A dog gate is a moveable or permanent fixture you can place in your house to prevent your pooch from accessing certain areas. Similar to playpens, some of these gates have dual functions and can be both! It doesn’t matter if you want to restrict your dog for safety reasons or just for some privacy, a dog gate is very useful to keep in the house. Most gates fold and are easy to store, or can even be used as a simple divider.

With so many companies stating that their gate is the best, how can we possibly choose? It can be a chore to try different products and have to return ones you dislike. To save you time and stress, we’ve compiled the 10 best dog gates to alleviate you from this tedious task.

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Notes from our DVM, Sara Ochoa: “Dog gates are great to help keep pets out of certain parts of your house. When first installing a dog gate make sure to watch your dog. Some will still try to climb the gate and can hurt themselves.”

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1. Carlson Extra Wide Pet Gate with Small Pet Door

Carlson Extra Wide Pet Gate with Small Pet Door

This is a standard design with pressure mounts that is easy to set up in any home. It’s expandable and fits in openings from 29 to 36.5 inches. To save you from the trouble of having to remove the gate, it comes with a built-in dog door for smaller pets to get through. Our canines are known to tackle or chew things that stand in their way. This gate is 100% made of chew-proof steel.

If your pooch does decide to gnaw on the gate or you have a teething fur baby, the gate is lead-free and non-toxic. It’s also easy for you to get through by simply sliding the lever-style handle with an easy one-touch safety lock.

+ Easy to set up
+ Pressure mounts
+ Small pet door
+ One-touch release safety lock

Why We Like It – The extra wide pet gate fits on most standard staircases and/or in most corridors in your home. The restriction doesn’t apply to you with the easy-access adult door.

2. Kensonic 70.9’’x28.3’’ Magic Gate for Dogs

Kensonic 70.9’’x28.3’’ Magic Gate for Dogs

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This gate is incredibly versatile and can be used both indoors and outdoors. With no screws involved in the assembly, this gate fits in doorways, corridors, and stairwells without needing to punch holes in your wall. The mesh fabric is breathable and won’t hurt your pet or your baby.

It is more recommended for small pets, this soft fabric divider can be moved around your house when needed. Keep an eye on your fur baby or human baby on the other side through the see-through mesh. This is a no-hassle purchase that is incredibly easy to set up.

+ Affordable price
+ Soft mesh fabric
+ Easy setup
+ No screws

Why We Like It – We love how this gate can be used for any kind of baby. The no-screw setup keeps the aesthetics of your house intact and allows you to keep an eye on your baby through the mesh fabric.

3. PAWLAND Wooden Freestanding Foldable Pet Gate

BPAWLAND Wooden Freestanding Foldable Pet Gate

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This wooden gate is a three-in-one pet gate. The classy design folds easily for storage with no assembly required. Do you have wooden floors? The rubber bottoms of the gate won’t scuff up your hardwood. Use this fence as a pet gate, a divider or a pet pen! The extra wide and tall measurements of 80’’x24’’ will keep any sized breed out of the restricted space.

Easily adjustable to fit any doorway, the wooden gate is constructed with metal hinges that are designed to last. Coming with a 100% satisfaction guarantee for your peace of mind and in two colors and sizes, this gate will look great with any home décor style.

+ No assembly required
+ 100% satisfaction guarantee
+ Foldable for easy storage
+ Freestanding

Why We Like It – For those of you who like something simple, elegant and most of all useful, this is a great option to keep your pet out of certain areas while maintaining the aesthetics of your home.

4. Internet’s Best Pet Gate with Arched Top

Internet’s Best Pet Gate with Arched Top

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Similar to their flat-topped design, this option from the Internet’s Best is a more stylish and graceful choice. The foldable Z-shaped design is similar to the option above, and in our opinion, it’s the easiest gate option. The freestanding gate is mobile and easily moved around your house to set up a perimeter anywhere on the premises.

The rich espresso-colored finish will ensure this gate looks classy in any home with wooden interiors. This pet gate will not get in your way. The 24’’ height is easy for adults to step over if needed. The foldable gate is easily stored or leaned against a wall. Choose from two different sizes and styles.

+ 2 sizes and styles
+ Classic finishing
+ Durable wood
+ Easily stored

Why We Liked It – This gate gives you a simple design that requires no setup. The deep espresso blends in with almost any interior and the durable materials make this a good one-time investment.

5. Bundaloo Freestanding Folding Gate

Bundaloo Freestanding Folding Gate

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Much like all freestanding folding gates, this one doesn’t require any assembly. The compact gate is easy to store when folded. It’s lightweight and great for indoor or outdoor use. As an added effect, instead of straight panels, Bundaloo has adopted a diamond print design to give an added flair to this dog gate.

Why not add to the design of your house with a dog gate that doubles as a room divider? The extra durable wooden material is dependable enough for Bundaloo to offer a six-month warranty! This gate is recommended for small to medium breeds.

+ Unique diamond cutout design
+ Durable
+ Foldable and easy to store
+ No assembly required

Why We Like It – We like how Bundaloo takes the simple standard design and puts a unique twist on it. The diamond cutouts add an extra appeal and the different folding pattern gives your pet some extra room.

6. Carlson 68-Inch Wide Adjustable Freestanding Pet Gate

Carlson 68-Inch Wide Adjustable Freestanding Pet Gate

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Riding the streak of freestanding options, here is another one for you from Carlson. T 20 inches tall, this design is also extra wide and made to fit spaces in the range of 40-68 inches. It is designed and constructed with New Zealand pine wood that gives you maximum durability. The finish is non-toxic for the heavy chewers.

Freestanding gates are preferred among many for their convenience, easy to store feature and no setup. Sometimes the setup of any equipment is enough to deter us from the purchase. This gate does not require any tools to assemble and has a slide and latch system to adjust the length.

+ Free-standing and easy to assemble
+ Non-toxic finish
+ Slide and latch expansion system
+ High quality and durable pinewood

Why We Like It – In our opinion, the best feature of this gate is the sliding design. Instead of needing to extend it like other freestanding options, this design has stabilizing legs for a secure fit to any doorframe.

7. Carlson Pet Weatherproof Outdoor Super Pet Gate

Carlson Pet Weatherproof Outdoor Super Pet Gate

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Does your pet spend most of its time outdoors? Here is an outdoor pet gate just for you! This Carlson pet gate is fully weatherproof and can expand up to 144 inches! Due to the wide coverage, this pet gate can easily double as a playpen. For assembly, it comes with 4 wall mounts to ensure security.

Even with its larger size, this gate folds flat for easy storage. Do you need to get through the gate? The walk-through door gives you easy access and closes securely behind you with a safety lock. The all-steel design is incredibly durable and chew-proof.

+ Easily mounted
+ Durable and chew-proof
+ Easy to store
+ Weatherproof

Why We Like It – Sometimes you just want a pen for your pet to play in outdoors. This gate can be used indoors and out. The all-steel and study construction guarantees it can withstand the elements.

8. North States Deluxe Décor Baby Gate

North States Deluxe Décor Baby Gate

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Many baby gates can double as pet gates and vice versa. This wide gate needs to be mounted on your wall for security and can be used on straight or angled walls. It can measure from 38.3 inches to a whopping 72! The beautiful bronze finish will guarantee this sturdy gate won’t be an eyesore in your home.

The walk-through gate has an easy one-hand operated safety feature. Whether you are carrying your baby or fur baby, you can get through the gate with just one hand free! The expandable and retractable design also allows for easy storage.

+ Durable frame with a bronze finish
+ Expandable up to 72 inches
+ Mounts on any wall
+ One-handed door operation

Why We Like It – North Gates knows it’s tough being a mom. The design takes convenience and safety into consideration with the one-handed design, durable frame and secure wall mounts.

9. Carlson Pet Products Design Studio Home Décor Walk Through Pet Gate

Carlson Pet Products Design Studio Home Décor Walk Through Pet Gate

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This beautiful design incorporates wood and metal into one expandable walk-through pet gate. The gate can fit doorways or corridors measuring from 30 up to 37 inches wide. The auto-close door makes sure your pet won’t get through in case you forget to close the door behind you. The small pet door at 25.4×17.78 cm allows your smaller pets to get through but keeps the larger ruff ruffians out. This steel-framed gate requires some assembly. Mount it to the wall to avoid it being knocked over like the more basic folding designs.

+ Steel and wood design
+ Auto-closing door
+ Smaller pet door
+ Wall mount

Why We Like It – Carlson combines beauty and functionality with this gate. It’s easy to install and sturdy enough to keep your larger pets out.

10. Summer Multi-use Deco Extra Tall Walk-Thru Gate

Summer Multi-use Deco Extra Tall Walk-Thru Gate

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This metal walk through gate is designed for babies, toddlers, and pets. The pressure mount installation is invaluable to avoid holes in your wall. The arched gate has an auto-close feature without you having to manually push it shut.

This walk-through gate extends from 28 to 48 inches wide and includes a removable doorstopper, making this a perfect choice for stairway use or between rooms. The 36-inch height is enough to stop toddlers as well as early crawlers. Does the bronze finish not match your pastel interior? It also has a beige option for a softer color palette.

+ Removable doorstopper
+ One-hand gate operation
+ Auto-close gate
+ Pressure mount design

Why We Like It – This is a great option if you often leave the gate door open. It gently shuts behind you with dual locks.

Dog Gate Buyer’s Guide

There is no debate that dog owners love their dogs like members of their family. But just like with kids, sometimes you just need some time to yourself. Enter the dog gate. This nifty device can be used to give you some alone time and still keep watch over your fur baby. Perhaps you have already bought a dog gate and realized it isn’t suited for your or your dog’s needs. In the buyer’s guide, we are going to take you through all the important qualities a gate should have and what you should be looking for.

What to Look for When Buying a Dog Gate?

The Size of Your Pooch

The right sized gate for the right sized pooch is the most important factor to keep in mind. If you end up purchasing a smaller gate meant for a toy breed for your Golden Retriever, chances are he won’t stay in the designated perimeter for long. To put it simply, get a gate that is taller than your pooch by at least a few inches. For those with multiple fur babies at home, take the size of your biggest and tallest pooch as reference.


Where are you going to place your gate? If you will be using it outdoors to give your pet a playpen, make sure the material is weatherproof. If you will be placing it indoors, is space wide, narrow or near a staircase? The location of the gate will have a big impact on the structure, design, and size that you choose.


Is the gate going to be a permanent addition to your home? Will it be used to create a permanent space for your pet, or moved around at your leisure to keep them from entering certain rooms? Many dog gates double as a playpen or have a smaller walk-through door for your smaller pets. Identify the purpose of the gate to narrow down your choices.


The material matters a lot. For the most part, dog gates are constructed of wood or metal or a combination of both. Wood or metal gates are sturdier and last longer than plastic alternatives. Also, take into consideration the impact of the gate on your interior. Wood is elegant, but metal is much more durable if you have a chomper on your hands.


This goes without saying. A warranty guarantees you a risk-free purchase. Your dog may be a magician at picking locks or an amazing acrobat capable of scaling walls to get to the food on the other side of the gate. For whatever reason, if the gate doesn’t live up to the advertisement, a warranty acts as a safety pad. Knowing you can refund or exchange your purchase for something more suitable is a guarantee all consumers should look for.

Different Types of Dog Gates

There are many types of dog gates that exist on the market. Some are better suited for larger homes and others are great choices for apartments. After you have narrowed down your choices and ticked off all the features, now it’s time to look at the type of gate you should buy.


Perhaps the simplest of all designs, the freestanding dog gates require zero installation and are extremely easy to use. They resemble room dividers and are vertically erected panels usually with rubber non-slip feet. As the name suggests, they are able to stand freely without any mounts. Some of them fold and others slide for easy storage.


There are two types of mounted gates. One is wall-mounted and the other is pressure or tension mounted. Wall mounted gates need to be bolted and screwed into the wall. They are more permanent fixtures and stand up to tough pups. The pressure mounted ones do not put holes in your walls and use rubber extensions to hold the gate between two beams or walls. They hold their position by pushing in opposite directions.


Closely resembling the freestanding gates, the hinged ones are usually larger and wider to cover a bigger space. The hinged gates are also the ones that can double as playpens. The foldable design means easy storage as well.


A walk-through gate can be any type we listed above. The only difference is it includes a small door for you or a smaller pet to ‘walk through’. The door is usually located at the center of the fixture with auto-close or safety lock features.

Pros and Cons of Different Materials

In this section, we will delve deeper into the pros and cons of each gate material.


Metal gates are the toughest and they usually have vertical poles instead of panels. Metal gates are also usually larger than the plastic or wooden gates. If you have a tough pooch that loves to chew or a pooch of a larger size, we would suggest buying a metal gate. Little toy breeds will glide through the bars much too easily. Metal gates are great for big dogs that love to barrel through.


Wooden gates are the most elegant and come in the most beautiful designs. They are still sturdy and long lasting due to the finish, but when it comes to chewers or territory marking indoors, wood won’t withstand the attack as well as metal.


Plastic is lightweight and easy to clean. With a simple wipe or rinse, the gate is as good as new. What can be tough is plastic is the softest material to chew through. Determined gnawers might damage the gate in no time. Being the lightest of the three materials, plastic gates are easily portable.


Take your time to go through our lists of what to look for, type of gate and last but not least, the material. We believe that after you have gone through the list and jotted down your needs, you will end up with one of the choices on our top 10 list. Dog gates are so important when it comes to keeping our pets safe.

You do not want them around the kitchen when you are cooking, or jumping on your bed when you are trying to sleep. The best thing about dog gates is they are usually made with panels, bars, or even mesh fabric. This still keeps you within your pooch’s line of sight, and won’t cut them off completely. This gives them a sense of security, and you a sense of peace and privacy.

Expert Tip

Dog gates are also useful when you’re trying to rid your house of dog hair. Other than owning a handy pet hair vacuum, you should also keep your dog isolated in a small area while you do the cleaning. Non-permanent pet gates (not the wall mounted ones) will allow you to move your pooch from room to room while you make your way through the entire house.

Did You Know?

Dog gates are also great for guests who aren’t so fond of our four-legged friends. Maybe your best friend isn’t a dog person. It would be great to keep your pooch confined while your friend is over. Just like kids, if you have more than one pooch, chances are arguments between them can happen.

Dog gates are great to keep them separate until you are ready to let them out of the naughty corner. Your dog could even begin to view the playpen as an area of safety. Sometimes they need a place to retreat to when they feel threatened. Dogs are smarter than you think. Remember to always keep your walk-through gate locked!

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