You’ve got the smartest dog going.

“And she’s the perfect companion to take on runs, long walks, or any other kind of outdoor adventure.”

Generally, dogs which remain in good health, Australian Shepherds are still able to get sick now and again, just like the best of us. But would you believe me if I said that a small compound found in the hemp plant, called CBD, was able to increase the health of your dog?

Well, that’s exactly what we are talking about!  We are discussing CBD in further detail and illustrating how it can aid thyroid problems and cancer, both common in Australian Shepherds.

We have used CBD on our own dogs and it has been hugely successful, so we are going to recommend the product we found most useful to you for when you have decided to try this supplement on your own dog.

There is a free checklist available for you to download which will show you the benefits of CBD for your dog.  You can either download it or print it out.  If you are the owner of an Aussie Shepherd, you can get immediate access just by clicking here.

The Australian Shepherd

This conscientious farm-associated dog originally came from America, though this is not implied by its name.  These intelligent dogs are most commonly used for working with livestock as they have an incredible herding and protective instinct.  As they are working dogs, they are hugely alert, loyal and are very clever, and often they are praised for being the most intelligent breed worldwide.  Australian Shepherds are fabulous guard dogs because they are very calm dogs, with very balanced temperaments.  As all herding dogs, they need lots of exercises and are at their happiest when they are active and working.

Most common health concerns for Aussie Shepherds

These famously healthy dogs live long and fulfilling working lives, often reaching the great age of 15.  Sadly, no dog, whatever its breed, is immune from health problems or disease though, and there are a couple of conditions which affect Australian Shepherds more so than other breeds, like dysplasia and eye problems.

This list highlights the most prominent issues for Australian Shepherds and their health:

•    Allergies: It is fairly common for Australian Shepherds to suffer from allergies.  The usual symptom of this is itching, but they could also be affected by respiratory and digestive issues, too.  To find out more about skin allergies, click here;

•    Autoimmune Thyroiditis:  One of the most common health problems among Australia Shepherds, where the body’s antibodies attack the thyroid cells of the dog;

•     Cancer:  All dogs are able to develop cancer.  Hemangiosarcoma, cancer of the blood vessels to you and I, as well as lymphoma, are the two types of cancer most often found in Aussie Shepherds;

•    Drug Sensitivities:  As carriers of the MDR1 gene (multidrug resistance), Australian Shepherds have been found to be sensitive to multiple medications.  The range in severity is enormous: from mild, serious or worst case, this can cause death;

•    Dysplasia:  This can be problematic for all dogs but does seem to plague larger dogs more so.  Elbow dysplasia is very common for Australian Shepherds.  Sometimes they show their symptoms, perhaps by being lame, so dysplasia is often misdiagnosed as an injury because this breed is such an active one;

•    Eye Problems:  The most common eye problem for Aussie Shepherds is cataracts, but other eye-related issues are frequent, such as glaucoma and colobomas, to name but a few.

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What can CBD do for your Australian Shepherd?

The list we have just given to you makes it evident that though generally very healthy, this breed does suffer from the occasional health problem.  So what is CBD and how can it help?

CBD is a compound taken from the hemp plant and a few other cannabis varieties.  It is completely natural.  No, it isn’t a psychedelic at all.  CBD is used for its ability to calm both people and animals with anxiety.  It will not get you or your dog “high.”

We decided to try CBD for Rosie, our Golden Retriever, because she had hip dysplasia and had been diagnosed with cancer, too.  Rosie was prone to dysplasia, which, with age, lead to her getting arthritis.  For such a once so active and happy dog, always bursting with energy, it was so sad for us to see her become so lethargic, unhappy and lazy.  Due to this, it was made clear to us, via her symptoms and by our vet, that it was time to research treatments and supplements to improve the quality of Rosie’s life and make her more comfortable.  This is when we found out about CBD and its incredible results.

“Best known for its painkiller and anti-inflammatory powers, I wondered if CBD could help Rosie deal with her symptoms.”

We asked our vet what her opinion was regarding CBD, though she wasn’t too familiar with the product herself.  We were not prepared to give Rosie anything without having done as much research as we could.  We leaped immediately into our research literature on CBD, reading anything and everything we could get our hands on.  The more we discovered about CBD, the more we realized that it was this incredible compound that was key to helping our dog.  We went back to the vet, filled with information, facts, and figures about CBD, and due to its track record for aiding inflammation and decreasing pain, we made a unanimous decision that this was the right thing for Rosie.  Just using the CBD on Rosie for a few days, we could visibly see that she was improved and feeling much better.  We continued the treatment and she continued getting better.  Within a few weeks, our much loved Gold Retriever was happy, active and excited for walks once more.  She seemed so much more like her old self.

7 month old australian shepherdWhen Rosie was diagnosed with cancer, she went through chemotherapy to help slow down cancer.  Side effects of the chemo weren’t too much of a problem for her, though occasionally she would seem a little “under the weather” for a few days post-chemo.  She didn’t have much of an appetite then either.  CBD helped with these side effects, too.  It helped to lessen her decreased mood after chemo and allowed her to retain her healthy appetite.

“The fact is, CBD has a long list of benefits other than just being a powerful painkiller and anti-inflammatory.”

Two common conditions that affect Australian Shepherds are hyper/hypothyroidism and cancer, and we shall cover these in detail.

If your dog has an ailment which is not covered on this page, then have a look on the free checklist available for you to download now.  There you can find out really quickly and simply as to whether your dog could benefit from CBD.

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Thyroid Problems in Australian Shepherds and CBD Oil

The thyroid is a powerful thing.

It allows for the production of hormones which enable psychological processes to be regulated, like your dog’s brain development, digestion, metabolism, and heart function.  The thyroid produces multiple hormones, including thyroxine and triiodothyronine (T4 and T3) so that the psychological processes can occur.  If the thyroid produces too much or too little of any hormone, any psychological process involving these hormones is immediately affected, preventing the body from functioning properly.

As an example, dogs can get hyperthyroidism, where too many hormones are produced and their metabolism speeds up.  This can lead to fast weight loss, overeating, the inability to sleep, an increased heart rate or the change in the hearts beating rhythm.  At the opposite end of the spectrum, if your dog has hypothyroidism, the thyroid is underactive and is not producing enough hormones for your dog’s psychological processes to occur properly.  This can cause their metabolism to become sluggish which will cause them to gain weight and be chronically fatigued.

The thyroid problem which affects most specifically the Australian Shepherd is that of autoimmune thyroiditis.  This is where the immune system produces antibodies which turn on the healthy thyroid tissue, inflaming the thyroid itself.  When the thyroid cells die, the cells leftover have to work ultra-hard to make up for the healthy tissue which has been lost.  When around 75% of healthy thyroid cells have been killed, the thyroid cannot produce the required amount of hormones.  This is when the dog will begin to experience and show visible signs of hypothyroidism.

Symptoms of which can include:

  • Loss of appetite;
  • Aggression;
  • Lethargy;
  • Dull, unhealthy coat;
  • Diarrhea or constipation;
  • Skin infections;
  • Overly greasy or very dry skin.

If your dog shows signs of or has been diagnosed with having, autoimmune thyroiditis (or any thyroid issue for that matter), we recommend you look into using CBD to help them.

It has been proven through studies that cannabinoid receptors also live in the thyroid gland.  When CBD interacts with the cannabinoid receptors, it can both increase and decrease the hormone production.  Also, because CBD is a powerful anti-inflammatory, it is able to significantly lessen chronic inflammation in the thyroid if your dog does suffer from autoimmune thyroiditis.  Cannabinoid receptors scattered across the brain and body interact with each other aiding CBD in its fight against inflammation.

CBD is often used to lessen chronic joint inflammation (usually created by arthritis or dysplasia), inflammation of the digestive tract (from bowel disease), and can even decrease inflammation of the brain which occurs from conditions such as Parkinson’s.  CBD is able to decrease inflammation in any area of the body, just through the endocannabinoid system (ESCS) being activated.  There are two predominant receptor types in the ECS; CB1 and CB2.  They are created to balance the effects of two cannabinoids produced by the body naturally, 2AG and anandamide.  But because they are so similar in their makeup to that of endocannabinoids, CB1 and CB2 are capable of regulating the cannabinoids occurred through CBD.

Researchers have not yet discovered all of the workings of the endocannabinoid system, but they are certain that is pivotal in aiding and processing many elements of a body.  These include sensations of pain, memory, metabolism, and mood.

So, CBD can be trusted to help your dog if it is sadly suffering from this debilitating condition.

dog resting on the bumpy roadCancer in Australian Shepherd and CBD Oil

Hearing that your much-loved pet has cancer can be terrifying and upsetting.  Sadly, just like us humans, dogs are susceptible to many different forms of cancer.

As I have previously stated, our Rosie the Retriever was diagnosed with cancer a couple of years previously.  Our whole family was devastated.  Rosie was a key member of our family, and coming to terms with the fact that she had limited time left with us was tough.  But we persevered and quickly began our research into how we could help Rosie in a palliative care way so that her remaining time with us was as comfortable as it possibly could be.  This is how we fond CBD.

It still remains difficult to comprehend that such a small compound could impact Rosie’s life in such an advantageous way.

Prior to us using CBD with Rosie, her condition had declined fast.  She was reluctant to move and was clearly in a lot of pain.  She responded well to having chemotherapy, though we could tell that it was tiring for her and her appetite decreased further.  To sum everything up, seeing how the combination of dysplasia and cancer was affecting Rosie was heartbreaking.  Thankfully, we were able to change this with the help of CBD.

This is why we would recommend that you try CBD supplements for your Australian Shepherd if they have been diagnosed with cancer.  The owners of many different varieties of pets have reported witnessing hugely positive results through their use of CBD in order to treat the symptoms and side effects of cancer.  Growing research also illustrates how CBD inhibits tumor growth and the possibility of it being able to help kill cancerous cells.  These results are still preliminary, so need investigating in further detail in order to be classed as valid.  But they still remain important evidence.

Is CBD helping other Aussie Shepherds?

We have told you our story and we certainly aren’t the only pet owners to have found the use of CBD to be a huge success.  Many have seen incredible results when using CBD to help treat their dogs who have thyroid issues, cancer and lots of different problems, too.

Take 12-year-old, Australian Shepherd, Sassy.  She gained an injury when she was just a pup and has suffered from chronic arthritis in her neck for the majority of her life because of it.

Sassy’s owners could not find a reliable way to aid Sassy with her pain and inflammation, as they didn’t want her to suffer further from any possible side effects.  They recently discovered CBD and its incredible results, and say that they have never looked back.

“We would not have her today if it were not for your oil.  It has helped her deal with pain and mobility,” Sassy’s owner stated when reviewing the Canna-Pet CBD Oil, which has made such a huge impact on decreasing her symptoms.

Another great example of how CBD has aided an Australian Shepherd can be seen in the story of Roma; a violent seizure sufferer since the age of two.  On using CBD supplements, the frequency in seizures and their intensity was reduced dramatically.

Similar to our dog, Rosie, as well as Sassy and Roma, there are enormous numbers of pet owners using CBD to aid their dog’s quality of life and seeing the benefits fast.  We have all seen these wonderful results with Canna-Pet products, so why not visit their website today:

Could today be the day to start using CBD Oil?

We hope that having read our review, you feel reassured and able to try CBD for yourself.  We wanted to illustrate that CBD is a safe and reliable way of helping your dog with its health issues.

If you are ready to try the much talked about, highly recommended King Kanine’s King Kalm CBD 300mg RX, then you can save 23% on this product by clicking here.  We have seen miraculous results having used this CBD Oil, and think that it is also the best value on the current market.

Our family pets are precious.  We have tried this on ours and hope that you see its incredible effects as quickly as we did.

If you would like to find out more about King Kanine, read the full King Kanine review here.

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