Much like us, a dog needs to protect his head against the cold. While hats are stylish accessories, they also have functional purposes. If you have looked at our dog goggle article, you will know by now that a dog’s eyes are very sensitive to sunlight.

If keeping sunglasses on your dog seems like an impossible task, try a dog hat with a wide brim. It might even keep your dog a bit cooler while adding a coolness factor. I personally find accessorized dogs one of the cutest things out there.

There are many varieties of hats out there, from purely practical caps to ones for certain occasions, such as birthdays. No matter what it is you’re looking for, we have an option for you. Let’s take a look at what we have compiled from a long and arduous search of the Internet

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1. Kitatayi Dog Sombrero Hat

Kitatayi Dog Sombrero Hat

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Dressing up your dog is a guilty pleasure of many dog parents. Whether it’s for Cinco de Mayo, Halloween or just for a fun photoshoot, a dog sombrero will up the cuteness factor of your dog. This dog hat is straw-woven, contributing to its light weight and comfortable wear.

The elastic strap that fits under the chin will keep in in place while not cutting into your dog. The toggle buckle on the strap is adjustable, allowing you to find the perfect balance between security and comfort. Kitatayi stands by their product and offers a 100% money-back guarantee if you are unhappy with your purchase.

+ Lightweight
+ Adjustable strap
+ 100% money-back guarantee
+ Comfortable fit

Why We Like It – The cute little design won’t come at the cost of your dog’s comfort for the sake of a few cute photos. It’s lightweight and adjustable your dog won’t even know it’s there!

2. PET SHOW Crown Dog Birthday Hat for Pets

PET SHOW Crown Dog Birthday Hat for Pets

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We promised your dog birthday hats, and we have delivered. This crown comes in three colors for any gender and numbers from 0 to 9. Your pup will be the belle of the ball with the crown made of light fabrics and a ring of flowers and enough glitter to decorate the fanciest of gowns.

The circumference will fit most dogs and cats, and the adjustable elastic cord will keep the crown steady but not suffocate your dog. The best part is the durable crown hat is reusable for every birthday from now until forever!

+ Crown design
+ Reusable
+ 3 colors
+ 0-9 numbers

Why We Like It – The fact that the crown is reusable gives this hat an absolute win over other birthday hats. Not to mention the cute crown design that will make your dog feel like the royalty he or she is.

3. Rubies Costume Company Cowboy Hat

Rubies Costume Company Cowboy Hat Pet Costume Accessory

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Yes, it is another adorable costume hat with a brim. If you have a small enough dog, the brim can shield his eyes from the blazing sun while he looks super cool. All costume hats must come with adjustable elastic cords or ear straps to keep them securely on.

The hat is plenty adjustable and the materials are tough enough for your dog to toss the hat around or wear it all day at any event. Take the hats with you on vacation for the perfect photoshoot! Not only is it great for your dog or cat, but it can also fit small toddlers to complete their cowboy costumes.

+ Lightweight
+ Durable material
+ Cute design
+ Ear straps

Why We Like It – Adjustability and stability are the two main things we look for in a dog hat. This cowboy costume accessory has both to keep your dog looking mighty sharp!

4. Rubies Costume Company Top Hat for Your Pet

Rubies Costume Company Top Hat for Your Pet

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You have seen cute designs, cool designs, and now we have a formal one to complete your dog’s dapper new look. The top hat is super lightweight, so to keep it from getting blown off there is a sewn-in elastic chinstrap.

The straps are easily DIY customizable for a better fit. What you should make sure to do is measure the circumference of your dog’s head for the correct fit. Rubies has a sizing chart with breed suggestions for your reference. They also suggest to size up if you are unsure of which size to get.

+ Lightweight
+ Elastic chinstrap
+ Cute design
+ Soft material

Why We Liked It – The adorable design will complete a tuxedo costume. The hat will be sitting quite snugly on your little gentleman’s head with the elastic chin strap.

5. XinGiao Dog Hat Pet Baseball Cap Visor Cap

XinGiao Dog Hat Pet Baseball Cap Visor Cap

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Take your pick from 11 different patterns and colors made from oxford cloth, denim or canvas all 100% cotton. It’s durable and safe, without any artificial dyes and easy to clean. The visor cap design features two earholes on each side, perfect for those with perky or droopy ears. Keep your dog’s head cool and eyes protected from the sun.

They come in S, M, and L, so be sure to find one wide enough for your dog’s head. XingGiao provides a money-back guarantee no questions asked! Whether the product is damaged, if you are not happy with your purchase, or you just want a return, XinGiao will comply.

+ Multiple designs and patterns
+ Protects your dog’s eyes
+ Defends against unfriendly weather
+ Washable

Why We Like It – As we stray from costume hats and take a look at more functional ones, these visor caps are the most practical choice. They keep your dog well shielded and looking super cute!

6. Cade Dog Baseball Cap

Cade Dog Hat – Pet Baseball Cap

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For such an affordable price, you get a practical and functional product that is stylish as well. It comes with the earholes similar to the XinGiao hats, and they also include a toggle adjustable chinstrap. The material is 100% breathable cotton canvas.

It should fit tightly on your dog’s head to give him full protection and defend him against sun, wind and rain. The earholes and soft cotton canvas will keep your dog’s head ventilated and prevent him from overheating as well. Take your pick from 6 trendy designs. The vibrant colors will attract all the attention of passersby!

+ Soft yet breathable material
+ 100% cotton
+ Chinstrap
+ Protective features

Why We Like It – The cutout earholes will make an even better fit for your dog. Instead of just securing the hat with a chinstrap, the baseball design will hug your dog’s head even more tightly.

7. Perktail Cute Pet Birthday Crown Hat

Perktail Cute Pet Birthday Crown Hat and Bow-Tie Collar Set for Dogs

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Even though it’s advertised as a birthday set, we figured this could look good at any celebratory event. The black and gold color scheme among the many others is also great for New Years and weddings! With a matching sparkly bowtie, your dog won’t lack any glitter and glitz wearing this costume set.

The crown hat is made of sturdy fabric that will not lose its shape and comes with an elastic chinstrap as well. The cute crown sits at 3 inches wide and 3 inches tall, and is meant to perch between your dog’s ears rather than take over his whole head. The size is perfect for dogs and cats!

+ Many colors
+ Elastic chin strap
+ Sturdy fabric and holds its shape
+ Good size

Why We Like It – We’ve seen customers who have put this crown on their bunnies and pigs! The universal size is definitely the best feature.

Best Dog Hat Buyer’s Guide

Yes, dog hats are cute accessories but they have functional purposes as well. One of which includes the protection of your dog’s eyes. The hat definitely accentuates your dog’s personality and tendencies and it can all be done on a budget! For something so simple yet functional there are still important features to consider.

What to Look for When Buying Dog Hats


Whether it is sombreros, visor caps, or costume hats, the circumference needs to fit your dog. To make sure it’s a comfortable fit, measure your dog’s head size and size up if the number is between two sizes.


Chinstraps and earholes are the most common way to adjust a dog hat and to keep it in place. Hopefully, the hat you choose possesses either or both of these features.


Is the hat going to be used for protection, or just to set your pup apart on his big day? It could also be a woven style to keep his head insulated in cold winters. Determine the function of the hat to pick the right one.


The style is something there is always an abundance of. From sombreros to sun hats, and crowns to fisherman hats, this is where you have complete autonomy. Choose however many hats you wish for your dog’s everyday walks or special events.


The material you choose will preferably be lightweight and breathable. This will prevent your dog from overheating when wearing the hat, and keep it from weighing his head down. Cotton, oxford and canvas are good choices.


Last but not least, the color. This comes down to personal preference. Choose one that represents your dog, and is vibrant enough to remain visible against the sun. There are tons of attractive prints and patterns to choose from.

Benefits of Dog Hats

Looking Cute

This goes without saying. Dog hats up the cuteness factor by 100%! Just having different shirts, pajamas and coats might not make your dog unique enough. Just add a dog hat to the mix and increase his or her chances of being noticed.

Protection Against the Elements

Protecting your dog against unpleasant weather is the most important function. This eliminates a lot of the styles out there and you’re left with the baseball and fisherman hats. The brim of these hats will shield your dog’s eyes from the beaming sun and torrential rain. Sometimes the wind will kick up sand and dirt that will also be thwarted by the brim.

Keeping Warm/Cool

This is an obvious one, but hats can keep your dog cool/warm. The woven styles keep him bundled up really tightly in cold weather, and the breathable cap options keep him cool in the summer. It all boils down to the hat’s purpose. We are sure whichever you choose; the hat will do its job well.

Does My Dog Want a Hat?

Every dog is different, and so are his or her preferences. Some pooches might take to accessories much more easily than others. The training period will also vary depending on their personality.

If your intention is to protect your dog from the sun or to keep him cool but he doesn’t seem to be liking hats, there is one other item that could serve the same purpose – the answer is dog bandanas. Remember, the key is to never force something on your dog for your own gains.


Dog hats are not mere accessories. They could be your dog’s only line of defense against the elements. Whether they are purely decorative or not, you must make sure it’s a comfortable fit and relatively comfortable to wear. Keeping it in place should be a chinstrap or earholes, and never should a hat be too heavy.

Training your dog to accept the hat is similar to training him to wear shoes or coats – it takes time. Luckily for those who have even-tempered non-fussy pets, the training period will be shorter. We hope you were able to find a cute design from our list above to suit your needs.

Expert Tip

Many dog parents have questions regarding whether or not their dog will accept, paw/shake off the hat or destroy it. The collective answer is a resounding ‘yes’ if your dog finds the accessory uncomfortable or if it is forced on them.

The best thing you can do is to introduce this foreign object slowly, and pay attention to the details of the hat. Ask yourself if the hat is the right size, how the fabric feels on your skin, is it heavy or not, etc. This will make the training process significantly easier.

Did You Know

Your dogs should wear a hat during sunny and cold months. Certain hats shield them from UV rays and others keep their heads toasty. To measure your dog’s head, measure from his forehead to the snout and the circumference of his neck as well. After you have the right size and know what to look out for, you can even DIY a custom hat for your pooch!

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