely depends on your dog. If he’s small, mild-mannered and even-tempered, chances are a mesh one, even one that just fits between the front seats would suffice. However, if he is large, aggressive and rambunctious, definitely go for the heavy-duty divider.

Did You Know?

These devices are in your car to enforce safety. But if they are not properly installed, they could become a hazard themselves. Make sure you have full visibility of the rearview mirror and your dog. Do not opt for anything completely solid.

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