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Summer can be a great time to get out there and explore with your dog. Many families have time off from work and school, and what better way to enjoy time together than to head out for an adventure? A beach trip, a hike, a vacation to a nearby town or a simple trip to the park are all excellent activities where the family dog can come along too. It is warm, it is fun, but with that warmth and the good time come the creepy crawlers – the fleas and the ticks.

Fleas, and especially ticks, thrive in warm weather, and nothing ruins a great day out like coming home to realize your dog has gotten infected. Fleas and ticks cause problems year-round in some places but tend to step up their game during warmer months. It is absolutely essential to invest in protection for your furry best friend, and you might want to consider a dog flea collar to keep those unwanted visitors off your dog’s body.

Note from our DVM, Sara Ochoa:

“Most flea and tick collars do not work on dogs in my area. I do have a lot of success with the Bayer Seresto collar.
When putting the collar on you have to make sure it is tight enough to come in contact with the skin. The rule I use is to be able to put 2 fingers between the collar and the dog’s neck. You do not want it to be to tight as it will cause breathing or even skin issues. Also if the collars get wet and stay wet this decreases their potency.
So, for the dog that spends all their time in the swimming pool, pond or ocean the collars will not last the 6-8 months that most advertise. “

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View The Best Flea Collar For Dogs Below

1. Bayer Seresto

Bayer Seresto dog flea collar

It is important to invest in flea collars that work, and this product promises up to 8 months of tick- and flea repelling qualities. These flea collars for dogs are made with natural oils to ensure irritation- and smell free wear, they are water resistant and won’t stop working if getting wet (meaning your dog can wear one to the beach and when playing in water) and they come at a low price on Amazon since everyone should be able to afford the best flea and tick prevention for dogs.

+ Will fit small dogs and large dogs
+ Water resistant
+ 100% satisfaction guarantee
+ Made with natural oils

Why We Liked It – Dog flea collar reviews are great to read when trying to pick the right product for your beloved pet, and this one made the list due to being made with natural oils rather than harsh chemicals, and for being water resistant and safe to use in water.

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2. Arava Enhanced Control & Defence

Arava Enhanced Control & Defence flea collar for dogs

Here we have a natural flea collar for small dogs and big dogs alike, which uses a patented micro-injection technology to keep your fur baby safe from bug infestations. This micro-injection technology infuses essential oils directly into these top flea collars, which are then released with a slow-release process through tiny holes in the plastic.

This Arava flea collar is 100% natural without hazardous ingredients, it is water and rainproof, MSDS tested and FDA certified. The company behind it is one of those top dog flea collar brands that truly care about the wellbeing of animals, and parts of the profits from every purchase is donated to charities that help protect animal rights. Good flea collars for dogs that also help animals in need – what is not to like?

+ FDA certified
+ Rain-proof and water resistant
+ Protection for up to 5 months or more
+ Money-back guarantee

Why We Liked It – This Arava flea and tick prevention collar is a good flea collar for dogs and pet owners who also want to lend a hand (or a paw) to other animals in need. It is all natural and eco-friendly, and knowing that you are not only helping your dog stay tick and flea free, but also doing something for other dogs, cats and animals is a pretty good motivation for a purchase, isn’t it?

3. LuckyPluto Non Toxic Adjustable

LuckyPluto Non Toxic Adjustable pet flea collar

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A safe and hypoallergenic flea collar for dogs. It is 100% non-toxic and does not have that unpleasant smell which accompanies some similar flea treatments.

The best flea collars for dogs are those that keep bugs off without exposing your dog to harsh chemicals, something the manufacturer of these top-rated flea collars has taken to heart. Made with eucalyptus oil, cinnamon oil, lavender oil and lemon, these are flea collars dogs will love to wear. Not a good option for treating already existing flea infestations but will keep those nasty bugs off for up to eight months. It fits doggy necks of all sizes, and you simply cut off the excess length once having adjusted it properly.

+ Naturally bug repelling components
+ Keeps bugs off or up to eight months
+ No unpleasant smell
+ Non-toxic

Why We Liked It – We all want to find the best flea and tick prevention for dogs in our households, and this pet product seems to care for the well-being of those dogs, and not only about keeping bugs away. Natural components is always a big plus, and this one has an effect that lasts for eight month periods without using unpleasant chemicals. If your dogs sleep outside this is especially important.

4. LuksStart Best Natural Pest Control

When looking for the best dog flea collar, it is important to look for one that contains natural ingredients rather than harsh and potentially harmful chemicals, but you also want a flea collar and tick prevention for dogs that works.

This tick dog collar is eco-friendly and does not put your dog at risk for allergies and/or irritation, and it smells subtly of fresh mint. It also adjusts to dogs of all sizes, can safely be kept on for 24 hours a day (7 days a week) and can be used when playing in the swimming pool or when walking in the rain. A carefully composed mix of natural oils is what keeps fleas and ticks away, so that you can enjoy summer and adventures with your pup without having to worry. Actively fights off ticks, fleas and more for up to 8 months.

+ Controls fleas, ticks, lice, larva and mosquitos
+ Eco friendly and safe for water play
+ Fresh and subtle smell of mint
+ Adjusts to fit dogs all sizes

Why We Liked It – Even some of the best flea and tick collars for dogs tend to have a strong and somewhat unpleasant smell. This eco-friendly collar does not, and instead it gives off a fresh scent of mint!

5. PremiumCare Natural

An allergy-free pet product powerful enough to kill of 95% of a small existing flea or tick infestation within 24 hours. For worse types of infestations, however, a bath with flea shampoo before applying the tick prevention collar is recommended.

These Premium Care Flea & Tick products are good flea collars that will work around the clock to kill existing bloodsuckers as well as to fight off those creepy crawlers considering your fur friend’s body as their new place of residence. The company is so confident in their product that they promise to buy it back from you if you would be unhappy with it for any reason. The Premium Care Flea & Tick collar kills fleas once they try to climb up on your dog; eliminating the threat before they have a chance to lay eggs and larvae,

+ Lifetime money-back guarantee
+ Safe to use 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
+ Kills 95% of bugs within the first 24 hours
+ Continuously effective after water play and rain

Why We Liked It – With their lifetime guarantee, this company shows that they, at least, believe they have the best flea and tick collar for dogs! That kind of confidence is usually a good sign, and we like that this collar even promises to kill of existing flea and tick infestations within the first 24 hours.

6. MOORAY Adjustable

MOORAY Adjustable

 flea collar for dogs and puppies

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A clear contender for best flea collar for puppies and adult dogs, as it can be adjusted to fit any size and shape! Just put it on, tighten it accordingly (make sure you can get at least 2 fingers in between the collar and the dog’s neck) and cut off the excess length.

Your dog will be protected up to eight months from fleas, ticks, larva lice and mosquitos, and the tick collar for puppies is safe to use even after getting wet during a rainy walk or after some playtime in the pool. It is free from components that could provoke allergies or irritate your dog’s skin, making this the best flea and tick collar for puppies with sensitive skin.

+ Good choice for dogs and puppies
+ Long-term protection
+ Good for sensitive skin
+ With protective aluminum container
+ Up to eight month flea treatment

Why We Liked It – If you have been reading flea collar reviews you have probably realized by now that many modern flea treatments are very similar. This one stands out with the protective aluminum container it comes in, as it ensures that the effectivity of your product hasn’t been compromised before being placed around your dog’s neck.

7. Pettively Pest Control

Your beloved pet deserves the best flea collar, so that he or she can enjoy summer and warm days with the family, without having to come home with unwanted passengers.

The Pettively Pest Control collar is safe for pets all sizes and ages, as well as safe for children, furniture, and floors. This six-month flea treatment collar can greatly help reduce the risk of a bug infestation not only on your four-legged friend but inside your home as well. It is 100% free from chemicals, and fights off ticks, controls fleas, lice and mosquitos with the use of naturally repelling oils, protecting your dog and your family from bug-borne diseases such as Lyme’s disease, Typhus and Heartworm. Find the top dog dewormers here.

+ Completely free from chemicals
+ Protects against fleas & several bug-borne diseases
+ Safe to wear in all weather conditions
+ Naturally repelling effect for up to six months

Why We Liked It – It is not only safe for your beloved pet to wear, but also for young children to come in contact with (while worn by the dog), and for furniture and other in-home appliances. Water resistant does not stain and has no strong odor.

8. HARKY Natural

HARKY Natural flea collar for puppies and dogs

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Pet owners are daily faced with having to make decisions for their dogs, and with having to make all the hard questions. What is the best flea and tick collar for small dogs? What is the best flea and tick collar for large dogs? What are the top flea collars for dogs still growing?

This product here has thought of all this, and their collar fits dogs no matter size and age. You just put it on, adjust the buckle and cut off the length you won’t be needing. It uses Eucalyptus and Citronella oil to provide your pup with a natural protection, free of harsh chemicals and other components that could cause irritation and harm. Finding the best flea and tick collar shouldn’t have to be a stressful experience and wearing one should never have to compromise the safety of your dog, making this a natural and safe option when looking for the best flea collars.

+ Smell free
+ Great for puppies and dogs
+ With Citronella oil and Eucalyptus
+ No damaging chemicals
+ Size fits all (fully adjustable)

Why We Liked It – We like that it is specified what types of essential oils and natural components the collar uses to repel bugs, and that it is easily adjusted to fit any dog, no matter size or age.

9. Earth Vibes Hypoallergenic

This is a brand that continuously renovates itself, to make sure they can always offer you the best tick collar for dogs in your family. The Earth Vibes Flea and Tick Collar protects against fleas with a unique blend of essential oils that are 100% allergy- and irritation free, so that the animal health won’t ever be at risk while using it.

As an additional plus; this Earth Vibes Flea and Tick Collar for dogs reviews tend to favor is also safe to use in water. Keep it on while at the beach or when playing in the creek during a hike and know that it will continue working just as well afterwards. The bug repelling effect lasts for up to 8 months of protection and a percentage of the profits is donated to families and children in need.

+ Unique blend of essential oils
+ No allergy or irritation
+ eight months of protection
+ Safe for swimming and water play

Why We Liked It – Natural dog collars will always place high in flea and tick collar reviews as well as with any responsible pet owner. This natural Earth Vibes Flea and Tick Collar does not harm your dog, and keeps him safe from potentially harmful bugs, which is really all one can ask for.

10. Rolf Club 3D

Rolf Club 3D fast acting flea collar for k9 companions

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A versatile answer to the question of what is the best flea collar for dogs, which comes in two presentations. One especially designed for the smallest fur friends; making the Rolf Club 3D one of the best flea collars for small dogs, one for medium sized dogs and one for large dogs. This eliminates the need to cut the flea repellent collar for a proper fit, as you can simply choose one the right size, and it kills and eliminates fleas within the first 48 hours of being used. The Rolf Club 3D fights off fleas, ticks and mosquitos with a new German formula that is safe and harmless for your dog.

+ New and safe German formula
+ Three different sizes
+ Eliminates fleas within 48 hours
+ For fleas, larva, ticks and mosquitos

Why We Liked It – This Rolf Club 3D is one the few flea & tick treatments that come in different sizes rather than a one-size-fit-all, making it a possible candidate for the title of the best flea collar for large dogs in the aspect that it is properly adapted to their size. This is however a question of what you prefer, as an owner, but the different size options is what sets this tick collar for pet palls apart from others.

Flea Collars For Dogs Buyers Guide

What is the best flea repellent collar, then? Many of the flea treatments we have reviewed are very similar, which has a lot to do with companies having adapted to the advances of dog product related science, but also to their customer’s needs and requirements. Nobody wants to have to turn to poison and hazardous products to fight off ticks and fleas, and luckily the industry has listened and started producing a wide range of natural options.


The function of the best flea and tick collars for dogs will eliminate existing flea infestations (though a bath with tick and flea shampoo might be necessary for difficult cases), as well as to prevent fleas for wanting to climb up on your dog during walks and when out playing. Ticks and fleas are everywhere, especially during the summer months, and sometimes it does not matter how careful you are with letting your dog stick their face in bushes and tall grass – those critters will find their way!

A flea collar uses either chemicals or naturally repelling active ingredients to keep bugs off, either by killing fleas and ticks upon contact, or by using herbal smells (such as Lavender) which they simply don’t like.

Ticks and fleas aren’t just unpleasant, they can be dangerous as they – and especially ticks – are known to spread disease (with Lyme’s Disease being on example). Some of the top-rated flea collars for dogs will also help fight off mosquitos, which can be great for camping trips and hikes. Mosquitos spread heartworm, which can be deadly if left untreated.

Dog Scratching Fleas

Natural vs. Regular Flea Collars For Dogs And Puppies

Today we see more natural flea treatment products on the market, which is a result of advanced technology and overall greater knowledge.

Old flea and tick dog collars could cause burns and irritation on your dog’s neck, and some even more severe symptoms were reported and ultimately traced to the use of flea collars. Allergies were common, forcing dog owners to choose between protecting their dog from ticks and fleas with a tick and flea collar, or to protect their dog from the repellent collar itself and risk a bug infestation. Luckily, times have changed, and products now use natural repellents like Lavender and Citrus; both known to ward off unwanted insect inhabitants.

There are flea & tick treatments that are 100% natural, and others that have some natural components, but it is recommended to always look for the most natural product (such as those suggested in the list above) when choosing anti-bug method, and especially when looking for the best flea and tick collar for puppies, as they are more sensitive than adult dogs.

Flea Collars & Water

There was a time when flea collars should not be used in- or around water, as it could either release harmful fumes or stop working properly once having gotten wet. This had to do with the materials used to make them, and many modern flea collars are perfectly safe to use both when it rains and when the pup wants to go for a swim in the ocean.


Dog wearing flea and tick collarHow long the effect lasts can vary greatly from product to product but tends to be something between 4 and eight months.

This means the dog can wear the collar for preventing tick & flea infestations safely during this time and longer, but maximum effect can only be guaranteed for the timeframe specified.

Something to consider a guideline, yet not a rule, is that the more natural the tick collar for pet pals – the shorter its lifespan.

Harsh chemicals can make a flea collar and its effects last a very long time, but do you really want potentially harmful materials anywhere near your dog? Yes, you might have to buy a new dog flea and tick collar more often if you choose to go natural than if you go with a different type, but it might be worth it considering the favor you are doing for your dog and for their overall animal health.

Will flea collars kill existing ticks and fleas?

Some claim they will, and some won’t. The best thing to do if your dog already has adult fleas and/or ticks is to bathe them properly first with a natural anti-tick and flea shampoo, to get most of the infestation dealt with before applying the collar.

What flea collar to get for a puppy?

So, what is the best flea collar for puppies? Puppies tend to be more sensitive than adult dogs, so you will want to look for a dog flea and tick collar with only natural ingredients, to make sure the material doesn’t cause irritation. The HARKY Natural collar is a great option when looking for the most effective flea and tick prevention collar, while also being gentle enough to sit well around the necks of dogs and puppies.

Are flea collars safe for 24/7 usage?

Yes. A quality tick and flea collar can safely be used 24 hours a day, seven days a week for as long as needed or for as long as the pet product remains functional.


Don’t let fleas and ticks stop you from getting out there to enjoy the summer with your dog! As nasty as they may be, and despite being carriers of disease, they are no good excuse to keep your dock locked up while you take your family out for adventures. Invest in a good dog collar and see for yourself how the flea and tick problem suddenly isn’t a problem at all and get out there and have some family fun!

Expert Tip

Just because some dog collars have the word “natural” on it, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it is all natural. Make sure you read the small print and look through online reviews and comments, to make sure you are buying the best flea collar for dogs living under your roof.

Did You Know?

A flea can only live for a few days without a host, but can live for 2-3 months with dog food available, and up to a year and a half in ideal conditions (with food, the right temperature etc. etc). This means that without the proper preventive actions – you might be stuck with those blood suckers for a lot longer than you’d like. A flea repellent collar kills them or drives them off before they can lay eggs and larvae, which prevents an unpleasant flea infestation. Find more about getting rid of fleas with the RSPCA.

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