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The dog whistle was popular many years ago, and some seem to have forgotten the great asset it can be when training your dog with positive reinforcement methods. A dog can learn to perform tricks on the command of the whistle, or you can use it to call your dog back when he or she is too far away to hear your voice.

Most dog whistles are close to silent and inaudible for the human ear, but the dog can hear it just fine! What do dog whistles do, you might have asked yourself, and the answer is simple! A quality dog whistle helps you communicate with your pup without having to yell or use words that might create a negative experience, and they are excellent for establishing a good training routine and increased mutual dog/owner understanding.

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1. Aptoyu Professional Silent

Aptoyu Professional Silent Dog Whistle

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This high pitched dog whistle is safe to use for teaching commands and correcting unwanted behaviors, without having to resort to using your voice or using any sort of dog treats during training. The dog whistle sound travels fast and far so that your pup can get the memo even when you are using the whistle from a distance, without it hurting their ears.

The quality lanyard strip allows you to carry this hands-free dog whistle around your neck for convenience and easy transport, and it is one of the best dog whistle options currently available, due to quality, durability, and function.

+ Quiet but potent sound
+ Good long-distance capacity
+ Made with stainless steel
+ Included lanyard strip

Why We Like It – The high pitch whistle sound coming out of these small stainless-steel dog whistles are not harmful or unpleasant for a dog, yet still a frequency your dog will be able to pick up from far away. The whistle looks great, is lightweight and comes with a practical carrying strip.

2. LaZimnInc 2-In-1

LaZimnInc 2-In-1 Dog Clickers with Whistle

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The answer to the question of “What does a dog whistle do” is usually that it whistles, but this product offers more than that! The revolutionary design makes this 2-in-1 no-sound dog-whistles a combined clicker so that you can train your dog without having to worry about keeping track of multiple devices. These dog training whistles are rust-proof and long-lasting, and they have the clicker button conveniently placed for easy use.

+ Clicker and whistle in one
+ Silent whistle and loud clicker sound
+ Durable and does not rust
+ Lifetime money-back warranty

Why We Like It – This is the best dog whistle for someone who also trains with a clicker! It is a dog whistle that works just like a regular whistle, but that also comes with the clicker button to save you from having to walk around with two training aids in your pocket.

3. Michael Josh 2PCS

Michael Josh 2PCS Outdoor Loudest Whistle for Dog Training

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The carabiner key chain makes it possible to hang this professional dog whistle on a backpack, a handbag, a belt or anything else so that you never have an excuse not to bring it with you. It is made with stainless steel that won’t rust, has no built-in pea which means fewer bacteria is likely to gather and form, it is safe to use in dusty and dirty environments and can be heard from very far away.

The high pitch dog sound created by the double tubes can provide up to 150 decibels – an impressive number for any loud dog whistle – making this a great asset when training and communicating with your dog. It also comes with a strap so that you can carry it around your neck.

+ Stylish stainless-steel design
+ With a neck strap and carabiner key chain
+ Louder sound with up to 150 decibels
+ Easy to bring with you

Why We Like It – Not only do dog whistles work, but a high pitch dog whistle such as this one can make training so much easier! This product has a key chain and a neck strap, which means you can carry it with you anywhere. You can even attach it to your dog’s leash or to your bag!

4. ACME Silent

ACME Silent Dog Whistle

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With this dog whistle distance is not an issue, and while almost inaudible to human ears – dogs can pick up the sound from very far away (up to 400 yards). It is a good dog whistle for dogs all breeds, and you can adjust the sound frequency to suit the ears and individual hearing of the dog.

This means that you can easily turn it into a customized product that perfectly suits both yours- and your dog’s needs, and it is only four inches long and small enough to fit comfortably in your pocket, with the small case that protects the whistle from dirt and outdoor elements while not in use.

+ Can be heart for up to 400 yards
+ Close to inaudible to humans
+ Protective cap to keep dirt out
+ Brass construction with nickel plating

Why We Like It – What is there not to like? Simple construction, a sound that humans can barely hear but that your dog can pick up even though they are 400 yards away makes it one of the best silent dog whistle products you can find.

5. ForePets Professional

ForePets Professional Dog Whistle to Stop Barking

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With the snap-on cover and the clever construction of these dog whistles, you won’t ever have to worry about losing it again! This dog whistle sounds just as awesome as it is, and it works great for dog training (like teaching your pup not to bark or to come when called for) and is easy to carry with you no matter where you go.

Attach the keychain cover to your bag, belt, baby stroller or whatever you find the most convenient, and just screw in the whistle tightly when you are done using it. It won’t fall out, and you will know where to find it when it is time to signal something to your dog. It is an excellent option when wanting the best dog training whistle, and a really loud dog whistle for the dog, yet almost completely silent for us humans.

+ Innovative locking nut feature
+ Small and lightweight
+ Adjustable frequency
+ Adaptable to your dog’s hearing

Why We Like It – A silent dog whistle sounds strange to many people, and many are those who wonder how dog whistles work. This product quickly convinces anyone in doubt, and it is equipped with a locking feature that helps make sure that you won’t lose it.

6.ACME 210.5

ACME Dog Whistle 210.5

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If you want a simple and affordable dog whistle; one that does what you need it to do, without costing too many dollars – this is the one for you. If you are only just discovering how a dog whistle works, then perhaps it is a good idea to start with one of these basic models; made with non-toxic plastic and available in multiple colors, until you get the hang of it and until you know if it is something that could work for you and your pooch.

You can buy an individual dog whistle, or a pack of three, and your color options are blue, black, orange, purple and pink. While the model is simple and basic, there is nothing basic about its potency, and your dog is sure to hear it from many yards away.

+ Simple design and affordable price
+ Non-toxic and durable plastic
+ Multiple color options to choose from
+ Perfect for dog whistle beginners

Why We Like It – When learning how to use a dog whistle, and before purchasing your first one, you will probably have a lot of questions. What does the dog whistle do? Do silent dog whistles work? With a basic product like this, you get a change to figure out if it is a method that could work for you, before investing in a more expensive and/or complex product.

7. Mighty Paw Trainer

Mighty Paw Training Whistle

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So do dog whistles really work? Yes! Especially if you pick a quality product like the Mighty Paw Training Whistle. You are guaranteed a hassle-free experience with this multi-functional dog whistle, thanks to the included retractable belt attachment, which allows you to keep it the whistle on you and use it without having to detach it from your belt, bag or wherever you have chosen to put it.

t uses the best frequency for dog whistle products; one that does not hurt the ears of the dog, yet one they can hear without problems. It is barely audible for humans, something that indicates high quality and proper construction, and it is made by a family-owned company in the United States.

+ Simple yet eye-catching design
+ Gentle on the dog’s sensitive ears
+ Includes retractable belt attachment
+ Made in the U.S by family-owned company

Why We Like It – A dog is a great dog whistle detector, and even if humans can barely hear this small whistle – dogs sure can. It is always nice to support small business, and this product is made by a family business with the dog’s best at heart.

8. Shepherd Trainer

Shepherd Mouth Whistle

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This product is designed differently than the regular dog whistle you might be used to seeing, and it produces a range of frequencies which you can easily learn to control by using your tongue. It is nickel plated and small in size – perfect for putting in your pocket and take along for walks and outings with your dog, and it is known by many from the TV program ‘One Man and His Dog’.

If you want to teach your pup to reach to whistles but feel limited by a regular whistle that can only produce one type of a sound, then perhaps this is the product you should take a closer look at. Learning how to dog whistle with this item can take a bit of practice, but once you master it – there is no better whistle for training your dog.

+ Unique nickel-plated design
+ Variety of different sounds
+ Won’t rust or trap bacteria
+ Easy to keep clean

Why We Like It – With these dog whistles sounds are always different, as you can control it with the movements of your tongue. Regular whistles are limited in ways that these aren’t, and they are perfect for the dog owner who is serious about starting to whistle train their pup.

9. Athenas Pet Adjustable High Frequency

Athenas Pet Adjustable High Frequency whistle for dogs

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What do dog whistles do to dogs? The answer is nothing! It is a positive reinforcement method that – when used right – teaches your pup to respond to certain sounds, which are barely audible to the human ear. This product has adjustable frequencies; making it simple to find the one your dog responds the best to, and to protect fur friends with sensitive ears.

You can use it to teach your dog to sit and lay down on demand, or to call your dog back if he or she gets a little too far away from you at the park. There is also a clicker included so that you can take your dog training to new levels and set yourself and your four-legged friend up for success.

+ Great for positive reinforcement training
+ Adjustable ultrasonic frequency
+ Quality dog clicker included
+ Reliable customer service available

Why We Like It – Why buy a whistle and a clicker separately when you can get this pack with both? You yourself decide what frequency to use, and if there would be any trouble – a reliable customer service is there to answer your questions and resolve your potential issues.

10. Jack’s Premium Dog Whistle

Jack’s Premium Dog Whistle

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A great training whistle, this could be used for other animals as well, including birds and cats. Teach your dogs commands and take control of a rambunctious fur baby. The whistle package comes with the lanyard for easy access.

The frequency of the whistle is also adjustable. Just twist the knob inward our outward to adjust. The lightweight whistle won’t be a nuisance to your ears, but won’t come at a frequency that hurts your dog’s either. You can adjust the frequency to reach your dog at great distances. This is the perfect little helper for dog trainers.

+ Can be used with other animals
+ Comes with the lanyard
+ Adjustable frequency
+ Inaudible to human ears

Why We Like It – You can reach your dog at great distances with this adjustable dog whistle. Keep it on you when you go for walks to get control over your dog.

Dog Whistle Buyers Guide

As you may have noticed, many whistles are similar, which could make it difficult to know which one to get. Because how dog whistles work, and how to find the best dog whistle dog whistle enthusiasts would approve of? For a beginner, any decent whistle will usually do, but it could be a good idea to know what additional features some whistles may have, and how to recognize them, but also what you need to think about both before- and after buying a dog whistle.

Adjustable Frequencies

Many modern dog whistles allow you to change the frequency so that it suits both your dog and you. Humans aren’t usually capable of hearing more than a faint sound when blowing the whistle, but to a dog – the sound can be loud! The whistle is not meant to startle your pup but rather to communicate with him or her from a distance, so if you notice the sound seemingly incommoding your dog, then you should consider changing the frequency since you want to keep whistle training pleasant for your fur friend.

Whistles with Clicker

Some new whistle models have an incorporated clicker button on the whistle, which gives away the same loud clicking sound you would get from an independent dog clicker. It is especially convenient someone who uses both a whistle and a clicker in their training since it is a lot easier to just have to worry about carrying one training device around.

Keeping it Clean

After you find the product you want and start using it, it is important to remember to keep it as clean as possible, to avoid bacterial growth. After all, you will be putting it in your mouth, so make sure you wipe it off regularly with a wet wipe or a wet cloth with soap, and if the size of the opening allows – use pipe cleaners to keep the inside in top condition.

Training Advice

Nobody is an expert right from the start, and you can use online training videos and advice from dog training books to get started with your whistle training, or you can turn to a local dog trainer with experience working with a dog whistle. It is not supposed to be about whistling as hard as you can to catch your dog’s attention, but more about teaching your dog the meaning of different types of whistles, so that you can communicate with sound rather than words.

How Does a Dog Whistle Work?

The dog has an impressive hearing, and they are capable of hearing high-frequency sounds that humans have trouble (or are unable) to detect. A dog whistle creates such a sound, which travels fast and far, and catches your dog’s attention to either indicate for them to perform a trained behavior, or to interrupt and stop a behavior considered inappropriate or unwanted.

Best Dog Whistle for Beginners?

The ‘ACME Dog Whistle 210.5’ is a simple plastic whistle which produces sound without much effort, and it is the perfect product to start with if considering whistle training.

Best Multi-Use Dog Whistle?

Why not get the ‘LaZimnInc 2-In-1 Dog Clickers with Whistle’ which is both a whistle and a clicker in one? You can use the two functions simultaneously, or as you see fit, and it saves you from having to buy one of each.

Do Dog Whistle Apps Work?

With the Smartphone getting smarter by the day, it is no surprise that you can now download a free dog whistle app to use when you don’t have a physical whistle around.

Whether they are as effective as a real whistle depends on the app and your own personal opinion, but it could be worth a try if you accidentally forget your whistle at home when heading off to the dog park. You will find the best dog whistle app by typing “dog whistle” into the search field of the app store on your phone.


Whistle training isn’t for everyone, but if you still haven’t figured out how you want to train your dog – it is worth a try! Have a look at these recommended products and check which model you think you could benefit the most from, then follow up by watching tutorials online or consult with a professional dog trainer, to make sure you don’t waste your time with incorrect or unsuccessful training methods. The whistle can be incredibly useful when used right, and it can help turn dog training into a positive experience for both owner and dog.

Expert Tip

The whistle is not capable of training your dog for you, and it is important to understand that it is only a tool in the training you will be providing your dog with. Don’t expect the whistle to work miracles, but instead focus on teaching your dog to associate certain behaviors with the sound.

Did you Know

To refer to a dog whistle as being silent is technically incorrect since it is more a question of what us humans are incapable of hearing.

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