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Zignature dog food is still somewhat new on the market, and they are slowly working their way towards the top; which can be seen in the quality Zignature ingredients used and their dedication to providing dogs worldwide with the nutrition they need and deserve.

Where is Zignature dog food made and by whom? The food is made by a company named Pets Global Inc; who have their factories located in South Carolina and Minnesota, in the United States.

They consider themselves to be a pet health company rather than just a pet food company, and they supposedly use their own pet ownership as inspiration for creating dog food that will keep our four-legged friends well nurtured and healthy.

When it comes to dog food Zignature is the product line they are producing, but they also produce a food line for cats named Fussie Cat. It show’s in the company’s commitment that pets truly is their passion, and on their website, you can read about how they promise never to compromise the company principles for the sake of profit, and that adequate canine nutrition will always be their main motivator and their ultimate goal.

About Zignature Dog Food

Zignature Kangaroo Dry Dog Food Formula

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The Zignature brand dog food is made with natural ingredients that resemble what a dog would consume in the wild, and the company actively chooses to skip any fillers like corn, soy and wheat, and their dog foods are free from artificial preservatives, color, flavor and animal by-products. It doesn’t matter if you choose Zignature Zssentials dog food, Zignature Duck dog food, Zignature Kangaroo dog food, Zignature Turkey dog food or any of their other varieties – you will always find meat listed first on the ingredient list.

Not only do they use meat as a primary ingredient, but they use named meat sources from easily identified origins, and meat meal as a second ingredient. Meat meal usually contains about 300% more protein than fresh meat, due to the water content having been drained and removed and it perfectly complements a pure meat source. It is nice to see that Zignature Turkey dog food, for example, contains a satisfying amount of turkey.

Other Zignature dog food ingredients are fruit, vegetables, added vitamins, minerals and oils – all which contributes to making the food naturally delicious and appealing to dogs all sizes and ages. On Dog Food Adviser Zignature gets the second highest rating for their quality ingredients and grain-free recipes, and Zignature dog food reviews continue to praise the company for their affordable dog food products.

There are currently 13 Zignature dry dog food products to choose from in their classic line, and they also offer the Zssentials dog food line with high-protein and low-fat alternatives; giving you as a considerate dog owner a large selection to choose from, and the chance to find the Zignature grain free dog food that will work best for your dog’s individual needs.

With Zignature dog food turkey and other common protein sources are not the only options you get, as they are quite exotic in their available selection! There are products with goat, catfish, guinea fowl, kangaroo and more, or you can stick to the basics with foods containing lamb, salmon and chicken. To make sure the food covers every single canine need, each kibble has been infused with essential vitamins and minerals.

Zignature Dog Food Recall History

There are no known recalls of Zignature Zssential formula dog food or of their classic Zignature dog food line, and no Zignature dog food complaints have been officially registered or pursued.

A Zignature dog food recall could and would indicate a flaw in a certain product, and it is a very good sign that no such recall has been made official at this point. However, the company has not been making their dog food for very long at this point, and while Zignature Zssential dog food reviews and other Zignature Reviews are highly positive regarding the quality of the products, we are yet to see what the future holds.

The overall Zignature Dog Food Rating is high; just like the expectations.

Which Dogs Can Eat Zignature Dog Food?

The brand has mostly food for adult dogs, but they are considered suitable for all life stages. Is Zignature a good dog food, you may wonder, and it is – which is why it tends to suit most dogs out there, regardless of size and activity level. The premium recipes are delicious and packed with nutrition, to keep your dog feeling full and satisfied until it is time for the next meal.

There is no Zignature puppy food or food for senior dogs, which can be considered somewhat unusual as most bigger dog brands tend to feature these types of product, but the explanation probably lies in the ingredients as these are safe to feed to dogs all ages, also as they grow.

Specific puppy foods usually are not recommended for large breed puppies as it could cause them to grow too fast for their bones and joints, and for these – Zignature dog food might be a better alternative already from puppyhood. For smaller dogs, however, that might need the additional nutrients of a puppy dog food – you may want to wait with Zignature until they are at least 7 months old.

In the Zignature Zssential formula line, there are dog foods with smaller kibble size; ideal for small breed dogs and dogs with chewing difficulties. There is no difference between the content of these kibbles and the regularly sized ones, meaning you can feed it also to larger dogs in the family if needed (so that you won’t have to purchase different dog foods for your differently sized dogs).

Zignature Zssentials Small Bites Formula

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All Zignature dog foods are also low-glycemic and suitable for dogs with for example diabetes. Instead of choosing an expensive diabetes dog food product (those often recommended by veterinarians), you can opt for a 100% natural dog food product with superior support for dogs with either diabetes or other related medical diagnoses.

List of Best Zignature Dog Foods

One of Zignature Zssential dog food’s strength is the variety of protein sources and flavors available, as it almost guarantees you will find what you are looking for, regardless of any potential food sensitivities or reservations your dog may have. There does not seem to be a big nutritional difference between the different products, so instead focus on what type of protein you would want your four-legged friend to consume daily.

A Zignature dog food review can help shed some additional light on the strength and weakness of each available product, but just remember that Zignature Turkey dog food reviews, Zignature Trout and Salmon dog food reviews and Zignature Lamb dog food reviews are all very different, so make sure you are reading about the protein variety you intend to buy. Below are five great options for any dog owner who is curious to give Zignature dog food a try:

1. Zignature Kangaroo Dry Dog Food Formula

Zignature Kangaroo Dry Dog Food Formula

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2. Zignature Zssentials Small Bites Formula

Zignature Zssentials Small Bites Formula

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3. Zignature Duck Formula Dry Dog Food

Zignature Duck Formula Dry Dog Food

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4. Zignature Catfish Low Sodium Formula

Zignature Catfish Low Sodium Formula

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See more low sodium dog food.

5. Zignature Trout & Salmon Dry Dog Food

Zignature Trout & Salmon Dry Dog Food

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Dogs with allergies are lucky, as you can easily choose a variety without whatever protein that might be causing their stomach upset or flaky skin, or you can try different varieties until you find one that works. If your dog presents signs of an allergy, you should always consult a veterinarian for a proper diagnosis but experimenting with food could also make a big difference.

Zignature salmon might, for example, be a better option than a Zignature dog food with chicken, as many dogs are sensitive to this protein. Zignature Kangaroo dog food reviews also point out how it is potentially a favorable option for allergic dogs.

Zignature Discount Coupons & Promo Deals

You can get 30% off your first Auto-ship order at Chewy.com, who also offer free shipping for larger orders. Auto-shipment can be switched off and/or cancelled at any time, so you do not lose anything by accepting the offer – no strings attached.

Chewy also has a very large selection of Zignature Zssential and classic dog foods, and they have been selling the brand for a lot longer than other websites like Amazon.com – who only recently became authorized to sell the Zignature brand products.

Zignature dog food reviews also hold clues for where to find good promo deals on Zssential dog food and more, so hit the search engines and start looking around for the discount offer that might convince you to give this quality dog food a chance!


Zignature multi protein dog food and their Zignature limited ingredient dog food provide your pup with natural and organic ingredients that will convert to energy for whole long days of fun! The products are rich in protein, healthy fatty acids, vitamins, minerals and fiber, and suitable for dogs with dietary restrictions and sensitive stomachs.

It is an above-average dog food that is only just starting to get the attention they deserve for their dedication to making healthy and affordable food for dogs all over the world.

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