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Many dog owners have at some point read an IAMS dog food review, but is IAMS good dog food and who makes it? It may come as a surprise that the company kicked off already in 1946 when its founder – Paul F. IAMS – decided to start working towards an innovative way to feed dogs.

IAMS Proactive Health Dry Dog Food, Small & Toy Breed

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The first product ever made by IAMS dog food came out in the 1950s, and it was known as IAMS 999. IAMS 999 was the first dog food where they chose to use animal-based protein as its main source of protein, and it set the standards for modern dog food formulas we see on the pet store shelves today.

The brand kept advancing and renovating itself throughout the 1960s; when more attention was paid to making the dog food as digestible as possible by focusing on intestinal health. The paw print logo we now know to associate with IAMS was first presented to the public in the 1970s, and it still remains the same today. IAMS pet food reviews weren’t really a thing back in those days, but if it had, IAMS dog food ratings would have most likely been high.

IAMS is one of those dog food brands that changed the dog food industry, and in the 1980s they introduced a puppy formula – being one of the first (and possibly the first) to offer dog food recipes based on the different life stages of a dog. Around this time was also when they started making cat food, and about 10 years later their lines of natural pet food hit the market.

IAMS made use of research showing the connection between healthy skin and coat and the fatty acids Omega-3 and Omega-6, and they began to incorporate these in their recipes. It was no longer just about keeping the dog happy on the inside, but also about it showing on the outside.

DHA was added to all their puppy formulas in the 2000s to aid with healthy brain development, and in the last few years, the company has surprised dog owners with one new product after another. Looking at their impressive history, it is clear they won’t be going anywhere anytime soon.

They may have fallen behind a little in regards of all-natural and grain-free dog foods, which have become popular lately, but you can’t deny the revolutionary aspect of the products they have put out in the past. Many “firsts” can be found on their track record, and there is most likely many more to come in the future.

About IAMS Dog Food

IAMS Proactive Health Adult MiniChunks Chicken Flavor Dry

IAMS Proactive Health Adult MiniChunks Chicken Flavor Dry

So, how does IAMS dog food rate and is IAMS dog food healthy? On Dog Food review sites, IAMS is classified as an average or slightly above average dog food, and it has received a rating of 3.5/5. This means that it is currently not the best dry dog food, but it is a good option for dog owners on a budget, as it rates higher than many other grocery store brands. This makes IAMS dog food good or bad depending on what you compare it to, and on what your budget is for buying food for your four-legged friend.

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The first ingredient in many of the IAMS products tends to be meat, which is considered a quality ingredient, but the problem with for example chicken meat is the high water content. Each ingredient is put on the scale before the water is removed, meaning the food probably contains a lot less actual meat than what the ingredient list might make it seem like.

The second ingredient in their IAMS ProActive Health Adult Chunks is corn, and corn is proven to have very little (if any) nutritional value for dogs. It is not bad for them, but the canine body is unable to process corn to make use of its nutrients, and it has, therefore, become known as a cheap filler in the dog food business.

Fourth on the list is animal by-product meal, which is yet another indicator of low protein content, due to animal by-products being classified as a low-quality protein source. It is basically left-overs and waste products from a slaughter-house – parts of the animal that could not be sold for human consumption – and there is no real guarantee for how much protein it contains.

This is IAMS greatest weakness – its questionable protein sources and the fact that it is hard to know how much quality protein it contains, and it is the main reason for why IAMS dry cheap dog food reviews will often hold back on the rating. The ingredients, in general, are not bad – far from it, actually – and if it wasn’t for the possible lack of quality protein, it would have probably scored a higher IAMS dog food rating in reviews of IAMS dog food.

A plus you will discover when feeding IAMS dog food is that there are many different varieties so that you always have the chance to find something that works for your dog and for you as an owner. Some of the available options are (but are not limited to):

+ IAMS ProActive Health Senior Plus
+ IAMS ProActive Health Mature Adult
+ IAMS ProActive Health Adult Chunks
+ IAMS ProActive Health Adult MiniChunks

IAMS Proactive Health Adult MiniChunks Chicken Flavor Dry

+ IAMS ProActive Health Senior Plus Large Breed

IAMS Senior & Mature Dry Dog Food

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+ IAMS ProActive Health Mature Adult Large Breed
+ IAMS ProActive Health Smart Puppy Large Breed
+ IAMS ProActive Health Adult Large Breed
+ IAMS ProActive Health Adult Optimal Weight
+ IAMS ProActive Health Adult Small and Toy Breed

IAMS Proactive Health Dry Dog Food, Small & Toy Breed

Check Latest Price

+ IAMS ProActive Health Adult Optimal Weight Large Breed
+ IAMS ProActive Health Mature Adult Small and Toy Breed
+ IAMS ProActive Health Smart Puppy Small and Toy Breed
+ IAMS ProActive Health Sensitive Skin and Stomach Grain Free with Real Salmon and Lentils

Having a wide selection, as a pet owner, is incredibly important, as it gives you the chance to truly adapt your choice to the needs of your dog. The brand offers senior dog food, weight loss dog food, food for growing puppies and a good selection of flavors.

Reading an IAMS puppy food review will have you discover that it is actually some of the best IAMS dog food products (some get a 4/5 rating instead of the overall 3.5/5 rating), and an IAMS senior dog food review will give you all the information you need for an aging dog. So, is IAMS good dog food? Yes, if compared to other supermarket brands.

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IAMS Dog Food Recall History

Let’s have a look at the IAMS Healthy Naturals dog food recall history. There was one IAMS dog food recall in 2010, two IAMS recalls in 2011 and two in 2013. This makes a total of 5 registered IAMS dog food recalls in only a few years, which might be cause for concern.

The 2010 incident was due to a suspected contamination with the bacteria that causes salmonella, one 2011 recall was in connection with the discovery of elevated levels of aflatoxin (it only involved one lot of puppy food) and the other was an odd case where a grocery store change alerted about the recall, but there was never any confirmation from IAMS and the recall notice was later removed. It might have been an error, and it might not.

In 2013, IAMS Shakeable treats were recalled due to the potential for mold growth, and later that year there was another recall for possible salmonella contamination (again). Other than this, there has been no other known incidents. There was no registered IAMS dog food recall 2017, nor was there an IAMS dog food recall 2018, so it is safe to say that the brand has been recalling free since 2013 at the time of writing.

IAMS proactive health dog food reviews do not generally seem too concerned about the brand’s past recall history, and it continues to be a decent choice for dog owners with a tight dog food budget.

It is easy to be put off by a dog food company with recalls, but if looking on the bright side – it is clearly preferable that the company reports these potential issues themselves rather than letting them slide while hoping for the best. It is always best to be safe rather than sorry, and IAMS dog food company seems to share this belief.

Which Dogs Can Eat IAMS Dog Food?

Is IAMS dog food good and right for my dog? It is a question you probably asked yourself before ending up reading this IAMS Natural dog food review, and it is a question that could be hard to answer.

There is a food product designed to fit every dog and their needs – such as puppies, adult dogs, big dogs (see IAMS large breed dog food reviews for more information), dogs that need to lose weight and senior dogs which means that – in theory – IAMS is suitable for any dog out there. It is however not the most protein-rich dog food, so it might not be suitable for highly active dogs with an increased need for energy and protein.

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If you read through this IAMS Dry Dog Food review and still feel that their products could be the ideal fit for your fur friend – go for it, and just choose the product that best represents your dog’s age, weight, and physical activity level. How good is IAMS dog food? Good enough, would be the simple answer.

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List of Best IAMS Dog Foods

1. IAMS Proactive Health Adult MiniChunks Chicken Flavor Dry

IAMS Proactive Health Adult MiniChunks Chicken Flavor Dry

2. IAMS Proactive Health Dry Dog Food, Small & Toy Breed

IAMS Proactive Health Dry Dog Food, Small & Toy Breed

3. IAMS Senior & Mature Dry Dog Food

IAMS Senior & Mature Dry Dog Food

4. IAMS Proactive Adult Health Large Breed Dry Dog Food

IAMS Proactive Adult Health Large Breed Dry Dog Food

5. IAMS Proactive Health Puppy Dry Dog Food

IAMS Proactive Health Puppy Dry Dog Food

IAMS Discount Coupons & Promo Deals

The easiest way to get a discount when shopping for this brand is to keep an eye on different IAMS ProActive Health dog food reviews online, but you can also go directly to your favorite retailer to see what is new and available. Free shipping is almost always offered by larger websites, and if you sign up for auto-shipment – you might be eligible for an additional percentage off.


IAMS dog food may not be the absolute best dog food you can find for your furry bestie (see other IAM dog food reviews for independent confirmation), but it is also not a bad food by any means. How does IAMS dog food rate? A solid 3.5/5, which is still high for the type of dog food you usually find on the shelves in your local supermarket.

It is important to remember that not everyone has the financial means to provide their pups with expensive grain-free and high-quality dog food, and that’s okay. For those hoping (or needing) to pay a little less – IAMS is a good option. It has flavor dogs seem to like, and a large variety of products for dogs all sizes, ages, and breeds. Another benefit is how easily accessible the dog food is, as you can find it almost anywhere – both in stores and online.

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