The famous (or should I say infamous) wet dog smell is not something we all seek as a personal scent. However, your pooch has no choice in the matter. No matter how clean your beloved canine is, he will have some sort of animal odor.

Don’t worry though, the brainiacs behind all the manufacturing companies have come out with another solution to your problems. The answer is dog colognes and perfumes. Also known as deodorants, they are widely available and have the same function as yours would – to eliminate unpleasant scents.

These magic bottles of odor eliminators should be 100% safe. Things that come in such close contact with your pooch shouldn’t cause any adverse effects. So when you are choosing the right product, there are tons of factors to consider and tons of options. So which is really the best for you?

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1. New Natural Sugar Cookie Pet Cologne

New Natural Sugar Cookie Pet Cologne

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Pet colognes do not necessarily leave your dog smelling like a bouquet of flowers the way you would think. The options from Bodhi Dog let you choose from fragrances that smell like Sunday morning! From the sugar cookie option to baby powder and holiday cider, you will never want your pet to leave your embrace.

Vets and groomers recommend this brand as it not only eliminates unpleasant smells, but it also leaves your dog’s coat silky and soft. The company only employs ethical business practices and everything is cruelty-free. Their 100% percent money back guarantee will refund your money in full if you are in any way unhappy with the product.

+ 100% money back guarantee
+ Eliminates strong odors
+ Suited to many animals
+ Detangles and conditions

Why We Like It – Ethical practices and cruelty-free production is extremely important to us. The fact that Bodhi Dog takes this into consideration definitely earns them a gold star!

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2. WAHL Dog/Pet Deodorant Spray, Eucalyptus and Spearmint

WAHL Dog/Pet Deodorant Spray, Eucalyptus and Spearmint

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This deodorant spray for pets derives its ingredients from plants. Everything is plant-based, and that’s what gives it a refreshing and clean scent. It takes good care of your dog’s coat and skin while eliminating unwanted smells. Wahl has a multitude of products for dogs from shampoos to sprays and wipes.

The raw materials used in all their products are 100% safe. This dog spray is available in eucalyptus spearmint and a more natural puppy scent. Even pups with sensitive skin can use this concoction safely, as the ingredients are natural and the scent will last throughout the day.

+ All-natural
+ Deodorizes
+ Suitable for sensitive pups
+ Plant-based ingredients

Why We Like It – Anything natural and plant-based should be easy on the skin. We love how this option is even suitable for sensitive fur babies.

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3. Pawfume Premium Grooming Spray

Pawfume Premium Grooming Spray

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This option is less of deodorant and more of a dry shampoo/finishing spray. The formula is created with salon-grade ingredients all cruelty, alcohol, and paraben-free. The grooming spray minimizes bath frequency and keeps your dog’s coat 5 times fresher than other brands.

It still possesses deodorizing qualities that keep the wet dog smell at bay and protects your dog’s skin and coat. The delicious scents of fruity blends such as melon, pear, and raspberries smell good enough to eat! As for the safety of the product, the line is vet certified and of premium quality.

+ Vet certified
+ Push back bath time
+ Fresh fruity scents
+ Free of harmful substances

Why We Like It – Taking less frequent baths will prevent the soap and warm water from drying out your dog’s skin. Spray a coat of this finishing spray for extra conditioning.

4. Gerrard Larriett Aromatherapy Pet Care Perfume

Gerrard Larriett Aromatherapy Pet Care Perfume

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When you think of aromatherapy, you think of sweet and therapeutic scents. This aromatherapy pet spray perfume is no exception. These essential oil sprays relieve anxiety and de-stress your dog without the use of heavy scents. It’s a vet-approved spray that is 100% safe and calms your pup.

Not only that, but it also neutralizes any stench. Now let’s talk about the soothing properties it has for your dog’s skin and coat. It rehydrates the skin and softens and detangles fur. Some of the calming ingredients include vitamin E, chamomile, and absolutely no harmful chemicals such as dyes or alcohol.

+ Made in the USA
+ De-stresses and calms
+ Rehydrates
+ No harsh chemicals

Why We Liked It – Rowdy fur babies can be so hard to tame. The calming properties can keep them in line while taking the best care of their skin and coats.

5. Honeydew Natural Pet Spray for Dogs

Honeydew Natural Pet Spray for Dogs

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The actual spray is lavender and evening primrose scented – two very fragrant flowers. It eliminates any odor upon contact and also has aromatherapy qualities. Feel free to use it generously between baths to maintain freshness. It’s travel-friendly, which makes it very convenient for you to keep your pet clean while away from home.

The lavender and primrose are 100% pure, gentle on the skin and non-toxic. Your purchase is protected by the 100% satisfaction guarantee from Honeydew. If you are not satisfied with the performance of the deodorant spray, you get a full refund of your money.

+ 100% satisfaction guarantee
+ Therapeutic qualities
+ Maintains freshness
+ Natural and safe

Why We Like It – The beautiful scents mix together into a bottle of deodorizing liquid. With just a few sprays, you can maintain freshness and eliminate bad odors.

6. Vet Recommended Dog Cologne Spray

Vet Recommended Dog Cologne Spray

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If it’s vet recommended then it has to be effective, right? Get a whiff of the instant difference with just a few sprays. It’s true that your dog can smell less than fresh at times, but this cologne will leave him smelling great again. It also serves as a detangler and leaves your dog’s coat silky, and his skin smooth.

Some odor eliminators out there can have an overpowering scent, but this one has the perfect level – not too much and not too little, it’s just right. The product is made in the USA, which automatically makes it safer and you can choose from four different scents to match your dog’s and your liking.

+ Made in the USA
+ Detangler
+ Conditions fur
+ Vet recommended

Why We Like It – The difference is almost instant. With just a few spritzes, your dog will smell fresh once again. With it being a vet recommended brand, it also makes you feel more comfortable with your purchase.

7. Isle of Dogs Replascents Odor Neutralizing Spray, Jasmine & Vanilla

Isle of Dogs Replascents Odor Neutralizing Spray, Jasmine & Vanilla

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What’s great about this spray is that it not only freshens up your dog, it also neutralizes unpleasant scents on furniture, bedding or in your car. If you like jasmine and vanilla, you are in luck. This spray takes both of your favorite scents and blends it into one refreshing fragrance.

This is a safe product that can be applied directly onto your dog’s fur and skin. A silky and shiny coat is the indicator of a strong and healthy fur baby. It manages to eliminate any bad odors without the addition of any harmful chemicals such as alcohol. It’s a non-toxic and safe perfume spray.

+ Eliminate bad smells
+ Use on anything
+ Free from harmful chemicals
+ Restores shine

Why We Like It – We love multi-functional products. The fact that this spray can be used on your dog and his surroundings give them an A+!

8. Lambert Kay Fresh Floral Scent Grooming Pet Cologne

Lambert Kay Fresh Floral Scent Grooming Pet Cologne

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Floral scents can be more revitalizing than any other scent, and with just a few spritzes of this formula, you can keep the nasty wet dog smell at bay. Your dog’s body odor could be MIA for months! If you aren’t satisfied with the effectiveness of the product, just keep your receipt and send it right back for a full refund!

Use it between baths to maintain freshness or even on a wet dog after a run in the rain. It can be used to prevent the smell from even forming. The scent is long-lasting, which means it needs to be administered less often and your purchase lasts longer!

+ Lasts for months
+ Full refund
+ Can be used on wet pooches
+ 3 sizes

Why We Like It – If the floral scent isn’t something you are excited about, Lambert Kay also has four other equally refreshing fragrances to choose from!

Dog Perfume & Cologne Buyer’s Guide

Dogs are meant to be our best friend and supply us with a lifetime of kisses and cuddles. But this isn’t an inviting thought if your dog has an unbearable odor, and this is one of the disadvantages of a pooch.

What’s worse is that their particular body odor lingers and gets on other things. Sure, they smell amazing after a trip to the groomers, but what about in between baths? A dog perfume can solve all these issues, but it’s not enough to just grab one off the shelves. So what should we look for?


The ingredients are the indicators of how safe the spray is. Dogs can have allergic reactions to certain substances. There are typical no-no’s to look out for, such as alcohol (though small amounts are harmless), parabens, dyes, and sulfates. You definitely want to steer clear of these chemicals. Read the label on the back to make sure the fragrant perfume you choose is free from them.


You want colognes/perfumes that are created with as many natural ingredients as possible. Also, try to learn more towards water-based concoctions as alcohol-based ones tend to dry out the skin, this is especially important for sensitive pups. Natural is always better, but even natural ingredients may cause allergies. Be careful if you have a more sensitive pup, and maybe apply the spray to a small area to test it out beforehand.


This part is entirely for the benefit of you and the humans around your canine. We do have one suggestion – keep the scent as mild and light as possible. Overwhelming scents could overpower your nose, but imagine what it would do to your poor dog’s. A dog’s senses are heightened and a strong scent could cause discomfort. Keep an eye on how your dog responds to the scent as well.


As far as dog colognes are concerned, the price is pretty affordable across the board. However, there are some that have a higher price point, but this does not guarantee better results. Set your own budget and start from there. Your options can be eliminated one by one as you test them out on your dog.


For products such as this and dog food, we recommend opting for products with a satisfaction and/or money back guarantee. This is because each dog has its own unique personality and preferences along with that. What one dog might love could be repugnant to your pooch. Products with a money back guarantee to give you the freedom to refund your money back and try again.

Does My Dog Need a Dog Cologne/Perfume?

Other than eliminating bad odors, these clever inventions can also be integrated into your regular grooming routine. Another reason to use these sprays is to maintain freshness between baths. Some dog breeds don’t require baths as often as others. Such breeds include the double-coated Samoyeds.

Other breeds that may require more regular grooming would be the pugs, bulldogs, etc. A good way to keep them smelling fresh is with a dog cologne or perfume. They are also a good temporary fix for fur babies who have made a mess of themselves in a mud puddle.

Are They Safe?

It all depends on the ingredients. Generally, we’d recommend going with a brand with a stellar reputation and continuously puts out good products. If you do your own research, search for ones that are free of harmful ingredients. Overall, they are safe products and can be used on your pets frequently.


There really is a solution for every problem a dog parent may have. Who knew even dog fragrances existed? For something that comes in such close proximity to your dog, and is literally absorbed into his body, don’t settle for less.

Make sure the quality is on par with premium salon products and exercise caution when reading the labels. Stick with reputable brands and reading the reviews will also be helpful.

Expert Tip

Do not apply sprays to puppies less than half a year old. Even if a product says it’s safe for puppies we would advise against it. A young pup’s immune system can be easily compromised and no one knows the detrimental effects the ingredients may have.

Did You Know

If you are unable to find anything to your satisfaction on the market, you can always try to create your own perfume for your pooch! It does require quite a bit of research on your part, but it could potentially be better than anything you can find.

Understand your dog’s body first, then look into different essential oils. Add some liquid vitamins and minerals and perhaps some plant extracts – and voila! Make sure you keep an eye out for potential irritation and allergies.

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