All the problems we encounter on a rainy day have been solved! From paw washers to rain jackets and now dog umbrellas, your dog will be fully equipped and protected from harsh weather. If you happen to be a pet parent who cannot stand any dirt or your dog getting muddy, the dog umbrella is the perfect solution.

It is not another strange fashion trend like weird costumes to force on your pet, this is actually a utilitarian tool that really helps your pet stay dry. They are built to withstand most weather conditions whether it be hailing, raining or snowing. The usually transparent umbrellas still let you keep an eye on your pooch while controlling where they walk with the handle.

The next question is how to pick the right one, this could be tough especially if you have only first heard of this contraption. Once again Treehouse Puppies has come through for you, giving you some of the top choices available and a comprehensive guide.

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1. Perfect Life Ideas Pet Dog Umbrella Leash

Perfect Life Ideas Pet Dog Umbrella Leash

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Doggy umbrellas sure do look like an umbrella that’s inside out. On one side they have the standard umbrella handle, which is actually meant for you to hold and control your pet. Sort of like a leash, the handle of the pet umbrella is foldable and measures at about 26 inches long. The diameter of the umbrella when opened is 29 inches, which gives smaller pooches ample space.

The clear material lets you keep an eye on your pooch in case they pick up unwanted scraps of food or sniff something dangerous. On the other end, the metal chain measures at about 8 inches long and is meant to hook onto your pet’s collar. The size is perfect for smaller dogs or puppies that are about 20 inches in length.

+ Clear material
+ Metal leash chain
+ Great for any weather condition
+ Easy to use

Why We Like It – The best part about the Perfect Life Ideas Dog Umbrella Leash in our opinion would be the price. It’s very affordable and straightforward to use, all while giving your tiny pooch full coverage.

2. Alalaso Dog Yellow Raincoat Waterproof Cloak Umbrella

Alalaso Dog Yellow Raincoat Waterproof Cloak Umbrella

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This design of Alalaso takes the concept of a dog umbrella in a different direction. It looks like a poncho that stiffens out. Made of waterproof material, just slip it on over your dog’s head and button the neck area closed. The little hood might slip off easily, so this cloak umbrella protects your dog’s body more than its head.

The classic yellow color of raincoats was taken into consideration during the design process. For jumpy and anxious dogs, this might be a better choice if they have trouble accepting the umbrella design. The XL size has a diameter of 80cm or about 32 inches.

+ Full view of your dog
+ Rain rolls right off
+ Bright color for visibility
+ Waterproof

Why We Like It – This is a cute and simple design that works well if you would still like to use a conventional leash. Your dog will enjoy freedom without having a clear screen hindering his movements or view.

3. K&L Pet Dog Umbrella Pet Umbrella with Leash

K&L Pet Dog Umbrella Pet Umbrella with Leash

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This is of a similar design to our first option, which is the basic and standard design for most dog umbrellas. The canopy is made with PVE plastic material, it has 8 metal ribs and opens to a diameter of 28 inches. The plastic is thickened and is quite durable. The black trim around the edge adds a bit of a modern simplicity flavor to the style.

You have about a 20.8-inch reach with this umbrella and the metal chain on the other end also hooks into your dog’s collar. It’s still quite a small umbrella and fits small pups better. Any fur baby that measures at about 20 inches would receive full coverage.

+ Spring tension handle
+ Thickened and durable PVE material
+ Metal leash
+ Clear design

Why We Like It – The umbrella design is convenient with a spring tension handle. Although you need to assemble this device yourself, it’s quite easy to do, and K&L’s after sale services will help you through any problem.

4. Reliancer 30’’\36’’\48’’\ XLarge Elevated Dog Cot with Canopy Shade

Reliancer 30’’’’8’’ XLarge Elevated Dog Cot with Canopy Shade

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Dogs can get so lucky sometimes, how nice would it be to be able to lie on a canopy and watch the raindrops? With Reliancer, there are three different sizes to choose from, the cot is elevated above the ground so no mud or dirt will get to your relaxing pet.

To add to this well-ventilated bed, there is a waterproof canopy top you can remove on sunny days when your dog wants a tan. Made of 1680D oxford fabric, it’s virtually tear-resistant but very breathable. The sturdy metal frame of the largest size will support even larger dogs up to 120lbs!

+ Elevated cot
+ Breathable and durable oxford fabric
+ Removable waterproof canopy
+ Strong steel frame with non-slip feet

Why We Liked It – Not so much an umbrella but a luxurious outdoor pet bed, we love how this cot can support and cover even large dogs.

5. Enjoying Pet Umbrella Dog Umbrella Leash for Small Dogs

Enjoying Pet Umbrella Dog Umbrella Leash for Small Dogs

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Rainy days shouldn’t get in the way of your dog going out for a walk or relieving himself outside. The Enjoying Dog Umbrella is close enough to keep your dog covered but doesn’t envelope him and obstructs his vision. The two solid metal shafts and the metal spokes are durable and the transparent polyester umbrella allows you to keep an eye on your pooch in case he eats any scraps off the ground.

It’s easy to use and covers most small puppies and dogs. You even have the luxury of choosing one with an LED handle! This is much more efficient than reflective strips on night walks.

+ Transparent polyester fabric
+ Covers puppies to small dogs
+ Close enough to keep the pup dry and not hinder his vision
+ Stores easily

Why We Like It – The transparent umbrella isn’t just a fashion statement, but it also allows you to keep a close eye on what your pup may be up to.

6. K&H Manufacturing K&H Pet Products Pet Cot Canopy

K&H Manufacturing K&H Pet Products Pet Cot Canopy

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If a pet canopy is what you’re looking for, K&H came out with one similar to the Reliancer canopy but with two color choices. What’s great about this option is it’s easy to clean! Everyone knows how dirty things can get when they are left outside. All you need to do is wash the canopy on a gentle cycle.

Unfortunately, the cot is sold separately, but when they are put together, you get a comfortable bed that’s shaded from the sun. Extremely easy to install, when you buy both the canopy and the cot your pet will thank you for this luxurious bed.

+ Easy to clean
+ 2 color choices
+ Protects your dog from sun and rain
+ Lightweight

Why We Like It – We love how it shields your pet from the rain but during summer months when there isn’t as much precipitation, the canopy acts as a UV ray shield.

Bonus Buys

1. RC Pet Products Packable Dog Rain Poncho

RC Pet Products Packable Dog Rain Poncho

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Do you want to give your dog maximum reinforcement against harsh weather? Take one of these RC Pet packable dog rain ponchos with you on an outing. It comes in 7 sizes made to fit any dog. The material is lightweight and of course waterproof.

Wrap the poncho securely around your dog’s waist and attach the leash through the access hole for security. This dog coat is easy to fold and take with you anywhere, but be advised there is no inner lining and is used more for protection against rain rather than to keep warm.

+ Lightweight
+ Easily adjustable Velcro
+ Leash access hole
+ Many sizes

Why We Like It – This extra poncho will definitely keep your dog warm. You can purchase a slightly larger size to wear over a winter dog coat.

2. Pet Gear Ultra Lite Travel Stroller

Pet Gear Ultra Lite Travel Stroller

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Do you want to bypass all the hassle of gearing up your pup for the weather? Circumvent all the trouble by using a dog stroller. The Pet Gear Ultra Lite Travel Stroller has large wheels for stable travel and is also lightweight and portable. All you need to do is fold it up for storage.

The entire stroller measures up to 38 inches and is perfect for pets under 15 pounds. Constructed of waterproof material, the stroller is easy to clean and the mesh cover allows for maximum airflow and view of the outside.

+ Lightweight
+ Compact and portable
+ Waterproof and breathable material
+ Easy to clean

Why We Like It – Instead of purchasing an umbrella, a poncho, paw washer and maybe even booties, just invest in a stroller!

Dog Umbrella Buyer’s Guide

Some dainty little dogs prefer not to get wet and dirty, but on the other end of the spectrum, you have those naughty pooches that take pleasure in the mud. You are able to at least keep your dog sheltered from the rain with a dog umbrella. It’s not a common product and we don’t see many pet parents with dog umbrellas on the street.

It’s a product that has yet to gain popularity and traction in the dog product market. You can get ahead of the game, keep your pooch dry and keep the wet dog smell out of your house.

What to Look for When Buying a Dog Umbrella?

Even though a lot of the products we have introduced and ones you have probably seen out there look very similar, the make and materials used can be vastly different. We will take you through some things to think about when purchasing your first dog umbrella.


This might be confusing because many people think umbrellas are only used for rain protection. Such things as parasols, patio umbrellas, and beach umbrellas protect against the sun and harmful UV rays. You need to decide what the principal use of your umbrella would be, making it easier to narrow down your choices.

A dog umbrella is also better for open spaces, and city walks rather than walks in the woods or close to shrubbery as it might snag. For owners who live in the suburbs, perhaps a raincoat would suffice.


It goes without saying, the material you choose definitely needs to be waterproof or it defeats the whole purpose. Some umbrellas might be cute and trendy, but serves no purpose when it comes to protecting your pup from the elements.


We have yet to see a dog umbrella that is large enough for big breeds, but we remain hopeful. If you have a smaller dog, you need to make sure the canopy covers your pooch. You do not want dry front paws but a wet bum!

It’s good to have a few inches of leeway since it will be tough enough to maneuver the canopy as your dog moves. To make sure you have the right size, measure your fur baby from his nose to the bottom of his tail. Remember to leave a few inches of breathing room.

Lightweight and Easy to Control

It’s important for the umbrella to be lightweight. You will be holding it for your dog unless you get the dog poncho. You don’t want to tire out your wrist and chances are you will be holding your own umbrella on a rainy day. Make sure the umbrella is compact, easy to store and lightweight.


This section covers a lot of safety features, such as transparency, a metal leash attachment, and reflective trim. There are some dog umbrellas that are opaque solid colors. We would definitely suggest opting for a transparent option because this allows you to keep an eye on your pooch. Other than that, it also doesn’t restrict your dog. They are curious creatures and love to explore the world.

If you cover their line of vision it will cause them to resent the umbrella and could potentially cause them to dislike walks. Having a clear view of your pet gives you both the chance to feel reassured that the other is close by.

The next part is the metal leash attachment. Most dog umbrella designs come with a metal leash attachment on the opposite end. Ensure the leash is made of strong and durable material because if it snaps, there will be no way to grab him in time. You need a good amount of length for your dog to have complete freedom, and you complete control.

If the product has some sort of reflective feature, then that’s even better and should rank higher on your list. It can save your dog from potential accidents and keep both of you visible to oncoming traffic.


Since it’s similar to an umbrella handle, it will be much less flexible than a leash. To spare you any pain and discomfort, you need to make sure the handle is easy for you to grip. It also needs to be of a comfortable length. We have seen reviews from consumers who claimed the handle was too short for taller people.


Last but definitely not least, you want your investment to be durable. At these cheap prices, you may not expect them to last until your dog’s later years, but if chosen correctly, they could be built to last. To check how well an item works before purchasing, reading customer reviews and reading up on the materials are the best ways. How durable a product is is largely due to the materials used.

Does My Dog Need An Umbrella?

If you already have a dog raincoat, booties, poncho or anything that protects against the rain, you might feel a dog umbrella is unnecessary. Let’s take a look at the benefits of a dog umbrella.


Needless to say, protection against the elements is the main function of dog umbrellas. Some may offer dual protection against sunshine and rain, which makes it a good tool to keep with you in any weather.

Less Clean-up

Because it shields your dog, it shortens drying time and cleanup time. No longer is coming home after a rainy walk a huge endeavor. All you need to do is dry off you fur baby’s paws and maybe towel your dog off a bit.

No More Smell

Even though we love our dogs, the wet dog smell can be quite unpleasant. You will be able to rid your car, home and dog of the unpleasant odor. Wet dog smell has the annoying ability to linger.

Walks in All Types of Weather

This could be the best part. What is stressful is needing to walk your dog and thinking about the mess you need to deal with after. We love the idea of being able to walk your dog with a liberating feeling. The weather will not affect you anymore and allow you to take your dog on daily walks regardless of the season.


Dog umbrellas are what’s trending right now in rain gear for dogs. They are creating designs that keep your dog dry, while still giving you and your dog full view. Remember to attach the leash to your dog to keep them close by. Many people have also wondered if it works with a harness, and we believe they do.

If they can hook onto the metal D ring of a collar, it can work with your harness. Pair the dog umbrella with a raincoat for extra protection, then the rain, snow, and hail won’t stand a chance!

Expert Tip:

Because they are mostly designed for smaller dogs, the dog umbrella might not hold up for more active dogs. You can reinforce the chain or switch it out altogether with something more durable like a leather clasp. One thing we do stress is to definitely select a dog umbrella with a leash attachment. The leash can keep your dog inside the canopy during walks.

Did You Know?

Unfortunately, dog umbrellas were designed for smaller dogs. If you have a large breed, you might only be able to cover a part of him. Larger dogs are better off with raincoats, but when they are in the puppy stage you will still get to experience using a dog umbrella.

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