Just the word “fleas” is enough to have any dog owner cringe, and nobody wants their furry friend to suddenly be scratching themselves more than usual. Not only is it unpleasant to know your dog is full of bugs, but a flea infestation can also be very difficult to get rid of unless you know what you are doing.

It isn’t only your pet that needs to be sanitized, but you will have to make sure you take care of the whole house and yard, as well as any area or item the dog has been in contact with. A flea and tick infestation will come back unless you get rid of all flea larvae and eggs also outside in the yard, and for that, you need the best flea killer available, and you will preferably also want it to be safe for your dog.

Grass, fleas and the outdoors can be a bad combination and they reproduce fast but don’t worry, as the following products will help you regain flea control in your own backyard.

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1. Vet’s Best Flea and Tick Yard and Kennel Spray

Vet’s Best Flea and Tick Yard and Kennel Spray

This is one of the best flea killer products for the yard you can find thanks to it not using any harmful chemicals, meaning you can use it around the yard to get rid of fleas and ticks, without putting your dog’s health at risk. It handles both adult fleas, larvae and eggs, and it gives you a complete yard treatment already with the first application. You get 5 000 square feet coverage with only one bottle, and it is effective also on flies, mosquitos, and rodents. It is made for use around the yard, both on the grass and hard surfaces, to make sure you kill fleas and ticks once and for all.


+ Certified 100% natural

+ Essential oils with flea killing properties

+ Easy to use design with garden hose attachment

+ Bottle treats up to 5 000 square feet

Why We Like It – Why spray harmful chemicals in your yard when you can use this natural flea killer for yard areas and the outdoors – made with essential oils to help get rid of those fleas once and for all!

2. Ultrasonic Pest Repellent Control 2020

Ultrasonic Pest Repellent Control 2020

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Killing fleas in the yard is no easy task, and sometimes you need effective reinforcement to get rid of large and stubborn infestations. After you have used a yard treatment yard spray, you might need a little extra back-up for complete flea control; as fleas, ticks, and lice can be quite a pain. This repellent device plugs into most electric outlets and it is safe to use around both pets and humans. It uses ultrasonic waves to drive pests away from your yard, and you don’t have to worry about refilling it or purchasing any replacement parts, as it only needs to be plugged in to start working its magic. If you want the best flea repellant that does not require much effort on your part – this device might not be killing fleas, but it sure will drive them away.


+ Non-toxic sonic electric device

+ Refilling not needed

+ Plugs into any outlet

+ Cover up to 1 600 square feet

Why We Like It – If you need extra reinforcement after having sprayed your yard, these plug-in ultrasonic devices remove and kill fleas without harming humans, dogs or other pets.

3. Natural Chemistry Yard & Kennel Spray

Natural Chemistry Yard & Kennel Spray

How would you like to be able to combat a flea infestation in the yard with natural means and essential oils? With this flea control liquid, it becomes a possibility! Connect the bottle directly to a garden hose and start regaining control of your outdoor spaces with a product that is safe to use around pets and children, with natural ingredients like cedar oil, cinnamon oil, and clove oil. Fleas, ticks, and lice won’t stand a chance once you start covering all areas of your backyard with this effective flea, larvae, and egg control yard spray. It is also great for using in outdoor kennels, and 100% safe to use around dogs and other animals. There is enough liquid in one container to cover over 4 000 square feet, which means you can either cover a large area at once or reuse it for smaller surfaces.


+ Cedarwood oil and cinnamon oil

+ Also affective on mosquitos and flies

+ Free from pyrethrins and chemicals

+ Connects to outdoor water supplies

Why We Like It – If you have been looking around for an effective cedar oil flea yard spray that takes care of both fleas in the grass and on hard surfaces – you can’t go wrong with this fast-acting liquid.

4. ZEROPEST Ultrasonic Pest Repeller

ZEROPEST Ultrasonic Pest Repeller

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When you need a 24/7 complement to your regular flea treatment – this is the best flea repeller you can find for your home and outdoor spaces. It can be used all year round as a reinforcement method to drive adult fleas away. Make pest control a constant, and eliminate any insects and creepy crawlers that may otherwise seem to live to make your life difficult. It is effective on bugs throughout their entire life cycle, and it is one of the best flea treatments to use if you want to prevent an infestation, rather than to deal with one once it has already broken out. Prevent the flea problem by plugging this into an outlet outside your house, and say goodbye to eggs, larvae and adult fleas inside, outside and around your home.


+ Non-toxic way to drive fleas away

+ Safe for both humans and animals

+ Covers an impressive 2 000 square feet

+ Inaudible ultrasonic broad-spectrum waves

Why We Like It – You want effective flea control all year round, to prevent fleas from taking a hold of your household, and this is a great way to keep them far away from you and your dogs.

5. Vet’s Best Flea and Tick Home Spray

Vet’s Best Flea and Tick Home Spray

The Vet’s Best Flea product takes flea treatment seriously, and it shows in how effective it is in dealing with adult fleas and larvae! It comes in a practical spray bottle and has no chemical components that could be harmful to pets, and you can use it on your lawn, trees, inside the house and more. This yard spray will be killing fleas faster than many other products, despite using only natural ingredients, and it is not hard to understand why it has gotten the ‘Amazon Choice’ seal of approval. The essential oils take care of fleas no matter where they are in the life cycle, and it will give you a yard free from fleas and ticks. This is the closest you can get to a homemade flea killer for yard areas without actually having to make it yourself, and it is easy to use also for someone who has never had to deal with a flea infestation before.


+ For indoor and outdoor use

+  Can be applied directly on the dog

+ Carefully selected essential oils

+ Safe to use on furniture and carpets

Why We Like It – Wherever you decide to spray this easy to use flea control liquid – you will quickly discover how it will kill all larvae and adult fleas, without putting your pooch at risk. A big plus for being safe on fabrics like carpets and pet bedding.

6. Wondercide Natural Ready to Use Yard

Wondercide Natural Ready to Use Yard

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To have fleas in garden areas is never desirable, and fleas, grass, sand or gravel are simply a bad combination. Get your dream yard back with one of the best flea killer products that work on the full life cycle – adult fleas, larvae and eggs, and one that won’t hurt your pets even if they stick their snout right into a treated area. It is safe for sniffing and even licking, and it makes flea and tick yard control easy and effective. Nobody wants fleas in their home or around their pets, and this product puts a quick stop to it! With only one bottle, you have enough of the liquid to treat an area of 4 000 square feet, and the bottle is designed to have a hose hooked up to it directly.


+ Treats up to 4 000 square feet

+ Attaches directly to garden hose

+ No artificial colors, pesticides or fragrances

+ Safe to use on flowers and vegetables

Why We Like It – This is the best flea killer for a yard with plants and vegetables growing, as it is completely safe while it will still kill both adult fleas and larvae outside your home.

7. Cedarcide Insect Repelling Cedar Mulch

Cedarcide Insect Repelling Cedar Mulch

Fleas, garden, and pets are three words that simply don’t go together, and if you end up finding yourself in the middle of a flea infestation – you need help. This is one of the best products for getting rid of fleas in your yard and home, and it comes at a good price! By using mulch instead of other materials in your yard, the risk of fleas thriving there becomes significantly smaller. It strips them of the environmental aspects they need to want to stick around and instead provides something that isn’t ideal for a flea. Sounds too good to be true? It isn’t, as a great strategy when combatting fleas is to make sure they don’t want to live inside or outside your home, and that they don’t want to live on (and of) your pets.


+ Organic option for repelling pests

+ 100% natural and non-toxic

+ Safe for humans and pets

+ No harsh chemicals or artificial dyes

Why We Like It – Prevent fleas from turning your pets into their new homes by making sure your yard is not inviting them in, and use this cedar mulch to naturally repel these bugs and keep them out of your yard.

8. Victor M230A Ultimate Flea Trap

Victor M230A Ultimate Flea Trap

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Now, this is something a little different! It is a flea trap you can place in your yard, and that will attract fleas from up to 30 ft away! It is an ideal complement when trying to kill large infestations of fleas, and when you need some reinforcement. You plug it into an electric outlet and then the trap does the rest itself; it is non-toxic and does not smell, and it is a flea, tick, and lice trap you can keep out all year round to stop potential new infestations from getting a hold of your household. Nobody wants to have to kill fleas and bugs, but this clever little invention helps make sure you don’t have to, and it plays a key role in keeping your pets safe from fleas and other bloodsuckers while out playing in the yard.


+ 360-degree access

+ Plugs into any outlet

+ Traps stray fleas and other bugs

+ Great addition to flea sprays

Why We Like It – Solve your flea problem with a flea trap, and get the best protection if you combine it with other flea killing – and preventive products.

Best Flea Killer for Yards Buyers Guide

Getting rid of fleas is difficult, and not necessarily because they are difficult to kill, but because they are stubborn and reproduce incredibly fast. You need to tackle the issue from all possible angles at once, by showering your dog with anti-flea shampoos, sanitizing your home, your dog’s bed, and toys, and dealing with the yard.

If doing only one of these things, your battle against the flea will likely fail, as the dog will get his or her bath, and then walk out into an environment where fleas still exist and become infested again. It quickly becomes a vicious circle and an impossible fight, so whatever you do – don’t forget your yard as you declare war on fleas.

Type of Product

There are many different types of flea kill products on the market today, and you have a surprisingly wide selection to choose from, making it easy to find the right product for you and your yard.

Sprays. One of the most common (and perhaps best) ways to deal with large infestations is to use a liquid that you mix with water, and that is then evenly distributed across the yard or outdoor space. This will ensure you deal with the problem directly, and that it will kill any fleas that are already present and drive the rest away. An easy way to apply a product like this is to add the liquid to a spray bottle and spray it directly on the surface where you want it, or you can opt for a pre-mixed product that comes with a spray bottle.

Traps. A flea trap might not be sufficient for keeping your whole yard flea-free, but it is a great complement to, for example, flea spray. After you have treated and sprayed the whole yard, use one of these traps in areas of extra importance, like where you have dinner with your family on the porch, or maybe close to the dog house (if you have one)? Traps will physically attract flees and ticks and trap them inside a device, and should preferably be kept out of reach from pets and children.

Ultrasonic. These work by emitting an ultrasonic sound that drives away fleas and ticks, and it is completely safe for humans (both adults and children) and pets. You plug these into an electrical outlet somewhere outside for it to activate. Be sure to check the range of the product you are considering before making your final decision, to establish it would be effective for a yard the size of yours, and start enjoying the many benefits of a device that drives away fleas, ticks, rodents and more.

Mulch. Covering your backyard with mulch is a whole different approach to keeping fleas and ticks away! While the material is not in any way toxic to these creepy crawlers, it is not an environment they tend to thrive in, and as a result – they will generally choose somewhere else to settle down. Use mulch in your yard as much as you can, or in your dog’s dog house, as it is also a material most dogs tend to love due to how comfortable it is to lay in, and how great it is for running around and playing. The best thing of all? Mulch only needs to be changed every few years

How Easy It Is to Use?

How easy it is to use a product matters, as you need to be able to use it the way it was intended for it to have the proper effect in your yard. Many products come with a hose attachment so that you can easily get going with your flea killing mission, and all the best products should come with instructions for how to apply the liquid or for how to use the flea repeller in question. If a product is easy to use, you are likely to use it more often, and this will significantly reduce the risk of your home becoming infested with fleas again.


Check the product description to see how long the product you are considering will last, and whether it is necessary to reapply more than once. Some products will only be effective for a couple of weeks, while others could offer protection that lasts several months. There is always the risk of a low-quality product being washed away if it would suddenly stop raining, so this is also something you need to investigate – is your yard protected even if it rains, or will you need to reapply the product to keep the yard bug free?

For All Flea Life Stages?

When comparing spraying products and other flea killers, you will quickly begin to notice that there is a difference depending on which one you choose. Some will only kill adult and fully developed fleas, which is far from the best option when you are trying to control a plague, and you need something that will also get to those microscopical eggs and larvae.

Almost all the best products will kill and eliminate both fleas, larvae, and eggs, but there are a few lower-quality products you might want to avoid, as they tend to be effective on either one or the other.

Natural vs. Chemical Ingredients

When you are a pet parent, you want to try and go as natural as possible, and to avoid any harsh chemicals that could harm your fur friend. The products recommended in this article are all considered safe for pets, and most are made with a very high percentage of natural ingredients. Essential oils are great for repelling and even killing fleas and other bugs, so there is really no reason for you to turn to hazardous chemicals when treating your yard.

True, nobody wants fleas all over the yard and it is easy to freak out and want to turn to the strongest possible chemical – something that will deal with it fast – but this can be harmful both to you, your family, your pets and to any plants and/or vegetables you have growing in the yard, and you are better off with a natural yard product.


Getting fleas to leave your yard alone does not have to be as stressful as you think, as there are now many natural products that can be used (both in the yard and inside the house) without putting your health or that of your dog at risk. This means you won’t have to worry about your pooch ingesting the flea killing product, and you can continue making use of your yard also after applying a product.

That said, even a product that is deemed safe can have a negative effect on a pet or a human, as some may be more sensitive than others, so you should always consult a veterinarian if you notice any changes in your dog’s behavior after having used a flea killer in an area where the dog occasionally spends time.

Expert Tip

Set aside a whole day to properly deal with a flea infestation, and work on both the flea-infested dog, the inside of the house and the yard simultaneously, to prevent a reinfestation.

Did You Know

Only about one in a hundred fleas are ever visible to the human eye, which might mean that if you have seen one flea in your yard – there could be 99 others hiding out there.

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