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TreeHousePuppies is an online resource created and managed by pet owners for pet owners who are looking for the best products for their pets. Our goal is to provide pet owners with the right decisions to ensure their dogs receive the best products or treatments that are required.

Our Writers & Contributors


Jess-THP-writer“I am the definition of a dog-lover if there ever was one. I’m sure fellow dog lovers will agree that a bond between us and our best friend is unsurpassable. I’ve grown up with two Jack Russell Terriers and an American Eskimo. The playfulness of the Jack Russells (Hot Dog and Ketchup) coupled with the cuddliness of the American Eskimo (Topher), my life is never boring and full of loyalty and love from my fur babies.

Being able to write about all of these products and being a doggy mom myself, gives me insight into what’s important when choosing the right products for our cuddly pals. I hope I’m able to help you and your dog make the best choices suitable for your needs!”


Janni Treehouse Puppies WriterJanni is a dog-loving writer who grew up around animals, and who currently shares her home with two dogs – Emmett and Frankie. Emmett and Frankie are rescues with troublesome pasts, but despite that, they are both incredibly loving and well-behaved dogs.

Providing dogs with an active lifestyle is something Janni is very passionate about, and it is also where she finds motivation for her work and her writing. She once hitchhiked across 10 states with a large rescue pup, just to prove that there is no good excuse for leaving a furry friend behind. Dogs make excellent adventure buddies.

Writing dog articles is a way for Janni to share knowledge, find inspiration and to combine the two things she loves the most – dogs and the written word.


Jonah Treehouse Puppies Author“I’ve grown up around dogs most of my life, and I’ve enjoyed every moment with them. In my opinion, they are one of the purest, innocent creatures in the world. My dogs, Sadie and Keller, were my best friends growing up. They were black Labrador retrievers who filled my life with love, loyalty, and kindness.

I can’t imagine my life without dogs now, as they’ve always been a source of genuine happiness, and they’re always there for me when I’m feeling down. Being able to write for and about dogs is definitely a huge dream come true for me.

My goal here is to give you all the best, most honest and helpful suggestions for you and your dog in hopes that your journey together is just as good as mine with my dogs!”


CarrieCarrie is a pet lover and enthusiast. She lives with her two dogs, and is our main contributor! Carrie knows the frustrations that come with ordering the wrong product for your pooch, and she joined us with a mission to help you!

Through her personal experience, she has the knowledge to recommend certain products and help you avoid some.

Contact us if you’re interested in contributing.

Pets in 2019

At TreeHousePuppies, we aim to provide invaluable reviews to pet owners to help them make the right choice of products that will help their pets.

Our aim is to share the knowledge that we have discovered when using these products for ourselves and provide owners with the very best reviews and information available online.

We believe that as pet owners, we are responsible for our pets as if they are our children.

Our Company Values

We have a full team of pet lovers who are very passionate about these products for their pets. Our writers and researchers contribute towards THP to better the quality of the products available on the market.

Pet owners who have faced challenges when choosing the correct dog supplement, hypoallergenic dog food or even a luxury collar can benefit from TreeHousePuppies as we have listed and reviewed the best products sold on Amazon (Worldwide) or Chewy (US Only) from each sector. This makes online shopping for the right pet products a lot easier.