Peanut butter is actually delicious to dogs. I know I love the occasional peanut butter and jelly or just plain peanut butter sandwich. We have recommended peanut butter as a healthy Kong toy filler, and if you have tried it, chances are your dog loved it! As delicious as peanut butter is, it can be quite a messy substance, so giving peanut butter on tiled floors could make it easier to clean up.

Make sure you only feed dog-friendly peanut butter that doesn’t contain xylitol. Xylitol is a sugar substitute, an alcohol that can be found in plants. Peanut butter itself is a healthy treat that contains protein and fats that benefit your dog. Everything in moderation, as we say.

Instead of browsing the aisles and reading the packaging to make sure you find the right peanut butter, why not turn to peanut butter flavored dog treats? Manufacturers tailor the recipes just for dogs, you won’t find xylitol in any of them and they also tend to be lower in sugar. Which brand should you consider? Read on and find out.

View The Best Peanut Butter Dog Treats Below

1. SmartSticks Peanut Butter Chews

SmartSticks Peanut Butter Chews

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Chew sticks occupy your dogs, curb destructive behavior, and also help with dental hygiene. These peanut butter chews can be digested by your dog. They are enriched with vitamins and minerals and free of raw-hide, which could have negative effects on your dog’s digestive system. The blend of peanut butter, chicken and vegetables come together in a flavorful stick available in packs of 10.

The outer shell of the stick is made with vegetable and peanut butter with real chicken rolled inside. It’s an enjoyable and delicious treat that keeps your dog’s teeth clean and jaws strong.

+ Raw-hide free
+ Highly digestible
+ With added vitamins and minerals
+ Boosts dental hygiene

Why We Like It – It’s like a full meal in the form of a stick. SmartSticks uses real ingredients such as real chicken, and vegetables including peas, carrots, and sweet potatoes.

2. Old Mother Hubbard Crunchy Classic Natural Dog Treats P-Nuttier

Old Mother Hubbard Crunchy Classic Natural Dog Treats P-Nuttier

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With a brand name like Old Mother Hubbard, you know you are getting some savory treats that taste like grandma’s baking. The P-nuttier flavor combines a mix of peanut butter, apples, carrots and molasses for a smooth and sweet taste. These bone shaped treats are perfect for every day snacking or for training purposes.

Only natural ingredients are used in the making without any artificial preservatives. The Old Mother Hubbard brand has been trusted for nearly a century, and their products are backed by their guarantee. Everything is made in North America, so rest assured about the quality.

+ Only premium ingredients used
+ No artificial preservatives
+ Slowly oven baked.
+ Satisfaction guaranteed

Why We Like It – The same care goes into these little bone-shaped treats as the care taken into your own food. Feed these to your pup for positive reinforcement or just a simple healthy snack.

3. Wet Noses All Natural Dog Treats

Wet Noses All Natural Dog Treats

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These delicious little dog biscuits are all 100% sourced and made in the US. The way they are made preserves antioxidants from the ingredients used. From these treats, your dog can get natural vitamins and minerals as supplements to their daily meals. Everything that goes into these organic treats is natural, without any preservatives added.

They are a great source of fiber that helps with digestion and are great for dogs who suffer from allergies. They offer a 100% money-back guarantee if you are not happy with your purchase. Why not feed your pet these gluten-free, non-GMO treats at no risk to your wallet?

+ Natural anti-oxidants
+ All sourced and made in the US
+ Gluten-free, non-GMO
+ 100% money-back guarantee

Why We Like It – The swell guarantee aside, it seems that only the best and healthiest ingredients go into these dog treats. They also have three flavors for your dog to choose from!

4. SmartBones Peanut Butter

SmartBones Peanut Butter

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Smartbones comes out with these small bone-shaped bites for your dog. Made in Vietnam, they are made with real ingredients including chicken, veggies, and of course peanut butter for flavor. These bits are easy to digest without containing any dangerous rawhide. For extra support, these peanut butter snacks are enriched with vitamins and minerals. Easy on the digestive system, these chewable bones are great for your dog’s teeth as well. The price is also quite affordable, and you can choose from different sized packaging with different bone sizes to suit your pooch’s size.

+ Free of any rawhide
+ Enriched with vitamins and minerals
+ Easy on the digestive system
+ Supports healthy teeth and gums

Why We Liked It – We like the idea of the real ingredients involved in making these delectable bites. The real vegetable and peanut butter shell protect the delicious chicken on the inside.

5. KONG – Easy Treat – Dog Treat Paste

KONG – Easy Treat – Dog Treat Paste

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If you have a Kong toy, or you went out and bought one after reading about it from us, you might have seen this peanut butter paste before. It comes in a wide variety of flavors, but the peanut butter one is by far the people’s favorite. This paste comes in a can that is easy to dispense.

Even if you don’t use it as a dog toy stuffer, it’s still great to put on treats here and there for your dog. The treat is made in the USA and is easily digestible and free of any trans-fats. You can even freeze the peanut butter paste for little frozen treats.

+ Easily dispensable paste
+ Easy to digest
+ No trans fats
+ Delicious recipe

Why We Like It – We like the dual function of this toy filler. It can be used to keep treats together, used in dog food/treat recipes or just for a healthy snack on its own.

6. Zuke’s Mini Naturals Dog Treats

Zuke’s Mini Naturals Dog Treats

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The peanut butter flavor uses real peanut butter as the main ingredient. The tender mini bites are great for treats and training. Aside from the peanut butter, cherries and herbs are used to fortify the recipe and support a healthy and active pup. Afraid your dog will gain weight with too many treats? One treat contains less than 3 calories, which means it will affect your dog minimally in the weight department if fed right. You won’t find any corn, soy or wheat in these little snacks. Zuke’s aims to give your pet the healthiest treats possible.

+ Real meat and peanut butter ingredients
+ Fortified by cherries and herbs
+ Low caloric treat
+ No wheat, corn, or soy

Why We Like It – We like the small sized mini bites. It allows us as pet owners to have more control over the amount that goes into our pet. At 3 calories a piece, he can afford to have one or two more a day.

7. Bil-Jac Gooberlicious Treats, Peanut Butter

Bil-Jac Gooberlicious Treats, Peanut Butter

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The peanut butter flavor for this peanut shaped treat is made from real peanut butter. Bet you can’t say that three times fast! As for the meat content, Bil-Jac uses chicken liver. The treats come in a resealable bag that makes it easy to carry around with you on outings.

These treats are about an inch in length and half an inch wide, making it a great size for most dogs. They are also soft, which is great for smaller pups that have tiny teeth, sometimes breaking down larger and solid treats can be tough on them.

+ Good size for all dogs
+ Soft treats
+ Real peanut butter as the first ingredient
+ Very affordable price

Why We Like It – Some senior dogs may have dental issues and their jaws aren’t as strong as they used to be. Soft treats could be a great option for them, as well as smaller or younger pups.

8. Purina Beggin’ Strips

Purina Beggin’ Strips

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These beggin’ strips may even have you beggin’ for some bacon! They sure do look delicious. These strips are bacon and peanut butter flavored with real meat as in real bacon as the first ingredient. It’s not a crunchy treat, even though it looks like crisp bacon. They are actually soft and easy to tear and chew.

You don’t need to feed an entire strip to your dog, split it into smaller pieces for more controlled amounts. Your pup gets a taste of real bacon, a favored breakfast food among many of us. They will surely be ‘’beggin’’ for more after the first taste!

+ Real peanut butter and bacon
+ Soft and chewable
+ Delicious taste
+ Made in the USA

Why We Like It – We’re not going to lie, once you open the bag, the delicious aroma might send you down to the supermarket for bacon. Your pup sure is lucky to get something as delicious as this.

9. Milk-Bone Peanut Butter Dog Treat

Milk-Bone Peanut Butter Dog Treat

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Here we have another crunchy treat. Crunchy treats are best for dental health. They promote healthy gums and teeth and freshens your dog’s breath as well for more pleasant kisses. It’s great when treats can double as healthy supplements. This bone shaped treat is enriched with 12 different minerals and vitamins for added support.

This peanut butter dog treats from Milk-Bone are produced in New York. The peanut butter box also has three different peanut butter flavors. If the ordinary peanut butter bores your dog, they also have peanut butter and honey, as well as bacon and peanut butter!

+ Martingale design
+ Heavy-duty nylon
+ Help rescue dogs
+ Reflective trim

Why We Like It – You will really spoil your pooch with such delicious treats. They not only get all the vitamins and minerals they need, but they also get three flavors in each bag!

10. Better Than Ears Premium Dog Treats

Better Than Ears Premium Dog Treats

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These great dog treats are also used to help with hip and joint issues. Shaped like cute little ears, they are low in fat and fortified with necessary glucosamine and chondroitin, the two supplements needed for bone health. Although the product isn’t used to cure any diseases, it sure could help.

They are 75% lower in fat than real pig ears, and the peanut butter flavor only further entices your dog. Whether you are training him or just giving them occasional pleasure, your dog will love these! We even have some consumers claiming they really do help with joint and hip support!

+ Extra hip and joint support
+ Lower in fat
+ Made in the USA
+ Glucosamine and Chondroitin added

Why We Like It – It’s a wonderful feeling knowing you are giving your pet something they enjoy but is also good for their health. These premium adult treats are best for adult dogs.

Peanut Butter Dog Treat Buyer’s Guide

Most dogs love peanut butter. Even if peanut butter isn’t your dog’s first choice, there are plenty of options that are infused with other flavors. Most of these dog treats are low in sugar and calories, making them a safer choice for your dog. Treats are used to enhance bonds and strengthen your relationship with your pooch.

Because dogs may not always understand us, using treats and food they like as reinforcement will help nudge them in the right direction. We have to be sure we are feeding them in the right way and for the right amount. Making sure the treats we choose are healthy is also our responsibility as pet parents.

What to Look for When Peanut Butter Dog Treats?


The first thing and perhaps the most important thing to pay attention to is the ingredients that go into making these treats. All-natural and/or organic ingredients are the best choice for obvious reasons. Another trait to look out for would be treats enhanced to target health issues and promote the well-being of your pet.

Our last option on the list above is an example of such a treat. Make sure that whole foods are used and no by-products. Understand your dog, what does he like, and what kind of treat offers the best health benefits but also taste yummy to him?

Although the chances of the manufacturer including the following ingredients are very low, still keep a lookout for dangerous ingredients such as grapes, onions, garlic, etc. Know what kind of food your pooch cannot digest and is toxic to their system.

Look for ingredients that are sourced close to the manufacturer. This eliminates or at least lowers the need for artificial preservatives. Speaking of artificial, look for natural or food-based sweeteners, such as molasses or honey. Everything needs to be used in moderation. If the dog treat needs to be preserved, make sure it’s a natural preservative. Such examples of natural preservatives are Vitamin C and E.

What is a Healthy Peanut Butter Dog Treat?

Well, one thing to look for would be the caloric content. First now that different breeds and different sized fur babies have different caloric needs. Once you have that sorted out, you can figure out the right amount of calories needed. Unhealthy snacks contain a large number of calories and may cover too much of your pet’s caloric requirements. If you aren’t educated in this, it may result in overfeeding your pet, and this leads to obesity issues.

Many vets have said that dog treats shouldn’t take up more than 10% of your dog’s calories for a day. A safe way is to avoid as much fat and calories as possible. Lean meat strips with peanut butter would definitely help more than a cheesy peanut butter paste. Not all manufacturers will put the caloric content on the labels of their products.

If you do not see this information, we would advise you to steer clear and find another one among the whole shelf that will definitely have this information listed. If the company is very transparent with their guaranteed analysis and ingredients list, this can be perceived as a very good sign.

Other than caloric content, where the food is produced is quite important. U.S., Canada, New Zealand, and Australia are countries that have high standards when it comes to food safety. We would suggest looking for treats produced in these countries.

One more thing that would seem prejudicial, could be buying treats based on the brand. Just because a brand has a bad reputation for one of its products, it doesn’t mean another line isn’t superb. But just to be safe, if you know for a fact that a company doesn’t have the best reputation for food safety, we would advise against purchasing their treats.

What are the Effects of Unhealthy Treats?

Treats that are high in sugar could give your dog diabetes and/or lead to obesity. Overweight dogs, just like humans, are prone to heart diseases and other disorders. It also puts more weight and stress on their joints. Your dog could develop allergies to the treats that may cause skin problems and compromise their immune system. All-in-all, a delicious treat today could be the culprit for dangerous health issues tomorrow.

What to Avoid

What should we avoid feeding our pets? Low sugar content, or find treats with no added sugar at all. Sugar does nothing for your dog’s health. Over a period of time, it could lead to dental issues and diabetes.

The salt content or sodium chloride should be regulated. It could lead to elevated heart rates and other heart problems. Find some great low sodium dog food here.

Grain-free is usually better. Grains could cause IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) and other ill effects as time goes on.

No gluten, corn, soy or wheat. These are all cheap substitute ingredients and fillers that do your dog no good at all.

Avoid as many artificial ingredients as you can. All natural, pure, non-GMO, and organic ingredients are the best.

Coloring is never necessary for your pet’s food. As said before in other articles, the color of the food is purely to appeal to you. The more delicious it looks to you, the more likely you will buy it for your dog. However, we promise the color is the last thing your dog will notice.

Another thing to keep in mind is to avoid bones and scraps as treats. Human food can be tough for your dog to digest and chewing on bones could loosen a molar or two and teach your dog the bad habit of expecting food when you are eating.


Treats are delicious little pieces of food that come in many flavors and sizes. Just like dog food, we must be cognizant of what we put into our fur babies. Pair treat-giving with sufficient intake of water and exercise. Treats should help keep your dog healthy and contain mineral and vitamin supplements to enhance and promote overall health. Now that you know what to look for, browsing the snack aisle with your dog will take less time than before. Be a responsible pet parent and make informed decisions with our list! Good luck.

Expert Tip

Use treats only when your dog does something that should be commended. Do not use treats to occupy your dog or when they are in a hyper state. This only makes them associate their behavior at the time of getting a treat. The best time to give your dog a treat is in between meals. Do not use treats as meal replacements. Remember that however, your dog is acting at the time you offer him a treat will be reinforced. Only give a treat to your pup when he is being calm and sitting quietly and patiently.

Did You Know

Bring the treat closer to your dog’s face when feeding him so he has a better line of vision and won’t accidentally nip you in his excitement. Place the treat flat on your open palm to decrease the risk for your dog snatching the treat and grazing your skin. Don’t present the treat to your dog if he is impatient and paws at you. Keep your palm closed tightly until it’s lowered to his chest level, then present it to your dog.

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