A word that has most dog owners cringing is this: ‘fleas’ – those creepy crawlers nobody wants to inhabit their beloved dog’s fur. Dealing with fleas can be extremely stressful both for humans and dogs, especially since they can be very difficult to get rid of. Preventing flea infestations with the proper anti-flea medications and treatments is important, but what do you do once the fleas are already present on the pooch and inside your home?

A flea comb for dogs is one of the best answers, along with flea shampoos and sanitation of the home, and why not make sure you have the best flea and tick removal dog combs and brushes already before you find yourself needing them? Being prepared is the best thing you can do for your dog, so here is a guide to finding the best dog comb for fleas and ticks.

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1. Safari Dog Flea Comb with Double Row

Safari Dog Flea Comb with Double Row

Your dog deserves the best flea comb there is, to protect him or her from unpleasant dog dandruff or flea eggs, and this revolutionary designed dog comb makes flea removal for dogs easy and pain-free. It has two rows of teeth instead of just one, allowing it to catch both adult fleas, eggs, dandruff and dirt, and it can also help you detect flaky skin, dryness and other skin conditions in an early stage! Flea combs like these can be used daily or as often as needed, they are recommended by professional groomers and have a dog flea comb grip that is more comfortable and superior to many other similar products.


+ Grippable comb handle
+ Double row of teeth
+ Recommended by groomers
+ Removes both adult fleas and eggs

Why We Like It – Where most dog combs have only one row of teeth – the Safari flea comb has two! Twice the action, twice the comfort and twice the results.

2. GNAWRISHING Flea Comb 4Pcs


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These flea combs for dogs come in a pack of four different products, where each flea comb is designed for different purposes. You can use them on different animals, or simply use one for the face of your dog, another one for the body, one for the paws, etc. etc. With so many options, flea removal becomes easy and almost effortless, and it is a flea brush for dogs that works systematically through the dog’s fur without tearing at it or causing pain.

All combs are made with non-toxic plastic and stainless steel teeth, and they are safe to use also on cats, rabbits, chinchillas and more. The set consists of one grip comb, one double-side teeth comb, one long-teeth comb and one short-teeth comb.


+ Pack of four combs
+ Stainless steel teeth
+ For all kinds of animals
+ With non-toxic plastic

Why We Like It – The selection of combs makes this set perfect for working through all areas of your dog’s body, and they are made with non-toxic materials.

3. Hartz Groomer’s Best Grooming Tools

Hartz Groomer’s Best Grooming Tools

The fine teeth of this dog hair comb makes it ideal as a flea and tick comb for best flea removal. It is lightweight and easy to work with for you as the owner and groomer, and also comfortable for the dog despite its purpose of removing all those nasty little bugs that nobody wants to have to deal with.

A metal flea comb can also be used to detangle matted hair and to remove dirt, and it is an essential tool in any hobby groomer’s tool kit. The handle is ergonomically designed to prevent your hand from slipping when trying to remove flea eggs in hair, it is suitable for someone who has never been using a flea comb before and it is easy to keep clean.


+ Effective fine-toothed design
+ Great flea teeth comb for beginners
+ Excellent for flea detection
+ Safe also for delicate areas

Why We Like It – This fine-toothed flea comb is easy to use, works great on both eggs and adult fleas and it sells at a reasonable price.

4. Oster Tug-Free Tools Dog Comb Set

Oster Tug-Free Tools Dog Comb Set

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Let’s have a look at this cute set of natural wooden combs, where the handle fits right in your hand no matter the angle, and where each comb fills its individual function. The design allows it to handle both flea eggs, larvae, and fully grown fleas, as well as any flea dander and trapped dirt. Keep your furry friend flea-free with one comb with wider gaps between the teeth and one with finer gaps, and enjoy the comfort of holding onto real wood instead of plastic or cheap rubber. A flea can be sneaky and cling on to your dog for its life, but this flea brush won’t let a single one get away from you.


+ Set with two combs
+ Real wooden handles
+ For eggs, larvae and fleas
+ Effective also for tick removal

Why We Like It – This stainless steel comb with wooden handles stands out right away, both in design, comfort and function, and it comes in a set of two make sure you get rid of those fleas once and for all.

5. Bulbhead Electronic Flea Comb

Bulbhead Electronic Flea Comb

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Have you tried it all and now need something a little more hardcore? This electric flea comb is a flea zapper and a flea comb that kills fleas, by sending out very small electric vibrations that are completely harmless for your dog – he or she won’t even notice – but it kills the fleas right there as you comb through your best friend’s fur.

With electric flea combs, you will no longer have to figure out what to do with those nasty buggers once you’ve gotten them out (they can be a little difficult to kill), as they die as soon as they make contact with the electronic flea killer. Sounds too good to be true? It isn’t, and it makes flea elimination both quicker and easier.


+ Kills fleas and ticks instantly
+ Charges electronically
+ Top electric flea and tick comb
+ No chemicals or pesticides

Why We Like It – These electric flea killers are completely safe for both you and your dog, but absolutely lethal to those disgusting little bugs that you are trying to get rid of.

6. Flea Comb, Pet Comb Laiannwell

Flea Comb, Pet Comb Laiannwell

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For those who are serious about getting rid of fleas and keeping their pup’s coat in top condition – this set of three stainless steel flea dirt removal combs will come in handy! The quality metal used in the rounded comb teeth prevents it from scratching or scraping against your dog’s skin, providing a comfortable and reassuring experience also for insecure pups, and you have the option to choose the comb that will best serve its intended purpose.

Remove tangles and matted hair, get ticks and fleas out and keep your dog’s coat shiny and in top condition.


+ No sharp edges
+ Removes tangles and dirt
+ Pack of three combs
+ Delivered in small pouch

Why We Like It – Bring out the professional dog groomer in you with this set of pet flea comb products, and use it not only to remove fleas but also to keep your pup’s coat shiny and fresh.

7. Master Grooming Tools Contoured Grip

Master Grooming Tools Contoured Grip

The pins on this comb are placed closely together for the most effective lice removal you have experienced so far! With a large handle that is easy to hold on to, rounded pin tips for comfort and safety and a price you can’t say no to – flea removal has just become easy!

A favorite in many dog brush reviews and a top dog tool for wanting to regain control when faced with a flea infestation, these combs will make picking fleas off dog ridiculously easy. The design is slightly different than many other dog combs on the market, but you will quickly discover how beneficial this can be for both your own comfort and for that of your dog.


+ Large grip-friendly handle
+ Pins placed closely together
+ Removes both adult fleas and eggs
+ Budget-friendly option

Why We Like It – This fine tooth dog comb gives you the upper hand in the war on fleas and ticks; its narrow pins catch them all, and the handle is easy to grip also when working with rough coats.

Best Flea Comb for Dogs Buyers Guide

When a dog gets fleas, it is incredibly easy to panic and to start freaking out, but fleas are actually quite commonly found on pets of all kinds, no matter how careful you are being. The best thing to do is to remain calm and to learn how to use a flea comb. Before you can get to this stage, though, you need to set out to find the right product for dealing with your pup’s unwelcome passengers, because while many products are similar – there are quite a few potential differences that could end up affecting the outcome of your combing session.

The Length of Your Dog’s Hair

sad dog
Flea combs can look a little different once you start checking out different products, and it matters which kind you get. A comb with longer pins is suitable for dogs with long and/or thick hair, as it needs to be able to reach all the way down to the skin, and a short-pinned comb might not be effective at all on your favorite fur friend. T

he same applies the other way around, and for dogs that have shorter hair in some places (such as in the face or on the paws) and longer in others, it might become necessary to buy a kit with several combs instead of just one. As a general rule, you are better off with a comb where the pins are too long than where they are too short, so consider your purchase carefully to avoid spending time on grooming with a comb that won’t reach all the way down.

Size of the Dog

First of all – combing will take time no matter how big or small your dog is, as it is very important to be extremely thorough. You can’t do half the dog and then the other half a day or two later, as this will be enough time for any remaining eggs to hatch or for any remaining adult fleas to move to the part of the body you have already combed.

Outsmarting fleas is tricky but far from impossible, and the size of the comb plays an important role. If you have a very small pup – a small comb is possibly the only device that will reach all areas, while a larger dog will benefit more from a bigger sized comb as it will potentially speed up the process.

Severity and Flea Life Stages

“How effective are flea combs” is a question you might have asked yourself, but the real question is whether you are using the correct tool and what else you have done to combat the infestation. Make sure you read through the product description to make sure you are actually purchasing a flea comb, as there are similar grooming tools but where the pins aren’t close enough together to handle a larger infestation with eggs, larvae and adult fleas. A regular fine comb is unlikely to work on any type of fleas, as they are very small, but even less likely to do a satisfying job when there are also flea eggs involved.

Additional Action to Be Taken

If only it was as easy as combing through your dog once when trying to get rid of fleas! Start with giving your dog a bath with a quality shampoo for fleas and ticks, and at the same time remove any toys, blankets, dog beds and other items that your pooch has been in contact with. This is extremely important as nothing will work unless you sanitize your home by either washing these items or throwing them away.

Once your home is sanitized and your dog has been bathed, it is time to pull out the heavy artillery and start combing through the coat. You can try to use only one of these methods, but anyone who has had to deal with flea and tick infestations is likely to tell you it won’t have much effect unless you do it all. While the best flea comb can do a lot for a dog with fleas, it can’t do the job on its own.

Do flea combs work on dogs?

Yes, as any flea doctor (veterinarian) will tell you – flea combing is highly effective when trying to remove fleas from an animal. It can take a little bit of time to comb through large dogs, but it is well worth the effort once you see those creepy crawlers starting to come off.

Are flea combs effective?

Flea combs for kittens and puppies (and adult pets, of course) are generally very effective, and especially when used in combination with a reliable flea shampoo.

How to use a flea comb on a dog?

Make sure you use a comb that will work on your dog’s coat length, dig the pins all the way down (without pressing against the skin) and then move the comb downwards to remove anything that might be stuck in there. It is a good idea to keep a sheet of paper or a plate under it, to catch any bugs falling off your dog. It is important to brush through the whole dog at once.

How can I get rid of my dogs’ fleas?

There are many different methods for removing fleas, including shampoos, flea detergents and sprays, but one of the most important steps is to use a flea comb to go through the whole body of the dog. If you can manage to do all this in the right order, and to be thorough rather than taking short cuts, you will get rid of those nasty bugs in no time.


Dog fleas are never a fun thing to deal with, but with the best flea comb for dogs – you can win the battle! It is easy to think that you will never have to sit there and comb through your pup’s fur, but the truth is that most dog owners do, at some point during their dog ownership. It isn’t talked about as much as it should be, causing dog owners all over the world to feel alone in their struggle, and possibly even as bad dog parents, but this couldn’t be more wrong.

Even the cleanest and most well-kept dog can get fleas when coming in contact with another animal when walking through tall grass and more, and it is simply close to impossible to avoid. If your dog has gotten fleas – it likely isn’t your fault, so skip the self-blame, get a flea comb and start working towards solving the issue.

Expert Tip

When you are trying to get rid off fleas, don’t forget to sanitize all areas, items (such as toys and dog beds) and more that your dog has been in contact with.

Did You Know

The average lifespan of a flea is approximately two to three months, and they can live for around 100 days without having sucked blood.

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