About Us

TreeHousePuppies is an online resource created and managed by pet owners for pet owners who are looking for the best products for their pets. Our goal is to provide pet owners with the right decisions to ensure their dogs, cats, fish and other pets receive the best possible treatment, care, health, luxuries and fitness possible.

Pets In 2018

At TreeHousePuppies, we aim to provide invaluable reviews to pet owners to help them make the right choice of products that will help their pets. Our aim is to share the knowledge that we have discovered when using these products for ourselves and provide owners with the very best reviews and information available online. We believe that as pet owners, we are responsible for our pets, as if they are our children.

Our Company Values

We have a full team of pet lovers who are very passionate about these products for their pets that they contribute towards THP to better the quality of the products available on the market.

Pet owners who have face challenges when choosing the correct dog supplement, hypoallergenic dog food or even a luxury collar can benefit from TreeHousePuppies as we have listed and reviewed the best products from each sector. This makes shopping for the right pet products a lot easier.