When thinking about dogs and gas, it is hard not to laugh! It is the kind of subject that makes it close to impossible to keep a straight face when talking about it, but the truth is that having a gas can be a sign of digestive issues and potential discomfort. In many cases, gas and excessive farting indicate a problem with the food you are feeding your fur friend, and if you have a farting fur pup on your hands – it might be time to consider a diet change.

By investing in the best dog food for gas problems, you will gain a happier and healthier dog and a fresher smelling house. No more visitors wrinkling their nose as Fido lets one rip and no need for more embarrassing situations where people end up questioning whether it was you or the dog. With food for gassy dogs – everyone wins.

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1. CANIDAE Grain Free PURE Dry Dog Food

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This limited ingredient Canidae dog food to prevent gas is free from grains, tastes delicious and has enough nutrients to get your pooch through the day! It is packed with healthy protein, fiber, and antioxidants, and you can choose between many of the product varieties available; such as salmon, duck, lamb, chicken, and others.

Canidae also offers kibble made especially for puppies and senior dogs, with nutrients your pup needs for every life stage. Each of their limited ingredients diets contains about 7-8 key ingredients – significantly lessening the risk of an upset tummy and bad cases of gas.

+ Limited ingredients for sensitive stomachs
+ Real meat as first- and the main ingredient
+ No wheat, soy, gluten, corn or grains
+ With delicious and wholesome vegetables

Why We Like It – Finding the best dog food for gassy dogs is important for their general well-being and health, and this product makes the choice simple by offering limited ingredient recipes with mild protein sources and no hard-to-digest grains.

2. Hill’s Science Diet Dry Dog Food

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Flatulence is usually a result of a dog being fed a food product that doesn’t suit them; they may have a sensitive digestive tract or a food allergy, and Hill’s Science Diet has the perfect solution. It is a special diet dog food to reduce gas, with prebiotic fiber that fuels the beneficial gut bacteria and optimizes nutrient absorption, and fatty acids like Omega-3 and Omega-6 to promote healthy skin and coat.

Hill’s Science Diet Dry Dog Food reduces gas and is recommended by many veterinarians worldwide, and a possible solution to rumbling puppy tummies and stinky farts.

+ Real chicken listed first
+ Vitamin E and Omega-6
+ Clinically-proven antioxidants
+ Veterinary recommended

Why We Like It – Chicken is a lean meat product and can along with prebiotic fiber and fatty acids be hugely beneficial when stopping dog farts.

3. Nulo Puppy & Adult Small Breed Freestyle Limited Plus

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Nulo has found a way to limit the ingredients in their anti-gas dog food, without reducing the nutrients the food contains! Nulo Puppy & Adult Small Breed Freestyle Limited Plus is available in three different flavors; Alaskan Pollock, Turkey, and Salmon – each made with real meat ingredients – and has no soy, tapioca, white potato, peas, eggs, corn, wheat or chicken.

These are all known irritants and causes allergies in some dogs, which is why this kibble has the potential of becoming the best food for dogs with gas. See more food options for dogs with allergies.

+ Ideal for small dogs
+ 30% crude one-source protein
+ Free from chicken and egg
+ Beneficial for food allergies

Why We Like It – This grain-free puppy dog food for gassy dogs is made to fit the nutritional needs of puppies and adult dogs, which is beneficial since you won’t have to change their kibble as they grow up, as food changes can cause an upset stomach and gas.

4. Purina Pro Plan Focus Dry Adult Dog Food

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The primary source of protein is salmon, which is known to be a lean meat ingredient suitable for dogs with sensitive stomachs. This Purina Pro Plan dog food has fatty acids and zinc to help promote soft and elastic skin and a shiny coat, and delicious rice and oatmeal to aid in balancing the metabolism, and your pup is sure to love the taste.

Pro Plan is a brand with many years of experience when it comes to manufacturing good premium dog food, and their ‘sensitive’ recipe is no exception. It is a dog food that doesn’t cause gas due to its carefully composed kibble, it is easily accessible, and it is significantly cheaper than many other high-quality dog foods. A bargain – in more ways than one.

+ Sensitive skin and stomach formula
+ Easily digestible rice and oatmeal
+ Salmon as the first ingredient
+ No artificial color, flavor or preservatives

Why We Like It – Pro Plan is a brand most dog owners know and recognize, and it is a safe bet when looking for a reliable option for the best dog food for dogs with gas.

5. Hill’s Science Diet Wet Dog Food

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Is your pup not a fan of kibble and dry food? Then perhaps this wet and delicious can could turn out to be the best dog food to prevent gas! Hill’s Science Diet Wet Dog Food has a similar recipe as the Hill’s Science Diet’s dry equivalent; with chicken and vegetables full of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and plenty of fiber to promote easy digestion.

There is also a salmon variety and one with turkey, in case your pooch is sensitive to chicken. Hill’s Science Diet has made themselves known for their veterinary recommended products, and this canned dog food that prevents gas is sold in most pet stores and online.

+ For sensitive stomachs
+ Mushy and delicious
+ With chicken, salmon or turkey
+ Added vitamins and minerals

Why We Like It – Use this wet dog food on its own or as a topping for a dry dog food that helps with gas and see how it convinces even the pickiest eater to dig in!

6. Wellness Simple Natural Limited Ingredient Dry Dog Food

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Wellness Simple Natural Limited Ingredient Dry Dog Food helps in reducing gas and it uses chicory root for a natural source of prebiotic fiber, to help support smooth and healthy digestion, with less flatulence as a result. It has fresh salmon as the first ingredient, followed by ingredients like potato, pears and flaxseed for improved skin and coat, and it keeps your pup feeling fuller longer – preventing him or her from begging for snacks that could be causing stomach upset.

The flavor comes from natural sources without any artificial ingredients, and it is free from both soy and wheat.

+ Easily digestible carbohydrates
+ Mild salmon and potato formula
+ For dogs with sensitive GI tract
+ Chicory root for digestive health

Why We Like It – With this dog food gas will be nothing but a funny memory, thanks to the natural sources of digestive carbohydrates and prebiotic fiber.

7. Rachael Ray Nutrish Just 6 Natural Dry Dog Food

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There is a reason why Rachael Ray and her healthy food products always show up in dog food reviews, and that is quality. Her company uses only natural ingredients that she herself would want to cook with, and as if that wasn’t enough – part of the profits goes towards animal rescue organizations in the U.S.

Rachael Ray Nutrish Just 6 Natural Dry Dog Food has none of the foods that give dogs gas, and it uses a lean meat product as the main ingredient. It has only 6 key ingredients, to benefit dogs with sensitive stomachs, while still being packed with nutrients and irresistible flavor.

+ All-natural dry dog food
+ Limited ingredient lamb formula
+ Donates money to animal rescues
+ Free from gluten and dairy

Why We Like It – It is hard not to like the products from this brand, since they offer a natural option for gassy pups, and potentially the healthiest and best dog food for flatulence.

8. Natural Balance Limited Ingredient Diets Wet Dog Food

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The best dry dog food for gassy dogs would be one with mild and nutritious ingredients, as an upset tummy is often caused by irritation to the sensitive GI tract, and it can give your adult dog or puppy bad gas. The problem is that not all dogs like dry food, and if that sounds like your pup – Natural Balance Limited Ingredient Diets Wet Dog Food is a delicious wet recipe that could be the solution you have been waiting for! It has all the benefits of Natural Balance Limited Ingredient dry food, but instead, it comes in a can and tastes like a mushy and meaty fish stew. It is dog food for flatulence your pooch won’t be able to say no to.

+ With fish and sweet potato
+ Premium grain-free energy source
+ No unnecessary fillers
+ Tested for guaranteed quality

Why We Like It – A wet dog food for puppies and adult dogs that does not cause gas is ideal for small dogs with sensitive jaws, older senior pups suffering from teeth loss or for dogs that simply aren’t too fond of kibble, and with this product you get all the benefits of dry food in a softer presentation.

9. Hill’s Science Diet Wet Dog Food

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Play it safe and let Hill’s Science Diet take care of your best fur friend’s flatulence! Made especially for small breeds – this dog food for gassy dog friends is both easy to chew, rich in flavor (because let’s face it, many small dogs are picky), full of nutrients that are essential for small dogs, highly digestible and made with quality ingredients.

It is a great Pug, Bulldog and Boston Terrier gas remedy – small breeds known for passing gas a little too often – and it has been enriched with extra vitamins and minerals to keep your pup healthy and fit.

+ Made for small dog breeds
+ With chicken, lamb, and pork
+ Boosts the immune system
+ Enriched with extra vitamins

Why We Like It – While small and big dogs have similar nutritional needs, there may be a few differences making this wet food potentially the best dog food to eliminate gas in small breed dogs.

10. Go! Sensitivity + Shine Limited Ingredient

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Say no to potatoes, wheat, corn, and soy with this limited ingredient dog food, and let it help you control your pup’s tendencies to fart at the most inconvenient of times. The recipe is made with sensitive stomachs in mind, while also containing healthy fatty acids (Omega 3 and Omega 6) to aid with improving coat quality.

Go! Sensitivity + Shine Limited Ingredient cares for your four-legged friend from the inside and out, and it has real deboned duck and duck meal as its first two ingredients.

+ Real meat listed first and second
+ With healthy fatty acids
+ Improves digestion and aids the metabolism
+ Coconut oil for skin and coat health

Why We Like It – Some dogs are sensitive to chicken, and this product uses fresh duck as a supplement, to better suit those pups with sensitive stomachs. It also contains coconut oil which is known for its many health benefits.

11. Holistic Select Natural Dry Dog Food

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Only premium ingredients have been used to create this crunchy and delicious dog food for puppies and adults! It has no animal by-products, which is often considered a low-quality protein source, and instead, it is packed with nature’s delight like salmon, anchovy and sardine. It is a complete everyday kibble that may benefit dogs with stomach issues, as it has no artificial preservatives, colors, flavors or irritants.

Holistic Select Natural Dry Dog Food is full of beneficial goodies such as digestive enzymes to break down food, live yogurt cultures that soothe and care for the stomach and GI tract, prebiotics and probiotics as well as natural fiber.

+ Rich in natural fiber
+ Digestive enzymes
+ Live Yogurt Cultures
+ With prebiotics and probiotics

Why We Like It – Going natural is easy with this healthy and delicious kibble, and the use of fish makes it gentle enough to suit dogs with stomach issues – hopefully resolving their gas related problems as well.

12. Natural Balance Limited Ingredient Diets Dry Dog Food

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Your large breed dog will love this large-bite lamb and brown rice kibble, and you probably will too as it could help reduce flatulence. A farting dog is only funny when you tell the story and living with one can quickly become problematic.

With Natural Balance Limited Ingredient, you give your pup’s digestive tract a rest thanks to the limited quality ingredients used to make the kibble, and he or she will love the taste of juicy lamb! No more sneaky farts under the kitchen table as you sit down for dinner, and you will quickly begin to notice a difference also on the outside with healthier skin and shinier coat.

+ Limited number of quality ingredients
+ Large bits with a crunchy texture
+ With all essential vitamins and minerals
+ Amino acids for strong muscle

Why We Like It – The large breed dog food is surprisingly affordable for such high-quality dog food, and it helps with canine flatulence thanks to the natural and mild ingredients.

Bonus Buy:

Instinct Freeze Dried Raw Boost Mixers Dog Food Topper By Nature’S Variety

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Instinct Freeze Dried Raw Boost Mixers is a freeze-dried kibble topping that is not intended to be used as a complete meal, but it is ideal to add to your pup’s dinner to make it more appealing, or to use as irresistible and healthy dog treats.

For dogs with sensitive stomachs, those yummy treats you normally feed could be causing the flatulence, and if so – Instinct by Nature’s Variety has a better (and probably a lot healthier) option. It is a grain-free dog food topper made to improve digestion and overall gut health; full of real meat, vegetables, and fruit – 100% natural.

Dog Food To Prevent Gas Buyers Guide

All dogs will experience the occasional tummy rumble or stinky fart, but if you notice that your dog seems to be passing gas more often than not – it is time to look into alternative dog food options. Any real concern should be brought up with a licensed veterinarian, to rule out any other underlying health concern, but when it comes to dog food your best bet is to learn a bit regarding what to look for, as not all veterinarians are trained in dog nutrition.

Good dog food to prevent smelly farts is something you probably won’t find in the pet isle at the grocery store, as many grocery store dog food brands contain low-quality ingredients and artificial additives, and your best bet is to look online for a wide and varied selection. Now, what should you look for when choosing dog food for your farting dog?


A quality protein is highly important when trying to stop your pup from stinking up the room, and rule number one is to avoid any dog food with animal by-products. Animal by-products are almost always unnamed left-overs from slaughterhouses and animal parts that were deemed unfit for human consumption and/or for being sold in stores.

It could be bird beaks, bone, fat or in theory anything found on an animal, and there are no guarantees for these ingredients containing enough quality protein. Instead, look for a dog food that lists real meat as its first- and preferably also the second ingredient.

If your dog already eats food with quality protein, consider trying out a product with meat from a different animal, as flatulence may be the result of a food allergy. Chicken, for example, is a common meat ingredient that surprisingly many dogs are sensitive to, so if you think this is the case – try a kibble with duck, lamb or fish instead.


When thinking about fiber, it is a somewhat complex ingredient in dog food. While some fiber is good, a dog constantly passing gas may benefit from a diet with less fiber, or with fiber that is easily digested; as too much fiber can force their stomach to work harder than it should need to. Low-quality dog food brands often contain way too much fiber – and not the good kind – so here you want to look for healthy fiber sources such as brown rice, pumpkin, peas, bran, and apple.


This is unrelated to the dog food product you will be choosing to lessen your fur friend’s gas passing, but exercise is a crucial complement to a healthy diet. Everything indicates that a good exercise routine helps reduce flatulence in dogs, so if you have tried every no-gas dog food there is without the result you were hoping for – make sure you are exercising your dog properly for maximal results.

Best senior dog food to prevent gas?

For older dogs, CANIDAE Grain Free PURE Dry Dog Food has a senior dog variety – perfectly adapted for the aging canine. It is always a good idea to switch a senior dog over to an age-appropriate senior dog food diet; as their nutritional needs change as they age, and this is a high-quality product available for both puppies, adults, and seniors.

Best food for a small dog with flatulence?

Many small dogs are picky eaters, and/or they may have trouble chewing large pieces of kibble properly. Not chewing food can lead to gassy stomachs, so you could try the ‘Natural Balance Limited Ingredient Diets Wet Dog Food Fish & Sweet Potato’ – a wet food full of essential nutrients. See more dog foods for small breeds here.

How do I change my dog’s food?

When switching your dog over to new dog food, always do it gradually. Start by mixing in a small amount of the new food with their regular kibble or wet food, then gradually increase the amount over the next week or two. Switching abruptly from one dog food to another can lead to an upset stomach – which means more flatulence instead of less.


Diet is without doubts one of the leading causes of flatulence in dogs, so you might want to start there when trying to get rid of your pup’s smelly habits. A good dog food changes the way your dog’s body processes what they eat, it gives them more energy and prevents their gut from having to work hard.

All this is essential for their digestion and metabolism to function the way that it should and should with time lead to less farting and stomach upset. If there is no difference after a few weeks, you might want to consult a veterinarian before switching again.

The key to fewer farts is good nutrition, so avoid cheap brands you find in the grocery store. Not all are bad, but most tend to use low-quality ingredients, useless fillers or too much fiber, so learn what to look for before choosing what to feed your dog.

A good rule of thumb is that the more natural the better, and you can usually spot a natural dog food product already by looking at the first item on the ingredients’ list. If a kibble or wet food lists a grain as the first ingredient – look another way, and instead make sure you pick one with real meat listed first.

Expert Tip

Every dog is different, and there is no guarantee that a popular dog food brand for farting dogs will work on your fur friend. Be prepared to have to try out a couple of different products before finding the right one for your dog.

Did you Know

Flat-faced dogs are known for being master gas passers, and this is due to them often swallowing a lot of air when they eat.

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