In colder climates, your pooch may not only need a dog jacket but maybe pajamas as well. Dogs may seem all right on the outside, but they could be shivering in the middle of the night in their dog beds. You want to keep them warm during the day and cozy at night.

It’s quite a bit warmer in the house compared to the outdoors, so doggie pajamas are usually a lot thinner than outdoor gear. But of course, we still threw in the occasional thicker and cuter options for you.

Doggie pajamas are utilitarian, but nothing is stopping them from having some style and personality. There are even ones made for specific holidays such as Christmas and Valentine’s Day. Let’s look at the top choices we reviewed just for you.

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1. TONY HOBY Dog Pajamas

TONY HOBY Dog Pajamas Dog Jumpsuits

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To keep up your dog extra warm, we looked at four-legged options first. TONY HOBY is a  5-star rated onesie pajamas for dogs which comes in two colors – blue for boys and pink for girls. The elastic leg and tummy openings are perfectly cut to give your dog freedom of movement without cutting into his joints.

The tummy cutout is the perfect size to leave enough room for bathroom breaks. The soft cotton PJs will sit comfortably on your dog’s body, and they are 100% handmade! They come in 5 different sizes, so make sure you get the right one for your pup! He can join in all the pajama fun at night or just wear it around the house during the day.

+ Soft and breathable lightweight cotton
+ Tummy opening
+ 100% handmade
+ Easy to put on

Why We Like It – The care and intricacy that went into this handmade design are noticeable once you slip it onto your dog. The best part is how soft it feels against the skin.

2. Fitwarm Fuzzy Fleece Thermal Dogs Pajamas

Fitwarm Fuzzy Fleece Thermal Pet Clothes for Dogs Pajamas

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For extra fragile puppies that are susceptible to the cold, we found these warm and fuzzy fleece jammies! They come in 6 different sizes, so there is no doubt you can find the right one for your dog. The fleece is soft but extra thick, making it perfect for nap time or as general house wear in colder countries.

Fitwarm Fuzzy Fleece is extremely warm and the elastic openings won’t constrict your pet. The open belly makes going to the bathroom very easy. The soft fleece is very comfortable against the skin, and your dog will look like a real live teddy bear wearing this thermal pajama!

+ Comfortable and soft
+ Extra thick and warm
+ 6 sizes
+ Elastic openings

Why We Like It – It’s very well made, with little buttons for added design. The decorative buttons are put on the back, and won’t pose as a choking hazard.

3. Blueberry Pet Multi Designs Soft & Comfy Cotton

Blueberry Pet Multi Designs Soft & Comfy Cotton Blend Dog T-Shirts

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Hotter climates call for thinner pajamas. Blueberry Pet has 9 different designs with many coming in packs of 2. Every pajama top is short-sleeved or sleeveless to keep your dog warm but also provide breathability. The material used is a cotton blend of polyester and cotton with 100% cotton trim.

The hemline is curved and the neckline offers enough room to wear comfortably. The material is so soft your pet will never want to take it off! If you do manage to get it off him for cleaning, the lightweight t-shirts are machine washable.

+ Lightweight
+ Machine washable
+ Soft and comfortable
+ Elastic trim and hemline

Why We Like It – These cotton-blend shirts offer enough stretch and elasticity to slip on and off easily. Nothing is tougher than having to chase your dog around the house trying to put an outfit on.

4. SEIMAI Dog Jumpsuit for Small Dogs

SEIMAI Dog Hoodies Jumpsuit for Small Dogs

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For the puppies who are sporty at heart, we introduce the sparkly rhinestone velvet jumpsuit! With your choice of pink or blue, your small dog of any gender can look extra flashy out and about. Although there are rhinestones embellished on the back, the jumpsuit pajamas are still machine washable.

We would suggest turning it inside out to ensure the longevity of the rhinestones. For the affordable price, soft onesie is very comfortable and well made. All previous customers claim the jumpsuit is an easy fit and looks very adorable on!

+ Cute design
+ Studded rhinestones
+ Soft velvet
+ Machine washable

Why We Liked It – As far as clothing goes, comfort is always first followed by the design and style. Seimai takes both aspects as their top priority for this cute jumpsuit.

5. PET ARTIST Winter Warm Small Dog Pajamas

PET ARTIST Winter Warm Small Dog Pajamas

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We could not resist adding a costume option to the mix. The little hood on these pajamas has ears! The soft and comfortable fleece comes in pink and grey – it’s so cute the compliments won’t stop coming.

The small dog pajamas can be used as sleepwear, a cute costume or just a light jacket for a chilly walk. It closes with snap buttons located on the bottom to keep out of sight. Not only is the small shirt super soft, but it’s also extra warm and the little hood and ears can keep your dog extra snug. The PET ARTIST Winter Warm Small Dog Pajama is so comfortable you will wish you had one to match!

+ Super soft fleece
+ Cute ear design
+ Snap close buttons
+ 100% quality guarantee

Why We Like It – The machine-washable design comes with a 100% quality guarantee. You are protected if you or your pet are not totally satisfied with the purchase.

6. SCENEREAL Pet Pajamas for Dogs

SCENEREAL Pet Pajamas for Dogs Red Plaid Sweaters

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When we think of pajamas, a soft plaid design is definitely an image that comes to mind. Scenereal introduces the perfect red and black plaid design for a rustic, woodsy and festive feel. The material is polyester, extremely durable and soft but thick enough to keep your dog insulated.

Plaid is the perfect design that never goes out of style and is easy to match with your closet. Wash them in the machine for easy maintenance. Once you put them on, your dog will be a great addition to family holiday cards and costume parties.

+ Super-soft polyester
+ Cute plaid design
+ Machine washable
+ Thick

Why We Like It – The roomy belly cutout gives male and female pups enough space to go potty without soiling the onesie. Even if it does get a bit dirty, just throw it in the machine!

7. EastCities Puppy Pajamas

EastCities Pet Clothes for Small Dogs Puppy Pajamas

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How about a pajama onesie with a nightcap? EastCities Puppy Pajamas offers full coverage for extra warmth, but the cotton material is breathable and light. The nightcap gives a touch of extra style and uniqueness to the pajama outfit. The belly cutout is large enough to prevent any spray damage from soaking into the fabric.

The side buttons are easy to snap shut due to their positioning, and the nightcap has an elastic rim to hug your dog’s head tightly with straps to fit around his or her ears. Take your pick between baby blue, pink and yellow, the perfect shades for bedtime.

+ Super soft and thin cotton
+ Cute nightcap included
+ Large belly cutout
+ Side snap button closure

Why We Like It – The buttons located on the shoulder is easy to button without resistance from your pup. It is also out of reach for avid chewers – or use some anti chew spray.

Dog Pajamas Buyer’s Guide

Dogs have coats, booties, and sunglasses/goggles just to name a few, so why not some pajamas too? Is there a reason to buy a pair? For one thing, they keep all the shed fur in one area and could help allergic humans. However, it’s not as easy as buying sunglasses for your dog, and there are a few things to look out for.

What to Look for When Buying Dog Pajamas

Size and Fit

This goes without saying. From our research, we have established that the girth of the chest and length of your dog’s body are the key measurements when determining the size. Read the listings carefully, because the sellers will sometimes state how the sizes run. They might say it runs slightly smaller, or to size up.

As for the fit, it’s completely separate from the size. There are pajamas of the right size but the cut and fit just don’t match your dog’s body. Make sure the cutouts are large enough and the trim is elastic for more comfort.


Whatever fabric is being used will decide how comfortable and snug the dog pajama is. You want thicker wool or fleece for colder climates and thin cotton or polyester will do in hotter weather. Breathable fabric is the best as it won’t cause your dog to overheat and get skin irritations.

Easy to Wear

It MUST be easy to slip on and off your dog. He and you won’t enjoy wearing pajamas if it requires a high-speed chase around the house. Your dog may struggle, his fur may snag and he could feel suffocated and constrained. Choose elastic over the head options or easy snap buttons.

Machine Washable

Fabric and clothing absorb odors, that’s just a fact of life. So for fashion enthusiasts who have tons of dog outfits, you definitely want ones that are easy to clean. Machine washable ones are the best, although some with intricate designs may need to be hand-washed.


The style and the look of the PJs are your last concern. Go for the full-bodied onesies, the thin t-shirts or one with a nightcap. It doesn’t matter because at the end of the day, your dog will look cute no matter what!

What are the Benefits of Dog Pajamas?

Dog pajamas can be worn outdoors, but that kind of defeats the purpose of being a pajama. If it is worn outside, it can act as a barrier against insect bites, sunburn, and light rain and wind.

It keeps them warm in the house at night when all the lights are off. They won’t get chilly and it also keeps all the stray pet hair under the outfit.

How Do I Correctly Measure My Dog?

Use a soft tape measure and wrap it around the circumference of your dog’s neck, usually at the base. This is to get the correct size for the neck hole.

Next up, lay the tape measure flat on the back of your standing pet. Measure from the base of his neck to the base of his tail. This is to get the right length of the pajama.

The last part would be to measure the barrel of his chest. Measure the widest part of your pooch.

After you have noted down all three measurements, you should be able to find the right size from the sizing charts. Most sellers suggest sizing up if the chest measurements are larger. Accommodate the width of the chest first.


Pet enthusiasts love to humanize their pets. Some people may be against putting shoes and clothing on their canine, but sometimes it is needed. Pajamas not only look cute, but they keep your pet warm too.

Just keep in mind that your top priority should be the functionality rather than the look and style. We hope you were able to pick the one you like from our top 7 list. Feel free to leave a comment below and tell us how your choice turned out!

Expert Tip

Similar to our clothes, pet pajamas may shrink or bleed in the wash. To prevent this, wash the jammies with like colors in cold water, and hang dry. Each purchase should come with cleaning instructions as well. When in doubt, hand wash the PJs.
Did You Know

To get your dog accustomed to clothing and accessories, the earlier you introduce them the better. Even if you don’t intend to always accessorize your dog, their acceptance could come in handy in the future. Remember, positive reinforcement and treats are your best friends.

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