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Are you ready to take the step and start offering your dog fresh water all day long? The water in a dog bowl quickly gets mixed with dog slobber, dirt and more, and might not look too appetizing after a couple of hours. This can cause a dog to drink less than they need; something that in turn leads to dehydration which could damage both the urinary tract (UTI’s) and the kidneys.

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By switching that regular dog bowl for the best dog drinking fountain you can find – your dog will suddenly have access to fresh flowing water! Fresh and clean water tastes better and helps keep your pup healthy and properly hydrated even while you are away from home. Constant access to fresh water is something every dog deserves, and it becomes a possibility with a large pet water fountain instead of a doggy bowl.

View The Best Dog Water Fountains Below

1. Petmate Pearl Replendish Waterer with Microban

Petmate Pearl Replendish Waterer with Microban

When looking for the best water fountain, you will want to consider this little gem. It is a high-quality dog water dispenser that uses gravity flow technology for fresh water to dispense slowly from the large container. The continuous flow of water might encourage your pup to drink more and to stay hydrated, and you – as a dog owner – prolong the time before a refill is needed, which could save both time and effort.

With a dog water fountain like this – you choose if you want your fur baby to use it inside or outside since it is perfectly suitable for either option. There are several sizes available so that you can pick whatever best suits your needs. A Chihuahua might, for example, be okay with the smallest size, but if you have several dogs or if your dog spends a lot of time alone (which we do not recommend), a larger dog waterer could potentially be a better choice for you.

+ Gravity flow technology
+ For indoor and outdoor use
+ BPA free plastic base
+ Easy to unscrew and refill

Why We Like It – The simplicity of this indoor and outdoor dog water fountain makes it a great choice for any doggy household. There are no batteries required, since the water is replenished using simple gravity, so that you never have to worry about it malfunctioning and your pet ending up without water while you are out.

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2. Petmate Pearl Pet Café Waterer

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This eco-friendly dog self serve water fountain uses no power or batteries, it can be washed in the dishwasher for a thorough clean, you can get it in the color of your choice and it is ideal for the busy pet parent that wants to make sure the fur babies always have fresh water.

It is a dog fountain that works great as a replacement for a regular big dog water bowl, and you can use it in the kitchen or wherever you feed and water your pup, or as an outdoor dog fountain in the backyard.

The water remains fresh longer, and you won’t need to refill it quite as often as you would average steel (or plastic) small- or large dog water bowl. It still requires supervision and daily water changes, but it can save the day when running late from work, or when having an unusually hectic week.

+ From a trusted company
+ Eco-friendly and machine washable
+ No harmful or harsh chemicals+ For thirsty dogs all sizes

Why We Like It – It is important to keep food- and water bowls clean, to avoid bacteria starting to grow, and this dog drinking fountain is dishwasher safe to make the cleaning process simple.

3. Drinkwell 360 Stainless Steel Pet Fountain

Drinkwell 360 Stainless Steel Pet Fountain

With a stainless-steel construction to prevent bacterial growth, and with the option to wash it in the dishwasher (the pump excluded) – this is the best dog water fountain for dog owners that care about cleanness and hygiene.

It has that classy and expensive look that will light up any room, and you are likely to receive compliments for your pet’s extravagant automatic dog water fountain from people coming over for a visit. This large dog water fountain can hold up to 3 gallons of water, that will then come pouring continuously out the top.

You can choose a smaller size for a smaller dog if needed. The pump is silent and efficient, and durable rubber feet make sure that this doggy water fountain stays right where you’ve left it.

+ Sophisticated steel design
+ Anti-slip rubber feet
+ For one or multiple pets
+ Customizable water flow

Why We Like It – This big dog water fountain looks great, keeps water flowing all day long, has a water flow which can be manually adjusted, and it has carbon water filters to keep the water fresh.

4. PetSafe Healthy Pet Water Station

PetSafe Healthy Pet Water Station

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The bowl of this drinking fountain for dogs is automatically refilled every time your pup takes a drink, so that your dog won’t ever run out (remember to refill it daily or as needed) of fresh water. Every dog owner knows that water in a regular bowl can get a little murky after a couple of hours, which is something you can easily avoid with a large dog drinking fountain such as this.

It is made to prevent water from spilling over the edges as the dog clenches his thirst, and the capacity of this large pet fountain is calculated based on the total volume. The stylish stainless-steel aspect compliments the décor of most homes, making it not just a pet accessory – but an accessory for the whole family and the house you share with your furry companions.

+ Occupies very little space
+ Clean and stylish design
+ Practical anti-spill edges
+ Plugs into electric outlet

Why We Like It – Most dog owners have had to deal with messy drinking and mopping water off the kitchen floor, but with this electric dog water bowl – that becomes an issue of the past. The clever design minimizes the spill and keeps the water inside the bowl.

5. Drinkwell Platinum Pet Fountain

Drinkwell Platinum Pet Fountain

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An inside- or outside dog water fountain like this is large enough to suit any type of dog, and ideal for households with more than one fur friend living there. The free-falling stream of water encourages animals to drink, and they can choose to drink directly from the stream or from the bowl where it lands.

The water goes through a filter on the way back up, so that your dog will always have access to fresh water, and you no longer have to worry about it becoming all misty with doggy slobber, which often happens with regular water bowls. When using this dog water fountain outdoors, you want to make sure to put it in a place where it is as protected as possible from the elements, and where the risk of your pup knocking it over is minimal.

+ Fresh and filtered
+ Free-falling water stream
+ BPA-free and durable plastic
+ Suitable for all dogs

Why We Like It – Have you ever seen a dog drinking from a hose or a tap? They love it! These water fountains for dogs have taken this into consideration; allowing your dog to drink from down-streaming water, or to take a sip directly from the bowl where the water collects.

6. Drinkwell Multi-Tier Pet Fountain

Drinkwell Multi-Tier Pet Fountain

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Here we have a great outdoor water fountain for dogs, which almost looks like a flooded little fort! It has water flowing freely from the second level and down to the first, which draws oxygen into the water and helps motivate a dog that might normally choose not to drink or forget.

The carbon filters remove bad odors and taste, and the quiet motor moves water between the levels for maximum cleanness and effect. Both levels are fine to drink from, something that can be great when having a small and a bigger dog, since both can drink from the level which they feel the most comfortable with.

+ Two drinking levels
+ No bad taste or odor
+ 100oz water capacity
+ Reliable customer service

Why We Like It – Having this dog water fountain indoors or outdoors is perfect for those with more than one dog; were one dog is significantly smaller than the other. A small dog can drink from the lower level, and a large dog can drink from the upper level – keeping everyone happy and dehydrated.

7. Petmate Delux Fresh Flow

Petmate Delux Fresh Flow

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The slope design of this durable indoor and outdoor pet water fountain makes the water flow gently down towards the bowl, which reduces dripping water noises and water spill. It is an innovative product and the best water fountain for dogs whose owners don’t want to hear the sound of moving liquid all day long.

It runs on electricity which means that you don’t have to worry about changing batteries, and it plugs into any electrical outlet in the house. There are three different sizes to choose from, depending on the size of your dog and what your needs and requirements are, and the capacity range from 50 ounces and all the way to 216 ounces. The product is long-lasting, cleverly constructed, discrete in its design and a way to provide your pup with a fresh water supply.

+ Minimal noise thanks to the design
+ Reduced splashing and water spill
+ Slope to lead water to the bowl
+ Plugs into any electrical outlet

Why We Like It – Some people are sensitive to noises, and especially those that repeat themselves, and while some indoor/outdoor dog drinking fountains might be irritating with the sound of dripping water – this product’s revolutionary slope design allows it to work a lot more quietly.

8. Drinkwell Zen Pet Fountain

Drinkwell Zen Pet Fountain

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A patented free-fall design sets this small dog water fountain up for success! It continuously pumps the water, filters it, allows for oxygen to go in and distributes it to your dog by letting it fall down a stainless-steel slope. This technique helps reduce splashing sounds, and the movement of the water is likely to motivate even those dogs that tend to forget to drink to want to take a sip.

Everything but the pump is dishwasher safe so that you quickly can get your dog water fountain toy clean and ready for another round. A dog that drinks plenty of water is less likely to get urinary- or kidney disease, so it is in everybody’s best interest to provide your furry babies with a dog drinking fountain outdoors and indoors, to make them want to gulp down some additional H2o.

+ Patented free-falling design
+ Prevents kidney disease
+ Quiet and low-noise operation
+ Safe to wash in the dishwasher

Why We Like It – It is made with quality stainless steel, which is long-lasting and pleasant to look at, and it attracts dogs to it and motivates them to want to drink more water.

9. Dog Mate Large Fresh Water Dog & Cat Fountain

Dog Mate Large Fresh Water Dog & Cat Fountain

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This extra large dog fountain is an excellent option for big doggies since it can hold up to 1.6 gallons of water. Large dogs are slobbery by nature, but this large dog fountain makes sure that they have constant access to fresh and slobber-free water, thanks to the polymer-carbon filter (replacements can be bought separately).

It operates quietly, has a 200-ounce capacity and runs on electricity. It is low-energy so that you don’t have to worry about an elevated electric bill because of it, and your dog is likely to love the freshness of the water pouring down in the bowl.

The dog can drink from both the upper- and the lower level, which is highly convenient when having several dogs of different sizes. This product can be used as a dog outdoor water fountain, or as the ultimate water supply inside the house.

+ Simple two-level design
+ For both outdoor and indoor use
+ Ideal for multiple dog households
+ 200-ounce water capacity

Why We Like It – Large dogs naturally need access to a bigger water supply, and this large dog waterer takes that into consideration by providing a product that can hold a large enough quantity, and that has an additional drinking level for dogs that might struggle to bend all the way down to the ground.

10. Petmate Stainless Steel Replendish Waterer

Petmate Stainless Steel Replendish Waterer

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Back to basics with this indoor- or outdoor dog water dispenser! You fill up the large tank with water, screw on the base, flip it over and then gravity handles the rest. New water will automatically flow down as your dog drinks from the tray, and the water container is large enough to last for quite a while (how long it lasts depends on how big your dog is, how many dogs you have and how much he/she generally drinks).

The stainless-steel tray can be washed in the dishwasher to get rid of drool, dirt and bacteria, and the top container has a big enough opening to be easy to both clean and refill.

+ Stainless-steel bowl
+ Ideal for small dogs and cats
+ Low and affordable price
+ No electricity or batteries needed

Why We Like It – It is simple, it is sturdy, and it is incredibly easy to use, and the simplicity almost has it resemble a DIY pet water fountain – a clever invention by someone who realized the need a dog has for fresh water. The price is affordable, and the quality surpasses the expectations.

Dog Water Fountain Buyers Guide

A very important task for a dog owner is to make sure that there is always fresh water available for the dogs we are responsible for. This can be a hassle when things are already a bit hectic; especially since water bowls will quickly get dirty and filled with dog slobber, which isn’t ideal.

Dogs will often refrain from drinking if their water is dirty, something that can affect both the urinal tract and the kidneys negatively. By investing in the best dog fountain you get a simple solution to all of this since it provides the dog with fresh water continuously; making finding the right dog water fountain step one in the process of resolving the water bowl issue.

With water fountains, dogs can drink when they want, while never be forced to drink their own doggy saliva, and you can relax if the workday drags on a little longer than normal, or if the movie you decided to go see was 3 hours long, rather than the expected 2. You can place an automatic dog waterer outdoors for pups that spend time in the backyard or keep it in the house as a replacement for a regular bowl.

Electric Water Fountains

An automatic outdoor dog water fountain (which, of course, can also be used indoors) is powered with electricity or batteries and has a pump to move the water through the device. They have a dog water filter that cleans it before it comes back out; and that removes dirt, dog slobber and more. This means that there is a constant stream of fresh water, which lasts longer than a regular filled up dog bowl would.

Non-Electric Alternatives

The other option is to get a water dispenser that does not require batteries or electricity, and these are usually large water containers attached to a base with a bowl, where gravity is used to have water refill the bowl as the dog drinks. Gravity is quite an amazing thing, and it makes sure that only enough water comes out so that it never floods the bowl or causes water to end up on the floor. These do not filter or clean the water, but instead, they simply hold on to new water until the dog has made room for it in the bowl by drinking what was already there.

Model, Material & Size

Most electric water fountains are made of either plastic or stainless steel, and they can have a few different designs where some rely on water pouring over an edge and down to a below platform or bowl, while others have water free-falling like from a faucet.

They all share the same pump-and-filter function, and it becomes a question of preference, and what type of a fountain you would like your pup to drink from. For these products, they are almost always dishwasher safe (except for the pump), which makes it easy to keep clean. As for non-electric fountains, they can also be made of steel or plastic, and the top container tends to always be plastic.

Size is important especially if you have big dogs or several dogs since they will be going through their water supply a lot faster than a Chihuahua. Get one large enough to cover their needs for the time you plan to be gone; such as a way for work or out with friends.


Having a dog water fountain does make things easier, since the water lasts longer, and you don’t have to refill- or change it as often as you do when you only use a bowl. However, this does not mean that you can stop worrying completely, since it is your responsibility to make sure that the fountain is filled up, and you also need to clean it frequently to avoid bacterial growth. Don’t let an automatic dog waterer become an excuse to be lazy when it comes to doggy duties and use it simply as an additional aid in your everyday dog owner lie.

How do dog water fountains work?

The simple answer is that a water fountain constantly refills the dog’s water bowl and makes sure that there is always a fresh supply. This is done either with electrifying, a pump and filters, or with the simple rules of gravity.

What is the benefit of a dog water fountain over a dog bowl?

A dog water fountain provides the dog with clean and fresh water; which can be a motivation to drink more for many canines. The water won’t get dirty the same way it would in a dog bowl, it will remain well-tasting and fresh, and the water in a water fountain lasts longer than water poured into a dog bowl.

Does my dog need a water fountain?

Your dog needs you to make sure that there is always fresh water, so the answer to whether he or she needs a water fountain is no – as long as you are willing (an able) to be there to change the water as often as it needs to be changed. If not, and if you feel you could do with some help, then a water fountain would be a great idea!


Do your four-legged friend the favor of a lifetime, and provide them with a high-quality dog water fountain, so that they can drink clean water all day long, whether you are home or not.

Our dogs deserve the best that there is, and while there are many ways that we can do nice things for them – providing a reliable supply of something as important as water compares to few other things. A dog that drinks enough water stays properly hydrated, and a well-hydrated dog is a happy dog with fewer health problems and concerns.

Expert Tip

An electric water fountain might be more suitable for indoor use since they need an electrical outlet to work. If you plan to use your fountain outdoors but don’t have an outlet close by, then you may want to consider a non-electric product that uses gravity instead of electricity.

Did you Know

The average dog needs about one ounce of water per pound of weight, per day, which means that a 50lb dog needs about 50 ounces of water to keep their body working properly. Puppies often drink more water than adults dogs.

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