High Fiber Dog Food for Anal Gland Issues
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Best High Fiber Dog Foods For Anal Gland Problems in 2021

Your dog’s anal glands can lead to some awful smells. If you have been a dog owner for any amount of time, you probably already know this. What many pet owners don’t realize is that it’s important to use the best high fiber dog foods for anal gland problems in order to help mediate the smells and keep your pup’s anal glands functioning properly.

Fiber is a very important part of a balanced diet for dogs and a very important part of managing anal gland issues for your dog. Using the best high fiber dog foods for anal gland problems will help to regulate their bowel movements and to keep their poo the consistency it should be when they eliminate – firm.

There is much more to the anal gland than simple defecating. You have seen dogs sniff each other, that is because they each have a unique scent. It seems odd to us but this is how they get to know each other. Other times, you might notice your dog scooting across the ground. This is typical because they are experiencing anal gland problems.

We’ve put together a guide with our top picks for high fiber dog foods that could go a long way to alleviate these problems.

Let’s take a look!

The Best High Fiber Dog Foods for Anal Gland Problems

1. Wild Earth Clean Protein Formula Vegan Dry Adult Dog Food

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The Wild Earth Clean Protein blend is a high fiber dog food that is among some of the best anal gland problem brands on the market. This particular dry dog food is a vegan blend that is ideal for an adult pet. Dog owners seem to rave because this food is made with superfood ingredients to give your dog valuable nutrition and food for anal gland problems.

This high fiber dog food is ideal for all dog breeds. It is made up of 31% natural, clean protein and was designed to be ideal for digestion support and anal gland support. All of the ingredients are plant-based and your dog will get an appropriate amount of fiber intake.

There are no animal ingredients in this dog food for anal gland support. There are also no preservatives, no flavors, and no artificial colors. Additionally, this is a grain free mix that has no corn, soy, or rice added to the ingredients and no hormones or antibiotics either. You will find prebiotic fiber for a high fiber diet and nutrition from omega fatty acids to really support those dog s anal glands.


+ Designed to support the digestive system
+ Includes dietary fiber and prebiotic fiber
+ Grain free dry dog food
+ One of the top anal gland problems brands

Fiber Content: 5% maximum

Why We Like It – This is one of the best high fiber dog food options on the market. It contains fatty acids and provides a high fiber diet without any additives, chicken fat, or other ingredients that sometimes challenge your dog’s diet. It’s a perfect solution food for anal gland problems for your pup.

2. Hills Science Diet Adult Small Paws Light Dry Dog Food

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The Hills Science Diet Adult Small Paws Dog Food comes from a brand that has been highly recommended by veterinarians for years. Hills Science food is made in the USA and while it’s not necessarily a grain free dog food it does only contain wholesome grains like brown rice. This high fiber food is an adult dry dog food designed for small dogs.

Hills Science small paws helps to maintain a healthy weight. Chicken is the number one ingredient as an animal protein. There is no use of by products like chicken meal, which can help to reduce build-up in the digestive system that leads to anal gland issues.

This small kibble has valuable vitamins and minerals as well as Omega 3 fatty acids and 6 fatty acids. It is a perfect choice for small dogs with anal gland problems. It boosts and supports the immune system. The low calories and l carnitine and perfect for a pup diet and small dog breeds that need to maintain a healthy weight.


+ High quality proteins for lean muscle mass and healthy weight support
+ Made in the USA
+ Includes valuable vitamins and minerals including Omega 6 fatty acids
+ Contains absolutely no by products

Fiber Content: 14% Maximum

Why We Like It – While this recipe is not a healthy weight grain free recipe, it does support lean muscle mass and a healthy weight diet for your pup. It offers a high fiber diet that makes it a great choice for foods for anal gland support for your dog’s diet.

3. Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula Adult Dry Dog Food

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Next, we have another healthy weight formula dog food for anal gland issues that offers a high fiber diet. The Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula offers a fiber diet for your adult dogs that supports lean muscle mass and weight with both high fiber and fatty acids. This is not a grain free dry dog food but it focuses on wholesome grains for dietary fiber. Blue Buffalo is one of the best dog food options out there, and this one is ideal for anal gland problems.

This recipe is a chicken and brown rice dog food. Blue Buffalo also contains added Life Source bits that are packed full of vitamins and minerals for antioxidants and overall health for your dog. This is a natural food for dogs with a high fiber dog food approach for your pup.

This formula is packed with deboned chicken as the first ingredient. There is no additive chicken fat or various meat meal by products to worry about. This brand is also made in the USA. It supports the digestive system and contains important omega fatty acids as well as fiber content.


+ Ideally designed with a balanced diet for your pup
+ Wholesome grains and high fiber support anal gland problems
+ Contains Omega fatty acids
+ Analysis of Life Source bit offers valuable immune support and antioxidants

Fiber Content: 10% Maximum

Why We Like It – Blue Buffalo is a trusted brand of dog food and this is an ideal solution helping your pup with anal gland problems. It pulls in Omega 6 fatty acids and muscle mass ingredients without using things like beet pulp or whole grain sorghum but brown rice instead and we like that change here.

4. Solid Gold Fit & Fabulous Low Fat / Low Calorie Adult Dry Dog Food

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This option from Solid Gold Fit & Fabulous will give your pup a small taste of the wild that they can really enjoy with their fresh-caught Alaskan Pollock formula. It focuses on weight control while also supporting your dog’s lean muscle mass and providing them with important vitamins and minerals.

This food supports a high fiber diet and rather than forcing a grain free meal, it uses whole grains and stays away from potatoes and unhealthy grains. The food is rich in dietary fiber and is a great option in terms of dog foods for anal gland solutions.

Solid Gold takes a holistic approach. This company actually offered the first holistic pet food in the USA and has been operating since 1974. They use wholesome, natural ingredients that are focused towards cleaning, balance, and fuel.


+ Contains little chicken fat and focuses on the meat for dogs diet
+ Ideal solution dog foods for anal gland problems
+ High dietary fiber diet with natural ingredients
+ Rich with Omega 3 fatty acids, real meat, and whole grains

Fiber Content: 9.5% maximum

Why We Like It – We love this option because it takes a new approach to your dogs diet. It uses freshly caught pollock and provides resourceful fiber that is healthy for your dogs diet and will support the anal glands appropriately for your pet.

5. Hills Prescription Diet with Multi-Benefit Digestive Management

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This Prescription Diet Dog Food from Hills is perfect for multiple benefits like support anal gland problems and providing one of the best high fiber solutions for your dog. This is not a grain free blend but the dog food focuses on high fiber for your pet.

This high fiber best dog food offers a multi-benefit approach that is ideal for the digestive system and anal gland problems. The high fiber pet dog food can also provide your pet with weight control, glucose management, and improved bladder function.

This comes in a chicken flavor that provides the best clinical nutrition available when it comes to dog food for anal problems. Support your dog’s diet with necessary nutrition and high fiber. This mix does contain beet pulp and chicken meal to support the fiber diet needs that anal glands rely on.


+ A reliable solution without a grain free recipe
+ Protect and manage your dog’s anal glands effectively
+ One of the best clinical dog food choices for anal problems
+ High fiber from beet pulp, chicken meal, and reliable sources

Fiber Content: 20% maximum

Why We Like It – We love that this pet food offers a high fiber approach without forcing a grain free diet. It uses wholesome ingredients that help to manage anal glands problems as well as glucose, bladder, and weight.

6. Blue Buffalo Wilderness Chicken Recipe Grain Free Variety Instinct for Dogs

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This Blue Buffalo Wilderness recipe is another option that will give your dog a taste of the wild in their food while also catering to a high fiber solution for your pet. This is defined as nature’s evolutionary diet that takes a high protein and grain free approach in the food recipe.

Your dog will find high quality protein as well as healthy complex carbohydrates and rich fruits and vegetables. This dog food also contains Blue Buffalo’s unique Life Source Bits that provide additional immune support for your pet.

This is made with quality ingredients that has 30% protein, made with real chicken as the first ingredient. Fiber content is high, which is ideal for dog food support for anal glands. It does include a chicken meal and most dogs really benefit from the natural nutrition this food provides.


+ Supports dogs anal glands with high fiber content
+ High in protein with real chicken as the first ingredient
+ Wilderness recipe dog food with quality anal glands and digestive control
+ Includes Life Source Bits for additional nutrition for dogs

Fiber Content: 6% Maximum

Why We Like It – While the fiber here is not as high as some of the other foods for dogs, the intentions remain the same. The fiber supports the anal glands of your dog without putting nutrition on the back burner. This food is reliable and tasty and offers all of the positive marks with a wilderness approach.

7. Nutrisca Grain Free Salmon & Chickpea Dog Food Recipe

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Finally, this dog food from Nutrisca Grain Free Salmon & Chickpea is another positive fiber solution for dogs. This food will support the anal glands of your dog, much like the other options we’ve shared. We love that this food uses real salmon first and chickpeas that add fiber and other nutrition for your dogs’ glands.

You won’t find any grains like potatoes, soy, wheat, and corn. These things tend to block dogs glands and have little nutritional value for dogs. This food was crafted with nutrition for glands and your dogs’ total needs in mind.

The fiber is not as high as some option but is sufficient for dogs that need glands support. This particular option is free of chicken so you have a high fiber dog food with a different source of meat and protein for dogs.


+ Ideal nutritional support for dogs glands
+ High quality food with no fillers or unhealthy grains
+ High fiber solution dog food with natural ingredients
+ A simple recipe that uses salmon as the primary protein

Fiber Content: 6% maximum

Why We Like It – We love that this dog food takes a different approach but still provides the fiber that is needed to support your dog’s glands. The dog food is nutritional and made with quality ingredients with chickpeas for an added fiber source.

Bonus Buys

Ventique Labs Glandex Anal Gland Support Dog Chews Supplement

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Ventique Labs Glandex Soft Chews are a great bonus option to provide your dog with an additional fiber support supplement. These are like a treat so you don’t necessarily have to change your dog food. They are great for all dogs and are peanut butter flavored.

These chews do not contain any corn, wheat, or soy. There are no artificial ingredients or additives and preservatives. The chews are designed to supplement and support healthy bowels. They contain probiotics and a patented formula that is designed to “boot the scoot”.


+ Yummy peanut butter flavor
+ Soft chews for added fiber to dog food
+ Made without fillers or unhealthy ingredients
+ Contains probiotic support

Why We Like It – These are soft and simple chews with a delicious peanut butter flavor. The company offers a satisfaction guarantee so it’s really a win-win!

Zesty Paws Senior Scoot Away Bites Soft Chews

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Another alternative to replacing dog food are these Zesty Paws Senior Scoot Away Bites. If your dog has the scoots, or you simply want to prevent them, these soft chews are really great! They are packed with fiber rather and you can supplement dog food. It will seem like a treat to them.

These are described as senior fiber chews but they really are suitable for dogs of all ages. These have a simple chicken flavor but are loaded with dietary fiber as well as prebiotics. The intent is to support the digestive system, anal glands, and the immune system as a whole. They are made in the USA with all-natural ingredients.


+ Made in the USA
+ Made with all-natural ingredients
+ Filled with fiber to support digestion, immune system, and glands
+ Simple chews that seem like a treat

Why We Like It – We love this because it designed specifically to prevent he doggy scoot and it really helps with fiber intake. Plus, you can’t beat a tender, tasty treat!

Diggin’ Your Dog Firm Up! Pumpkin Super Supplement

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For our final bonus buy option, we present Diggin’ Your Dog Firm Up!. These fiber-packed treats are a pumpkin super supplement for your dog. Every last part of this supplement from the growth and harvest of the pumpkins is done in the USA. This digestive supplement can actually be used for both cats and dogs.

Literally, the only thing in this supplement is pumpkin and apple fiber. There are no other ingredients or fillers included in these chews. The intent of these treats is to support healthy digestion. You just use what you need and when. This is a powder so you can mix it with water or sprinkle it on food.


+ Powder form makes this a versatile option
+ Contains only pumpkin and apple fiber
+ Supports digestion for cats and dogs
+ Made in the USA

Why We Like It – We love that this option comes in powder form so you can simply shake some over your dog’s food or mix it with water and use it like a special treat. It’s simple, natural, and quite effective for both cats and dogs!

A Buyer’s Guide to Choosing High Fiber Food for Dogs

If you are noticing your dog scooting or maybe they tend to have loose stool, it’s most likely time to consider taking action. When you look at dog foods, most of them don’t say “for firmer poop” on the bag. While it may not seem like loose stool is a problem, it can lead to problems because it means they are not fully emptying their anal glands when they go and this can lead to nasty build up and other health problems.

Then, there can be problems that come from skin and food sensitivities or other infections. These foods are designed to naturally help your dog’s stool and digestive functions happen as they are intended to. Choosing the right food can reduce awful odors and keep your dog healthy overall.

We’ve put together a simple buyer’s guide to help you know what to look for and traits you may want to identify in food in order to help maintain your dog’s digestive functionality and not have to worry about your dog suffering from anal gland disfunction.

Things to Look For When Buying Dog Food with High Fiber

Fiber Content

Making sure the food you buy has the appropriate fiber is more than just reading the nutrition label. There is more than one type of fiber in dog food and it is important to know that you are choosing fiber that will actually be beneficial. How do you know?

The good news is they both provide benefits, just in different ways.

Insoluble Dietary Fiber

Insoluble fiber means that this fiber doesn’t get digested. When your dog eats it, it comes out in the same form. You might see this with things like corn, although there are other types of foods that are labeled as insoluble fiber that will have the same effect. It might seem like that makes insoluble fiber pointless but it actually doesn’t.

Insoluble fiber helps to firm up your pet’s poop. It will help them to have more solid poop with substance. In the end, this helps to push everything through the anal glands and keep them clean so there isn’t backup that leads to other issues.

Insoluble fiber has been known to be healthy for losing weight or maintaining an appropriate weight as well. This is something that is true for both dogs and humans.

Soluble Dietary Fiber

Soluble fiber is intended to maintain gut health and healthy digestion for your little furry friend. This type of fiber works to increase good bacteria, kind of like you might expect a probiotic to do. This type actually gets fully digested when it is consumed.

Soluble fiber will help to absorb water and soften your pup’s stool enough that they CAN digest and pass the foods they consume.

Soluble and insoluble work together. They balance each other out in a good way and they both provide valuable benefits for the overall health of your pet.

Food Benefits

Another important thing to consider is the overall benefit of the food. Remember that this will be the primary source of your dog’s nutrition and they rely on this food to keep them healthy and provide for their dietary needs. It’s much the same for humans, except we have further ability to choose our diets and dogs rely on US to choose their diets appropriately.

Take the time to read the labels and understand what benefits the foods you choose offer for your pet. In this case, we recommend a high-fiber diet but you may want other benefits from the food as well. Most of these types offer immune system support, digestive support, weight support, and blood sugar support.

It’s always a good idea to read the labels and know and understand the benefits of the food you are giving your beloved pet. It’s also a good idea to do a bit of research and make sure the food really delivers the benefits it promises!

Ingredient List

raw food and dog kibblesBefore you buy a specific food, always take a look at the ingredient list. We highly recommend that you look at the first ingredient and always make sure that it is a real meat of some sort. This is typically an indicator of high-quality food choices and an important factor. Getting protein from real meat first dose make a difference in the quality of the protein.

In this case, where we are looking at high-fiber solutions, you want to make sure the other ingredients on the label are high quality ingredients. They should be things that will be digested easily. This means you should steer clear of things like wheat, soy, corn, tapioca, and other by-products or fillers that have little nutritional value.

You really don’t want to feed your best fur baby anything that is unnatural or artificial if you can help it. These things are not healthy for them and they can be hard to digest, leading to further issues of the anal glands.

Next, you want to be sure that there are vitamins and nutrients that are valuable. Things like prebiotics and probiotics are always a good addition to higher fiber diets. These promote gut health as well as anal gland health and will support the digestive system and keep your dog healthy.

Keep in mind any possible allergies for your pet. If you have noticed sensitivities, sometimes it can be hard to determine just what ingredient causes the sensitivity but it’s good to be familiar with what is in the food and then work to eliminate anything that causes issues for your beloved pup.

Keep things in the food as natural as possible. Organic ingredients are always good but this is not always a viable option. Just look for trustworthy food from trustworthy sources. If it comes to looking for a reliable country for production, we recommend areas like the USA, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand for the best quality. There are some parts of Europe that are also considered safe as well.

Anal Gland Problems Explained

puppy on white surface

You’ve seen this term used a number of times and this guide. Chances are, you are already familiar with your dog having or not having these issues if you are here but maybe you just know something isn’t right with your dog and you’re trying to figure out what exactly is off. We’re hoping we can help!

Problems with the anal glands could be a variety of issues. There are a few common indicators like trouble pooping, loose stool, or doggy scoots. If you are noticing any of these, they are clear indicators that there could be issues. Probably the most common problem that you will see is impaction.

Impaction is when the anal gland is not expressing naturally or regularly on its own or perhaps with the help of a vet or groomer. This impaction causes the gland to become enlarged and thick. This leads to discomfort and irritation for your pup. It can also infections in those areas, leading to inflammation from the bacteria.

Another common struggle from the anal gland is an anal gland abscess. This means that perhaps you didn’t realize your dog had an issue. It’s ok, you would not be the first pet owner to not realize something is off here. Sometimes, you never know there is a problem until the problem escalates.

The infected gland when untreated can accumulate pus within the gland, leading to an abscess that could rupture. This is an extreme case. Most pet owners can identify there is an issue before it reaches this stage.

The best thing you can do is be vigilant and be aware. If it is hard for your dog to defecate or they always have loose stool, it’s worth making changes and possibly having a conversation with your vet to keep your pet’s anal glands in tip-top shape!

Should I Have My Dog’s Anal Glands Expressed?

Many times, vets and groomers offer packages for the expression of the anal gland. This is essentially a process that cleanses the gland. You don’t have to use this service if things are working normally. In fact, you shouldn’t have expression completed unless your dog needs it because it can weaken their glands and muscles so that things just won’t work like they are supposed to.

Before having your dog’s glands expressed, identify that there is really an issue to be taken care of and then proceed as needed.


Anal gland issues can often be thwarted or avoided simply by using the right food. If you are noticing small signs like regularly loose stools or your dog scooting on the ground regularly, this is a sign that you should probably take action.

You can try chewy supplements but we recommend that you make the switch to a high fiber food to really get your dog’s glands functioning properly. If you suspect an issue, you should work directly with your vet and get treatment as needed. It’s important to get the glands healthy if there is a problem.

Expert Tip

Sometimes a diet that has higher fiber levels is not enough. You can always supplement with treats that are designed for such health and it will typically be the icing on the cake for your dog’s anal gland health.

Did You Know?

Poor gland health does not mean you are a bad owner or that you are doing something wrong. Sometimes, it is simply a side effect of the genetics of your dog and being aware and taking action is the best thing you can do!


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