It is heart-wrenching to leave your pets by themselves for long periods of time. Most of us work regular 9-5 jobs and can’t afford a dog walker on the side. We sit at our desks wondering how our fur babies are doing and if they are okay. Pups with separation anxiety could weigh on our minds more than those without.

So what device can the Internet offer satisfy your need to ‘spy’ on your pooch? The pet camera is what you are looking for. With Wi-Fi connection readily available and your smart device, you can keep a watchful eye on your pet while you are away.

A lot of these devices offer plenty more functions than just streaming your pet live. Separation anxiety can happen to you as well as your pets. Alleviate the situation with a pet camera. You will feel closer to your pet and be able to focus at work or when you are out with friends.

Want to connect with your pet while you are away? An automatic pet feeder will ensure your pup still feels loved and fed!

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    Approved By: Dr. Sara Ochoa, DVM

Notes from our DVM, Sara Ochoa: “Pet cameras are great to use for your pet. They allow you to check up on your pet during the day without having to make the trip back home.”

View The Best Pet Cameras Below

1. NETVUE Pet Camera

NETVUE Pet Camera

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Nothing is worse than trying to monitor your pet with a low-quality camera. The Netvue Pet Camera thankfully records in high-definition with a wide angle lens with a 360-degree viewing angle that can pan and tilt. There is also a built-in microphone and speaker so you can listen and speak to your fur baby.

Are you putting in overtime tonight? The night vision function will still give you a clear view when it is dark out. The motion detector will send you an alert when there is movement. You can adjust the sensitivity of the motion detector to not receive alerts as frequently.

+ High-def, wide angle lens, 360-degree view
+ Night vision
+ Motion detection
+ Alexa compatible

Why We Like It – Being able to capture the full view of your house makes sure there are no dark corners and blind spots. Take ease in knowing your family members are safe and well.

Want to keep an eye on your pet out of the house? A GPS tracker for dogs is what you need.

2. Furbo Dog Camera

Furbo Dog Camera

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This dog camera is a bit on the expensive side, but for good reason. Download the app on your Android or iOS device and toss a treat to your dog! The 1080p camera with night vision is very high quality and gives you a live feed of your pet with a wide-angle view. Instead of motion detection, there is bark detection with this device.

Receive a push notification when your phone detects barking, and with the 2-way chat function, you can calm your baby down. It’s easy to use with any household that has a stable Internet connection and/or Wi-Fi signal.

+ High-definition camera
+ Night vision mode
+ Treat dispenser
+ 2-way chat function

Why We Like It – We love the treat tossing idea. Not only can you speak to your dog through the two-way chat, but you can also encourage them with the toss of a treat!

3. TENVIS Security Camera

TENVIS Security Camera

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This wireless option has full rotation to give you 360-degree coverage. The high definition optic lens provides sharper images of your fur baby. If you want to monitor your entire house, don’t miss a single room by adding as many cameras as you want. The night vision range reaches a whopping 32 feet (10 m) and acts as a nanny cam, and security cam as well.

The smart camera detects every form of danger and notifies you in the form of alerts to your phone or email immediately. Communicate with your fur baby and other members of your family via the real-time two-way audio function.

+ Clear and sharp images with a 360-degree view
+ Night vision
+ Instant alarm and notifications
+ 2-way audio

Why We Like It – With so many features you would think the TENVIS camera is hard to use. The set up is actually incredibly easy with a one-click connection to your Wi-Fi.

4. KAMTRON Wi-Fi Pet Camera

KAMTRON Wi-Fi Pet Camera

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The high-definition panoramic view will cover every nook of your house. The LED night vision will give you a clear view even at night to keep your house and your loved ones protected throughout the day. Also with motion detection and a 2-way audio system, get instant notifications with an automatic snapshot and record it to your device! KAMTRON is extra secure with financial encryption tech to ensure no information can be intercepted and tampered with by a third party. If you would like to save, download and/or share all the recordings, the 128GB memory and Cloud Service allows you to do that!

+ HD 360 degree view
+ Motion detection with snapshot alert
+ Local storage
+ Financial encryption

Why We Liked It – This sounds like an unhackable device. You can guarantee the safety of your loved ones and that of your home with the financial encryption.

5. Wyze Cam Smart Home Camera with Night Vision

Wyze Cam Smart Home Camera with Night Vision

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High definition streaming with a 360 full coverage view and night vision seems to be the standard function of all these cameras. However, motion tagging technology is one that’s unique. It will tag and outline motion in both the live stream and playback video. Sound detection also exists in this device with a free rolling two-week cloud storage.

The Wyze cam is easily mountable with the magnetic base and 6 ft power cable. Compatible with Alexa, she can help you control the view easily with a simple audio command. Download the app to share videos with no monthly fees or a subscription needed!

+ High-def with full coverage
+ Motion tagging
+ Sound detection
+ Free rolling storage

Why We Like It – The motion tagging is quite an advanced feature that many may find useful. See who is in your house and save the footage for later use!

6. YI Dome Pet Monitor

YI Dome Pet Monitor

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Have a clear view of your fur baby with the LED night vision function and the full view coverage with high-definition video. The built-in microphone has an anti-noise pollution feature to give you clear and crisp two-way audio. The hands-free mode makes it very easy to have a conversation. Receive real-time alerts with tracking records that centers the moving object or person.

The auto-cruise function scans your marked areas for quick surveillance. Gain maximum control of the camera and its functions with the YI Home Family app that is compatible with both Android and iOS devices.

+ Clear 360-degree view with high-def picture
+ Anti-noise pollution mic with hands-free function
+ Get instant alerts
+ Auto-cruise function

Why We Like It – This little design gives you a lot of convenience with multiple installation options! Mount it from any surface vertical or horizontal!

7. Pawbo Life Pet Camera

Pawbo Life Pet Camera

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The wide-angle high definition picture with 4x zoom allows you to capture every moment with your fur buddy. Doubling as a treat dispenser, use the built-in microphone and speaker to calm your pup and throw treats. The camera also allows you to snap still pictures you can immediately upload to all forms of social media!

You can connect up to 8 Pawbo Life Cameras to get full coverage of your home. This camera is only compatible with iOS 8 or later versions and a stable Wi-Fi connection is necessary to operate smoothly.

+ 4x zoom
+ High-definition picture and full view
+ Treat dispenser
+ Instant social media sharing

Why We Like It – Your pet always seems to do funny and cute things when the camera isn’t pointing at them. Never miss another adorable moment with the instant snap and share function!

8. TAOCOCO Dog Pet Camera

TAOCOCO Dog Pet Camera

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Monitor large areas with a view you can control remotely with the phone app. Get high-definition resolution, night vision and full coverage with this easy to install a camera that hooks up to your home network. When motion is detected the camera will alert you with a short video sent to your phone.

When you catch your pup about to do something naughty, just enable the audio and tell them off right away. Up to 5 users can view the camera simultaneously, now all members of your family can keep an eye on the fur babies. The one-year free warranty and lifetime technical support guarantee make this a risk-free purchase.

+ High resolution with a full view
+ Night vision
+ Short video alerts
+ Warranty

Why We Like It – All members of your family can help keep an eye on Fido when you’re at work. The free warranty will give you a gentle nudge towards the order button!

9. Veroyi Wireless IP Camera

Veroyi Wireless IP Camera

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The panoramic view is easily controlled by the swipe of your finger on your smart device screen. Your kids or even pooch (if properly trained) can call you from the camera to the app by the simple press of a button! Acting as a thief deterrent, motion detection will send push notifications to your phone when a movement is detected.

Set the camera up easily with your home Wi-Fi network (does not support 5G). This smart camera will switch on LED lights depending on how dark it is outside to give you uninterrupted view at night.

+ Panoramic view
+ Call-back function
+ Motion detection with alerts
+ Night view

Why We Like It – We love the call-back function. It’s easy for anyone to reach you in case of an emergency. Now the only downside would be for your pup to not leave you alone after he figures out he can get ahold of you with a simple button!

10. AKASO WiFi Surveillance Dog Camera

AKASO WiFi Surveillance Dog Camera

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Instead of controlling it yourself, give voice commands to Alexa. The wide viewing angle, 1080p resolution and night vision gives you a clear and direct view of your entire house. Aside from Alexa, AKASO Dog Camera is also compatible with Google Home and Fire TV. Control every function remotely with the AKASO Smart app.

You are able to play back videos, and share the live stream with family and friends. The two-way microphone allows you to communicate with anyone at home and the motion snapshot detection sends alerts to you and triggers the alarm at the same time.

+ Panoramic view
+ Alexa, Google Home and Fire TV compatible
+ Easy control
+ Night view

Why We Like It – In this day and age, simplicity and convenience are among our most prized qualities. This camera is easily controlled with your device or smart assistant.

11. YI Indoor IP Security Surveillance System

YI Indoor IP Security Surveillance System

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Also featuring the standard two-way audio and full HD picture, this is quite an affordable option! The enhanced night vision has an automatic IR (infrared) light monitor that activates during low light conditions. The YI Cloud storage guarantees no footage or data will be lost. Everything is stored safely and securely.

Sound and motion detection detects and sends alerts to your device. Slightly less than the other storage device mentioned, the Indoor IP Security Camera gives 7-day storage in YI Cloud for free. Access this system easily from your YI Home app that can be installed on any smart device.

+ Clear high-def picture
+ Two-way audio
+ Enhanced night view with IR lights
+ YI Cloud storage

Why We Like It – You won’t have to keep your eyes glued to the screen to catch anything worrisome happening in your house. The instant alerts from the crying and motion detection technology will notify you straight away.

Pet Cameras Buyers Guide

There are lots of benefits and drawbacks with any product you buy. It’s up to us to assess the most important features we need. Since you are purchasing this camera for your pets, the best way is to consider the options from their points of view. Find pet-focused ones rather than ones more suited to babies or general surveillance. Identify your need first. Will the camera be used to monitor the well-being of your pet? Is it to dispense treats when he or she gets restless? We will walk you through essential features you should look for no matter the purpose.

What to Look for When Buying a Pet Camera?

High-Resolution and Wide Viewing Angle

How wide of a shot the camera can give you will determine the coverage you will be monitoring. If your pet has free reign of the house, a wider-angle view will be better. If confine your dog to the space of just one room, a straight and narrow shot may be all you need. Most cameras offer high definition, which we strongly advise, and a full panoramic view.

Both these views are useful especially if you want to monitor the little details like how much water is in their bowl. A zoom function with a camera can perhaps replace the HD function. If you’re a pet parent who loves to take snapshots of your fur baby, high resolution is your absolute best friend.

Two-Way Audio Function

You can imagine the benefits this feature entails if you are monitoring a human family member. For dogs, it can be used to comfort, or scold your dog in case he is being the naughty creature that he is. Strengthen your bond and let your pup know you are always near.

Night Vision

If you work the graveyard shift or are out all night, it shouldn’t hinder your view of your beloved pet. A camera with night vision can provide you with surveillance 24/7 so you won’t ever have to worry. Although the image will most likely be black and white, it’s still better than nothing!

Sound and Motion Alerts

These detection functions should also be able to send an alert to your email or phone, and sometimes with a screen capture or short video footage. Without having to keep watch at your desk, just watch for the alerts. Your phone will notify you when your fur baby needs attention or is causing havoc.

Memory Storage

A lot of you might be wondering why this function is important. If you aren’t able to check your phone as often as you’d like at work, the storage of the day’s feed will be crucial for you to review it. This way you can see what activities your pet’s day mainly consists of in your absence.


A manufacturer app that is compatible with your device acts as a control center for your pet camera system. Control everything remotely for convenience. The apps are usually free, so we would advise you to search for the app, download it and take it for a test run before you invest in the product. Easy-to-use products can lessen the headache of learning new technology.


A lot of cameras need to hook up to your home network system. If you don’t have a strong signal at home or even live in an area without coverage, look into different options, such as one that uses Bluetooth. Upgrade your router or internet speed if you find the video lags or the alerts are not in real-time. Without a good Wi-Fi connection, many of these devices are rendered useless.


This goes without saying. A warranty guarantees you a risk-free purchase. Some may allow you a full refund if the camera isn’t to your liking or isn’t up to your standards. Warranties that cover malfunctions or defective parts add extra security to your purchase.

Advanced Camera Functions

This category includes zoom, pan, rotate and tilt for the camera. Having the freedom to move the camera to follow your pet as you would your own head will make sure you don’t miss anything. Some more advanced pet cameras can also be programmed to track anything that moves on its own.

Games and Treats

If your dog responds to laser pointers or especially if you have a cat, some cameras offer this crafty extra function. Some other camera options could offer interactive toys and games for your dog to play with. Keep them entertained and away from destructive behavior. The treat dispenser also comes in handy after a voice command to reward your pet!

Do I Need a Pet Camera?

It’s all about peace of mind when you’re away from your pet, especially if you’re gone for vacation. Pet cameras serve as a tool to train your pet even when you are not by their side. Train them to stay off the bed or couch and throw a treat at them when they comply with the treat dispenser function. You can keep your finger on what your pet is up to every day. It helps with separation anxiety on both ends and strengthens your bond.

Aside from all the benefits, the cameras can provide for your dog, there are also countless advantages for you. You will be able to enjoy your time alone or out with friends more so without being extremely stressed out. Your dog will no longer dictate your precious free time. You will also be more productive and effective at work, getting more done and not putting in overtime and taking any more time away from your pooch.

No more worrying about your dog’s health. For those with elderly dogs who worry you more, or pups that eat everything in sight, a pet camera can help you train your pup and keep a watchful eye on them at all times.


Dogs tend to get up to no good when they are bored or think no one is watching. Minimize the chances of unexpected surprises when you get home by constantly monitoring your pet. On the flipside, keeping your anxious pup who suffers from separation anxiety company during the day with just your voice can make all the difference to them.

If you have the ability to hire a dog walker, you can also keep an eye on how they are treating your pet. A dog cam can double as a nanny cam or one to watch over your elderly parents. With all the options that we have introduced, we hope at least one of them can serve your needs. Good luck on your hunt for the best pet camera!

Expert Tip

Chances are you are a dog parent who loves to snap photos of your pet. What better way to capture an adorable candid shot than with a pet cam? You won’t have to be scrambling for your phone to take a shot before it’s too late. Other than the basic elements that contribute to a perfect photo like lighting, environment, and timing, if your pet is familiarized with the camera, the higher chance you have of capturing valuable shots.

When introducing the camera (if it’s one that will be in close proximity to your pooch), make sure they don’t fear it. If they constantly hear your voice through the device, the more likely they will open up to it. This opens doors for the best shots to share with family and friends!

Did You Know

Most dogs really open up to an interactive camera. They will associate the camera with their beloved human. We suggest one that dispenses treats, has a call-back function or has a simple interactive game to keep your pet company on long lonely days. Even Alexa can be used to talk to your pooch. She can act as a stand-in if you are too busy at work.

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