Not every dog is the same, which means that not every dog has the same nutritional requirements. This is because the dogs have different sizes, coats, physical needs, and as a dog owner, it is your duty to know this and to be familiar with the nutritional needs of your pet. That way, you’ll know how to satisfy those needs, and help your dog live a long, happy and healthy life – through many life stages.

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And for all the owners of the Yorkies, we are going to present a great buyers guide that is going to help out with the knowledge of what kind of food recipe ought to be provided for them by their owners based on the dog’s nutritional needs. However, the people that don’t own Yorkies should not worry, because many other pages about other dogs are being added here, and if, for example, you own a pit bull, you can visit our food for pitbulls page.

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1. Blue Buffalo Small Breed Chicken & Rice Formula

Blue Buffalo smaller breed recipe is a great choice due to the fact that contains ingredients that are completely natural. This basically means that your Yorkie is going to get vitamins and minerals, as well as essential nutrients, which are really important for dogs.

There is a lot of protein in this small breed recipe, and it comes from the muscles of chickens; and you should also know that there aren’t any chicken meal or chicken by-products here, only the quality stuff. This product also contains flaxseed – an amazing alternative to fish oil, and a perfect amount of Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids. You can also find ingredients full of antioxidants here, like cranberries and blueberries.

Why We Like it – This small breed recipe is rich in protein from the real muscle of chicken, but there aren’t any chicken by-products here. Apart from that, this Chicken recipe also contains flaxseed which can be a great alternative to fish oil. This yorkie dog food is also full of Omega-6 and Omega-3 fatty acids. Also, this Small Breed Chicken & Rice Formula is full of antioxidants which can be found in its ingredients.

2. Taste of the Wild Appalachian Valley Dry Food for Small Breeds

This Wild TOW Appalachian Valley food recipe made by Taste of the Wild is full of venison protein, an ingredient easy for a Yorkie stomach to digest. Venison is a great source of proteins and fats, and is a huge plus for this product.

There are other protein sources in this food, and they include duck, lamb, egg and ocean fish, and all of those ingredients are considered to be a great source of prebiotic and prebiotic fibers. This product also provides optimal amino acid nutrition, and the fact that the dry kibbles are rather small makes it easy for Yorkies to eat and manage.

Why We Like It – The Taste of the Wild TOW Appalachian Valley food recipe is full of venison protein, which is something that a Yorkie stomach can easily digest. Also, venison is a great source of protein, but not the only one; other protein sources in this product include duck, lamb, ocean fish and egg – great sources of both prebiotic and probiotic fibers.

3. Wellness Complete Health Small Breed Adult

In this Wellness Complete Health Small Breed you can find all the natural ingredients that small breed adults need. Wellness Complete Health Small Breed adult dry dog food ingredients include deboned turkey, chicken meal, salmon meal, oatmeal, ground barley, ground brown rice, rye flour, spinach, sweet potatoes, blueberries, apples, chicken fat, etc.

All these ingredients make this potato recipe food rich in vitamin E, vitamin A, and beta carotene. Also, the small size of this kibble makes the food manageable by a Yorkie.

Why We Like It – The Wellness Complete Health Small Breed recipe contains chicken meat, deboned turkey, salmon meat, ground brown rice, oatmeal, rye flour, sweet potatoes, spinach, blueberries, apples, chicken fat, etc. All of these ingredients are the things that make this yorkie dog food so full of vitamins A and E, as well as beta carotene.

4. Natural Balance Original Ultra Whole Body Healthy

The ingredients of Natural Balance Original Ultra Whole Body Healthy include duck and chicken, meaning that it is both healthy and tasty for your Yorkie – perfect for picky eaters.

This Natural Balance food does not contain any gluten, nor does it have any artificial flavors or colors. The size of Natural Balance Original Ultra Whole Body Healthy kibble was specially designed to support the small bellies and mouths of small dog breeds, meaning that it is just perfect for Yorkies.

Why We Like It – Natural Balance Original Ultra Whole Body Healthy is a small breed recipe that contains ingredients such as duck and chicken, making this food amazing not only for your Yorkies health, but also rather tasty so picky eaters need not refrain! The recipe does not contain any gluten, nor does it have any artificial flavors or colors. The size and shape of this food was especially designed to fit the Yorkies’ tiny mouths and stomachs.

5. Wellness CORE Grain-Free

There are no grains in this Wellness CORE Grain-Free small breed recipe, but the food is rather rich in protein. The main ingredients of this natural grain free dry dog food include chicken and turkey, and most importantly – salmon oil.

Other ingredients include plenty of vegetables and fruits, which take care of your Yorkie’s health. There are other healthy ingredients in Wellness CORE Natural Grain-Free small breed food, such as vitamins and minerals, probiotics, and antioxidants.

Why We Like It – This Wellness CORE Grain-Free small breed recipe is full of protein. Its most important ingredients include chicken and turkey, and salmon oil as well. Wellness CORE Natural Grain Free dog kibble is also full of vegetables and fruits, which help for your dog to obtain his optimal health. Because of all the probiotics, vitamins, antioxidants and minerals that this product is full of, this natural grain free dry dog kibble is a perfect and healthy gift for your Yorkie. Read our Wellness Core Review for more info on this great dog food brand.

Best Dog Food for Yorkies with Sensitive Stomachs and Allergies

Natural Balance LID Limited Ingredients Potato and Duck

If you have a puppy that has a sensitive stomach or is prone to allergies, then try this Natural Balance LID Limited Ingredients small breed puppy food. This recipe for sensitive tummies has a list of ingredients that is rather minimal. The ingredients include premium protein and carbohydrate sources, which makes this puppy recipe a great food for Yorkie puppies.

Also, this Natural Balance LID Limited Ingredients puppy food contains no grains, making it easy to digest, and the formula is great for shiny coats and healthy skin. A perfect solution to Yorkies with sensitive tummies.

Best Food for Senior Yorkies

Wellness Complete Health Small Breed Natural Senior

If your Yorkie has started getting older then you ought to get this Wellness Complete Health Small Breed food for him. It was formulated especially for older dogs, which means that it meets all their needs. Wellness Complete Health Small Breed Natural Senior dog food recipe includes hip, joint and digestive health support.

Wellness Complete Health Small Breed Natural Senior contains deboned turkey with glucosamine and chondroitin, which means this small breed recipe is an ideal senior dog food for older Yorkies.

Best Dog Food for Yorkie Puppies

Blue Buffalo Life Protection Puppy Food

If you have a Yorkie puppy, then this product should work great. This puppy recipe is made of real meat, garden-grown vegetables and fruits, as well as of whole grains. This makes this food for Yorkie puppies full of nutrients that a pup that’s still growing needs.

This puppy food also contains Life Source Bits which are full of antioxidants, something that is essential for a puppy that is still growing and developing. This puppy recipe does not contain any by-products, wheat, soy or corn either.

Yorkie Dog Food Buyers Guide

Nutritional Needs of Yorkies

Yorkies are like other dogs, and they need food that is full of vitamins and minerals, nutrients, and especially those made of completely natural ingredients and that do not contain any byproducts. Of course, there are some really important considerations that ought to be made before choosing the best food for your Yorkie pet.

Brown Yorkie Dog After Some Food
Brown Yorkie Dog After Some Food

Like most of us know, Yorkies are small breed dogs which basically tells us that they do not have big mouths. So, if you are feeding your pet dog with dry food, then make sure you choose kibble, and most importantly, choose small-sized kibble. If you give your Yorkie kibble that is too big, he might not be able to chew it properly or to chew it at all and could have trouble digesting it. This is something that could eventually lead to malnutrition or even worse.

There is another key consideration that needs to be made, and it has to do with the age of the dog, which is something that can and will affect the amount of the food that the pet eats. Also, this affects how often the dog eats as well. Now, because the Yorkies are toy breeds, they just can’t eat too much food at one time, and that is why you can’t just feed your Yorkie once a day. This could cause some problems that could lead to an upset stomach and low blood sugar. You need to feed your Yorkie at least 2 or 3 times a day, rather than just once.

Now, having that in mind, the exact amount of food given to your dog, as well as the number of times you are going to feed it, mostly depends on the age of the dog. These are the suggested feeding schedules based on that:

Weaning (4 – 7 weeks) – 3 Months: When you have a dog that is still weaning from nursing, it is really important to offer him food all throughout the day. This will allow the dog to gain enough weight in order to handle a diet that is more structured when compared to a mother’s milk. In this stage, you need to make sure that the food is always available to the dog, and doing so can help prevent hypoglycemia, and can help your pup eat any time he feels the need to, and this is something that is extremely important during this development stage.

3 Months – 1 Year: After the weaning stage, you need to start introducing your dog to a feeding schedule, which basically means that you shouldn’t provide the Yorkie’s food for the dog at all times because that will make the potty training extremely difficult. Also, when a dog eats on a schedule, you’re going to be able to train him better and improve the dog’s behavior. During this stage, the dog should get 3 or 4 meals a day – one in the morning, one in the afternoon, one in the early evening, and one in the evening. You need to remember the fact that your dog should not get any food at least 2 hours before sleep!

1 Year and Up: Once your dog turns 1 year, he can be considered an adult dog, and therefore, you ought to start adjusting the feeding schedule to 2 meals a day. If you were feeding your Yorkie puppy food, it’s time to switch over to adult dog food at this point. One of those meals ought to be larger, while the other one smaller. The breakfast should be larger, because it’s the most important meal of the day, and dinner should be smaller.

The amount of calories your dog needs to consume throughout the day depends on his age and his activity level. If the dog is younger, the number of calories is much higher, because such a dog is much more active. Basically, this is the recommended daily input of calories for Yorkies:

– 200 calories for small breed puppies

– 150 calories for small breed adults

– 120 calories for small breed senior dogs

Best Food Ingredients for Yorkies

The ingredients of the food the dog eats are really important for Yorkies and for other dog breeds as well. They can impact the health of your dog, and improve it or worsen it.

Here are some of the ingredients that are beneficial to Yorkies, no matter the dog’s age:

Protein: This is one of the most important Yorkie food ingredients, and some of the best sources of protein include lamb, chicken meal, fish, beef, and turkey. The best protein can be found in the muscles of animals, and should never be processed!

Carbohydrates: Dogs need carbs and are considered to be one of the most important ingredients in your Yorkies’ food, but when it comes to Yorkies you must be careful because there are several different types of carbohydrates. Yorkies’ stomach can have a hard time processing the common carbs, like soy and corn, and the problem lies in the fact that many of the cheapest dog foods contain them. You ought to find Yorkies’ food with softer carbs, like brown rice and sweet potato recipe foods.

Fats: Every Yorkie needs to intake good fats because they can help the dog maintain a nice, shiny, long and healthy coat. Fish oil is considered to be the best ingredient for this!

Common Health Issues to Watch Out For

Small, toy breeds can have big health issues, and that is exactly why they ought to be taken care of. And because the Yorkies are little but tough, they are predisposed to some health problems; and even though a vast majority of Yorkies live a long, happy and healthy life through all life stages, some of them can experience certain conditions which are considered to be common to this breed. Therefore, it is really important that the Yorkie owners be aware of these health issues in order to be able to help their dog if the need for it arises.

Here are some of the most common health problems that usually affect Yorkies:

Collapsing tracheas – With Yorkies, a problem frequently arises during which the cartilage rings of the trachea collapse. Collapsing tracheas makes it difficult for the dog to pass the air through his windpipe. It is still not known what exactly causes Collapsing tracheas, but it is believed that it could be a congenital abnormality in Yorkies. The symptoms of Collapsing tracheas include labored breathing, honking cough, and blue color in the gums.

Luxating patellas – This is a condition that occurs when the kneecap gets dislocated into the groove of the femur. This is something that commonly affects Yorkies and other toy dogs, but the problem is the fact that the symptoms of it vary, and usually depend on the serenity of the issue. However, they usually do include abnormal movement of the hind legs, lameness, and skipping.

Dental problems – Tooth decay is something that happens to Yorkies rather frequently. This happens because these dogs have teeth that are vulnerable to the effects of plaque and tartar. The result of this is an infection which can occur in the dog’s gums rather easily. Help your pup with the best dog toothpaste.

Hypothyroidism – This is a condition that refers to the underactive thyroid gland, and is something that is really common in Yorkies. These dogs have thyroid glands that frequently do not produce enough of thyroxine, which is a hormone that helps the management of metabolism, which can lead to weight problems.

Legg-Calve-Perthes Disease – This is a condition that reduces the amount of the supplied blood to the bones of the rear legs, and this causes those bones to degrade in time. Clear signs of this problem include limping and can happen to a Yorkie as young as six months old.

Sensitive Stomachs – Sensitive stomachs are something the Yorkies are prone to, and this happens because of the fact that they have a really tiny stomach which can easily become upset. This, in turn, leads to vomiting and diarrhea. See more foods for sensitive tummies here.

Dry or Wet Dog Food for Yorkies?

When looking for canine food, you’ll notice that there are two main types of it available – dry food and wet dog food. And if you’re wondering which of them is better for your Yorkie, the answer is that dry food is the best option. This mostly has to do with the fact that Yorkies have sensitive teeth, and so, this food is the better option. If you are deciding between dry food or wet dog food, consult your vet for their opinion.

If you are an owner of a dog that has been having dental health issues, then dry food is the best option for them. Dry food has a crunchy texture, and because of that, it can help clean dog’s teeth of tartar and plaque. So, when you choose a dry food for your Yorkie, also make sure that you choose the one that comes in smaller kibble, because, as we have already mentioned, Yorkies have really tiny mouths and might have trouble eating the larger kibble. Also, the larger kibble can greatly upset their stomachs, which are really tiny and sensitive as well.

However, this does not mean that the Yorkies can never eat any wet food; they can, but just make sure you mix it with some dry food.

How Much Should You Feed Your Yorkie?

This is a question that can be a bit difficult to answer because not every Yorkie is the same, and each of them has different needs. If your Yorkie is more active, then he is going to need a lot more food than the Yorkies that aren’t really active. Also, the younger dogs will have to eat a lot more than the older ones.

Usually, it goes like this: a puppy ought to consume about 45-55 calories of puppy food per pound of body weight. When it comes to small breed adults, they need a lot fewer calories. Now, because not all foods have exactly the same number of calories, we can’t just give you a definite amount of food your Yorkie ought to eat. We can’t just say that you ought to give the dog half a cup of food; it all depends on the dog. The best way to figure out how much food you ought to give to your dog is to read the label on the food product and do according to it. Most labels illustrate the size of the serving according to the dog’s weight.

If you are preparing the food for your Yorkie yourself, he will need to eat a lot less of it than if you were giving the manufactured food to him. A home cooked meal has more calories, which basically tells us that your Yorkie ought to eat less of it.

Recommended Yorkie Dog Food Brands

You can find various dog food brands on the market, and many of them are indeed great for Yorkies, but we would like to recommend the following five to you, that have been deemed the best and the most popular food for the Yorkies by the dog owners and experts.