As we move into mid-summer, the temperature in most countries is at its peak. If you are lucky enough to own a pool or even have one of those blow-up kiddie pools, it sure feels great to lounge in one a hot day.

Humans know how to float and it’s easy for us, so laying on your back and having the sun beam down is something you can easily do. However, your dog may need a bit of help. I’m sure he would love to be right next to you enjoying the sunshine too. Enter the dog pool float.

Your dog won’t feel left out on one of these useful blow-up pool toys. If he stays put, he won’t get his paws or fur wet, so there won’t be much clean up after. Some are of these floats are meant for humans but work well for dogs, and others are made just for them. Let’s take a look at what options are the best to add to your list.

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1. Milliard Dog Pool Float

Milliard Dog Pool Float Inflatable Ride On Paw Raft for Pets

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The blue paw-shaped float goes perfectly with your dog. Take it anywhere with you and let your dog chill out on the water. The entire paw is made of heavy-duty vinyl and is puncture, stain, mildew and fade resistant.

The outer material feels like suede, which gives your dog supreme comfort when floating around. Big enough to fit most dogs, the 50”x40” raft is very spacious. It’s a dual raft and drink holder.

Get ready for summer fun! When your dog is done with the raft, just flip it around and place drinks in the cup holders. Have an awesome summer on this pool float for dogs that can hold a maximum of 110 pounds!

+ Large size
+ Soft suede-like material
+ Durable material
+ Doubles as a drink holder

Why We Like It – The soft material is infinitely better than regular plastic. The plastic can stick to your skin and get scorching hot under the summer sun, but not with this float!

2. Volwco Pool Float

Volwco Pool Float for Adult Dogs & Puppies

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This dog pool float is incredibly durable with a nylon outer layer that is resistant to biting and scratching. It will take your dog a good long while to destroy this new addition to your pool floaties. Measuring at around 55’’x35’’, it’s also an extra-large size to hold the largest pups.

Even though the middle is made of thinner material, it can still hold pups over 65lbs. The bolstered inflatable sides make a great headrest for your dog as he floats around in style. The two holes on either side of the raft aren’t for his legs, but actually for water to run out so the float doesn’t submerge.

+ Bolstered sides
+ Extra large size
+ Holes for water to leak out
+ Bite and scratch-resistant

Why We Like It – We like the care and foresight that went into the design of this float. Dogs can move around a lot and cause water to collect inside, so the drainage holes will help keep your pet afloat.

3. Intex Canopy Island Inflatable Lounge

Intex Canopy Island Inflatable Lounge

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Although it’s not strictly for dogs, it sure does keep them on the water in style and comfort! It’s a canopy island that is quite thick. It provides a detachable canopy for those who like to tan and for dogs who love the sun.

You will really feel parched under the beaming sun and the Intex island has built-in cup holders! The two black spots you see in the picture are cup holders, perfect for you to leave refreshments in.

The inflatable island is large enough to fit two humans or you and your dog. Some consumers even claim they fit three humans and a small dog! Measuring at 78” x 59”, you will have all the space you need.

+ Built-in cup holders
+ Detachable canopy
+ Large size
+ Hypoallergenic and safe

Why We Like It – Even though this floating raft might not be as resistant to your dog as the pet-oriented ones, it comes with a repair patch to fix up any issues.

4. KOOLTAIL Paw Inflatable Raft for Pets

KOOLTAIL Paw Dog Pool Float Large Inflatable Raft for Pets

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What better to represent a canine pool float than one that is paw-shaped?
The side with the orange paw-print is made of puncture-resistant material, so we suggest using it with the right side up. These floating devices are great for dogs who are first coming into contact with water.

Let them float around on this 49″x46″ raft to get accustomed to being on the water. On the bottom of the raft, you will find a cord lock that you can fasten to keep your dog from floating away. Your dog will love it so much he won’t want to get off!

+ Tough and wear-resistant top layer
+ Cord lock
+ Large size
+ Cute design

Why We Liked It – To make it easy to transport and store, the dog float folds up into a compact size that fits perfectly in the included storage bag.

5. Kelsyus Floating Hammock

Kelsyus Floating Hammock

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Lying out on this hammock float is the perfect summer vacation activity. In our minds, buying something the whole family can use, including your four-legged friend is the best purchase. The entire float is made with durable material, with the center made from a thin fabric that dips your body into the water.

This will cool your dog off significantly compared to the other thicker options. There is even a doggo head support pillow that can act as a chin rest for your pooch when it’s his turn. The sewn inside tether can be fastened to the dock, or pool ladder to keep it in place.

+ Hammock design
+ Durable materials
+ Support pillow
+ Tether

Why We Like It – The shape of the hammock is its best feature. Due to the shape of our bodies and our dog when he lies out completely, the oval shape is the most accommodating.

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Dog Pool Floats Buyers Guide

You might think any pool float will do as long as it holds your pet’s body weight. While that may be true on some level, it is not that simple. There is a wide variety of factors to think about before you pull the trigger. We will help you sort through everything to find the best buy.

What to Look for When Buying Dog Pool Floats

Size and Shape

Of course, the float needs to be of an appropriate size to fit your dog. Also, consider how your dog likes to lie. Maybe he’s the type to curl up into a ball, or is he obnoxious and likes to take up all the space he can? This will determine if a rounder shape or more elongated shape is the best choice.

Weight Limit

Perhaps one of the most important things to consider, make sure the inflatable raft can hold your dog! Read the maximum weight restriction before clicking order.

Material and Durability

As we have said, you do not necessarily need to buy a pool float specifically designed for dogs, as this is something the whole family can share. However, if your dog will be using the float, you must consider his claws and destructive tendencies.

He might love to rip into new things or get nervous and claw at the tube. Ones with extra durable, and wear-resistant material will make sure nothing happens to the float.


How comfortable is it? Make sure the shape and the contour of the float give enough back, head and overall body support for you and your dog.

Stability and Safety

Extra inflation chambers will help keep the float filled up and not deflate. Ones that come with cord lock tethers will keep the float in place. This is especially crucial if you are out on open water.


Adding a pool float for your dog to your summer equipment arsenal can’t go wrong. It allows them to join in the fun without having to watch from the sidelines. If you are training your dog to swim or even just to get his toe in the water (pun intended), a pool float will aid in the process.

Expert Tip

Even if your dog is an expert swimmer, we would still suggest utilizing the tether and keeping him in place, or ensuring he wears a life jacket suited for dogs. This is especially true out on the open water, although it’s less of an issue in the pool.

For your dog, a flat float is the best shape or ones with raised edges or bolsters, as they give the most comfort and elevates them above the water. Although for hotter summer days, the hammock style that dips into the water could help him cool off.

Did You Know

For rowdier and more aggressive pups, we would suggest going for pool floats made for dogs. This is because they will definitely be constructed with puncture-resistant material.

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