Dogs tend to leave a path of destruction in their wake during and after playtime. This especially holds true for puppies and more hyperactive breeds. It’s hard to contain their energy, especially if they haven’t been outside for days due to crummy weather.

With something called dog playpens, which is similar in concept to baby pens, you can regulate their activity levels and restrict it to one area. Dog pens have come a long way since their initial introduction. They can now feature hinged doors, different attachments, and adjustable shapes and sizes.

Rather than keeping your fur baby caged up, the larger roaming area the dog playpen provides gives him more freedom, which will also not hinder his acceptance of this new and important tool. With so many versatile options, where do we even begin?

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1. MidWest Exercise Pen

MidWest Exercise Pen

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Once you manage to get your dog inside the pen, you want to keep them there. The door security of the exercise pen is imperative. This dog playpen features a double-latch security door and can be used both indoors and out. When this large and secure pen isn’t being used, it folds nicely for convenient storage.

To assemble, anchor the pen into the ground using the included ground anchors, corner stabilizers and thumb snaps. They also have cages with pen tops available for extra security. One more important and very convenient feature is the Midwest dog exercise pen can connect to your dog crate directly!

+ Easy to assemble
+ Double-latched door
+ Connects to crate
+ Optional top option

Why We Like It – The dog exercise pen includes a 1-year manufactures warranty. Although this is a very durable and stable option, it’s still nice to know it’s insured.

2. Parkland Pet Portable Foldable Playpen

Parkland Pet Portable Foldable Playpen

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Resembling a flat-topped tent, this foldable option is great for camping, backyard-use or just for indoor play. It looks like a complicated contraption, but it’s actually very easy to assemble.

There are no tools required, just fold to store and pop it open to use. It’s very lightweight but still strong and durable, making it the ultimate choice for securing small, medium or large dogs.

Take off the zippered top to top-load your pet into the dog playpen or open the zippered front door for easy access. Whether you’re using it to keep your pet contained indoors or when you are out camping, you can find a use for this foldable dog playpen!

+ Foldable design
+ Super lightweight
+ Easy to store
+ Strong and durable material

Why We Like It – The easy assembly makes this dog pen option a breeze to use. The weatherproof material is easy to manipulate for transport.

3. Ruff ‘n Ruffus Portable Foldable Pet Playpen

Ruff ‘n Ruffus Portable Foldable Pet Playpen

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As you can see, other than the more appealing color, this foldable and portable pet pen is very similar to the option above it. However, no matter which size you choose, it comes with a free bonus!

To make traveling easier for you, each purchase comes with a convenient carrying case and a collapsible bowl! If you have an extra-large pupper that won’t fit into the size options of our previous listing, then this one might be the solution for you.

It starts at M and reaches up to XL, larger fur babies can now have foldable playpens! It’s also extremely lightweight without any tools or assembly required, just pop it open when you reach your destination.

+ Lightweight
+ No assembly required
+ Free bonus
+ Larger sizes

Why We Like It – The larger sizes accommodate a wider range of pets, and free bonus gifts are always welcome! The included carrying case and travel bowl are great when you’re on the road.



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Similar to some of the designs before it, this dog pen also assembles without the help of any tools and folds flat for easy storage. But the more pretty colors they can offer, the better right? Pink, blue, black and red really put an inviting and bright touch to an otherwise minimal design.

The waterproof oxford cloth is extremely durable with a roll-up door and removable top. For extra storage, there are mesh and buttoned pockets on each panel of the exterior, giving you even more space to hold your stuff. They only come in one size, but at least it’s the large size so it suits any dog!

+ Multiple colors
+ Durable waterproof oxford cloth
+ Assembles without tools
+ Easy to store

Why We Liked It – The large size and the beautiful color options really add to an otherwise bland design. The all-black option and tan with color options will hide dirt and scruff marks well.

5. AmazonBasics Foldable Metal Pet Exercise and Playpen

AmazonBasics Foldable Metal Pet Exercise and Playpen

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Catered to those with simple tastes, this pet exercise pen is minimal, but does the job well. You can choose between options with or without a door in five different sizes. Chances are, you can find the perfect one for your needs. The iron and rustproof finish makes this metal pet playpen a good choice for any weather, anywhere.

For those who like simplicity, this complicated-looking dog exercise pen also sets up easily without any tools and folds flat for easy storage. If you decide to take this pen out into the yard, it comes with 8 ground anchors for security and stability.

+ Many options
+ Simple assembly
+ Easy storage
+ AmazonBasics 1-year warranty

Why We Like It – As with all AmazonBasics products, you get a one-year limited warranty with your purchase. The added benefit really gives consumers peace of mind.

6. BestPet Puppy Pet Playpen

BestPet Puppy Pet Playpen

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Did you know that metal dog playpens can come in different colors too? If the typical black metal you see on the market isn’t speaking to you, perhaps choosing a light blue or pink one can bring more merriment into your home. No matter the color, these dog fences are incredibly sturdy and can be manipulated into different shapes.

Made from anti-rust material, the pen is fade, corrosion and rustproof. To clean this pet playpen, just take a damp cloth and wipe down the wiring. Assemble it without tools and fold it for easy storage, pick from five different sizes for different breeds.

+ Different colors
+ Easy assembly
+ Folds for storage
+ Anti-rust metal

Why We Like It – The multiple colors really add a touch of glamor and personality to a mundane interior. The sizes give you the freedom to find the right fit.

7. IRIS Exercise Panel Pet Playpen

IRIS Exercise Panel Pet Playpen

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Perhaps the one with the most options, this commercial-grade plastic pen comes with 8 panels or 10, if you choose the add-on option. Although you may think that plastic is not as secure as metal, the double steel latches safely interlock the panels and secure your pet inside.

Your pet can move in and out freely through the built-in door, or you can latch it for security. Choose from a whopping 8 different colors, white being our favorite, to match your interiors. Simply fold it up and store it vertically when it’s not in use.

+ Multiple color options
+ Folds up for storage
+ Commercial-grade plastic
+ Built-in door

Why We Like It – The lightweight playpen has ample room for your fur baby to run wild. You can also customize the size by choosing how many panels to assemble.

Dog Playpen Buyer’s Guide

We think all pet parents prefer giving their fur babies more than enough room to frolic but not compromise their security and safety. They can be used not only to give your pet a safe space but also for training purposes as well.

Generally, they don’t give your dog the feeling of being caged and confined and give you a clear view of what he’s up to. However, there are certain things you need to look for before making a purchase. As always, we have come through for you and compiled a list of important features.

What to Look for When Buying Dog Playpens


By material, we mean what is used to construct the dog playpen. They are generally made out of metal, plastic, wood or oxford cloth and mesh. As you can probably guess, a metal playpen, hopefully with anti-rust finishing is the most durable and suitable for puppies who tend to like wrecking things.

The calmer and even-tempered pups are suited to softer and less sturdy materials like plastic and oxford cloth. Determine whether your pup is a professional destroyer or a gentle and calm pup before you make your purchase.


No one likes a product that is difficult to assemble and put together. There are lots of options that don’t require tools to erect. Some might take a long time but ideally, you should look for options that take no more than 10 minutes at most.

Anything more than that should require tools, and in this day and age, you can definitely find better and easier options.


Convenience is something we prize very highly in our daily lives in 2020. So being able to put the pen away when it is not in use will save greatly on space. Most pet pens can be folded and put away in no time at all, so look for ones that live up to your definition of convenience.


Better dog exercise pens should be lightweight yet hardy and well built. The lighter it is the easier it is to take with you and move anywhere at any time. Whether it be at the park or in your backyard, something that doesn’t take too much effort to transport will make your life easier.


The size of the pen depends on the size of your fur baby – the larger the dog, the larger the pen. If you buy a pen for your new puppy, make sure there is enough space for him to grow into. If you have more than one canine at home, then you need to accommodate the larger fur baby.


Can it be used as both an indoor and outdoor playpen? Does it have another purpose like being converted into a doggy gate or does it attach directly to a crate/cage? Some designs come with extra panels to expand on the size as well.


The last aspect to consider is the outer appearance of this pet confinement tool. You get to choose from different color combinations and maybe even some with different patterns to complement your interior décor.


A doggy playpen or exercise pen is your best bet for giving your beloved pooch ample space to wander freely while staying safe. With so many different types of playpens and different construction materials, you could be facing a tough choice. However, determining your needs and your dog’s is a great place to start before you make your purchase.

They can be used as training tools since you and I both know you need all the help you can get when training a puppy. But the process can be fun and made infinitely easier with the help of a dog pen.

Expert Tip

If you didn’t purchase an outdoor pen, then chances are you are missing the ground anchors to keep the playpen in place. So this begs the question of how to prevent the pen from skidding and sliding with your fur baby inside. A rubber mat or even some rubber stoppers can solve this problem easily.

Did You Know

You shouldn’t ever really leave your puppy unattended, but we understand that work calls and sometimes you don’t have a choice. Try not to leave him alone when you first get the pen. You need to know how well the pen fares against his teeth.

When you are sure he can’t get through the barrier, then you can leave plenty of water and puppy pads out before you leave him for the day.

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