When having a dog, being able to take a ride in the car from time to time is almost invaluable, but many dog owners are stopped by the prospect of muddy paw prints and doggy hair flying all over the place.

This can easily be prevented by using quality dog car covers or a dog car blanket, however, so there are no good excuses for why you shouldn’t take your dog out in the car. With a dog car protector, you no longer have to worry about dirt, moist and general destruction (long doggy nails!), as it protects the car seat while also keeping your furry friend comfortable.

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Notes from our DVM, Sara Ochoa:
“Seat covers or dog hammocks are great for your car especially if you have a small dog. They help keep your pets on the back seat, instead of jumping from the back of the car to the front.”

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1. Vailge 100% Waterproof Car Hammock

Vailge 100% Waterproof Car Hammock

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A sturdy and durable backseat cover for dogs suits any family that likes to take their dogs with them in the car. It easily converts from a regular couch cover for the backseat, and to a dog seat cover hammock, which keeps every inch of your vehicle protected from mud and scratches. The side flaps cover the doors, making this dog car seat cover one of the best products available – for people with dogs all sizes.

A great feature is this backseat dog cover being 100% waterproof; thanks to the 600D Oxford material and the TPU bottom cover (united with heat-pressing), and your car will be safe from both wet and muddy paws! You can even give your dog a bath and stick him in the car – without having to dry him off first!

+ Waterproof double-sided material
+ Converts from seat cover to hammock
+ Non-slip surface for traction
+ Fit most cars and trucks

Why We Like It – This car seat protector for dogs has it all! The best thing about it is how you can use it as a hammock or a regular seat cover, depending on what suits your needs. This would make a good present for any dog owner!

2. 4Knine Dog Seat Cover

4Knine Dog Seat Cover

If your car or truck is on the bigger side of the scale, then this car seat cover might be the right one for you! It comes in two different sizes so that you can choose the one that is most likely to fit the backseat of your car.

It only takes seconds to install thanks to the quick-release clips, and the material stays in place even as the dog moves around. You can use it as a regular seat cover or a hammock, and this seat cover for dogs has two Velcro openings so that seatbelts can be used in case a human passenger wants to ride in the back with the dogs. The dog backseat cover can be washed in the washing machine or hosed down and hung to dry.

+ Velcro openings for use of a seatbelt
+ Free of harsh chemicals and AZO dyes.
+ Three color options
+ Lifetime warranty

Why We Like It – The size and color options make it possible to personalize your dog seat covers and keep them looking good while also protecting your car from dirt, moist and dog hair.

3. Winner Outfitters Cover for Car Seat

Winner Outfitters Cover for Car Seat

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Seat anchors keep this stylish looking dog car seat right in place, even as your dogs move around as you drive. There are Velcro slots for the seatbelt, which is great for when you want to use a doggy car harness and seat belt (which you should; for your own safety and that of your dog).

The material is water resistant, has an anti-slip surface, side flaps to protect the doors of the car and it can be converted from a hammock and to a regular couch cover. These dog car seat covers are comfortable for your pup to sit and lie down on, and they can be washed easily when they start getting a little too dirty. The company promises to return your money if you are unhappy with the product, AND you get to keep the dog seat protector!

+ With waterproof TPU
+ Side flaps for door protection
+ Money-back guarantee
+ Easy to wash

Why We Like It – The promise to return the money if the buyer is unhappy – without the buyer having to return the product, speaks highly of the company, and how much they believe in what they sell. It is a simply designed dog backseat cover that fills all its required functions.

4. AmazonBasics Waterproof Car Bench

AmazonBasics Waterproof Car Bench

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Made with 100% polyester; this back seat protector for dogs keeps your car clean and dry, even after a run-around at the dog park on a rainy day! It attaches to the seat with two headrest loops, two elastic straps, and two seat anchors, and it withstands moist and dirt and can be washed in the washing machine.

The material is thick and sturdy enough not to be ripped by eager doggy nails, and you won’t have to worry about having to replace the rear seat dog cover anytime soon (if ever). The couch type design makes it possible to have a person sit in the backseat just as one normally would, which enables the whole family to head out for adventures together.

+ 100% polyester
+ Secure attachment features
+ Practical couch design
+ Fits most cars, trucks, and SUVs

Why We Like It – The way this back seat dog protector attaches makes it secure to use, as your dog won’t be sliding around or slip and hurt himself.

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5. Doggie World Dog Car Seat Cover

Doggie World Dog Car Seat Cover

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Looking for a luxury pet car seat protector that will protect the inside of your car from your furry best friend’s nails and the dirt he might bring with him? These dog back seat covers have a unique and eye-catching design which makes them more than just functional – they help make any car backseat look even better!

It combines comfort for your dog with practicality and excellent protection from moist and scratches, and it only takes a minute to put it in its place. Just a minute – and then you can be on the road with your best fur friend! The hammock design keeps your pup safe and comfortable, while also protecting the whole backseat.

+ Extremely durable material
+ Unique stylish design
+ Hammock for complete protection
+ Folds easily for no-hassle storage

Why We Like It – Function is the most important thing when buying a dog car seat protector, but why not pick a product that will also look great? This car seat pet cover stands out among its competitors for its eye-catching design.



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Cover the inside of your car with one of these pet car seat covers, and you won’t ever have to worry about mud, water and scratches again! It is made with quilted waterproof materials, comes with a lifetime warranty and it comes in black, gray and tan.

This back seat dog cover is also ideal for families with children; as it protects the interior from dirty boots, spilled juice and more. Once this back seat cover for dogs gets too dirty, you can easily wash it in the washing machine or by hand. It fits most cars, SUVs, and trucks, and is easy to put in and take out.

+ Waterproof and easy to wash
+ Perfect for children and pets
+ For cars, trucks, and SUVs
+ Vacuum, shake or wash

Why We Like It – Many of these dog seat covers for trucks and cars are similar, and you want to make sure you get a quality product that lasts. This seat protector for dogs is made with a strong material that suits both pets and kids, and it will make the cleaning of your car a lot easier.

7. YESYEES Waterproof Dog Car Seat Cover

YESYEES Waterproof Dog Car Seat Cover

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Two zippers enable you to use the middle seatbelt as well as the armrests so that the whole family can go on adventures together! This is what differs a couch cover from a hammock style cover, as a hammock style carpet cover makes it difficult for humans to ride along too.

The non-slip mesh keeps your dog comfortable and keeps him or her from slipping and falling inside the car, and it is durable enough to support repeated machine washes. It comes in a classy black color that fits most cars and vehicles. With a back seat pet cover such as this; but kids, grown-ups and pets can be comfortable, while still keeping the car looking great.

+ Zipped opening for armrest
+ Classy color and overall look
+ Keeps dog hair from flying around
+ Material to keep the dog from slipping

Why We Like It – The zippers to accommodate a middle seat armrest is a unique feature that is perfect for families where a kid might ride in the back with the dog.

8. KQRNS Pet Front Seat Cover

KQRNS Pet Front Seat Cover

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It is not just the back of the car that needs protection from whatever dirt might be brought in with your pup, but you also need a reliable front seat dog cover! This padded pet car seat cover is made with high-quality oxford material; it can be hosed down, washed in the washing machine or cleaned with the cordless pet hair removal vacuum cleaner, and it covers the whole front seat which is perfect for dogs that like to ride up-front! It is waterproof and the material controls any dog hairs that may otherwise be flying around, and it fits most car- and car seat types.

+ Made for the front seat
+ Padded and soft to sit on
+ High-Quality Oxford material
+ 1-Year Warranty

Why We Like It – Some dogs enjoy riding in the front seat, so why not let them? This pet cover for car front seats is the ultimate solution when you want to give your pup what he or she wants, without sacrificing the seats of your car.

9. iBuddy Dog Car Seat Cover

iBuddy Dog Car Seat Cover

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The iBuddy dog cover for car seats is what any adventurous family with dogs need! It is waterproof and made with a material that absorbs water and dirt, without letting it go through to the seats. With side flaps; it is not just the seat that stays protected, but the doors too! You can fold them up and down at your convenience, something that makes getting in- and out of the car quick and easy for your dog.

The mesh window is placed right between the two front seats, which allows air to flow freely to the back, to keep your fur pup happy and refreshed throughout the whole car ride. Inserts for dog seat belts make this dog car cover safe for your four-legged friend.

+ Breathable mesh window
+ Hammock design for ultimate protection
+ Side flaps that open
+ Protects from sharp nails

Why We Like It – The hammock design in itself is great, but the mesh window right in the middle of the front seats make these seat covers for dogs a unique and practical option.

10. Pet Magazine Luxury Pet Car Seat Cover

Pet Magazine Luxury Pet Car Seat Cover

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Let’s get fancy with these car seat covers for dogs that come in both beige and blue! The heavy-weight material stays right in place even as your dog moves around a bit (remember that your dog should always be secured with a doggy seat belt), it has quick-release clips to easily put it in and take it out, and you can wash it whenever it gets too dirty.

The waterproof aspect makes sure that nothing goes through to stain the inside of your car, and you can keep your eyes on the road – knowing that your pup is comfortable riding in the back without causing damage to your vehicle.

+ With quick-release clips
+ Folds for easy storage
+ Fun color options
+ Fits even larger SUVs

Why We Like It – Very few pet seat covers come in bright colors, so this is a great option for anyone who would like to add a fun splash of life to their back seat!

Dog Car Seat Covers Buyers Guide

When you have dogs, it is a great asset to have a car for short trips to the dog park, or longer road trips, but it could become a problem on rainy days or after a run-around with doggy friends! The dog may be perfectly clean as you leave the house, but not so clean by the time you come back.

Dog car protectors is what you need to keep your vehicle clean. Finding the right rear seat covers for pets is not too hard, as many products are very similar, but there are a few things to keep in mind before making the final decision.


The material is important for one main reason – it needs to withstand muddy and wet paws, or it fails to fill its function. Look for a seat cover made with waterproof material, such as oxford material or TPU, and you won’t have to worry about staining your car seats.

Bench Cover Vs. Hammock

Choose a bench cover if you plan to have someone sitting in the back with the dogs, as it does not change the function of the backseat, and most have slots for the seatbelt to come out. A hammock cannot be used if a human intends to sit in the back but is excellent for dogs as it prevents them from falling down and trying to get across to the front seat.

Special Features

Important to consider is also what special features the dog back seat or front seat cover has, to know if it is apt for your car, truck or SUV. Some products will have side flaps to cover the doors, which is great if your dog likes to stand up against the door to look out the window, as it keeps it from scratching. Others; and especially Hammock type covers, might have a mesh window right between the front seats, and that could be beneficial if you want to allow your pup to see what happens up ahead.

Best seat cover for a family with children?

If you have kids that might need to travel in the car together with your dogs, choose a bench/couch style seat cover, as these will allow them to sit back there and use the seatbelts as usual. A good option is the ‘YESYEES Waterproof Dog Car Seat Cover’, especially if your car or SUV has an armrest/cup holder in the middle, as it has zippers to allow the use of the armrest or the middle seatbelt.

Best seat cover for big dogs?

Large and heavy dogs can easily fall over or slip down on the floor of the car, which could hurt them even if they are wearing a doggy seatbelt. The ‘Vailge 100% Waterproof Car Hammock’ resolves this issue due to its hammock design, and it is thick and sturdy enough to hold for large dogs and their sharp nails.

Vailge 100% Waterproof Car Hammock

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Best seat cover for small dogs?

Why not consider the ‘4Knine Dog Seat Cover’ for your small fur buddies? It is a bench cover that where your pups can sit together with human family members (because let’s face it – many small dogs prefer to sit with their humans), but that still has most features that a hammock cover would have in terms of being waterproof and comfortable.

4Knine Dog Seat Cover

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Think of a dog seat cover as a great excuse for taking your four-legged bestie out for more adventures, because when it comes down to it – one of the best feelings in the world is to make your dog happy. Choose the product that best suits your needs and what you intend to use it for, and just remember to double check that the material is waterproof and sturdy enough not to be ripped by your pup’s nails.

Expert Tip

Dog seat covers will generally fit most cars and vehicles, but it is always a good idea to double check the measurements before ordering, just to be sure, and to have a look to see if the product is offered in different sizes.

Did you Know?

Some countries have laws that require dogs to wear a doggy seatbelt and harness while traveling inside a vehicle; and even if you live somewhere where this is not enforced – you want to make sure your dog is properly strapped in, for your own safety, and for theirs.

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