If you live in the northern hemisphere, chances are you’ve experienced a cold winter at one time or another. Could you imagine if you had to endure a cold winter with a thin flimsy jacket or even no jacket at all? Even though dogs are less susceptible to the cold, it can still get to them. Breeds that originate from colder countries or have longer and thicker dog coats could withstand colder weather. We love our pets like they are part of the family. Just like kids, we wouldn’t want them to catch a cold or shiver in the blistering cold.

Buying a jacket for your dog is beneficial to their health; moreover, it can also be just as fun as shopping for the latest fashion trend. Take into consideration the same factors you would when buying your winter coat. Let’s take a look at a few of the best choices we’ve seen out there.

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Notes from our DVM, Sara Ochoa: “Make sure that the dog jacket fits sung. If it is loose; your pet could get tangled in their jacket and hurt themselves. Having boots to go along with the jacket is a good idea to help keep their feet warm.”

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1. Hurtta Extreme Warmer Dog Winter Jacket

Hurtta Extreme Warmer Dog Winter Jacket

This cute little jacket resembles a raincoat on the outside but is lined like an astronaut’s spacesuit. This material is heat reflective, meaning it reflects your dog’s body heat, which stimulates blood circulation. This is a very interesting characteristic of this coat.

The little jacket protects the most important areas from losing heat, such as your dog’s neck and chest. Are you worried about your pup’s head? What if it’s raining or snowing outside? You definitely do not want its head getting wet. Look no further, besides a high collar this coat also comes with a hood to easily protect your dog’s head and ears. Don’t forget to protect your dog’s paws with dog boots!

+ Heat-reflective foil
+ Adjustable
+ Has a hood
+ Waterproof material
+ 3M reflectors

Why We Like It – The word ‘reflect’ is used a lot to describe this product. Other than the reflective heat foil on the inside to provide maximum warmth, there are also reflectors on the outside to ensure safety in the dark.

2. RUFFWEAR Power Hound Insulated Jacket

RUFFWEAR Power Hound Insulated Jacket

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This is an interesting ergonomic choice for a winter jacket. Constructed with warm synthetic material for insulation with technical stretch fabric on the underside, this jacket reminds me of a body suit. It will fit your dog snugly and has enough room in case your pup gains some weight in the wintertime.

We know that’s possible with the holidays and feeding your pup an extra treat or two.  The sleeves and full-length zipper gives your dog a streamlined fit and offers a full range of motion. Besides the reflective trim, there is also an integrated light loop at the back of the neck for you to attach a beacon light.

+ Sleeved style
+ Weather resistant
+ Machine washable
+ Hybrid material
+ Full range of motion

Why We Like It – What’s different about this jacket is it isn’t cumbersome and fits your pet like a glove. The use of nylon spandex gives your pet a sleek and smooth look that comes in multiple colors!

3. RC Pet Products Cascade Jacket

RC Pet Products Cascade Jacket

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The T-shaped design of this outerwear has 3 points of adjustability to more easily fit different body types. With the added contour, it allows for a better fit along the back and tail of your pet. Not only is it water resistant like most styles out there, but it’s also wind resistant. This can be just as important when it comes to keeping warm in the wintertime.

For an added safety measure, there is a slit on the back of the neck for easy leash and harness access. On the sides of the jacket, the designers have included 3M reflective prism designs as well as a reflective signature RC pets label.

+ Strong high-quality cloth
+ Fleece linen for warmth
+ Leash and harness access slit
+ Adjustable
+ Velcro fit

Why We Like It – Keeping your dog dry is a basic element when it comes to fighting cold weather. The wind resistant and durable material gives your doggy extra protection against harsh winters.

4. PetBoBo Doggie Down Jacket

PetBoBo Doggie Down Jacket

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This is by far the cutest jacket we’ve seen so far. It not only resembles a down jacket any human can easily wear, but it also comes at an affordable price! It’s made with the same materials we would value when looking for a go-to winter jacket.

The down stuffing will ensure your dog will stay toasty warm. The fur-lined hood is a cute detail that many of us might go for, for an added touch of cuteness! If you’re into matching outfits with your dog, this is definitely a good choice because finding a human version shouldn’t be too hard!

+ Down material
+ Fur-lined hood
+ Cute style
+ Wind and water resistant
+ Affordable price

Why We Liked It – The cute design speaks for itself. Imagine your fur baby wearing a jacket like this and getting compliments left right and center! You can be sure your pet will be warm under a down jacket and fur-lined hood!

5. EzyDog Element Dog Winter Jacket

EzyDog Element Dog Winter Jacket

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This is an all-in-one jacket. It acts like a windbreaker, raincoat, down jacket and sweater. For its versatile use, it’s extremely light-weight. With the different color choices and reflective trim, you can keep an eye on your pup from a good distance. The Quick-Fit Neo-Xpand neckline makes putting this jacket on your dog an easy chore. The elastic straps with cam locks on the underside give you room to customize the fit perfectly for your dog.

+ 4-in-1 versatility
+ Wind and shower proof
+ No-pilling fleece lining
+ Reflective trim
+ Zippered leash access

Why We Like It – Some of us dog owners know that it can be a real struggle trying to get shoes or shirts on your dog, and jackets are no exception. This easily adjustable neckline makes it easy to slip on with one swift motion.

6. Ruffwear Climate Changer Fleece Jacket

Ruffwear Climate Changer Fleece Jacket

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I personally love when my pet’s clothes resemble mine or come in a style that could be found on any person on the street. This jacket is no exception. Made from similar fleece material we can find at any clothing store, it gives you and your dog an adorable look.

This economical fleece jacket is made up of 75% recycled material that is lightweight and breathable. The zipper design also makes it easy to slip on and off, making dressing your dog hassle-free. Because it’s a more fitted design, this jacket best fits dogs with a girth of 32-36 inches.

+ Made from recycled material.
+ Zippered closure
+ Low-light visibility and reflective trim
+ Light loop
+ Breathable and light

Why We Like It – Even though this jacket is mainly made of fleece material, it still has a waterproof element. The zipper is sturdy and despite frequent wear, the material doesn’t pill easily. Some dog owners might like to find a jacket that can also be used as an undercoat under a larger one, and this is the perfect jacket for that!

7. MIGOHI Dog Jacket for Winter

MIGOHI Dog Jacket for Winter

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Dog jackets are a lot like little baby clothes. They come in the cutest colors, styles and patterns. This jacket is the perfect choice for versatility. The MIGOHI dog jacket is reversible, with a water-resistant outer layer and a warm plaid patterned inner layer. It’s like having two jackets in one! The Velcro closures around the neck and belly areas make the coat easy to put on and adjust.

MIGOHI stands by their product with 100% satisfaction guaranteed. If for any reason the product is not up to par, you can contact them for a replacement or return with no questions asked.

+ Affordable price
+ Reversible
+ High-quality materials
+ 100% satisfaction guaranteed
+ Velcro closure, easy to wear

Why We Like It – Growing up in the nineties, I remember owning a few pairs of reversible pants. I’m excited to know that my dog can have two jackets for the price of one! With a solid color outer layer and a plaid inner layer, your pet will look stylish for any occasion!

8. Fitwarm Faux Shearling Cold Weather Jacket

Fitwarm Faux Shearling Cold Weather Jacket

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This is by far one of the cutest jackets we’ve come across. With the shearling and faux suede look, this is another jacket that you would probably love to own too!
Lined with fleece and made from faux suede fabric, not only will your pup be the talk of the town, but it will be super warm under the fur collar.

This jacket comes in many colors and sizes so be sure to measure your pup correctly. The snap buttons along the front of the chest make it easy to slip on and off with little to no struggle. This amazingly cute jacket will be suitable for your girl or boy pup!

+ Soft and warm material
+ Snap buttons for easy wear
+ Sturdy make
+ Sleek fit
+ Affordable price

Why We Like It – This product is an all-around win. You get the adorable look that’s bound to rack up compliments while making sure your pup stays warm on a cold and harsh winter day. Isn’t the fur collar the cutest thing you’ve seen all day?

9. JoyDaog Fleece Lined Warm Dog Jacket

JoyDaog Fleece Lined Warm Dog Jacket

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This is the puffer jacket for dogs. There are 2 layers of fleece lining in the polyester, making it extremely warm and windproof. It’s has a snap closure with stretchy arm-holes for a great fit. This cute jacket even manages to have a hole in the neck area for a leash to easily hook through.

This coat is of great quality, the double fleece lining ensures that even shorthaired pups are well-protected from the cold. The cutout area under the belly is also high enough you don’t need to worry about your dog soiling the coat when it goes potty.

+ Double fleece lining
+ Leash hole
+ Sturdy stitches
+ Affordable price
+ Snug fit

Why We Like It – Nothing beats being inside a warm puffer jacket when the weather around you is severe and cold. This is the equivalent for your dog. This jacket manages to roll safety and style into one with the fashionably bright colors and leash hole.

10. Hurtta Pet Collection Winter Jacket

Hurtta Pet Collection Winter Jacket

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Just like the product above being a version of a human puffer jacket for a dog, this one is a windbreaker version. The material ensures that this jacket is fully wind and water-resistant. Carefully designed and carefully cut, the jacket offers protection for all the main muscle groups. A lot of jackets out there restrict shoulder movements, but this is a perfect ergonomic fit with 3M reflectors for added safety.

If that wasn’t enough, there is also a fur collar for added warmth and comfort. The adjustable buckle on the underside of the coat makes it extra easy to slip on and off.

+ Fully waterproof and windproof
+ Added fur
+ Adjustable buckle
+ 3M reflectors
+ Adjustable toggle around the neck

Why We Like It – This Hurtta winter jacket is the perfect ergonomic all weather suitable jacket for your pup. Whether it be snow or rain or hail or wind, this jacket can withstand all of it.

Dog Jackets for Winter Buyers Guide

The main purpose of clothing is to keep our pets and us warm. However, over the years the appearance and style have become increasingly important when it comes to choosing apparel. The same goes for choosing clothes for our dogs. Many of us go gaga over the overwhelming amount of variety to choose from.

We consider the look, style, and pattern before we throw down hundreds of dollars to dress our pups. It’s important to take a step back and remind ourselves that warmth and comfort should come first. We have created a simple checklist of criteria to keep in mind when shopping for your dog. Let’s take a look.

What to look for when buying dog jackets for winter?

Fabric and comfort and fit

When we buy clothes and especially jackets for our dogs, we don’t intend to discard them after a few years. For this reason, it’s important to choose clothes made from high-quality fabric. Fleece lining is a great example of an ideal option for your dog. If you’re into a blended fabric, choose the best blend, ones that won’t pull fur or cause any irritation. Remember, comfort comes first.

The clothes you choose need to be a good fit. Anything that’s too loose or too tight could hinder your dog’s movement and put it off wearing any clothes in the future. A fit that’s too loose would cause your dog to trip and fall easily over the long sleeves. It also makes it extra easy for your dog to squirm out of it, and you don’t want that in the wintertime. A fit that’s too tight will cause your pet to feel suffocated and uncomfortable, and cause irritation to the areas where friction occurs.

The garment you choose should be one that’s simple to put on and remove. Wearing clothes should not be a restriction on them or their movements. You can try an assortment of different styles and materials from the get-go, but pay attention to which ones your dog is more fond of.

When you find the material or style he or she particularly prefer, stick to that from then on. If you find the clothing your pet likes boring, it’s easy to accessorize with cute bandannas, hats, belts and other things to jazz up their look. Just make sure the accessories you choose all follow the above suggestions for comfort and practicality.


We dog owners often feel our pups are like our children. Buying clothes for them involves a lot of the same considerations. If your furbaby has the tendency to gnaw at their clothes, try to stay away from snap buttons, bows, or anything protruding that they can get their teeth into. These things tend to be a choking hazard as they would be for a baby as well. The best choice for these types of pups is Velcro closure.

Zippers are also not a very safe option as there is a high chance it can get tangled in your dog’s fur. This would apply more to long-haired dogs. When in doubt, Velcro is the way to go!


Last but not least, and also a pretty big no-brainer is to buy clothes for the occasion and suitable for the weather in the place you live. If you’re taking your dog to the beach during the winter, make sure you get a jacket that’s waterproof rather than one that’s made of cotton but is in a cuter style.

Does My Dog Need a Jacket in the Winter?

It is fiction when they say all dogs need coats in the winter to keep warm. This applies more to shorter-haired breeds, older dogs and puppies, or dogs with medical conditions. If your dog is healthy, happy and strong and doesn’t belong in the categories above, chances are it will be fine! Having a thin or light coat couldn’t hurt, and unless you plan to stay out in the cold for an extended period of time, there’s really nothing to concern yourself about.

Do dogs get cold in winter?

Dogs, like us, can get cold in the winter. The degrees and point when they get cold differ from us. A dog with a shorter coat would feel the cold sooner than a dog with a longer puffier coat. The bottom line is, weather affects all creatures on this earth, and it is just the degrees that vary.

Best Large Dog Winter Coat?

The Hurtta Extreme Warmer Dog Winter jacket would be among my top picks for larger dogs. Their sizes run up quite large to fit even greyhounds, larger terriers, and Dobermans. But of course, this jacket isn’t just limited to large dogs. The jacket is completely adjustable and has a protective rear hem for extra fit.

Best Small Dog Jacket for Cold Weather?

The PetBoBo doggy down jacket is a great choice for smaller dogs. The cute look not only adds to your small breed’s cuteness, but it is extremely warm, made with sturdy and comfortable material that will do its job against the blistering cold.


Buying clothes for pups is similar to buying clothes for our kids or even us. With lots of things to consider, such as fabric, safety, utility, and budget, we hope to have lessened the burden with our suggestions above. Remember to consider their comfort above all else. In order to do that, refer to the buyer’s guide of this article. Of course, as dog parents, we want to give our pup the best, and sometimes our budget limits our options.

To avoid burning a hole in your pocket, there are some outlets and stores that may sell clothes at lower prices. Feel free to browse around online to compare prices as well. Make sure you sift through and choose wisely. In the end, choosing what’s best for your pet is the main concern.

Pay attention to what they like, if you find a particular style they seem happier to wear, do them a favor and stick to styles along that line. Good luck on your next shopping trip with your furry pal!

Expert Tip

There are three parts of your dog you must measure to guarantee a perfect fit. Take a measuring tape and measure around the neck where the collar sits to make sure the collar will be the right fit. Next, measure the dog’s circumference around the body from the top and around just behind his front legs. After that, measure the length of the back starting from the base of the neck to the base of the tail and subtract two inches.

Did You Know?

If your dog is between sizes, it’s best to choose the one that’s a bit bigger. When in doubt, use the chest measurement for more precise sizing.

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