The world of dog accessories is both big and daunting, but once you found a product that works and that lives up to your expectations – it is worth the extensive search.

Bubble & Spike’s Super Slip Leash

This is a dog walking product designed to reduce pulling during walks, and it is perfect for those pet parents that are struggling with leash training, and who have tried everything else without success.

The Super Slip Leash by Bubble & Spike is easy to put on, extremely durable and stylish looking, and it gives you the chance to enjoy your walks with your dog, without having to constantly tug at the leash.

If you have been looking for a leash you can comfortably hold while your pooch adjusts and learns not to pull – this modern tool could take you a big step in the right direction towards making every walk an enjoyable experience.

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A Revolutionary Training Leash

Slip leashes are frequently used by dog trainers, and especially when working with strong and stubborn dog breeds. The Super Slip Leash by Bubble & Spike was invented by the founder of an establish Pitbull rescue organization; where rescues often proved a challenge for the volunteers due to their reluctance to walk properly on a leash.

Pit bulls are strong dogs, and they quickly realized that a solution was needed, which birthed the concept of the Super Slip Leash.

The pending patented design is one-of-a-kind, made with durable materials to aid with both professional dog training and casual training at home, and it has a luxury finish that gives the product that extra edge.

The mildew-resistant rope prevents the leash from getting wet, uncomfortable and eventually smelly, something that gives it prolonged life while also looking great. You won’t find a leash like this anywhere else, as this attaches higher up on the dog’s neck than what most leashes do, to prevent the dog from pulling when out and about.

Man holding a dog on a leash

Hiring a professional dog trainer is not an option for everyone, and the Super Slip Leash simplifies the process of taking the training back home, where you can then work with your dog on your own terms. The leash is easy to use and comfortable for your dog to wear, provided he (or she) learns to walk without wanting to pull your arm off, and you will notice how quickly they will get the idea once the leash comes on.

How It Works

This leash makes sure you have everything you need when heading out for a walk, and you simply slip the loop over the dog’s head – no collar needed – and secure the rope with the metal stopper. The stopper is what keeps the leash in place, so that instead of sliding down to the part of the neck where a dog has the most muscles (enabling it to pull) – it stays right where you want it.

Dog leash

It is scientifically proven that the more a dog pulls, the more they develop their neck muscles, which then leads to more pulling, and the Super Slip Leash by Bubble & Spike was originally developed to prevent this from happening.

The static kernmantle rope does not budge or stretch, to make sure you maintain complete control, and the customized o-ring is angled to promote a decreased desire to pull.

By the handle, where you hold onto the leash, you will see a figure-8 knot that can be tightened and loosened at your convenience, and this is a clever feature to make sure you don’t accidentally drop the leash, and to make holding it both easier and more comfortable also for longer walks. You get a leash that has been optimized both for your comfort and for that of your dog.

Company Mission

Misconduct and undesirable behaviors are leading causes for dogs being abandoned and surrendered to shelters, and what is interesting is that bad behavior often has its roots in faulty training.

A dog that constantly pulls at the leash when out walking might drive their owners nuts, when the truth is that it is the owner who has probably been unsuccessful with the training provided. The Super Slip Leash by Bubble & Spike was invented to prevent animal abandonment, by supplying the average dog owner with an easy-to-use training tool.

Black and Silver Dog Leash

Positive reinforcement is a method promoted by the company behind the Super Slip Leash, and the product is meant to be used together with encouragement, rewards and a positive attitude to dog training. The Super Slip Leash is currently available only for large dogs and medium dogs, but a small-dog leash is scheduled to become available soon.

More than Just a Leash

With the Super Slip Leash, you get the unique opportunity to work on the bond you have with your dogs, by helping them understand what you want from them during your walks, and what it is that you would like them to do. It is a trendy high-quality leash with a purpose and one you won’t find anywhere else on the market.

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