Herding breeds like the Border Collie are usually very active dogs, and they can be difficult to satisfy! Regular walks around the block won’t do it for a high-energy dog, and they will need mental activation also when at home!

A great way to keep a dog as this entertained is by investing in high-quality dog sport herding balls, as these are designed to trigger their natural herding instinct.

The internet is full of great options, and you will find both the biggest dog balls, balls for large dogs, herding balls for dogs of smaller breeds and much more, and we have listed the four best products here below.

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1. The Company of Animals Boomer Ball

Rocco & Roxie’s Professional Strength Stain & Odor Neutralizer

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This large dog ball is the ultimate jolly ball for dogs with a lot of energy! It is made with durable material and deemed virtually indestructible, and it is too big for the dog to be able to pick it up, which will result in hours of challenging play! It can’t be punctured or ripped, like a regular soccer ball or volleyball, and your dog will love herding it around the yard.

The herding ball is great for mental stimulation, and it even floats in water, in case you want to bring it to the beach. You pick the size that will best fit your dog, and you will get yourself a giant dog ball that is likely to last for many years to come!

+ Ideal for high-energy dogs
+ Durable polyethylene material
+ Available in multiple sizes
+ Long-lasting fun

Why We Like It – With this herding ball for dogs that like to play – they’ll be kept entertained for hours, even when you don’t have time to play with them! The material is made to last, and there is a size available for both small and large dogs.

2. Jolly Pets Push-n-Play

Jolly Pets Push-n-Play

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Even the best herding dogs will love this Push n Play Jolly Ball, as it just won’t stop moving! It is designed for constant motion, to give your dog a real workout whenever this huge dog ball is brought out into the yard.

You can get it in blue, purple or red, and there are multiple size options available. Getting quality toys for herding dogs is a great way to activate them both physically and mentally, and with this Jolly Ball, dog owners will be able to catch a break, as the ball rolls around on its own while your dog attempts to grab it.

The largest size is suitable for dogs weighing over 110lbs, and if you want to give your dog an extra challenge – it can be filled up with sand, water or gravel.

+ Large size for dogs over 110lbs
+ Available in three colors
+ Fill with water, gravel or sand
+ Designed for constant motion

Why We Like It – If you are interested in this Jolly ball Amazon has it in several sizes, and you are unlikely to be disappointed! It is made in the United States, and it has fun features like the option to fill it up with something to add weight.

3. Canine Hardware Chuckit Kick Fetch Ball

Canine Hardware Chuckit Kick Fetch Ball

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These herding balls are bouncy, made with durable materials, it is easy to pick up and for the dog to throw around, it floats and you have two sizes to choose from – everything you need for it to become your dog’s new favorite toy.

There is a glowing version of these huge dog balls too, which is perfect for those who play outside in the dark with their dogs, and it stays illuminated for up to 20 minutes after being charged in the light for 5 minutes.

This is a herding ball for dogs that can’t get enough of playing and running around, and it is the perfect toy to bring to the beach or to the dog park!

+ Bounces unpredictably
+ Floats in the water
+ Great for playing on the beach
+ Bold and bright colors

Why We Like It – If your dog won’t settle for herding toys for dogs that just roll around, perhaps this bouncy favorite could be the right alternative? It is a big dog ball that does it all, and it comes from a brand that is known for making high-quality and durable toys.

4. Chew King Fetch Balls

Chew King Fetch Balls

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If you choose these big balls for dogs you will get a toy unlike any other! It has a hole where you can add your pup’s favorite treats, which will likely drive your fur friend wild with excitement! This dog herding ball can also be used for games of fetch, and it bounces, which adds extra fun to whatever game you decide to play.

With these large dog balls, you don’t have to worry about dirt and bacteria, as they can be rinsed off or washed in the dishwasher. It is a simple design proven to work great to keep active dogs entertained, which will benefit both you and your fur friend, as a tired pup is a happy pup.

+ Hole to fill up with treats
+ Non-toxic and durable rubber
+ With a safety air vent
+ Supports tough chewing

Why We Like It – These large balls for dogs are very affordable in comparison to other similar products, and you can use it as a treat dispenser, a fetch toy and a fun chewing challenge.

Herding Ball for Dogs Buyers Guide

Getting a large ball for dogs that are bred to herd can be a great idea, as it appeals to their natural instincts! There are many different hard balls for dogs to choose from – each with their own functions – and it comes down to what kind of herding dog supplies that would work best in your household.

Providing herding dogs with big balls is a way to keep them stimulated and entertained between walks, and it can potentially help prevent destructive behaviors like obsessive barking, digging, chewing and biting.


Some of these dog big balls are constructed in a way that promotes motion, and they will keep rolling around for as long as your pup keeps pushing it. The giant Boomer ball is a great example of this type of a herding ball, and it appeals to large herding dogs as it imitates the unpredictable movement of a flock of animals.

If this is the kind of product you want, you need to make sure the ball is too big for your dog to pick up, as the whole point is for your dog to try and lift the ball and to instead cause it to continue rolling.


If your dog gets bored easily by a big ball for dogs that only rolls around, then perhaps you should be looking for a water ball for dogs or any other ball that bounces. A bouncing ball is great for playing fetch whenever the dog gets bored of herding the ball around the yard, and it gives you options for how to play with your favorite fur baby. You know what they say about a dog with big balls – it’s always great with a little bounce!


Virtually indestructible balls for large dogs will help make sure the game lasts for long, as many toys might not withstand the tough chewing and rough play of a herding dog. By making balls for dogs indestructible, companies can provide suitable entertainment also for pups that have a habit of destroying everything they get their paws on.

Keep in mind that virtually indestructible balls for dogs don’t truly exist and that the term is only a suggestion of a product being durable, so a dog should always be supervised while playing with any type of dog toy.

What are the best toys for herding dogs?

It is no secret that herding breeds are incredibly active dogs, but they are also highly intelligent. A ball is one of the most versatile toys you can buy for your overenergetic pup, and by providing your dog with huge balls they can’t pick up and carry – your dog will get a chance to chase the ball around the yard for hours at a time.

Are plastic balls for dogs safe?

Safety should always be one of your greatest concern, and for a ball to be safe, you need to choose a quality product made with durable materials. All products listed here have been thoroughly tested and approved for large dogs to play with, but you should still make sure to keep an eye on your dog while they play, as accidents can happen.

Best herding dog ball for small breeds?

The Boomer ball Amazon sells is an excellent toy for small dogs, as it comes in multiple sizes where you can pick one that suits your needs.


Give your herding dog a chance to be themselves by giving them a ball that will trigger their natural instincts. Choose wisely and avoid buying cheap products that might break and potentially injure your fur pup and see for yourself how they go nuts with excitement whenever you let them have a go with the ball.

It is a small investment that could make your herding dog tremendously happy and trust us – their reaction will make the investment worth it!

Expert Tip

Keep all toys and balls clean by wiping them off with wet wipes or rinsing them with the hose after playtime, to avoid bacterial build-up and other health risks.

Did you Know

Even herding dogs that have never herded in their lives, and dogs that are not trained to herd, will have the behavior deeply rooted in their genetic makeup, and a herding ball could bring this out.

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