Nothing is cuter than a puppy on the road with his human. Whether he has his head dangling out the window or sitting in the danger seat of a motorcycle, his safety needs to come first. The most important thing to protect would be his little noggin.

We have covered dog goggles and sunglasses previously for eye protection. Now the best protective gear to get for his furry head is a dog motorcycle helmet. He will look oh so cool and badass riding upfront with his mommy or daddy.

Style and fashion aside, dog motorcycle helmets cushion the blow if an accident does occur. Getting the right size and the right helmet will make a world of a difference. To help you make an informed and correct decision, we have compiled a detailed list of what the market has to offer.

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1. Lifeunion Funny Cool Pet Doggie Motorcycles Bike Helmet

Lifeunion Funny Cool Pet Doggie Motorcycles Bike Helmet

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A tight fit is a safety feature you need to look out for. The helmet needs to fit quite snugly on your dog to fulfill its purpose. There are three sizes to choose from ranging from S to L. It’s a tough and versatile yet simple helmet used to guarantee your dog’s safety and comfort.

The vivid colors range from black to bright pink. Not only does it protect your dog’s skull from impact when biking, but it also features a visor to protect him from the sun, wind and the occasional flying piece of debris. The lightweight helmet is padded on the inside and the chinstrap is adjustable.

+ Many sizes and colors
+ Padded interior
+ Adjustable chin strap
+ Protection from minor trauma

Why We Like It – The high-quality ABS plastic is enough to keep your pet safe from minor bumps and scrapes. Not to mention, he or she will look super cool in the bright colors!

2. Prima Dog Helmet for Dogs

Prima Dog Helmet for Dogs

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Prima Dog has a wide selection of patterns and designs for dog helmets. We have chosen the highest rated one – the cute pink fireworks design. There are also different sizes to choose from with the same padded interior and adjustable chinstrap like all dog helmets should have.

Keep your dog’s face and head safe from every opposition he will meet on the open road with you. The extra design gives the helmet a splash of personality. You might also be able to find a matching human one!

+ Many sizes
+ Padded interior
+ Adjustable chin strap
+ Protection from minor trauma

Why We Like It – What sets this option apart is the cute fireworks design. Give in to your flair for style without compromising on the safety of your pooch.

3. Fdit Pet Dog Helmet Cap Hat ABS Plastic Motorcycle Helmet

Fdit Pet Dog Helmet Cap Hat ABS Plastic Motorcycle Helmet

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ABS is a sturdy plastic that can withstand most minor blows. You need something that will stand the test of time and remain durable and sturdy after years of use. This is such an option for you, with sponge padding on the inside to add to your dog’s comfort. The nylon chin strap is also adjustable for a tight and safe fit.

The helmet is waterproof and keeps the sun rays, rain, and wind at bay. Fdit provides a customer satisfaction guarantee, making this a very safe purchase. For aesthetically driven fur parents, the black will keep your dog looking flashy and cool.

+ Customer satisfaction guarantee
+ Padded interior
+ Adjustable chin strap
+ Durable and long-lasting

Why We Like It – The reliable ABS plastic also serves to protect your pet from pesky insects that might happen to run into his head.

4. Braceus Cool Pet Dog Helmet

Braceus Cool Pet Dog Helmet

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Pet helmets not only act as head protection on a motorcycle but also on a bike as well. The lightweight helmet also has a padded interior to cushion the circumference of your pup’s noodle. You can find three different sizes and four vivid colors of black, orange, purple and pink! You can find a color to fit any fur baby girl or boy.

The tiny built-in visor can also shield your pet from all oncoming dust and dirt. Although you might need proper dog goggles or sunglasses to keep his eyes safe, the little helmet can enhance all-around protection.

+ Available in multiple sizes
+ Adjustable chin strap
+ Vivid color choices
+ Strong and sturdy ABS plastic

Why We Liked It – The helmet is lightweight enough to be virtually undetectable by your pet. The chinstrap and padded interior will be a comfortable fit.

Dog Motorcycle Helmet Buyer’s Guide

Keeping your pet safe and sound should be your first and foremost concern. Not any old plastic or child helmet will fit your pet. Like always, there are some traits to look out for, and we have once again come through for you and put together a handy buyer’s guide to hold your hand and guide you through the process.

What to Look for When Buying a Dog Boat Ramp?

Durability and Protection

Just how well can it protect your pooch and keep him safe? This is the number one question. Dog cycling helmets are far from just decorative, they could be what stands in the way of a serious injury.

Aside from abrasions and contusions, dog helmets can also keep a lot of projectiles and weather conditions at bay. So make sure it’s made from durable and sturdy enough material to live up to its purpose.


Without a snug fit, the helmet could fly right off during the ride or in the event of an accident. Make sure the sizing is right for full protection.


Your dog will be extremely averse to wearing the helmet if it makes him uncomfortable in any way. The dog motorcycle helmet should be built in such a way to offer comfort. It can be tough as it needs to be strapped tightly to your fur baby’s head, but soft inner cushioning and an adjustable chinstrap could help.


Of course, we need to consider the overall style of the helmet. If the style is something you find attractive and cute on your pup, chances are you might offer him more positive words when he wears it. This will make him happier to don the cute accessory on his head. Also, with plenty of colors to choose from, we are sure you can find one to complete his riding outfit.

What are the Benefits of a Dog Helmet?

A good pet helmet will offer ample protection against anything your pooch might encounter on the road. This includes pests, projectiles, dust, and all kinds of weather.

What’s most important is a dog helmet cradles your pooch’s skull in the event of an accident. Hopefully, the helmet will absorb the minor impact and your pup will leave the scene scrape-free. And of course, they are adorable looking!

Some of you might think that a cheap piece of plastic may not offer the best protection, but if you invest in a well-made piece, it will. A good way to give your pooch overall protection is to pair the helmet with a cute pair of dog riding goggles!


A dog motorcycle helmet can get your pooch out of tough situations. We hope the day never comes, but if you are in an unfortunate event, you would rather be thanking the lucky stars you had invested in a dog helmet rather than the alternative.

The comfort of the canine helmet is a top priority when it comes to construction. You will be able to find great styles that fit well on your pooch. And you may get a few oohs and ahs on the road as well!

Expert Tip

So how exactly do we measure our dog for the right fit? First off is the width of your dog’s head. First, measure the distance between your pooch’s ears. If you are using a soft measuring tape, keep it taught and try not to curve it against your dog’s skull.

The next step is to measure the circumference of your pooch’s head. Fold-down the ears of floppy-eared pups when you measure.

Did You Know

To maintain the condition of the helmet, use mild soapy water to wipe down the surface. For the interior, if you can find a Velcro fabric lining to line the cushion, it will also keep the insides clean. Just peel off the fabric to wash and replace it to keep the helmet fresh and new!

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