In 2017 the Labrador Retriever was revealed to be the most popular dog in the country. No surprise this, as it was no less than the 26th year in a row this breed had carried the crown and that is no mean feat when you consider it was up against German Shepherds and Golden Retrievers to name just two of the much-loved contenders. Labradors were originally from Newfoundland and assisted fisherman by pulling in nets and rounding up stray fish. Later, as their popularity and uses widened, they had mostly evolved to become hunters dogs and used for retrieving downed game. They are fiercely loyal, simply love people and are wonderful around children.

This affability makes them perfect guide dogs and they are also extremely adept in the field of search and rescue. With that impressive array of qualities then it is no shock then that, whether black, chocolate or yellow, the Labrador is so popular, not just in this country, but across the globe. Sadly though, as with any animal, Labradors can suffer from a number of diseases and illnesses. More prone to some than others, in particular, cancer, hip dysplasia, anxiety, arthritis, nausea and more. Thankfully there is a one hundred percent natural, organic and wholly sustainable treatment for this much-applauded pooch in the shape of CBD, or in full, cannabidiol. An alternative to pharma meds that, unlike CBD, can bring about nasty side effects, and in extreme cases, cause more harm to the dog than good.

The Rise Of CBD In Animal Treatment

As CBD is rapidly becoming widely accepted for its use in treating a plethora of ailments in both humans and our animal friends, more and more people are understanding just what this wonder oil is. But just in case you are unfamiliar with this substance, here is a brief outline of what it consists of. CBD is derived from the hemp plant, that’s the same plant that produces the narcotic cannabis, and for a long time this link to a notorious drug held back the use of the hemp plant in being a resource that is extremely useful and highly beneficial in an astonishing amount of ways. THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) is the chemical compound found in the plant that produces the state of euphoria that taking cannabis can bring about and is only found in high amounts in certain parts of the hemp plant. Other parts of the plant, the parts used in the production in everything from medicines to furniture and a whole lot more between, do not contain high doses of THC and have in recent years being given the go-ahead to be farmed and harvested for commercial use. Any product that is hemp-based and imbibed by either animal or human is neither harmful or addictive and in no way illegal.

Before we get to just how CBD can help an ailing Labrador lets take a closer look at which illnesses specifically affect the breed. Most Labs live until they are about ten to twelve years old. They are usually a strong dog with a tendency to be quite buff. But as they age they can fall prey to a number of issues including, joint problems, muscular dystrophy, hot spots, cancer, itching, and continual scratching. They can also fall prey to obesity and the problems that tend to come with being overweight, anxiety and phobias. Quite a worrisome list but most of these conditions are highly treatable if discovered early enough, a good reason then why you should have your dog to the vets for regular check-ups, not just when it is obviously ill.

Versatility Of CBD Products

CBD is a really dynamic mixture that has been proven to assist in keeping both humans and animals healthy for a number of years now and we will now look at how it can be used to treat two of the conditions mentioned above: cancer and anxiety and phobias. Naturally, your dog may be suffering from something completely different and if it is, do not worry, a little bit of research will reveal just how CBD can help your pet as well. At the end of the day, how CBD treats most illnesses is much the same and the reason for that is as follows.

All mammals have what is called the Endocannabinoid System (ECS). ECS is vital to our bodies well-being and is notably connected to assisting in these functions: Sleep, pain, appetite, memory, pregnancy, stress anxiety and other emotions. This is not an exhaustive list but does give you some idea of ECS’s importance. The ECS is made up of a series of two types of receptors, CB1 and CB2 and these can lessen the impact of cannabinoids, so CBD doesn’t stimulate these receptors directly, but activates it in more subtle ways encouraging it to go about its business. In that respect the taking of CBD can result in the easing of Anti-emetic effects, anti-tumour effects, pain in general, anti-inflammatory effects, anti-anxiety effects and assist appetite stimulation and regulation.

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Contracting cancer is perhaps the greatest fear for most humans and for us to be told our pet is suffering from that same disease can be equally devastating. Whilst research is ongoing and advances in our understanding of the condition grow almost day by day, a cure still appears to be a long way off. That research, however, has thrown up alternative ways which allow us to manage the illness and sometimes help ease the suffering of the patient it is affecting. CBD is an example of an advance in treating cancer in both humans and animals. And we can be confident that CBD will work in both humans and dogs as the ECS is the same in both, in fact, it is exactly the same in both structure and in how it operates across the entire mammal species. It only differs in size so all that changes when it comes to CBD, is the size of the dose to be taken.

Supported By Recent Scientific And Medical Studies

Some of the research and results are pretty straightforward, for example, studies in 2012 and 2014 introduced cancer into the healthy colons of rats using a carcinogenic called azoxymethane, a chemical commonly highly efficient in inducing cancer in research subjects in the laboratory. Once tumors had grown they treated the animals with CBD and found it to have clear anti-tumor effects. Encouraging results indeed. An early sign of colonic cancer is the grouping of abnormal cells in the lining of the colon or rectum, (It cannot be emphasized enough that whenever you have doubts about yours or your pet’s health, you should always get a check-up. Early detection of any problem is so, so vital) these are called aberrant crypt foci which are a precursor to the formation of polyps. Researchers found that treating the aberrant crypt foci with CBD greatly reduced their presence and in turn, prevented the formation of polyps. It was also discovered that CBD actually reversed the effects of the azoxymethane and even went on to protect individual cells from that chemical. Cell proliferation, which is usually increased as cancer worsens and tumors grow, was also reduced by the adding of CBD.

CBD can also be used to ease the at best unpleasant, at worst horrific side effects that can be caused by Chemotherapy. The Chemo is usually less intensive for animals than it is for humans, but it can still be pretty ghastly for our canine friends nonetheless. However, it does affect some dogs more than others for no particular reason so far uncovered. Some hounds may be lethargic and a little groggy for up to three days after receiving treatment but then return to their old selves again.  They do tend to lose their appetite and neglect to eat during those days when they are a bit off, so this makes bouncing back that little harder. CBD can help with this as using the ECS it can settle the dog’s entire system, reducing nausea as it does so, and the dog then may return to its food bowl. In this instance, CBD in the form of a liquid, a few drops of which should be applied via a dropper under the tongue, will quite nicely do the trick.

Some poor dogs are much more sensitive to the chemo however and can suffer an abomination of hellish side effects. Vomiting and diarrhea are common as is hair loss and neuropathic pain. A lowering of the number of white blood cells being produced can cause the immune system to weaken causing even more problems and in rare cases, chemotherapy drugs can cause skin irritations if they leak onto the skin, which they are much more likely to do as it is virtually impossible to completely immobilize a drug during treatment. If your Labrador is unlucky enough to suffer from any of these conditions mentioned, CBD could well be the solution you are looking for. It will also help relieve any pain the dog might be feeling due to both the disease and the treatment as CBD is tried and tested as an efficient and natural painkiller.

black-labrador-biting-on-something-while-runningGiving Back Much-Deserved Appreciation

As said earlier, Labradors are hugely devoted to their owners which can be both a delight and in truth, sometimes a little bit of a burden. This clinginess can be quite endearing and even comforting but can become a problem if your dog becomes so dependent on your presence for its happiness, that it becomes highly stressed and anxious if you should leave it on its own for even short space of time. As well as affecting the dog’s mental state this can also result in chewing and digging and general damage in and around the house – classic signs all, of separation anxiety, which is a condition that can affect all dogs, not just Labs. It isn’t just been away from their owners that can cause dogs anxiety issues. Strange surroundings, realizing they are about to go for a trip in the car, strangers and very commonly loud and startling noise, especially in the form of fireworks, can all cause such issues. If the problem is more than just occasional then a trip to the vets will be necessary and this will almost certainly result in a recommendation of behavioral training and quite possible medication and this raises the possibility of a bad reaction to the synthetic medicines in the form of nausea, drowsiness, and loss of appetite. A recent review of studies into the effects of CBD as a remedy to anxiety found fifteen separate studies discovered that CBD had a hugely beneficial effect not just as a treatment for the side effects of anti-anxiety medication but as an anti-anxiety drug itself! At this point, it is not quite clear how or why and more research is ongoing, but clearly, CBD could be an all-around solution to the problems of dog stress and anxiety.

Dog owners around the globe are turning to CBD when it comes to treating their pets and not just for the disorders discussed above. CBD is also being used to help ease the effects of arthritis and joint problems, skin, and allergy conditions and inflammations of any kind. Everywhere you go people are recommending CBD and it only takes a trip to a site like to find them. Here are just a few examples taken from that site extolling the virtues as an alternative way to treat illness in your Labrador.

Dogs Have Their Own Unique Issues Too

Sophie is a fourteen-year-old yellow lab who suffered from allergies. Her owners were recommended CBD and within two days the itching stopped, her eyes were less cloudy, and she seemed happier and more alert. She also no longer seemed to be so uncomfortable. Draper is a black Labrador and suffers from separation anxiety. His vet and trainer recommended CBD and his owner has never looked back. Draper instantly became much calmer and this enabled to him to better focus on what he was being asked to do resulting in his anxiety levels dropping and this deeper stimulation seemed to take his mind away from what he was finding so stressful in the first place. Lastly, there is Yoda, twelve years old and suffering from joint and back pain and mobility problems. CBD was introduced to her diet and within days there was a noticeable improvement. In time Yoda was able to jump on and off the couch again and walked with a much more relaxed and happier gait. Proof, if needed, of the power of CBD can be found in the fact that when Yodas owner forgot a dose of the oil, he would slow down and become a different dog. Needless to say, Yodas continued good health is a constant reminder to make sure he has his medicine.

To sum up, CBD can help with a number of illnesses and disease, particularly those connected to the ECS and those that are inflammatory based or are likely to cause inflammation. CBD is readily available in a number of places, but you can find a highly reputable and trustworthy CBD source in King Kanine whose website contains a line of CBD products designed to treat any of the problems and conditions previously discussed. All the products are completely safe, natural and organic and produced from a sustainable source and come as oils, balms, sprays and treat so your Labrador can use the type it finds the easiest to digest and quickly help it back to good health.