Our dogs are our family members and our best friends, and while they spoil us with unconditional love – it is our job to spoil them back with both love and proper care. A flea or a tick infestation can cause great discomfort for a pet; with itchy bites, sores and dermatitis as a result, and some carry diseases that could be dangerous and even lethal.

The best way to keep your furry friend from getting ticks or fleas is by investing in the best flea prevention for dogs that you can find, as only the best flea and tick medicine will be able to keep your beloved four-legged goofball safe from creepy crawlers. But what is the best flea medicine for dogs, and how can you find it? We will try to shed some light on a subject that is fundamental when caring for your dog and his or her health.

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1. Bayer K9 Advantix II Flea, Tick and Mosquito Prevention

Bayer K9 Advantix II Flea, Tick and Mosquito Prevention

An effective monthly topical application that keeps dogs all ages safe from ticks and fleas! You apply it once every 4 weeks, and it stops those nasty bugs in their tracks before they can start biting and causing discomfort. While this contender for the title of ‘Best flea and tick prevention for dogs’ kill fleas upon contact, it is harmless to both your pup and to the person applying it.

The waterproof aspect enables your pooch to continue swimming in the pool, playing with the sprinkler, walking when it’s raining and racing up and down the beach, and each pack comes with 2-6 monthly treatments

+ Safe for use in- and around water
+ Kills and eliminates fleas upon contact
+ No-mess applicator
+ Recommended by veterinarians

Why We Like It – Easier than a flea and tick pill, and perfect for dogs that aren’t too keen on wearing collars – this topical flea treatment for dogs is both fast-working and safe. It becomes fully active within 12 hours after application, and it stops your pooch from becoming infested with unpleasant (and potentially harmful) bugs.

2. Frontline Plus for Small Dogs

Frontline Plus for Dogs

This flea treatment for dogs is designed to break the flea life cycle and remove them before they reach an adult stage where they can start reproducing. The long-lasting formula; applied directly to the skin in the neck area, is stored in the oil glands of your pet and serves as a protection to repel creepy crawlers for up to 30 days at a time.

Frontline is a trusted flea and tick prevention for dogs, and many veterinarians all over the world consider it to be perhaps the best flea treatment on the market. It comes with instructions for how to apply the treatment and for how often to re-apply, and it is available for dogs all sizes and breeds.

+ Topical monthly flea treatment
+ Trusted company recommended by vets
+ Breaks the flea and tick life cycle
+ Safe, tested and waterproof

Why We Like It – This may be the best flea medicine for dogs that are uncomfortable wearing a flea collar, and/or that hate taking pills! All you do is apply it directly to their skin, and that’s that! Pain- and hassle-free, and no discomfort for your best fur friend.

3. Seresto 8 Month Flea & Tick Prevention Collar

Seresto 8 Month Flea & Tick Prevention Collar

We all want the best tick treatment for dogs in our families, and the most effective flea treatment for dogs we love and care about. This odorless and safe flea collar is potent enough to kill any unwelcome bug guest as soon as they make contact with your pup’s body, and it offers a solid 8-month alternative to flea and tick medication, where you don’t have to worry about administering pills and other flea meds. The collar is water resistant and it slowly releases enough repellent to keep the bugs away, while still being a safe option for your pup.

+ Effective on ticks and fleas
+ Minimal hassle
+ Easy to put on and adjust
+ Slow-release repellent function

Why We Like It – Pills and monthly flea and tick treatment for dogs can be hard to remember, and not everyone has the time and patience to repeat treatments that often. A flea collar like this lasts for up to 8 months, and it is a great option when wanting the best tick prevention for dogs in your home and your heart.

4. LOVATIC Flea Tick Prevention for Dogs

LOVATIC Flea Tick Prevention for Dogs

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Long-lasting flea and tick prevention that is both eco-friendly and easy to use, and that will keep your furry best friend safe from unpleasant bug infestations. It is a good alternative to flea medicine for dogs since the collar can be worn 24/7, and it stays active for up to 8 months. Your dog can safely use it while it rains and around water, but you should avoid letting your pup swim with the collar on for longer periods of time, as it could affect the efficiency of it.

+ Eco-friendly and allergy free
+ Effective for up to 8 months
+ Adjustable for the perfect fit
+ Essential oils for natural flea prevention

Why We Like It – If you are looking for the best flea treatment for dogs, this alternative is reliable thanks to its long durability and how easy it is to use it. Just put it on your dog, adjust, cut off the extra length and keep it on for up to 8 months!

5. 100% Natural Flea and Tick Repellent

100% Natural Flea and Tick Repellent Topical Treatment

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This product is all-natural and safe for puppies over the age of 8 weeks, and it is a great alternative for those who want to avoid harsh chemicals and artificial ingredients. This bundle has a topical dog flea medicine which is applied to the skin in the neck (since this is the most unlikely spot for a dog to reach and lick), and it provides daily protection against fleas, ticks, and mosquitos. There is also a spray bottle with additional protection, which can be applied right before heading out for a hike, a walk or a trip to the dog park.

+ 100% natural ingredients
+ Kit with topical treatment and spray
+ No harmful chemicals or pesticides
+ 1 dollar off each purchase goes to dog rescue

Why We Like It – The best flea and tick treatment for dogs is one that works, and one that is safe, but it is even better if it is also kind to mother nature! This product is natural, the flea spray adds shine to the coat and a portion of the profits is donated to dog rescue groups – what else could you ask for?

6. Flea Away Natural Flea, Tick & Mosquito

Flea Away Natural Flea, Tick & Mosquito

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Picture a pill that tastes so good that your dog will be begging for it…! This flea and tick medicine for dogs has a liver flavor that most pups find irresistible, and it is a great way to lure your pooch into taking his preventive flea and tick meds without a fuss.

It is all-natural, made with a mix of vitamins that mask the smell of Co2, which is what attracts fleas and ticks, to begin with. By masking this smell, they become less interested in crawling onto your dog, and it also works to heal scabs, bites, and dermatitis already caused by fleas and ticks.

+ Natural and healthy ingredients
+ Liver flavored soft-chews
+ Masks the Co2 smell
+ Treats skin damage caused by fleas

Why We Like It – Flea medications for dogs come in many shapes and forms, and these soft chews are perfect for dogs that will do anything for a yummy treat, and as an extra plus – it is made with natural ingredients!

7. Adventure Plus Flea and Tick Prevention for Dogs

Adventure Plus Flea and Tick Prevention for Dogs

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This product is very similar to other well-known flea and tick treatments for dogs, but costs only a fraction of the price! Fleas, ticks and creepy crawlers can be both unpleasant and dangerous, as some carry diseases, and every dog deserves good preventive care. It starts working as soon as its applied, and it kills fleas and ticks effectively as soon as they crawl up on your dog.

This is helpful since it means they won’t get a chance to bite your pup, which saves him or her from itchiness and agony. Taking good care of your dog should not be a question of how much money you have in your wallet, and this product makes the best flea and tick medicine for dogs available for everyone.

+ Topical treatment for direct application
+ Effective and affordable
+ Kills bugs on contact
+ Prevents infestations and bites

Why We Like It – It is nice to see a company that provides the same quality protection, but at a cheaper price, like a dog’s safety and health should never be a question of how big a salary their owner receives.

8. Natural Chemistry Natural Flea & Tick Squeeze-On for Dogs

Natural Chemistry Natural Flea & Tick Squeeze-On for Dogs

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Made with mint, natural cinnamon, and lemongrass – ingredients are known to keep ticks and fleas away – this is a natural option for your pups that is kind both to them, to human family members and to the environment.

Each box contains enough flea and tick medication for dogs in your family to last for 5 months. A monthly application is needed for this topical treatment to remain solid protection for your pooch, and it is safe to use both on puppies and on adult dogs.

+ Safe for humans and pets
+ Simple monthly applications
+ With natural ingredients
+ Made in the United States

Why We Like It – Nature is full of useful assets, and this product has found a combination that keeps fleas and ticks away without using chemicals. It is a good option if you are looking for the safest flea and tick prevention for dogs in your family.

9. VetriScience Vetri-Repel Environmental Health Flea & Tick Spray

VetriScience Vetri-Repel Environmental Health Flea & Tick Spray

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This product uses a combination of Brazilian oils that have been used as a natural bug repellent in the Amazon forest, by the indigenous people living there. It is a natural spray that can be applied right before an outdoor adventure and used either on its own or as a compliment to another flea and tick medication for dogs. The spray is safe to use daily and can be applied directly to the dog’s body, or to bedding and/or areas where the dog rests.

+ For both cats and dogs
+ No added synthetic chemicals
+ With natural Brazilian oils
+ Available in two bottle sizes

Why We Like It – Monthly prevention is great, but even the best flea and tick control for dogs can fail! This product is the perfect complement, as it can be added daily before going outside, and it will help assure that your pup stays bug-free .

10. Petsmont Flea Collar for Dogs, Unique Plant-Based Formula

Petsmont Flea Collar for Dogs, Unique Plant-Based Formula

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One of the biggest benefits of a collar that is anti-flea and tick for dogs is that they can stay on 24/7. This comfortable collar is made with a plant-based formula that eliminates the need for pesticides and harsh chemicals; making it kinder to your dog and to human family members to be around.

It is safe for use in wet conditions and for quick swims, and the effect lasts for months. With essential oils like Citronella oil, Cedarwood oil, Peppermint Oil and more, this is a product demonstrates that it cares not only about your fur bestie but about the environment too.

+ Waterproof, aromatic and comfortable
+ Made with a unique plant-based formula
+ Fits dogs all sizes (small to extra-large)
+ With a blend of natural essential oils

Why We Like It – The mix of essential oils is unlike most other products, and it is a collar that your dog can wear safely for several months at a time. A collar is the best flea protection for dogs whose owners prefer an alternative to pills, chews and topical treatments.

Flea Prevention Buyers Guide

The first thing to know is that it’s a good idea to always consult your veterinarian before initiating a preventive treatment, just to make sure that there is nothing stopping your pet from beneficiating from anti-tick- and flea prevention.

The next question is – what is the best flea and tick medicine for dogs and other animals? While you can find a heap of quality products, it will ultimately come down to what you prefer to use on your dog; which type of product and with what criteria, and how often you are okay with having to re-administer.

There are several different options available; such as pills, flavored chews, topical treatments and one-size-fits-all flea collars, which is why you need to familiarize yourself with the alternatives and make a good and educated decision that fits both you and your dog.

Natural Ingredients

As with all dog related products, you want to find something where harsh chemicals have been switched for natural alternatives. There is so much knowledge today and the dog industry has come a long way; coming up with ways to make products such as flea meds for dogs that is not toxic or full of pesticides and other unpleasant things, and there is no good excuse to opt for a product that is not following modern standards.

Natural products will usually be quick to market themselves as what they are, and they usually are not too hard to spot, but otherwise just check the list of contents for content you recognize. Essential oils are good natural products that naturally repel insects, and that are better both for dogs, humans and for the environment. When on the hunt for the safest flea and tick treatment for dogs – natural (or as natural as possible) is the way to go.

Flea Collars

A flea collar goes around the dog’s neck, stays on day and night and will usually last for about 6-9 months depending on the product. Most are one-size-fits-all, meaning you can use the same product for your dog regardless of how big or small he is, and all you need to do is to adjust the collar properly (you want to be able to get two fingers in between the collar and your dog’s neck), then cut off the excess length. It is a simple way to protect your best fur friend, and you won’t have to worry about monthly applications.

Always read the instructions before putting a flea collar on your dog, as some may work differently, and the effect might last longer on some than on others. There are also some flea collars that are not recommended for use in water (mostly those using chemicals), so if your pup is a water lover – make sure you get a flea collar that is water resistant.

Topical Applications

Topical treatments are applied directly to the skin of the dog; usually in the neck area, and they are very effective in keeping bugs off during walks and outings. You will usually apply these types of treatments in the neck area or along the spine of the dog, something that is due to it being difficult for a dog to reach back and lick it off or consume it. How often re-application is needed depends on the product, but it is usually done monthly for best results.

Pills & Soft-Chews

It is not too common for flea & tick medicine for dogs to come in pill form, and this is because it can be tricky to give pills to a dog, and no dog owner wants to make their pups uncomfortable if it isn’t necessary. Instead, the best flea and tick for dogs usually come as soft and chewy dog treats, so that your pooch can enjoy his treatment instead of learning to hate or fear it. Oral dog flea meds are usually administered monthly, but make sure you read the instructions to avoid confusion and mistakes.

What is the best flea treatment for dogs with sensitive skin?

Dogs with sensitive skin might do best with an edible treatment, like the ‘Flea Away Natural Flea, Tick & Mosquito’, as they may be sensitive to something applied directly to their skin (topical treatment) or to something in direct contact with their skin (flea collar). An edible tick medicine will usually be packed with vitamins, which could potentially help with skin issues related to- or unrelated to ticks and fleas.

Best flea control for dogs with stomach problems?

If your pup has digestive issues, it may not be a good idea to give a chew, as dogs with sensitive stomachs often react to anything their bodies are not used to handling. In these cases, a flea collar like the ‘LOVATIC Flea Tick Prevention for Dogs’ is a better option, or why not try a topical treatment that you add to the skin rather than feeding it to the dog?

Why is preventive treatment so important?

Both ticks and fleas can carry disease, so keeping them away from your pet and from your family is essential from a health aspect. These crawling bug species are also incredibly difficult to get rid of, so it is always better to prevent rather than to try and repair the damage later on. A female flea can lay up to 50 eggs per day, which clearly demonstrates how quickly things can escalate if your pup gets infested with fleas.


There are many different treatments to choose from, and it may seem hard at first to single out the best tick medicine for dogs in your family. Don’t worry, however, because the majority of well-known brands and products are good, and you can always opt for asking a veterinarian if you are uncertain.

You want to find a product that is as natural as possible, as harsh chemicals aren’t something you should want around your dog or your family, and you need to decide if you feel the most comfortable with monthly treatments such as pills, chews or topical applications, or if you would rather use a dog anti-flea collar.

Regardless of what you choose – your dog will thank you, and you will have provided them with something to help them stay happy and healthy for a long time to come. Dogs love their owners unconditionally, but what better way to repay that than to be looking out for them and their health?

Expert Tip

Preventing a flea or tick infestation is always better than waiting with treatment until the issue has already occurred, as they can be incredibly difficult to get rid of once they are already there.

Did you Know

Fleas can’t fly, but they can jump about 220 times their own body-length – making them some of the best jumpers in the world.

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