Orijen Senior Dog Food Review
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Orijen Senior Dog Food Review (2021)

As our dogs get older, it is not just the color of those hairs around the eyes and on the nose that change, but also their nutritional needs. A senior dog needs plenty of protein to keep their bodies strong and healthy; as old age can come with muscle loss and a decreased ability to build new muscle, but they also need a lower calorie food due to a slowing down metabolism.

Dogs are usually considered seniors somewhere around the age of 6-8, depending on breed and size, and it is around that time that they should be switched over to senior dog food. Orijen senior dog food is a natural and nutritional option with high-quality ingredients and fresh meat, and it is a way for you to show your senior dog just how much you love having them with you.

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Notes from our DVM, Sara Ochoa: “Recent studies show that grain free dog food is linked [to] heart disease. As more research is done in [on the] grain free diet, we may be not recommending grain-free diets to our veterinary patients.”

Our Review Of Orijen Senior Dog Food

High Protein Content

The dog food industry has come a long way in providing dogs worldwide with food made with quality ingredients, and Orijen has been a top contender for many years. Their top senior dog food is complete, natural and balanced, it is made to mimic what a dog in the wild would eat and it has an impressive selection of superior meat products.

Meat makes up most of the high protein content, and on the ingredients’ list, you find fresh wild-caught fish, chicken and turkey from free-range farms spread-out across Canada, whole egg and freeze-dried liver for enhanced natural flavor. You don’t find this kind of a quality meat content in many other senior formula dog foods, and when it comes to the Orijen senior dog food nutritional information says it all.

Two-thirds of the meat in every bag is fresh and refrigerated rather than frozen, and the other third is carefully dried to retain a maximal protein content.

Natural Supporting Ingredients

Low glycemic carbohydrates are limited to 19% of the overall content, and the impressive meat content is complemented with a wide range of fresh vegetables, sweet fruit such as watermelon or celery and antioxidant-packed legumes.

Lentils, fibers, pinto beans, green peas, cranberries, kale, butternut squash, apples, and pears are just some examples of what you find in this delicious and all-natural crunchy yet soft dry food for senior dogs, and while it is a high protein senior food – it is also crammed with nature’s absolute best selection of greens, full of vitamins and minerals.

Instead of adding these vitamins and minerals, Orijen has made the conscious choice to include them naturally through their revolutionary Orijen senior ingredients. It is a dog food senior dogs will love.

Benefits of A Grain-Free and Natural Diet

All Orijen products are free from grains, artificial colors, flavors and preservatives, and their aim is to keep their dog food as close to nature as possible. All meat products come from animals either kept in good and humane conditions, or animals (such as fish) caught in the wild. Their philosophy is that no animal should have to suffer in the making of their dog food products; because while dogs need meat to stay healthy and strong, there is no reason to why it couldn’t be provided ethically.

Orijen Senior Grain-Free Dry Dog Food is a crunchy yet soft dog food for older dogs, that has no unnecessary fillers (such as corn and other grains) – allowing a senior dog to get direct access to all the nutrients their body needs. It is the best senior dog food you can find if you are looking for natural food with high protein content. A senior light dog food that does not compromise on what is important, and that recognizes the unique needs older four-legged friends.

It is good to remember that dogs only eat one thing throughout their lives (assuming they are fed kibble all their lives), so we owe it to them to make sure that the one thing they get to eat is good enough to be worth it. Nutrition is one thing, but our old dogs deserve a delicious treat – which this flavor packed senior dog food can be considered to be – once having reached a certain age.

This is a product that is grain-free, natural, nutritious, delicious and complete, and who are we to deny our best friends such luxury? They have been there for us, and they deserve to have us be there for them by providing them with a quality senior kibble.

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Orijen Six Fish Dry Dog Food

A delicious fish based dry food for dogs all ages! Made with an impressive selection of wild-caught fish like mackerel, flounder, pilchard, sardine, herring, Alaskan cod and more; coming up to a total of 38% of quality protein content.

Two-thirds of the fish used was fresh at the time of processing (refrigerated – not frozen – and without preservatives), and the other third was gently dried at 90 degrees in order to turn it into a concentrated protein source. It is packed with vegetables and legumes; with red lentils, green lentils, chickpeas, fiber, and peas as a few examples.

While this is not a dog food made specifically for senior dogs, it is suitable for dogs all life-stages, including seniors (and is a great senior dog food without chicken, for dogs that are sensitive or allergic), thanks to its high protein content and balanced nutritional value.

Orijen 1 Original Dry Dog Food

Orijen 1 Original Dry Dog Food

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This Orijen dog food variety is a treat for any dog that gets to have a taste! The mix of free-run chicken, turkey, wild-caught fish, and nest-laid eggs is enough for anyone’s mouth to water, and it is made entirely from ingredients that would be deemed fit for human consumption.

The meat, which makes up most of the protein content, comes from free-range farms in Canada, where animals are treated with the care and respect they deserve. As if this wasn’t enough, this kibble is also filled with antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals from the many fruits, berries, vegetables and legumes which makes up the remaining space on the ingredients’ list.

Since suitable for dogs of all ages, this variety also works as a great large breed senior dog food.


Orijen Puppy Dry Dog Food

It is not all about senior dog foods and caring for your dog once he or she gets old, because even more important is it to set a dog off on the right foot (paw) already from the start. Orijen knows how to care for a dog regardless of age, and they have come up with a puppy formula that will allow a young dog to grow strong and healthy.

Chicken and Turkey from free-range farms are mixed with wild-caught fish from streams in Vancouver, and a total of 85% of the kibble content is made up of animal ingredients bursting with protein.

The other 15% come from fresh vegetables, fruit and plant-based products – full of vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals. The high protein content is balanced out by a low-calorie total, to build muscle mass while also keeping the canine at a healthy weight to reduce unnecessary stress on bones and joints.

Orijen Tundra Wholeprey Grain-Free Dry Dog Food

Orijen Tundra Wholeprey Grain Free Dry Dog Food

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With protein sources that don’t compare with any other dog dry food – Orijen has exceeded itself by creating a variety that no dog will be able to resist. The 80% protein content comes from Wild Boar, Venison, Mutton, Arctic Char, Goat, and free-run Duck, and the other 20% is made up of juicy fruit and wholesome vegetables.

The composition of fresh meat, cartilage and organs mean that it naturally has all the essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that a dog needs to thrive, and only Zinc has been added separately.

It is grain-free, just like all other Orijen products, and aimed at providing dogs with a diet that falls close to what they would eat in the wild. Same as the Orijen Senior Dry Dog Food – this variety is suitable for older and aging dogs.

Orijen FIT & TRIM Dry Dog Food

For dogs that struggle to keep weight off, it might be necessary with a special diet to lose those extra kilos. A diet food shouldn’t, however, mean fewer nutrients, flavor, and quality, which Orijen sets an excellent example for.

This grain-free and nutrient-dense dog food are made with 42% protein from lean meat – meaning free-run chicken and turkey, low-fat fish caught in Canada and protein-packed egg. It also has a unique mix of soluble fiber to aid with digestion and to get the metabolism back on track, which in turn promotes healthy weight loss.

The levels of protein, fiber, carbohydrates and more have been altered to fit the nutritional needs of a dog that needs help staying in shape, without robbing them of the true experience of a flavor-packed Orijen product. Senior dogs that need to lose weight can safely use this product as a low-calorie senior dog food, but should if possible be switched to the senior variety once the extra weight is gone.

BONUS BUY: 4-Pack Orijen & Acana Dog Food Dog Treat Bundle
4-Pack Orijen & Acana Dog Food Dog Treat Bundle

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Orijen and their sister brand Acana do not only produce high-quality and grain-free dog food varieties, but also a wide selection of delicious dog treats for the dog that has been on his or her best behavior.

This bundle includes four different varieties; Orijen Original, Orijen Regional Red, Acana Duck & Pear, and Acana Lamb & Apple – providing the opportunity to test them all to see which one the dog loves the most. If you are already feeding nutritious dog food, you might as well follow up with nutritious and delicious treats.

See our full Acana dog food review.

Orijen Senior Dog Food Buying Guide

So, do senior dogs need senior food? You may have asked yourself this question many times, and the answer is that yes, they almost always do. A dog’s nutritional needs change with the years, but here is where Orijen stands out a little.

Many of their regular varieties are so well balanced that they can actually work well as a regular- or a diet dog food for senior dogs – much thanks to the impressive quality ingredients listed.

You can find a suitable Orijen dog food for diabetic dogs, for overweight dogs, for dogs with food allergies and with flavor preferences, and regardless of whether you choose Orijen senior pet food or one of their all-life-stages presentations, your furry oldie is likely to thank you in his or her own way.

What to look for when buying Orijen senior dog food?

This soft dry dog food for senior dogs makes being the owner of an older dog a lot easier. It already has everything you want to find in a senior dog food, lives up to the senior dog protein requirements and the Orijen dog food feeding guide tells you exactly how much your dog should eat in accordance with his or her weight. Therefore, there is only really a question of whether Orijen is the right brand for you and your dog, because once you have found it and decided to give it a go – there really isn’t much else to look for. The decision almost makes itself.

You will, however, want to consider any potential food allergies your dog might have. Some dogs are allergic to chicken, which this senior dog food contains, but if that would be the case – you could always start your dog off on one of the regular Orijen varieties, such as Orijen 6 Fish which is bird free and suitable for seniors. This is a major benefit with the Orijen brand since it gives you as the pet parent of a senior dog a lot of good and high-quality options.

Keep in mind that kibble can always be mixed with senior dog wet food, in case your furry best friend has problems chewing, digestive issues or if he or she is just a fussy eater.

This is already a soft kibble for senior dogs, but don’t let it be a problem if you know that your dog isn’t fond of eating only dry food, and just mix in a bit of wet food if needed! For older dogs suffering from teeth loss and oral disease, the kibble can have water added to it for a mushier consistency.

Where to buy Orijen senior dog food?

Orijen products are available in most assorted pet stores in the United States, as well as in many other countries worldwide. A great option though is to purchase it online since it gives you a better overall view of what there is, a chance to compare prices and you will have it delivered directly to your front door. No need to go from pet store to pet store until you find the product you want, and you won’t have to carry heavy kibble bags around; risking hurting your back. Concerned about price? Check out these top-rated affordable dog food options.

Many nationwide pet stores have online shops that deliver, or you can have a look at Amazon and its massive selection of Orijen dog food products. Once you know what you are looking for, Orijen Senior Dog Food is easy to find, and once you try it, and once you see the positive effects it has on your senior dog – chances are high that you are never going to want to try anything else.

Senior dogs may benefit from rest on walks, with the use of a suitable dog bike trailer.

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