When you welcome a new fur baby into your home, there is nothing cuter than all the antics he gets up to and when he’s fast asleep all snuggled up in his bed. In order to make sure they feel right at home, he needs a comfortable dog bed to call his own! It will become his safe space where he retreats to when he feels tired and maybe even when he’s a bit scared, although we all hope they will come running into our arms if that’s the case. There is no denying that a comfortable puppy bed is indispensable and necessary for a new puppy.

While dogs can sleep just about anywhere, it’s good to give them spinal and joint support by elevating their bodies off the ground. It’s easy to buy the cutest option on the market, but does it really offer what your puppy needs? A top-rated puppy bed will not only feel comfortable, but some can even help their spinal development. Let’s take a look at the best ones on the market today.

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1. Best Friends by Sheri The Original Calming Shag Vegan Fur Donut Cuddler

Best Friends by Sheri The Original Calming Shag Vegan Fur Donut Cuddler

Shaggy and soft puppy beds are all the rage right now. These top-rated puppy beds have a calming effect on your pooch. One night in this donut cuddler and your dog will never want to sleep on anything else again! It comes in different sizes of course from small to XL and in two different colors to match your interiors. The round shape and high-quality materials allow this donut cuddler to support your dog’s sleep. It’s comfortable, versatile and made with safe vegan materials.


+ Pet -safe vegan materials

+ Soft and shaggy

+ Has a calming effect

+ Comes in different sizes

+ 2 colors

Why We Like It – We love the texture of this calming puppy bed and the high-quality materials it was made from. It’s easy to clean and can be thrown in the machine and the back is dirt resistant.

2. Friends Forever Orthopedic Dog Bed Lounge Sofa

Friends Forever Orthopedic Dog Bed Lounge Sofa

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For those not looking for a soft mound for their dogs, this is a bed option that keeps its shape. The orthopedic dog bed lounge sofa is great for restful sleeps and a lazy lie-down during the day. It’s designed with memory foam and poly-filled bolster to keep your pet nestled in. Even if your little puppy isn’t potty trained yet, this dog bed still makes a great choice as the orthopedic memory foam mattress is water-resistant. All you need to do to clean the dog bed is to remove the machine washable cover.


+ Removable cover

+ Machine washable

+ Orthopedic memory foam mattress

+ Poly-filled bolster

+ Non-slip base

Why We Like It – This bed is suitable for dogs in all life stages to help them get a good night’s rest and to alleviate arthritis pain in old age.

3. MIXJOY Orthopedic Dog Bed

MIXJOY Orthopedic Dog Bed

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This dog bed is not only orthopedic, but it’s also super comfortable and furry. Unfortunately, it only comes in one size but can accommodate dogs up to 25 pounds. The nylon and faux fur come together to ensure your puppy gets a good night’s rest. The raised rim around this ortho puppy bed will snuggle and envelope your pup, allowing him to curl up and enjoy a restful sleep. Good sleep will equal a happier and better-behaved puppy!

The puppy bed is extremely lightweight, making it perfect for trips and is machine washable and can be thrown in the dryer as well.


+ Soft and furry

+ Orthopedic

+ Raised rim design

+ Lightweight and portable

+ Machine washable

Why We Like It – We always like any awesome puppy accessory that we can take with us. The lightweight and malleable design allow this dog bed to fit nicely inside suitcases.

4. Pet Craft Supply Co. Self Warming Dog Bed

Pet Craft Supply Co. Self Warming Dog Bed

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For a heavy-duty dog bed that is comfortable as well, Pet Craft Supply Co. has really outdone itself with this self-warming dog bed. The memory foam will cushion your puppy dog and use his body heat to warm the bed. The elevated bolsters and soft and cozy material will serve as insulation on cold winter nights. These foam beds are made from non-toxic pet safe materials that are machine washable to keep the odors and germs at bay.


+ Memory foam bed

+ Self-warming bed

+ Safe materials

+ Machine washable

+ Supportive bolster

Why We Like It – This puppy bed is an ingenious design that caters to all small dogs. It’s made from durable and safe materials to keep your puppies comfy and warm at night.

5. Friends Forever Donut Faux Fur Dog Beds

Friends Forever Donut Faux Fur Dog Beds

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A soft faux fur donut puppy bed will have a calming effect on your dog. Trust us, after a long day of entertaining your puppy, you will be very grateful that there is something in your arsenal that can calm him down at the end of the day. These adorable and supportive doggy beds come in 3 different sizes and 4 cute pastel colors to go with your furniture. The filling is very supportive of your dog’s body weight, which can take the stress off joints to even benefit senior dogs. If you get a size large enough, your fur baby will benefit from this bed for a dog all his life.


+ Supportive filling

+ 3 different sizes

+ 4 colors

+ Calming effect

+ Made from non-toxic materials

Why We Like It – The different sizes will give any dog the opportunity to enjoy these dog beds. They are comfortable, cozy and soft – what more could your dog ask for?

6. Furhaven Pet – Round Supportive Cuddler

Furhaven Pet - Round Supportive Cuddler

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This round-style dog bed is really like sleeping on a cloud for your puppy. It comes in 5 different sizes to accommodate dogs of all breeds and the color options are endless. Your pet will be securely wrapped inside with the foam walls and the water-resistant base will keep your home free of messes.

During potty training, the accessible cut-out exit will make it easier on your pup to go in and out of these best dog beds. The insert pillow is removable if your dog wants to snuggle in deeper and the bed itself will offer skeletal support for your dog starting from a pup to adulthood.


+ Plush sleep surface

+ Many colors and sizes

+ Water-resistant base

+ Cut-out entrance

+ Removable insert pillow

Why We Like It – Just the different color options alone have us sold on these dog beds. Not only do they come in a variety of sizes and colors, but they are also easy to clean as well.

7. PUPPBUDD Pet Dog Bed for Large Breeds

PUPPBUDD Pet Dog Bed for Large Breeds

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Catered to large dogs who have a hard time finding beds, the Puppbudd pet dog bed come in extra-large sizes for your bigger puppy. Ranging from L-XXXL, your dog’s pup’s size won’t have to exclude him from enjoying a restful and cozy bed. The bed is made from pet-safe and eco-friendly materials to keep your dog warm and comfy. It’s a sofa style bed that’s heavily padded and features orthopedic foam on the bottom. To keep it clean, just toss this puppy bed into the washing machine and dryer afterward.


+ Machine washable as a whole

+ Dryer friendly

+ Orthopedic foam

+ A great option for large dogs

+ Eco-friendly and safe materials

Why We Like It – These dog beds are a great option for a new puppy of a larger breed. They cater to a big dog so they can enjoy a cozy sleep too.

8. Best Friends by Sheri OrthoComfort Deep Dish Cuddler

Best Friends by Sheri OrthoComfort Deep Dish Cuddler

There is nothing cuter than a small dog all snuggled up in a cuddler bed. Your new puppy will feel out of place in a new environment, and giving them the warm snuggle he would have next to his dog mom will help relieve anxiety. It comes in 7 different colors and is the perfect size for dogs up to 25 lbs. The puppy beds are completely non-toxic and the design is flexible enough for any sleeping position. These puppy beds also feature a 100% waterproof bottom to contain the mess should accidents happen.


+ Supports better sleep quality

+ Soft and comfortable

+ Waterproof bottom

+ 7 colors

+ Flexible design

Why We Like It – This cozy bed provides a comfortable and safe environment for a new puppy. It’s made from high-quality and safe materials to guarantee a good night’s rest.

9. Sealy Lux Quad Layer Orthopedic Dog Bed with Cooling Gel

Sealy Lux Quad Layer Orthopedic Dog Bed with Cooling Gel

Conversely to self-warming dog beds, we have an option with cooling gel for hot summers or those who live in a hot climate. It has 4 layers of ortho foam to give your dog the support he needs, making this one of the best dog beds for puppies. Having a therapeutic bed such as this one can not only help with bone development now, but also avoid bone and joint issues into old age. The removable cover is machine washable and the charcoal base of these dog beds help to eliminate odors.


+ A great choice for ortho support

+ Best dog beds for cooling with cooling gel

+ Foam bed

+ Washable cover

+ Eliminates odors

Why We Like It – This dog bed is not only firm for proper support but it features a refreshing cooling gel that relieves heat during hot summer nights.

10. Long Rich Reversible Rectangle Pet Bed

Long Rich Reversible Rectangle Pet Bed

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This cozy puppy bed for dog breeds up to 25 lbs features a reversible design making it a very versatile accessory. It features a warm knitted corduroy design on one side for freezing winters and the other size features a faux suede for cooling during hot summers. Filled to the brim with stuffing, the rectangle pet bed also offers some much-needed support and is easy to clean in the washing machine. It’s as if you are getting 2 instead of one bed for your dog at an affordable price.


+ Reversible design

+ Filled with stuffing

+ Machine washable

+ Many colors

+ Corduroy knit

+ Faux suede

Why We Like It – It’s like getting two beds in one! The reversible rectangle puppy beds from Long Rich will lessen the cleaning for you two-fold.

Best Puppy Beds Buyer’s Guide

What makes the best puppy beds? Is it the memory foam, cozy material covers, soft filling or easy maintenance? The answer is all of the above and more! To answer your question in detail and to help you find the best dog bed for your puppy, our experts have put together a detailed guide on what to look for to make sure your puppy is happy as can be in his new home.

Defining Needs by Breed

Different breeds will have different needs. For example, a short-haired puppy will fare much better in a self-warming and super cozy bed than a long-haired breed would. If you have a breed with a double coat such as a Siberian Husky, we would suggest avoiding self-heating dog beds. Even on cold winter nights, your fur baby will be more than capable of keeping himself warm without the help of a puppy bed.

The size of the puppy bed you decide to purchase will also depend on the breed you have. For example, you can probably go for a small bed the whole way through if you have small breeds like Yorkshire Terriers or Chihuahuas. However, those with medium to large breeds will need to consider the full size of their puppy before purchasing a puppy bed. While you may not mind switching out the bed as your puppy grows, purchasing one that can accommodate him at full size will save you some money.

If you purchase a soft and plus cuddle bed like the Best Friends by Sheri The Original Calming Shag Vegan Fur Donut Cuddler, it gives more leeway for your pet to lay out and the sizing is a bit more flexible. However, if you choose a bolster bed like the Friends Forever Lounge Sofa, you will need to measure the size exactly to make sure your puppy fits.

The Materials

The materials of the dogs’ bed are crucial. Teething fur babies in the puppy stage will be able to rip through flimsy material in no time at all. In this case, you should look for a chew-proof puppy bed that’s durable to withstand those little teeth.

A destroyed bed means more shopping and more money spent, but that isn’t even the most detrimental aspect. If you puppy ingests the materials, it could get lodged in his esophagus or block his stomach. A vet trip can cost a pretty penny these days, and you will be kicking yourself if it could have been avoided.

Look for pet-safe, non-toxic and environmentally friendly materials when looking for the best bed. Remember that you get what you pay for and don’t sacrifice quality for costs.

A popular choice is memory foam for a puppy bed. They offer the best support in terms of spinal development. For the best bed with therapeutic foam, make sure you don’t go for lower-tier materials. Cheaper costs can result in a puppy bed that quickly flattens out over time and loses shape.

Large breed dogs such as the Golden Retriever suffer from hip and elbow dysplasia. With the help of these foam beds, it can alleviate the problem from puppyhood by elevating your pooch off the ground, which is a puppy bed with this type of bottom is recommended.

One last question you want to ask yourself is if your puppy is fully potty-trained. Even if he is, there might be the occasional accident, especially if he is nervous in his new home. A lot of puppy bed reviews don’t stress the importance of a waterproof non-skid base, but we will. Clean-up shouldn’t add more of a headache so look for a puppy bed that can be machine-washed whole or has a removable cover.

Popular materials for a pup bed include the following:

  • Microfiber – A popular choice because it’s soft and has antimicrobial properties.
  • Fleece – An excellent choice for a puppy that needs to keep warm. It’s a great self-heating material and is an affordable option as well.
  • Faux suede – One of our suggestions, the Long Rich Reversible Rectangle Bed, has faux suede on one side. it’s durable and not as hot as the other fuzzy materials.
  • Nylon – Nylon is also a cooler material than the above materials and is also a better choice for puppies that have sensitive skin.
  • Vinyl – The savior for avid chewers, vinyl beds for puppies make a great adversary for their sharp little teeth.

The filling of the beds for dog breeds is just as important in case your dog chews through the surface. For the filling, you will get any of the following for the best choices:

  • Foam – What memory beds are made from, foam stuffing is imperative to proper skeletal and muscular support.
  • Fiber – Polyester is the fiber to be exact. Poly-filled pup beds are much softer than foam and make a great choice for young pups that need security and anxiety relief.

The Type of Bed

Sleeping dog at bed. Pet at home

This depends on the sleeping position of your pooch. A soft nester is nice, but not if your dog likes to sprawl out and needs the space. A soft cuddle bed is great for puppies who like to curl up in a fetal position. For those who like to stretch out on their side, back or stomach, look for rectangular beds such as the Long Rich Reversible Rectangle Pet Bed.


The soft bed for a puppy will offer the calm and comfort their mother’s bodies did. Self-warming dog beds will also give them the feeling of being cuddled, which could relieve anxiety. Your puppy should sleep in a crate if you wish to crate train him. A puppy won’t be properly trained yet to not get into mischief during his early years so we would suggest a doggy bed. Soft and comfortable options are always best for a restful night’s sleep.

Did You Know?

Get a puppy bed that is made of military-grade material if he is an avid chewer. This is even more vital for dogs that are known for their strong bite or ones of a larger breed.

Expert Tip

Purchase a pup bed that is at least 6 inches wider than your dog on all sides to guarantee a good night’s sleep and sufficient room.

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