Small puppies have incredibly sensitive digestive systems, and if they cannot be fed by their mothers – they will need a high-quality milk replacement product.

Milk supplements can also be used for lactating dogs and for dogs that have had surgery, and it is important to find the best milk powder or liquid milk replace to ensure the health of the dog you are caring for.

These are some of the most nutritious, affordable and effective dog milk replacements currently available, to make your choice easier and less stressful.

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1. Esbilac Goats Milk Replacement Powder

Esbilac Goats Milk Replacement Powder

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This puppy milk replacer is made with real goat milk that is rich in fat and full of protein. It is perfect for young puppies with a sensitive and developing digestive system, as it helps to strengthen their immune system to keep them strong and healthy as they grow up.

It is the best puppy milk replacer on the market, thanks to its natural components and lack of any harmful additives. There are no preservatives or chemicals added, and the formula was originally developed together with veterinarians and experienced dog breeders.

+ Natural whole goat milk
+ Scientifically formulated by veterinarians
+ Extra nutrition and temporary immunity
+ For sensitive digestive systems

Why We Like It – With a goat milk replacer for puppies such as this product, you can feed a small puppy that is still too young to eat solid puppy food or help a lactating mother increase their calorie intake. It is natural, easy to use and highly effective, and it is approved by veterinarians.

2. PetAg PetLac Puppy Milk Replacement

PetAg PetLac Puppy Milk Replacement

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If you rather not use a powdered milk replacement for puppies, this ready-to-eat liquid puppy milk substitute could be a good alternative! It promotes a healthy and safe growth rate and helps your young puppy develop its bones and joints the way they would if still fed by their mother, and it is a puppy replacement milk made with real milk and nutritious vegetable protein.

You can use it for a puppy, for an older dog that is a little on the skinny side, or for a lactating canine needing an extra nutritional boost. It is perfect for those who don’t want to have to mix their powder milk replacer for puppies before every meal, as it can be fed right out of the box.

+ Liquid milk supplement ready to eat
+ Made with milk and vegetable protein
+ For healthy growth and development
+ Produced in the United States

Why We Like It – This puppy milk replacement is made locally in the U.S, it helps puppies grow strong and – best of all – it can be consumed directly without preparation.

3. Nutri-Vet Milk Replacement for Dogs

Nutri-Vet Milk Replacement for Dogs

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The Nutri-Vet replacement milk for puppies has been enriched with colostrum, and it is full of essential vitamins, electrolytes to keep the puppy hydrated and other nutrients every young puppy needs to thrive.

This unique combination of healthy components boosts their immune system without causing stomach upset, and it is the closest you can get to milk from the pup’s real mother. Newborn puppy milk replacement is what can save a small puppy’s life, and make sure they grow at a safe pace.

+ Ideal for puppies and elderly dogs
+ With vitamins, nutrients, and electrolytes
+ For excellent and safe growth rates
+ Enriched with colostrum

Why We Like It – It is important for a puppy to get the temporary immunity they normally get from their mother’s milk, and this puppy milk replacement formula mimics this effect very closely.

4. PetAg Esbilac 4 pk 5 lb Powder

The caloric pattern in this dog replacement milk is very similar to that of real canine milk, which causes little to no stomach upset once switching a puppy over to it. It has all the vitamins and minerals a young puppy needs, is easy to digest and highly palatable, and you can also use this dog milk for dogs that have recently had surgery, or for lactating females.

It comes in powder form which makes it easy to store, and all you need to do is to mix it with water before serving. It is one of the best-selling brands in the United States, known to give puppies a true health boost!

+ Similar caloric pattern to the mother’s milk
+ Highly palatable and ready to digest
+ With essential vitamins and minerals
+ For puppies, lactating dogs, and post-surgery cases

Why We Like It – The superior nutrition found in this milk replacement will help nurture young puppies back to health, keep motherless puppies healthy and allow them to grow at a healthy pace.

5. Advance 402172 Premium Performance

Advance 402172 Premium Performance

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A product like this can be used for puppies, kittens, fawns, piglets, foals, calves and more, and it is a nutritious milk replacement that has high levels of fat and protein, to temporarily boost the puppy’s immune system. It has added vitamins to enrich the recipe, and to make it as much like fresh milk as possible.

It has a total of 25% all-milk protein and 25% fat, and it turns into a delicious and nutritious milk substance once mixed with water. Take care of your puppy the way your puppy deserves and requires, by offering a high-quality product such as Advance 402172 Premium Performance.

+ Enriched with vitamins
+ High in fat and protein
+ For puppies, kittens and other animals
+ Premium performance formula

Why We Like It – The price for this milk replacer products is affordable when compared to many similar products so that you can feed your puppy for less.

6. Beaphar Lactol Milk Replacer for Puppies

Beaphar Lactol Milk Replacer for Puppies

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While most milk replacers for puppies come in bags, this is instead sold in a practical and air-tight container that can be opened and closed as needed. It keeps the formula dry and fresh and makes it easy to access it whenever it is time for your puppy to have a meal.

It has the same fatty acids that you would normally find in real milk straight from a female dog, and the unique mix of nutrients will help your puppy’s bones, muscles and joints develop properly already from the start.

+ Complete milk replacement
+ With DHA fatty acids
+ Resealable packaging
+ Optimizes development

Why We Like It – DHA fatty acids are found naturally in the canine mother’s milk, and the recipe of this replacement product comes very close in terms of nutrients.

Puppy Milk Replacement Buyers Guide

Having the life of a small puppy in your hand can be overwhelming, but it does not have to be an impossible task to keep them healthy and alive. Can you give puppies baby formula? No. Well, then what kind of milk can you give a puppy? This is what we are discussing here.

When trying to figure out what kind of milk is best for puppies, there are a few things to consider, to make sure you find the best puppy formula for your dog. Also, did you know that it’s not just puppies that could benefit from puppy formula recipes?

Using a Milk Substitute for Puppies

Evaporated milk for puppies is most commonly associated with your pups that have lost their mother, pups whose mother won’t feed them or other similar cases, but it can also be used for lactating dog moms to give them a calorie boost while they are nursing. Older canines may also benefit from consuming the best milk for puppies, but a veterinarian should be consulted before you start experimenting on your own.

Liquid vs. Powder

When giving puppy milk to a dog, you will quickly realize that you can purchase it either as a powder to be mixed with water or in liquid form. Neither is better than the other, provided you choose a quality brand, and instead it becomes a question of what you find the most convenient.

Powder formula is easier to store as it does not need to be refrigerated, but it does require the effort to mix it together before feeding it to the puppy (or adult dog).

Storing Canine Milk Replacers

As mentioned above, you will want to store your milk replacers in the right place. Powdered puppy milk formulas do not need to be refrigerated, but they should be kept somewhere cool and away from direct sunlight. Liquid replacements may not need refrigeration before they have been opened but should be refrigerated after that to keep the formula fresh for as long as possible.

What milk is best for puppies?

You can find the best puppy milk replacement by doing your research and learning what is best for young dogs. The ‘Esbilac Goats Milk Replacement Powder’ is perhaps the best milk replacer for puppies you can find, as in a puppy milk replacer goats milk is about the finest ingredient there is.

What kind of milk can I give my puppy?

So, what kind of milk can puppies drink? Can puppies drink regular milk? The answer is no. Puppies need a quality milk supplement for puppies and other baby animals, as they do not have the same nutritional needs as a human baby.

Where can I buy puppy milk?

Most pet stores and some grocery stores will have milk for puppies in-store, but if you want a larger selection to choose from – opt for shopping online and have it delivered straight to your door.


If you, for some reason, must feed your young dog a milk formula for puppies, it is important that you do your research and choose the best milk replacement for puppies available, as the nutrition you provide them with during their first weeks of life can set the bar for their future health.

Good puppy milk needs to contain the same nutrients as the mother’s own milk would, so do your research before settling on a puppy milk formula.

Expert Tip

You should never chill or serve your puppy its dog milk formula cold, and it needs to be served room’s temperature.

Did you Know

Puppies are usually weaned off their mother’s milk at the age of 6 weeks and should be given a dog milk replacer before that if their mother is unable to feed them.

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