As we slowly enter into the latter half of the year, the temperature drops and the weather gets gloomier. It gets harder and harder to get out of bed in the mornings as you just want to curl up under the covers.

I’m sure that is the comfort you won’t want to deny your dog. Giving them a warm bed and a bowl full of dog food is the least we can do as dog owners. For dog breeds without the thick double coat, winter can be a torturous season!

Warm-up your pooch with a heated dog pad. If you have a new puppy, an elderly dog, a sickly one or want to keep your dog warm in the outdoors, an outdoor heating pad comes in handy.

They are small mats or pads that generate heat to keep your dog warm. There are a lot on the market and ones with a wide range of features.

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1. RIOGOO Pet Heating Pad

RIOGOO Pet Heating Pad, Electric Heating Pad for Dogs

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Our top pick is a fourth-generation product, which automatically bumps it higher on the list. It’s been tweaked enough times, and flaws or faults from the previous models have been eliminated. It will create a comfortable little nook for your pet during winter months.

There is a safety function built-in to the pet pad; it turns off itself if you ever forget to switch it off. The 7-layer protection will also shield your pet and prevent him from getting too hot or burned.

The soft polyester cover is removable and washable by hand. Heating pads for pets have wires, but this one happens to be chew-proof — no worries about having a new puppy tear through the cord.

+ Non-toxic materials
+ Auto-off switch
+ 7 layer protection
+ One year guarantee
+ Top pick

Why We Like It – Other than the 7-layer protection, the pet-heating mat also comes with a heat sensor to avoid overheating your pet. It keeps your pooch at the optimum level of comfort.

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2. Furhaven Pet Dog Bed Heating Pad

Furhaven Pet Dog Bed Heating Pad

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Furhaven, a trusted pet brand, also has a heated dog bed of their own. The fantastic invention is electricity-free, comes in 4 sizes and multiple colors! The plush surface is ultra-soft and provides ample cushioning for your pet; he won’t even need a pet bed.

All you need is this heated pet mat on camping trips or traveling! Now I’m sure you’re wondering why this heating pad is electricity-free.

The poly fiber insulates your pet and retains your pet’s natural body heat. Due to this, the entire mat is machine washable! However, it isn’t recommended for teething puppies.

+ Multiple sizes and colors
+ No electricity needed and no wires and cords
+ Easy to clean/machine washable
+ Warrantied

Why We Like It – This luxurious and soft pet bed is safer than the average design due to the no electricity factor — no more worrying about your pup chewing through cords.

3. K&H Pet Products Lectro-Kennel Outdoor Heated Pad

K&H Pet Products Lectro-Kennel Outdoor Heated Pad

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K&H is the brand that dominates our list today. In the area of dog heating pads, they do just as good a job as they do for their other products. Take your pick from three sizes, preferably one that allows your dog to curl up entirely on the mat.

The temperature of this electrical heating pad is thermostatically controlled and adapts to your dog’s body temperature. If your home is generally pretty warm, this heating pet pad is great for the outdoors.

The dog-heating mat meets and exceeds a variety of safety standards, including the USA/CA electrical safety standards. They even have a customer service line dedicated to giving you all the support you need.

+ One-year limited warranty
+ Meets and exceeds a variety of safety standards
+ Perfect for outdoor use
+ Thermostatically controlled
+ Fleece covered

Why We Like It – You get a free machine washable fleece cover with your purchase for easy transport of the electrical heating pad. The low wattage is also economical, so your bills won’t skyrocket.

4. Zobire Pet Heating Pad

Zobire Pet Heating Pad

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When the temperatures start to drop, you need a comfortable place for your favorite fur friend to sleep. This heated pet bed has a built-in dual thermostat that allows the bed to keep a consistent temperature, and the material is highly chewing resistant – ideal for that naughty pup who thinks everything is edible (there is also chew resistant cord casing)!

The soft fleece cover is removable and machine washable, making this a pet heating pad that is easy to keep clean. It has been tested and certified in the United States (MET Labs) to ensure your fur friend’s safety and maximal comfort, and the company offers a friendly customer service who can help you with any issue or concern.

+ Removable fleece for easy washing
+ Chew resistant cord casing
+ With built-in dual thermostat
+ Soft PVC envelop enclosure

Why We Like It – The chew resistant cord casing and material makes this a pet bed that will last, and the removable fabric prevents bacterial build-up thanks to being machine washable.

5. MARUNDA Pet Heating Pad

MARUNDA Pet Heating Pad

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The dog heating mat from Marunda keeps the temperature at the most comfortable level for pets. The optimal temperature is at about 35 to 40 degrees for most pets (yes, that is a bit on the high end).

The auto-temperature regulator will ensure your dog keeps toasty. The heated pet pad itself is made from waterproof PVC material, and the cover is removable and washable. Your first concern should be the safety of the mat, and the steel chew resistant cord is 100% safe.

The low wattage and temperature regulator were put in place specifically to keep your pet safe. If you are unhappy with your purchase, you get a free return policy with Marunda!

+ 1-year warranty and 24/7 customer service
+ Temperature regulator
+ Chew resistant and waterproof
+ Washable

Why We Like It – The heated pet pad only heats when it detects your dog’s body heat while he lies on it. When he gets up to go about his day, the temperature will cool down by 10-15 degrees.

6. K&H Pet Products Pet Bed Warmer

K&H Pet Products Pet Bed Warmer

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Do you have a dog who is very attached to his bed? Or maybe you have the perfect bed for your arthritic dog and changing to a thin mat is out of the question. If these are the cases, we present to you a pet bed warmer.

It also comes in a variety of sizes and two different colors. The pet bed warmer is compatible with almost any indoor pet bed. Once inserted inside, the heated pet pad will warm the bed to 10 – 15 degrees higher than the ambient temperature.

Once your pet gets inside, the temperature will rise just a little more to reach the perfect warmth. If you’re unsure about this product, you are protected by a 1-year warranty.

+ Fits with virtually any indoor pet bed
+ Heats the surface of the bed
+ Plugs directly into a household outlet
+ 1-year warranty

Why We Like It – We like this option because it gives your pet the freedom to keep sleeping on the bed he’s used, without having to give up the comfort but still keeping warm.

7. Warmstore Pet Heating Pad Heated Dog Beds

Warmstore Pet Heating Pad Heated Dog Beds

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If you have a smaller dog or even a cat or bunny, this heating pad is a perfect size. Whether you have an elderly, injured pet or it’s just a cold day, your dog needs this! The convenient LED indicator will display the temperature of the heated pet pad.

The thermostatically controlled heating will warm the bed according to your pet’s body temperature. If you liked the seven adjustable temperature levels of one of the previous options, you also get it with this heated pet bed too! The waterproof, PVC fireproof, and dustproof material will keep your pet safe, and the removable cover is machine washable!

+ 2-year guarantee
+ LED indicator
+ Thermostatically controlled heating
+ 7 adjustable temperature
+ Heating pad/bed for small dogs

Why We Like It – Finally, we have an option with a cover that is machine washable. This option takes the best of many other options and rolls it into one!

8. Wangstar Waterproof Pet Heat Pad

Wangstar Waterproof Pet Heat Pad

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This option of a pet heat pad from Wangstar is waterproof, has safety certifications and the pad itself is chew resistant! You are also able to adjust the temperature settings via the controls, but it is recommended to heat the pad on high first and adjust accordingly.

The power cord is always susceptible to a pet’s teeth, and this one comes with a silicone casing to prevent it from incurring any damages. Let your pet burrow in for a good night’s sleep under the gift blanket that comes with your purchase! The extra-large heating pad is also a good crate pad for dogs who like sleeping in dog crates.

+ Three-month refund policy
+ Free blanket
+ Chew resistant and waterproof
+ Adjustable temperature settings + Extra-large bed for large dogs

Why We Like It – We feel like everything has been taken into consideration in terms of safety for this heated dog pet bed. The pad itself and the cord are chew-safe.

9. Homello Pet Heating Pad for Dogs

Homello Pet Heating Pad for Dogs

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The time it takes for this affordable heating pad to heat up is relatively short, at about 10 minutes. The adjustable settings allow the heating pad to accommodate the needs of different pets. The heat sensors will automatically shut off the heating pad before it overheats. Make sure you only use the pad indoors and always lay it flat, DO NOT fold it.

If your pet manages to chew through the metal layer that encases the cable, Homello will either give you a replacement of or a full refund! Don’t worry about accidentally getting shocked; the fireproof and waterproof material is durable and keeps your pet well protected.

+ 1-year warranty
+ 100% money-back guarantee
+ Easy to handwash
+ Safe materials

Why We Like It – Any pet can enjoy a warm bed in the wintertime with this pet heating bed. The materials are all 100% safe, and the bed prevents from overheating.

10. HD JUNTUNKOR Pet Heating Pad

HD JUNTUNKOR Pet Heating Pad

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The intelligent pet heating pad will automatically adjust its temperature to suit your dog to give him a nice and toasty bed. The temperature level can be seen on the LED indicator lamp so you can change it as needed. The surface of the heating mat is made from sturdy and durable oxford cloth that’s easy to clean.

It’s tough, but also breathable and soft. Use the pet heating pad in all seasons with the two-mode heat settings. The cord is also encased in chew-proof material that makes the heating pad extra safe to use. HD Juntunkor provides a 1-year warranty and 30-day unconditional refund with your purchase.

+ Tough but breathable oxford cloth surface
+ Easy to clean
+ Safe materials
+ Only 3 -5 min of heating needed

Why We Like It – Your dog won’t have to wait too long to feel warm. All you need is 3-5 min out of your day to heat the pad to the desired temperature for your pup.

Heated Dog Pad Buying Guide

There are so many benefits to using a dog heating pad we can’t even count them. Each manufacturer is trying to outdo another by inventing new gadgets and creating more innovative designs. Whether you have a sickly dog or it’s a cold winter this year, your dog can benefit from a dog heating mat.

This is especially true if your dog is kept outside in the dog house or an outdoor kennel. To ensure you purchase the best option for your dog’s needs and everyone’s safety, take a look at some features to consider.

What to Look for When Buying Heated Dog Pads?

The Size

The size of the pets mat depends on the size of your dog. Some sellers and manufactures do not have larger sizes, so be sure to check. We would suggest purchasing a size that is large enough for your dog to spread out on without any part of him touching the floor.

Your dog may curl up in a ball when he’s cold, but when the temperature gets to a comfortable level, he will naturally spread out. You don’t want to waste the heat with a small animal on a large heated pet bed.

Conversely, a large pet using a small heating pad won’t get enough warmth – they will need a bigger heated bed for large dogs.

Where are You Using It?

The location of the pad is also essential. Will you be using it indoors or out? If the answer is outdoors, make sure you search for an outdoor heated dog bed that is weatherproof and made from appropriate materials to weather the elements.


The materials play a significant role in how safe the heating pad is. But other than that, a cord that comes encased in chew-proof plastic, and one with an auto switch-off function when it’s left unattended is also a big bonus.

You will have seen some options above having a heat-regulating function to prevent your pet from overheating. This is also an important one to look for.

If the pet heating bed comes with certification and have been safety tested to meet or exceed regulations from multiple countries, these options should be considered first.

Ones with an LED indicator will give you the accurate temperature for the pad, and this makes it easier for you to monitor the settings.

Heating Method

Most dog beds use electricity. It’s as easy as 1-2-3, you just plug it into any household electrical outlet. However, some safer options require no power and do not contain any electrical wires. Your utility expenses aside, a heating pet bed that requires extra considerations like being close to an electrical outlet will limit your use of the pets mat.

If any of these reasons are of concern to you, we suggest looking for one that uses your dog’s body heat and thermo-reflective materials instead of shopping for electric heated dog beds themselves.

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This contributes to the longevity, safety, and durability of the product. Make sure the materials used are PVC fireproof, waterproof, shock-proof, dustproof, durable, and breathable.

Easy to Clean

The dog bed may be where your dog spends most of his time, so it makes sense it will get the dirtiest. Drool, saliva, and even urine in some cases might sink into the material. Make sure that whichever option you choose, you choose one that is easy to clean, whether it be by hand or machine.


What are you using the dog heating pad for? Will you take it traveling with you? Will you move it around the house? Think about these questions so you can find one without a bunch of extra cables and cords or one that’s difficult to set up.


As the old saying goes, you get what you pay for. For something that concerns the safety and comfort of your fur baby, we would suggest spending an extra penny or two and going the extra mile. It will be worth it in the end.


The last thing you should consider would be the look of the bed. Some manufacturers do provide cute patterns and different designs, but this should just be a bonus when looking for a heated dog pad.

Does My Dog Need a Heated Pad?

Are you not exactly sure if your dog will benefit from a heated dog mat? He will if he fits into any of the descriptions below:

  • Dogs who enjoy a comfy bed in cold winter months.
  • Pregnant pups who need extra heat.
  • Newborn or small animals. This is especially true for a puppy adjusting to a new home. The heat will give them comfort.
  • Dogs and other pets who sleep outside.
  • Elderly dogs.
  • Dogs with short dog hair.
  • Sick pups, or dogs that are recovering from injury.
  • Arthritic dogs.
  • Smaller and thinner fur babies.

What is a Dog Heating Mat?

In general, a dog heating mat is a mat or pet bed that can keep your dog warm. There are different types and ones that use different heating elements.

The most common one is electric pet heating mats. These are the ones with a cord that is plugged into a power socket, using electricity to generate the needed heat. It might remind you of an electric blanket you might own, and it does have a lot of the same properties.

An option that we don’t see as often due to their size limitations is a microwaveable heating pad. This might give you an image of a hot water bottle or those pads we heat up for injury. These heating pads for pets are easy to use, put them in the microwave. But they are usually smaller in size and may not provide lasting heat.

One last option we saw on our list was the self-warming option. These heating pads for pets use the thermal-reflective material to reflect your dog’s body heat into the bed, creating the perfect environment heated by your dog himself. It’s the safest option out there, and some can even be machine-washed!


Heated dog pads are relatively new dog gadgets compared to other things such as the dog camera and dog bowl. They have been tweaked over time, and the models on the market now are generally safe and worry-free.

A few key things to remember is to invest in a bed that is larger than your pup when he’s fully spread out. Chances are he will take to this new bed and not only use it during bedtime. Next up is the safety and material, once you’ve got that down, then you will figure out what’s right for you and your pet.

Expert Tip

Try to limit your options to products with low wattage. This not only saves on your bills, but there is less risk of any accidents happening. For a lot of options, only the cover is washable, for the mat itself, make sure you simply wipe it with a damp cloth. Do not throw the whole heated mat in the machine.

Did You Know

A dog has a higher body temperature than you or I. They know when they are too hot or too cold; so don’t worry too much about your dog overheating. He is more than capable of moving away from the pad when he is too hot.

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