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10 Best Diet Dog Foods in 2021

One thing we all love to do is share with our furry friends. We share our home, our time, our love, and often our… food. This is great! Who doesn’t love to see the excitement on our pets face when we throw them a bone (literally), and there’s nothing wrong with this! However, for many dog owners, this may get a bit out of hand and lead to some serious poundage on our pooch.

Although we may think rover looks great with a fat tummy it is definitely not in his best interest when it comes to health. We’re here to help you get this under control and talk about the 10 best weight management dog foods.

Just like with us variety is the spice of life. These brands are often catered to certain preferences of the owner or even subsets of dogs, for example, the elderly, the sensitive stomached dogs, or holistic preferences. Given all this information it is undoubtedly difficult to pinpoint which brand is best for you and your dog. But don’t worry, this list will give you all the advice and information you need to make the best decision for you and your best friend.

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1. Solid Gold Fit and Fabulous Holistic Weight Control

Solid Gold Fit and Fabulous Holistic Weight Control Dry Dog Food

When it comes to the health of our furry friends many of us love to take an all-natural approach to dinner time. This holistic dog food brand contains a grain, soy, and wheat free formula which is based around the best available natural supplements for your pet. It is high in protein and fiber which will keep your pet feeling full without packing on the calories. Many foods out there contain a high-fat percentage to accomplish this, but the Solid Gold brand does it with only natural ingredients.

+ Perfect for all dog sizes
+ No fillers/ All natural
+ Supports immune system health
+ Low fat high fiber
+ High in protein

Why we like it – This brand has essentially cut out all fillers, making it an excellent choice even as a stand-alone food. However, by cutting these fillers and replacing them with low-fat dog food options like veggies and proteins, this food is an excellent choice for weight management as well.

2. Hill’s Science Diet Adult Light

Hill’s Science Diet Adult Light Dog Food

If you’ve owned dogs for a while now you’ve undoubtedly come across the brand Hill’s Science Diet more than once. This is a large brand with years of experience and development under its belt. This brand has been among the best for so long for good reason.

Hill’s is continually putting out new formulas and this science-based weight loss formula is great for our more sedentary furry friends. Using a blend of all-natural proteins, this formula boasts 18% fewer calories than its normal dog food making it the perfect choice if your pup needs to shed a few pounds.

+ Same great Hill’s taste with fewer calories
+ All-natural protein sources
+ Packed with vitamins, minerals, and amino acids
+ Clinically proven blend of antioxidants to support immune health
+ No artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives

Why we like it – Hill’s has been a trusted name in the pet industry for many years which makes choosing this great formula a no brainer. This food is packed with vitamins, minerals, and many other things our furry friends need to live long, healthy lives, all while packing significantly fewer calories than a standard food.

3. Nulo Adult Weight Management

Nulo Adult Weight Management Cod Grain-Free Dog Food

The Nulo brand has set out to help those dogs who need a little help keeping the pounds off. This blend of grain free dog food acts to not only reduce the caloric intake of your pet but also to encourage fat burning from the inside out by adding ingredients that support this. Nulo also takes a step out from nearly every other weight loss formula by having its protein come from non-chicken or egg sources, making it ideal if your best friend has any allergies or issues with those ingredients.

+ Made from 74% animal-based proteins
+ Blend containing no chicken or egg product
+ Mixed with L-Carnitine to support fat loss
+ Has probiotics to support digestive health
+ Contains many vitamins and minerals to support entire body health

Why we like it – Coming from a protein source other than chicken and eggs makes this food a great choice for those that may have some issues with those ingredients. Even with that, the vitamins, minerals, probiotics, and of course, lower calories, make this a great overall choice when combating some unwanted weight gain.

4. Victor Senior Healthy Weight

Victor Senior Healthy Weight Dry Dog Food

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As we age, we tend to slow down a bit. It’s not uncommon for people to gain a few pounds, drop down in levels of energy, and become overall tired and sore. Well, dogs are no different. With age comes some discomfort, some fatigue, and sometimes, some unwanted poundage. Victor Senior Health looks to fix that by supplying your aging dog with the proper nutrients he or she needs to stay healthy, while also cutting down the fat to keep your best friend healthy and strong for as long as possible.

+ Formulated with optimal protein and fat levels for keeping energy high
+ Nutrient-dense formula that’s created with 72% animal proteins
+ No corn, wheat, soy, or gluten
+ A digestively friendly food to keep your old timer moving normally

Why we like it – It’s always a little hard to watch our beloved pets age, and Victor’s formula does a great job at keeping them energized and healthy well into their later years. With its nutrient dense and digestively friendly formula, it’ll have your dog feeling great for years to come.

5. Hill’s Science Diet Adult Sensitive Stomach and Skin

Hill’s Science Diet Adult Sensitive Stomach and Skin Dog Food

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For those of us that have never had to go through the pain of watching our furry friends struggle with skin or stomach issues, I’m happy for you. For us others though, this one for you. Hill’s comes back again with another wonderful weight loss formula, but this time, it keeps those pets with skin and stomach irregularities in mind.

Struggling with weight is its own issue, and coupled with other dietary issues it can become an absolute nightmare. Hill’s combats that with the sensitive pet-friendly formula that will not only keep their stomach happy but their body slim and healthy too.

+ Formulated with only the best ingredients to keep your dog’s skin and stomach healthy and strong
+ Antioxidants act to keep your dog’s immune system bolstered
+ Made from all-natural ingredients
+ Free from any preservatives or fillers
+ Balanced enough for weight loss and everyday feeding

Why We Liked It – This is a great quality food product for dogs. Hill’s Science formulas are greatly trusted and for good reason! With an affordable price and vital ingredients; we were happy to include this weight management food option in our review.

6. Dr. Tim’s Weight Management Metabolite Formula

Dr. Tim’s Weight Management Metabolite Formula Dry Dog Food

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Dr. Tim’s weight loss formula features a unique blend of carbs, fats, and protein to keep your dog looking and feeling great. Other weight loss formulas attempt to almost completely remove carbs from your pet’s diet but the creators of Dr. Tim feel otherwise. This blend is meant to not only keep your dog trim but also to give him or her the energy to move around and make that weight loss happen for themselves.

This formula was created by a Ph.D. canine nutritionist and an experienced veterinarian and was made with your pet’s best interest in mind.

+ Unique blend of carbs/fat/protein to keep your dog energized while also burning fat
+ Low calorie while also providing essential amino acids to your pet
+ Contains fish oils to help your pet’s immune system and coat
+ Contains BC30 to promote digestive health
+ Veterinarian recommended

Why we like it – Dr. Tim’s formula takes a fresh approach to the weight loss game by giving your dog the energy it needs to take weight loss into its own hands. Have been developed by two very qualified dog lovers this brand acts to support your dog’s health entirely while also working to kick the extra pounds to the curb.

7. Weruva Caloric Harmony Natural

Weruva Caloric Harmony Natural Dog Food

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This brand works to appease your dog’s stomach while simultaneously making it smaller. It is a protein rich blend that is also quite gentle on your dog’s stomach. This blend is great for dog’s that may have a tendency to have some intestinal trouble regarding their food, but are also a bit picky. This great tasting formula will keep them happy inside and out.

+ Made with cage-free chicken
+ Easily digested
+ Grain and potato free
+ Great for all walks of life
+ Added salmon oil for a healthy coat

Why we like it – Weruva’s low-calorie blend not only does great things for your dog’s health but tastes great too. This blend is ideal for pups with tummy issues who are also picky eaters. We love the cage-free chicken addition as well!

8. Hill’s Science Diet Advanced Fitness

Hill’s Science Diet Advanced Fitness Dog Food

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Hill’s comes back again with yet another excellent weight loss formula. This time, however, we’re targeting young and active dogs who may have put on a couple more pounds then their owners would like. This blend is formulated to not only help your dog lose weight but also to become the strongest version of themselves in every category.

This food is packed with an exclusive blend of omega-6, vitamin E, antioxidants, Vitamin A, vitamin C, and countless other supplements all packed into a great tasting formula to keep your dog feeling great. It also comes with a 30-day coat improvement guarantee!

+ Packed to the brim with vitamins and nutrients
+ 30-day coat improving guarantee
+ Formulated for dogs in their prime
+ Flavorful and easy to digest
+ Comes from the trusted Hill brand

Why we like it – Hill’s strikes again with this amazing formula targeted at dog’s who are in their prime. This blend will not only keep your dog feeling healthy and light, but will also keep them strong for years to come.

9. Nutro Ultra Weight Management

Nutro Ultra Weight Management Adult Dry Dog Food

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Nutro strikes hard at fat with this great formula. Unlike most other brands this food combines a trio of protein, lamb, chicken, and salmon, to provide your furry friend with a great tasting, micronutrient-rich diet. Another added bonus is this food is created free from any GMO grown foods and has a blend of over 15 superfoods which include coconut, blueberry, and kale. This food is also made with no chicken-by-product that is common with many other brands and also excludes corn, soy, and wheat.

+ Combines a trio of protein for optimal micronutrient dosage
+ High in antioxidants
+ No by-products
+ GMO-free
+ Specially formulated for weight management

Why we like it – This food is the only weight loss formula to combine three different protein sources for an added boost to the overall health of your pet. That, coupled with a GMO and filler free food, makes for an excellent choice for your pet. We also love the lack of by-product use here! Only whole foods for us!

10. Wellness Complete Health Natural Dry Healthy Weight

Wellness Complete Health Natural Dry Healthy Weight Dog Food

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Wellness is a food brand that has been around for a long time now. They were started, and base their foods around, a premium blend of wonderful ingredients specifically targeted to your dog’s health. Wellness has kept that same mentality when creating their healthy weight dog food.

This blend is formulated to keep your furry friend trim, while also helping to maintain energy levels. Wellness aims to use natural and whole ingredients to help your pet, this means no corn, wheat, or other fillers along with no added chemicals. Alongside all the great benefits, this brand has been, and always will be, manufactured and supplied right here in the US.

+ Full of vitamins and minerals
+ No fillers
+ No meat by-products
+ Trusted brand
+ Proudly made in the USA

Why we like it – Wellness has been making great foods for years and this weight management blend is no different. We love the lack of fillers and by-products along with the addition of great whole foods. We also love that it’s made right here in the USA and has the wellness guarantee! This is a fantastically cheap option, too.

Diet Dog Food Buyers Guide

When it comes to pet weight management the task can be a bit overwhelming. It’s basically impossible for our pets to understand that we’re just trying to help them out, and the lack of treats or table scraps and the impending guilt you may feel may have you feeling a bit down. But don’t worry, your dog will be happier then they’ve been in ages once they shed those unwanted pounds. But first, let’s discuss when we should be putting our pets on weight management foods.

Who needs it?

For most breeds of dogs its rather simple to tell if they are overweight. A healthy weighted dog should have a noticeable difference in depth between their chest and stomach. The chest hangs down lower while it recedes up at the stomach. Another good way to check your dog’s fat levels is to do the rib test.

This is where you would place your hands on either side of your dog and feel their ribs. There should be a thin layer of fat and it should be quite easy to feel each of your pup’s individual ribs. If you cannot, then it is highly likely that your dog is overweight. Of course, check with your veterinarian if you’re still unsure.
Okay, so my dog is fat…

So now you’ve decided that your pet may have put on a few unwanted pounds over the past few months or years. No problem. Let’s talk about feeding habits.

First, let’s discuss free feeding. When feeding their pets, some people tend to just fill the bowl when they see that it’s empty. This is unwise as it obviously leads to overeating. Most dogs lack a lot of self-control and can’t really be trusted to regulate how much they eat on their own. So, the first step is to know just how much our dog will be eating in a day.

The second thing we need to manage is table scraps. We tend to forget that most dog breeds weight a significant amount less than us. Let’s take a very standard breed, a golden, and an average adult man. It’s not unreasonable for the man to be nearly 100 pounds heavier than the dog! This quickly equates into nutritional need. Maybe you’re cooking up some burgers, and you think it’s no big deal to throw one to your buddy.

You’re right, that’s fine… sometimes. The problem happens when that becomes a habit. Imagine adding an entire meal to your daily diet, you would gain weight quickly as well.
Pro tip: On the back of every bag of dog food there will be a detailed feeding chart. Take this number and divide it by how many times you’d like to feed your dog a day (preferably 2 or 3) and violà!

The last thing we’re going to talk about is treats. Treats are great. They make your pup happy, and making them happy makes you happy. They’re also great for training. However, if you’re giving your dog a milk bone or two after each bathroom break those calories are going to add up extremely quickly. Treats are great, but that’s what they are, treats, not supplements, so do your best to ration them!

Pro tip: Alongside weight management food there are a huge variety of treats! These treats are specially formulated to be great tasting and healthy alternatives to traditional treats. Also, many dogs really love carrots! They make a great treat substitute and you and your furry friend can enjoy them together!

What if I have multiple dogs and only one is overweight?

This is a great question. It can be hard feeding multiple dogs different foods but is doable. But first, let’s talk about why it is one of your beloved friends has put on some pounds while the other has not.

One big problem a lot of households has is that the dominant dog of the home will eat from everyone else’s bowl! These extra calories can quickly add up, so if you’ve got a dog like this it’s best to either separate the pack during feeding time or stand there to regulate.
Another common problem is that feeding isn’t personalized to each individual dog.

If your big Great Dane gets two cups twice a day, you’re probably going to give the same to your lab. But, just like us, the bigger you are the more food you need, and if both those dogs are eating the same amount the lab is bound to put on some extra unwanted fat. Make sure you’re catering feeding time to everyone’s personal needs.

Also, if you’re really against buying and providing different bags for each dog you could always feed them both the weight loss food and supplement the healthy weighted dog with a little bit extra dry food, or some wet food on top.

What if my puppy seems overweight?

Okay, so this is an area where you’ve got to be careful. As you’ll have noted there are NO weight management food for puppies. This should go without saying but our tiny new friends need all the extra nutrients they can get, and even if they’re looking a little chunky that is perfectly normal, especially if you’ve got a bigger breed.

Puppy weight is actually encouraged and your new pup will quickly grow into those little rolls and extra skin. If you’re really concerned to consult your vet but do not put your puppy on a diet. No dog should be on a weight management food if they are under 1-2 years old.

See these great foods for large puppies.


Having our pup’s health out of whack is never an easy time, and it’s easy to forget that their weight is a large part of that. A healthy weighted dog will live a longer, happier, and overall more healthy life. If you’ve taken the time to read this article that means you’re as serious about your pet’s health as we are, and now is a great time to start doing something about it. So, get out there and get your pet whipped into shape for the summer time! Before you know it, you could be taking some great runs together!

Pro tip: Diet is only half the battle! If you want to help kickstart your pet’s weight loss there is nothing better than some bonding exercise! Be careful though! Don’t start off with sprinting a 10k. Light walks once or twice a day for even as little as 20 minutes are a great way to start, and who knows, maybe you’ll find yourself on the way to some great health benefits as well!

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