No matter your boxer’s age, I bet they still act like a puppy. Yet they still look intimidating to everyone else, with their muscular body. Even though they’re a total sweetheart.

You’re probably reading this article because you’ve just found out about CBD oil and want to know what it can do for your Boxer’s. Don’t worry if you’re unsure on whether or not to start using CBD oil as this article will demystify your concerns.

I will begin by, showing you how CBD could help to improve your dog’s health issues. I will also, provide you with a couple of examples showing you how CBD is being used to help many other dogs.

I decided to try CBD for my own dog and I’ve had amazing results using CBD.

Boxers Are Pretty Much Puppies For All Their Lives

Did you know that the first Boxer bred was from in Germany and was called Flocki? He was born towards the latter end of the 19th century. Boxers are actually descendants of the fabled Bullenbeiser.

There were only ever a few of Boxers within the United States during the 20th century. The main use for them was in the military. However, it wasn’t till later on that the Boxer started to become more popular. Before you knew it there were hundreds open down the country.

Currently, Boxers are great companions. As they have lots of playful energy and happy personally. Probably the best attribute is their loyalty to the owner.

This makes them fantastic family dogs. The only downside is that they tend to require lots of discipline and socialization when they are younger. They always on alert, so they are ideal for looking after a family.

To some people their square head’s makes them look overly aggressive. You probably know by now, you can’t judge a boxer by it’s fearsome as Boxers really are softies at heart.

What Are The Common Health Concerns Associated With Boxers?

Boxers tend to be very active dogs. So they need a well-rounded diet and lots of exercises.  Just the same as every other breed of dog, Boxers can sometimes end up dealing with serious health problems. It’s especially more common when they are a lot older.

Here are some common health concerns associated with Boxers:

  • Arthritis is seen a lot in active dogs, even more so as they age. It causes serious swelling in the joints, leaving the dog in crippling agony.
  • Boxer Cardiomyopathy is a very uncommon condition which started from an irregularity in the dog’s heart. This does lead to there being cardiovascular problems. Which in turn can cause sudden tiredness, fainting, fatigue and unfortunately even death?
  • Cancer: This is a major issue for every type of dog breed. That said Boxers are known to develop different types of cancers. Somehow they do tend to be more susceptible to lymphomas, brain tumors and mast cell tumors. It’s very common for fair colored Boxers are known to be more likely to contract skin cancer.
  • Colitis: Doesn’t tend to be that frequent for Boxers. Even though it does seem to concern them more when compared to other breeds of dog. It can cause chronic inflammation of the large intestine which then produces many symptoms. Which includes bloody stools and diarrhea.
  • Epilepsy tends to be very common with Boxers. Many Dogs do in fact suffer from epilepsy, which means they sometimes get frequent uncontrollable seizures.
  • Hip Dysplasia: Is normally a genetic disease that is seen in every type of dog breed. Although it does seem to be affecting bigger breeds of dog like Boxers more commonly. It produces many symptoms. It is very possible that it can become asymptomatic which means it may over time develop into chronic arthritis. This will lead to there being inflammation within the actual hip joint.

Boxers very likely to suffer from Hypothyroidism which is an overactive thyroid. It does cause chronic metabolic activity for the dog. Which results in, your Boxer unexpectedly losing lots of weight. Other symptoms tend to be that they will drink a high volume of water, as well as the heart rate, will be very fast. Another symptom is vomiting.

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What’s The Best Way For Me To Help My Boxer?

So now your aware of the many common health conditions that could affect your Boxer, now let’s move on to discussing the benefits of using CBD on Boxers.

Right now you may be curious, about why I’m in a rush to move on to CBD supplements for pets straight away. My involvement with CBD began years ago, as my family received very unfortunate news. The family dog Rosie was diagnosed by our vet with hip dysplasia and cancer.

Rosie throughout her life has been a loving, energetic dog. It was only when her condition took a hold of her, that she quickly became lazy and powerless. The hip dysplasia left our once energetic Rosie having to live the rest of her life suffering from chronic pain.

Once I receive the news from our local vet, I began to solely focus on one making Rosie’s last few remaining moments with us as comfortable as I possibly could.

As a result of using CBD, we had marvelous results as it helped Rosie become as active as ever before. She wasn’t having to deal with as much pain as she once was. Using CBD even helped to increase her life over the vet’s estimates.

I’m now guessing that you want to know how you can do the same treatment for your Boxer.

I will now show you how CBD can be used to help you treat two specific issues.

It’s very important to keep in mind that, CBD has many health benefits. There’s a lot more to it than just these two cases. For example, CBD can help if your dog to deal with the effects of epilepsy or cancer.

Not to worry if your Boxer doesn’t currently suffer from any form of inflammation. As CBD is still incredibly beneficial for many other health conditions.

Using CBD On A Boxer With Arthritis

As previously mentioned arthritis can be very common, more so in larger breeds that are very active. The illness causes chronic inflammation in the joints, making your dog have around the clock pain.

If your boxer suffers from this then you shall begin to see first hand your once active Boxer will start to lounge around your house more regularly. As well as sleeping more often and even avoids going out for walks.

The symptoms you could notice in your Boxer, once they begin to suffer from arthritis include:

  • Difficulty in getting up and lying down.
  • They may start to Limp and stiffness that’s affecting their joints.
  • You may find that they are very reluctant to hop up to the car or onto the sofa.
  • A general reduction in their overall mobility.
  • They will start to have overly-sensitive joints that will become tender.

It’s very important to understand that, arthritis isn’t just affecting your dog physically. As it can really cause a quite severe change to their normal temperament. Probably the first thing you’ll actually notice is that your Boxer will lack their normal amount of energy.

When our dog Rosie started to develop arthritis from the hip dysplasia, I almost instantly saw a change in her. She was no longer the active dog we all once knew, she used to love to go for a swim in the pool as well as being out on long walks.

old boxer dog looking grumpyAs soon as her arthritis started to kick in, she was instantly less energetic and lazy. Which resulted in Rosie quickly putting on a lot of extra weight. Which we knew that wasn’t good, as it took of lead to even more health complications for her.

When we started to use the CBD supplements it immediately helped Rosie to manage the pain from both her cancer and arthritis. Quickly we began to see an increase in her daily activity. This was because of the CBD as it’s a powerful anti-inflammatory and painkiller.

In the process of targeting the endocannabinoid system, the CBD actually helps fight the inflammation around your dog’s joints. At the same time, it also suppresses the pain signals coming from the brain.

During a study at the University of Kentucky. Present that CBD could be used to help treat arthritis for rats. It was only after that, the researchers began to treat the other animals. They used transdermal CBD gels all at varying strengths, the tests went on for four days.

They eventually concluded that the CBD gels do in fact have to reduce the inflammation in the affected joints, as well as suppressing the pain signals in the animal’s brains.

When I began to use CBD on Rosie I had very similar results. It was just within a couple of days of starting the CBD treatment with Rosie, that she began to finally seem like her regular self once again.

It was great to see that she had a way easier time of navigating around the house by herself. She quickly found her love for exercise, it was truly amazing to witness Rosie out on a walk and enjoying every minute.

Before we started her treatment on CBD, she would only ever go on a short walk with us. It was never very long until she wanted to return back home.

However, once her treatment began her energy soon came back to normal. Soon enough she actively sought out if she could get to go on a walk. I really love seeing joy around the back garden enjoying herself, it puts a smile on my face.

So if your Boxer is affected by arthritis then I have to recommend that you start using a CBD treatment right away. We got great results from the products available at King Kanine. I  mainly used King Kanine’s CBD oil and balm, both of these had truly great effects on Rosie.

Now that I have outlined my personal experience with this brand. You can check it out for yourself if you click here, you’ll be taken to my review on King Kanine.

If you want to know more about arthritis in dogs, then please do check out the previous article that I have just posted. It goes more in depth about the whole subject.

Boxers Who Suffer From Colitis And How CBD Can Be Used To Help

As you would have read previously, Colitis is another regular condition that affects Boxers.

Colitis affects humans and dogs in the exact same way. It is caused by chronic inflammation of the colon. The frequent symptom of colitis is semi-formed bowel movements.

Boxers that suffer from colitis will normally strain when defecating and they often pass a bright red stool. When a dog has colitis, you will notice them losing lots of mucus and fat.

These are usually signs of a chronic infection.

  • There tend to be several causes of colitis:
  • Stress.
  • Infections normally a result of Salmonella.
  • Parasites which include Cryptosporidium and Giardia.
  • Trauma.
  • Allergic reactions, most commonly associated with food.
  • Irritated bowel disease.

Right now there are a couple of alternative treatments for colitis. The correct treatment heavily varies on the starting cause of the disease. Surprisingly a lot of the current treatments are very effective. In my opinion, I would really consider using a CBD treatment to help manage help your dog’s condition. My reasoning behind this is that CBD is a naturally strong anti-inflammatory, so it will more than likely help to reduce the infection.

Currently, there are several pieces of evidence suggesting that CBD is a reliably safe way of helping to treat any inflammation. Another health condition which CBD can help with is irritable bowel disease.

There was a study conducted by researchers in Italy in 2011. In which they examined the effectiveness of CBD as a method of treating inflammation in the intestine.

The study discovered that CBD doesn’t only help to decrease the amount of inflammation once it’s been induced. It does in fact, help to stop the inflammation from ever occurring once previously applied.

Many different studies tested out CBD on inflammatory bowel diseases like colitis. If you do plan on starting CBD to help with these kinds of conditions then, I highly recommend using CBD an oil or capsules.

As these will help to target the inflammation in your dog directly. CBD offers reliable relief from the symptoms mentioned earlier.

boxer running through the fieldHow Other Boxers Benefit  from Taking CBD

Rosie isn’t the only one who has got amazing results from CBD. As they are many other dog owners around the country all with their own CBD success story.

To use the example of Ozzie, an 11-year-old boxer. That has been diagnosed very recently with cancer. In order to help his owners have started to use some CBD oil to manage the chronic pain.

Ozzie’s owners say once they started using the CBD from Canna-Pet, Ozzie went back to his lively ways and is doing so much better now.

Another example is that of Marley, who deals with many health-related issues including glaucoma and arthritis.

Marley’s owners began with a CBD treatment because of Marley’s bad arthritis. Since beginning the treatment Marley is no longer wanting to sleep throughout the day. She even loves to go play outside all the time.

Both Ozzie and Marley currently use CBD supplements sold from Canna-Pet. My own dog got incredible results just from using their products. Which is why I implore you to check out their website.

Please Take Into Consider These Other CBD Brands

Having to watch your Boxer deal with a difficult health problem is devastating, I know what you’re going through. Which is why I have to tell you that, in my personal experience CBD will help with several health issues.

If you are now looking for some brands to order from, these are my personal top picks.

My first selection is a company called King Kanine. As I believe that our dog Rosie got great results from their products.

For me, the best product on the market right now is the King Kalm CBD. You’ll be able to save 23% if you use that link.

King Kanine have several products in their range everything from oils, CBD chews and treats, balms and sprays. Each one is really easy to use so don’t let that scare you away. You’ll begin to see the benefits right away.

I can have to also recommend the supplements from Canna-Pet, you have just read ay their products. They really do make such a massive difference to the lives of the dogs. For Boxer’s, I could not recommend that you try Canna-Pet’s Advanced MaxLiquid Hemp for yourself it’s truly a blessing.

I hope that you found this article insightful and that your beloved Boxer benefits greatly from the CBD supplements.

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