If you like to go RVing, and you would like to bring your dogs, there are many positive and negative aspects of doing this. If you are the type of person that enjoys traveling with your dogs, or just taking them on walks, you will probably enjoy bringing them with you when you travel in your RV. However, there are some negative aspects of doing this which you really should consider. Here is a quick overview of the pros and cons of RVing with dogs if you decide to take them with you this year.


What Is RVing?

If you decide to go on a vacation, and you have a recreational vehicle, this is what many people refer to as RVing. This has been a standard way of traveling on vacations for many decades. Whether you are the owner of a motorhome, camper van, or a travel trailer that you tow behind you, you can go literally anywhere that you want to where there are roads. This will give you the ability to bypass the high cost of staying at hotels as you get to each destination. You simply have to find a location where you can park your RV at each location that you travel.


Why You Should Bring Your Dog?

For those that own dogs, and like to bring them on short trips, you may want to consider bringing them with you in your RV. By doing so, you will have constant companions that will be with you on your journey. You could be traveling 100 miles, or thousands of miles and your dogs will enjoy every moment that they are with you. Essentially, you are bringing them for companionship. You may have a significant other, but it’s always much more fun to bring your dogs if possible.


The Benefits Of Bringing Your Dog When You Travel With Your RV

There are three primary benefits to bringing your dogs with you when you are traveling across the country. First of all, you are able to go on walks into remote areas, never having to worry about whether or not you will be accosted by people or animals. Second, they will provide you with hours of entertainment. Dogs love to go to new places, whether this is a metropolitan city, or if you are traveling into the mountains. Finally, dogs can make you feel happy, and keep you awake while you are tired while driving, allowing people with you to rest while you are going to your destination.


The Drawbacks Of Bringing Your Dogs With You In Your RV

There are several drawbacks to bringing your dogs with you. First of all, if you do want to do something such as go into a city, there are areas where dogs are not allowed. Unless you are primarily traveling into rural or countryside areas, you may find it difficult to do anything because you are literally chained to your dog. They need to be cared for, and you will end up leaving them by themselves which might cause a commotion.

dog-sitting-outside-of-a-car-with-open-doorsThe second reason that bringing dogs with you can be problematic is if you happen to be traveling during extremely hot weather. Dogs do not do very well in an RV when it is extremely hot, and you may actually regret bringing them with you because of how uncomfortable they will be. Finally, many people go to national parks when they travel in recreational vehicles. However, national parks do not allow dogs on the trails which means your ability to hike in these areas will be extremely limited.


How To Make Sure You Have A Great Trip RVing With Your Dogs

The first thing that you need to realize is that many dogs are not going to appreciate being on the road every single day. You may have a trip planned that could last for several weeks, and that might be too much for the dogs that you are going to bring. Instead of going on these longer trips, you may want to consider taking shorter trips if you are bringing your dogs.

Canines can get very antsy riding in the back of an RV for multiple hours at a time, plus you will have to stop several times to allow them to relieve themselves. By taking trips that last no more than three or four days, this will be easier on you and the dogs. If you do plan to go on a nationwide vacation for several weeks, you might want to consider leaving your dogs at home.


How To Plan Your Trips When RVing If You Have Dogs

If you will be traveling to several national parks, you will want to leave your dogs with friends or family members. If no one will watch them, you can also leave them at a trusted kennel. If you are traveling for a weekend, this type of trip is best suited for bringing your dogs. You must understand that canines are very routine based. If you are taking them on an extended trip, it will be uncomfortable for them.

Most people that love their dogs will understand this and will choose to take them, and to leave them, depending upon the duration of the trip. The best advice for people that like to go RVing, that do not have dogs, is to not get one until you have done all of your travelings. This will allow you to do what you need to do with your RV, and subsequently get a dog that you can enjoy. This will allow you to take advantage of all of the benefits that RVing can provide before you decide to invest your time into a dog that you have always wanted to own.

Although it would be nice to bring your dogs with you when you are RVing, there are some trips that are simply not suited for canines at all. The longer that the trip is, the more problematic it will be for not only you but also for your dogs. Short trips in an RV will certainly work. Make sure that you limit your trips to know more than two or three days.

This will allow you to enjoy having your dogs with you, and will also help them enjoy their time with you as you travel to different locations. Finally, if you do not currently have a dog, you definitely need to avoid getting one if your goal is to do long-distance RVing. Dogs are wonderful companions, but once you have one or more of them, you will be limited in regard to what you can do if you thoroughly enjoy RVing.