Grooming your fur baby is another bonding activity, but it isn’t without its challenges. It involves a series of steps that include clipping the nails, trimming fur, and even cleaning the ears. Grooming ensures a healthy pup, as through these procedures, is how you might find skin infections, injuries, ticks, etc.

Selecting and purchasing a suitable grooming table will make the whole experience a more pleasant one. Whether you are considering opening your dog grooming salon or just a new pet parent looking to care for your dog at home, a grooming table is an essential item.

The right table will keep your pet calm and comfortable, making the whole process much easier on you. However, you might still be plagued by the age-old question of how to choose the right one to suit your needs. We have put together a list to point you in the right direction.

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1. Flying Pig Heavy Duty Foldable Grooming Table

Flying Pig Large Size Super Durable Heavy Duty Dog Pet Foldable Grooming Table

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It may look like a scary surgical table, but the surface is made of non-slip rubber with cute bone designs to make it seem friendlier. This rust-resistant stainless steel grooming table can hold the weight of any pet. The arm on the side of the table is designed to keep your dog securely in place; it is adjustable and foldable to withstand the hard tugs of any dog.

Your purchase will come with the large grooming arm and the noose and loop for leash attachment and a storage basket underneath. Choose from one of three colors to lighten up the grooming room.

+ Rust-resistant stainless steel
+ Anti-slip surface with bone-shaped design
+ Adjustable and foldable arm
+ 3 color choices

Why We Like It – The other arm is excellent for supporting and holding your dog still. A consumer with the Great Pyrenees had no issues with this table, and it held up well under his dog’s weight.

2. Go Pet Club Grooming Table

Go Pet Club Grooming Table, Electric Motor

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This is quite the professional and heavy-duty grooming table. The Z-lift base is electric, and the height can be adjusted to your needs. The key feature of this product is the base. It not only adjusts automatically but also provides stability and reduces wobbling and tipping. Having to adjust the table manually could add extra anxiety to your dog. A dog anxiety vest could help in this situation.

They will be trying to hold their position while you jolt and nudge the table. The non-slip plastic material on the surface will give your pooch’s paws a good grip when you give them a stylish trim.

+ Electric motor
+ Enhances stability
+ Non-slip plastic
+ Premium aluminum alloy

Why We Like It – The surface of the table is also made of static-free material, making it easy for you to clean the unwanted tufts of hair and nail clippings with minimal hassle.

3. Go Pet Club Pet Dog Grooming Table

Go Pet Club Pet Dog Grooming Table with Arm

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This grooming table is another grooming table that includes a 40-inch long arm at the maximum length. The widespread goal post style legs that hold the table together and keeps it steady on the ground. The feet of the table have rubber caps to avoid scuffing up your floors and add extra stability. For cleaning purposes, the static-free surface provides easy cleaning after a makeover session with your pooch without trapping the hair.

Made out of rust-proof material, it will ensure the longevity of this pricey purchase. The arms of every grooming table should come with a leash loop for extra security. We all know how pups can squirm when they hear the sound of clippers!

+ 40-inch long arm
+ Rubber capped feet
+ Extra stability
+ Rust-proof materials ensure longevity

Why We Like It – We love how all tables from Go Pet Club have a soft waterproof top layer in case your pet has an accident during this “fearful” time of their lives, haha!

4. Accordion Lift Electric Grooming Table by ComfortGroom

Accordion Lift Electric Grooming Table by ComfortGroom

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Electric lifts give the table more stability when the height is adjusted. Don’t be turned off by the price of the ComfortGroom table; you are getting a unique item for your money. This table comes with a foot remote, and the tabletop is removable for easy cleaning and storage. If your dog happens to be incredibly overweight or large, the max weight capacity for the table is 320 pounds, more than enough to handle your pooch.

The pebbled surface is non-skid and easy-to-clean with rounded corners for your protection. There are corner hooks in place for you to hang grooming equipment to make the complicated process of grooming more manageable.

+ Electric Lift
+ Non-skid pebbled surface
+ Corner hooks
+ Rounded corners

Why We Liked It – The warranty for this product makes the high price point worth it. You get a 2-year warranty on the motor part and a lifetime one for the frame.

5. Flying Pig Foldable Dog Pet Grooming Table

Flying Pig 38’’ Medium Size Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Frame Foldable Dog Pet Grooming Table

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This foldable grooming table is a medium-sized option from Flying Pig. It has the same cute bone-shaped textured surface that is non-slip for your pet to get a good grip on. The storage basket on the bottom is a great place to store any larger equipment like shears, clippers, and a dog hair dryer for easy access.

The adjustable folding arm is removable for pups that struggle less. Great for small to medium-sized dogs, there are multiple places to hook your dog’s leash onto to ensure safety and stability. Even with a squirmy puppy, the rubber-capped feet will hold the table still.

+ Foldable arm
+ Metal storage basket
+ Storage basket
+ Stable steel frame

Why We Like It – We love the different colors you can choose from, especially the orange one to brighten up a dull room.

6. Yaheetech Pet Dog Grooming Table

Yaheetech Pet Dog Grooming Table Adjustable Height

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You might have realized that most pet grooming tables look similar. This is because professional groomers prefer basic design! This folding table is easy to store and also comes with a folding arm and leash loop to keep your pup safe. We would still suggest keeping a hand on your pooch to keep him steady.

You don’t want him jumping off the side and accidentally choking himself. The rubber capped feet on the goal post style legs will keep the table steady, and the non-slip texture is easy to clean, wipe it after each session, and it’s good to go!

+ Folding Arm
+ Easy to store
+ Rubber capped feet
+ Folding Arm

Why We Like It – The placement of the storage basket is convenient for you to grab anything you need. The table is easy to take apart and store against a wall when the job is done.

7. Master Equipment Pet Grooming Table

Master Equipment Pet Grooming Table for Pets

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This is by far our favorite option on the list. This rotating table is not cumbersome and doesn’t take up a lot of space. Move it comfortably around your house to a spot where your dog feels the most comfortable. All you need is a flat surface that can hold the table and your dog’s weight. This smart design doesn’t limit your options and saves a lot of space.

The cute color choices are a bonus, and it also comes with a grooming arm and leash loop for safety. The lightweight table comes with a rotating tabletop, which makes it easier to get your dog from all angles without having to shift your already uncomfortable fur baby.

+ Rotating tabletop
+ Easily portable
+ Lightweight
+ Colorful options

Why We Like It – The portability and rotating tabletop make this table an excellent choice for fussy fur babies. You can opt to operate on the floor for dogs who may feel comfortable at a lower level.

8. Yaheetech Portable Pet Grooming Table

Yaheetech Portable Pet Grooming Table for Large Dogs Adjustable Height

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Here we have an option for larger fur babies. The table is extremely durable and solid with a stainless steel frame and PVC feet caps. The table is also collapsible and easy to store with an adjustable H-frame. The steel arm spans the length of the entire table and is designed to hold the weight of larger dogs.

With the two leash loops, you can even groom two little pups at the same time! The rounded corners will prevent you from scraping your body, and the included storage basket keeps all the tools you need on-hand and easily accessible.

+ Solid and durable stainless steel frame
+ PVC capped feet
+ Adjustable H-frame
+ Leash loops

Why We Like It – Larger dogs could be more challenging to control. The two leash loops can add stability, and the steel arm that spans across the table will make it virtually impossible to escape.

9. SHELANDY Pet Grooming Arm with Clamp

SHELANDY Pet Grooming Arm with Clamp for Large and Small Dogs

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If you have a large and small pooch at home, you might not know which size grooming table to choose. Shelandy solves your problem with this purchase. The grooming arm has a maximum height of 35 inches and a clamp that attaches it to the table. Two loops of different sizes are included in the package, perfect for small or large dogs.

The more substantial loop measures at 26 inches and the small ones are 4 inches smaller, at 22 inches. Please note that this package from Shelandy only includes adjustable arm and loops; the table is not included with your purchase.

+ Adjustable arm
+ Clamp
+ Large and small hoops
+ Extra security

Why We Like It – The two loops could be for two different sized dogs or for one dog, loop one around the neck and one around the abdomen area to keep your dog extra secure.

10. Haige Pet Your Pet Nanny Professional Dog Grooming Table

Haige Pet Your Pet Nanny Professional Dog Grooming Table

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Another well-made dog grooming table, the stainless steel frame, and rounded edges make this a safe and long-lasting option. The surface is also covered with anti-slip material, and the non-slip feet add extra stability to the table. When you are done with your doggy makeover, fold the table and stow it away for next time.

The H-frame is easy to adjust to a height that is comfortable for you and your pet. The arm spans the length of the table and has two nooses attached for various needs. Keep all the grooming accessories you need close at hand in the tray installed underneath the table.

+ Stainless steel frame
+ Non-slip surface area
+ Foldable and easy to store
+ 2 nooses

Why We Like It – This table is meant for serious pet groomers and professionals. The arm and nooses will hold any dog with a maximum weight capacity of 250 pounds.

Dog Grooming Table Buyer’s Guide

To avoid having to deal with a squirmy and fearful pet, many dog parents send their dogs to the groomers. If you would instead pocket that money and spend it on more things for your pup, why not invest in a good grooming table? Your dog would probably rather have you close by than to be sent off to strangers.

A lot of dog grooming tables look the same and have a similar design, but the key is looking into the minute details of the construction. What do those things entail? That’s what we are going to take a look at in this next part.

What to Look for When Buying a Dog Grooming Table


A grooming table should last you for a good few decades. If you have a puppy, you should buy a grooming table suited to their size at maturity. Measure the length of your dog in comparison to the table. There should always be a few inches of breathing room and never go for a table that’s too small. It increases the chances of your dog slipping off and injuring himself.

Grooming your dog will take at least an hour. The height of the table is for your convenience and comfort. You don’t want to stoop low for an extended period and injure your back, so make sure you can stand comfortably. Most of the dog grooming tables are adjustable, which is an easy solution to the problem.

Weight Limit

Even though a lot of grooming tables have a weight limit beyond 100 pounds, it’s still smart to take further notice in this department. Make sure the model you choose is strong enough to hold your pooch.


One of the most critical features is stability. A wobbly table is dangerous, and with a dog who likes to struggle, that’s just an accident waiting to happen. Make sure the table has wide-set legs with rubber caps to ensure safety. The surface material should also be non-skid to prevent your dog from slipping off.


This feature is more for convenience than anything else. The areas that are adjustable on a grooming table are the grooming arm and height. Some options even have a rotating tabletop, which allows full 360-degree rotation for natural, easy grooming.


A grooming table that’s easy to store and portable should be at the top of your list. Not many people have enough space to accommodate a large fixture like that. Tabletops of most grooming tables are removable, and the legs are easily foldable, so it will be quite easy to find a portable one.

Easy to Clean

Dogs can make a mess of things sometimes, especially those that aren’t potty trained. If you are a slow and careful groomer, your dog might have an accident on the surface of the table from waiting too long. After a beauty session, the tabletop will be covered with fur, drool, and nail clippings. Finding one that is easy to clean and static-free will shorten the amount of time spent on this challenging task.


For both your and your dog’s safety, good grooming tables have rounded corners to protect your skin and leash loops to help secure Rover in place in case he does slip. Durable materials will ensure the table won’t collapse halfway through a session and will stand the test of time.

Extra Features

Little added features can make grooming a more pleasurable experience. Such details include a storage basket. Having to reach over your dog or leave the room to grab the necessary grooming tools will give your dog time to escape. Having a storage basket installed under the table is a great way to keep all the tools close at hand.

Benefits of a Dog Grooming Table

Why should you get a grooming table and take on this complicated endeavor instead of sending your dog to a professional? Grooming at home has several benefits, which we will list out for you to make an informed decision of your own.

Any activity you do with your dog will strengthen your existing bond. It’s an opportunity for you to show love and care and praise your pooch for his patience and tolerance. With you as the one by his side through this tough ordeal, your dog will be less frightened and more likely to keep still.

You are almost always more thorough in the process than a groomer after all this is your fur baby we’re talking about. Grooming allows you to not only get the results you are happy with, but also take a close look at your pup’s skin, coat, ears, teeth, gums, and paws for abnormalities.

Being able to do all of this in the comfort of your own home will make your dog feel safer, more confident, and it will, therefore, be easier on you. Not to mention, it does save you some bucks.

Why Buy a Dog Grooming Table?

You might be thinking, ‘’why do I need to buy a grooming table?’’ Although it is possible to groom your pup on the floor of your bathroom, a grooming table is the safer route. Being on the floor with no leash, noose, or restraints can result in a wrestling match with your dog. This is especially dangerous when you have grooming tools in your hands.

Your dog will be less inclined to stay still if he’s on the floor and the doorway is just a few feet away from him. With nothing to stabilize him or keep his paws from slipping and sliding on the marble floors, your dog’s new haircut won’t be what you intended.

Last but not least, the cleanup. Imagine hairballs, nail clippings, and drool flying about. You need to personally get down on your hands and knees, hunt down every last piece of debris and wipe down the area. That sounds like a headache you don’t need. But thank heavens a grooming table can spare you from all that.


Grooming tables are meant to increase the efficiency and ease of grooming. We believe if you follow some of our pointers for buying the right table, the job will no longer be something you both dread. Get one that can fold up and stay out of your way when it’s not in use. We have complete faith in you to find the right table from the full range of choices out there.

Expert Tip

How do you get an anxious dog to calm down on the grooming table? Almost all dogs get a little shaken up during the initial stages. Being confronted by an array of unfamiliar tools that make strange sounds is enough to send the bravest of dogs running. Positive reinforcement and timing are the keys to a more comfortable session.

Catch your pooch when he is most calm; this is usually after meals. Whenever he keeps still or stops struggling, praise him verbally and offer him a treat. Hopefully, over time, this will help your dog relax and acclimate to the process.

Did You Know?

Starting on the grooming while they’re young will prevent difficulties as they get older. Try to keep your hands on your pooch at all times with slight pressure; this will be a comforting gesture and keep him calm.

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