Your fur baby can be just as fashionable as you are. Not only do they have the option to sport booties and coats the way you do, but now they can style their “hair” with certain accessories too. This brings us to the dog hair bows we will be introducing today.

Have your dog be a trendsetter in their friendship circles by dolling her up with these cute decorative bows. They style up any outfit and complete any look. We might not go as far as to dye our pooch’s hair yet, but a dog hair bow comes close.

What’s a well-groomed pup without a splash of extra style, am I right? You mostly see bows on smaller breeds with long luxurious locks but they can sit on curly-haired dogs too. While floor-length fur does make it easier for these bows to stay in place, it’s not a necessity. Let’s look at our premium picks for dog hair bows.

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1. PET SHOW Mixed Styles Dog Hair Bows

PET SHOW Mixed Styles Pet Cat Puppy Topknot Small Dog Hair Bows

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It’s amazing that in just a little package you get 20 different bows! Choose from packs of similar color to assorted colors, they are the perfect handmade additions to your pet’s daily look. Your fur baby will need longer fur for these to work, as they need to be fastened with elastic bands.

You will definitely have a tough time if your fur baby has sparse or short hair. It’s not only great for dogs, but cats and even smaller rodents can benefit from these stylish bows. Some options come with rhinestones, but you can find lace and polka dots, too!

+ Multiple color packs
+ Handmade
+ Cute detailing
+ Durable

Why We Like It – Although they are small trinkets, the elastic bands are surprisingly durable and won’t snap after just a few uses. This makes this purchase a long-lasting one.

2. QUMY Dog Hair Clips

QUMY Dog Hair Clips

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These are clips-style hair bows that are easier to fasten than the elastic options. They come in four different color packages and are a great bulk buy for dog groomers. Clip one of these adorable accessories onto newly groomed pups to get into the good graces of the owners.

A metal alloy clip is attached to the back of each bow to keep them in place. As an extra bonus, you get 150 colorful hair bands for different hairstyles. Why not braid a pigtail or two and fasten them in place with cute bows?

+ Bonus gift of rubber hair bands
+ Many styles
+ Clip-style bows
+ Snag-proof design

Why We Like It – It’s tough for a fur baby to keep still long enough for you to give them a makeover, so the clip style closures are a blessing in disguise.

3. Yagopet 20pcs New Dog Hair Bows

Yagopet 20pcs New Dog Hair Bows

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We love free gifts, and the free pet tag included in each purchase bumps this option to the top of our list. Each piece is, of course, handmade with care, measuring at about 3.5cm with rubber bands to tie them to your adorable dog. They are the perfect size for small to medium pets.

The whole package, which includes over 10 different colors are all for the purpose to up the ante for your dog. If you are looking for basic designs without any fancy rhinestones, lace or patterns, then you have come to the right place. Solid colors are basic, but they never go out of fashion.

+ Wide assortment of colors
+ Handmade with care
+ Durable rubber bands
+ Easy to match

Why We Like It – They come in all the colors you would need to match your dog’s outfit or to match your clothing for the day. Style up your pooch and maybe find a matching bow for yourself!

4. Pony Princess Dog Bows

Pony Princess Dog Bows

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Just from the pictures, we can see fancier designs of ruffled bows to tiaras and barrettes. Before we talk about the cuteness level, let’s take a look at the backing. All accessories in the package come with alligator clips on the back for the perfect grip on any type of fur without risk of snagging.

You get chic and elegant styles in each package of 32 pieces. Your dog will really feel like a princess with these off the chart adorable designs. The purchase also comes with rubber bands so you can tie pigtails and ponytails and fasten one of these cute clips for extra personality.

+ Alligator clips
+ Different styled bows
+ Suitable for many animals
+ Handmade

Why We Liked It – Even for our own hair, alligator clips are the easiest to use. They don’t snag our hair and therefore won’t snag your pet’s fur either.

5. PET SHOW Gorgeous Pet Dog Hair Bow Clip

PET SHOW Gorgeous Pet Dog Hair Bow Clips Hair Bows

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The name says it all, these dog hair bows are good enough for dog shows. These bows are really gorgeous and come in 5 handcrafted and unique designs. Bows and tiaras may be a little played out to some pet parents, but how about crowns, fur balls, and sparkly hearts? These are the types of clips you will get in each package with alligator clips as the backing.

You might think the price point is pretty high for just 5 pieces, but they can be shared between all kinds of pets you may have and small children. You don’t just get the traditional bows with each pack, but also some other designs that will set your fur baby apart.

+ Various unique designs
+ Alligator clips
+ Suits all small pets and children
+ Designed and made with care

Why We Like It – These bows were crafted very well all with the sole purpose to help your pet stand out among the rest.

6. Fourhorse Cute Soft Dog Collar with Bowtie

Fourhorse Cute Soft Dog Collar with Bowtie

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Unlike the other options we have seen so far, this one is not so much a hair accessory, but a dog collar. It comes with a detachable bowtie for special events your busy dog may attend. Each collar is soft and comfortable to wear, made of 100% cotton and coming in many colors and patterns.

The buckles on this collar bowtie are extremely durable, constructed of plastic and stainless steel. The bowties are carefully handmade and fasten to the collar with elastic bands. Take your dog or cat out on the town with these cute and fashionable collars.

+ Lifetime guarantee
+ Travel size included
+ Self-cleaning
+ Double-sided

Why We Like It – Cute decorations do not only have to come in the form of small dainty accessories. Your pups’ collar can be embellished with cute bows too!

7. PET SHOW Bling Pet Hair Bows

PET SHOW Bling Pet Hair Bows

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Are you a dog parent with extra flair and an extravagant personality? We found the perfect pet bows to satisfy your inner princess. Each bow has four beaded ruffles and rhinestones in the center. Tie them to your dog using the little rubber bands that slide easily off your dog’s fur.

These are the perfect festive bow choices for any holiday. Fasten a red one for Chinese New Year or Christmas and a pink one for Valentine’s Day. You get 10 pieces of random colors and bead patterns, with bows measuring at about 25x30mm.

+ Tight fitting rubber bands
+ Gorgeous bows with intricate design
+ Well-made
+ Stays in place

Why We Like It – These lavish bows with vivid colors shine brightly against any color of fur. They will look great during dog shows and the rhinestones will reflect light, making your fur baby extra eye-catching.

8. Yagopet Butterfly Hair Bows

Yagopet Butterfly Hair Bows

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These are the most unique and beautiful designs we have seen so far. Each of these intricate designs is modeled after a butterfly. Just like other Yagopet purchases, you get a free pet tag as a bonus with your order. It’s also held in place with rubber bands and look amazing on small to medium pooches.

You get a mix of 10 to 12 colors In each pack. The extra bows add so much beauty to your already beautiful fur baby. The tight-fitting rubber bands keep the butterflies in place and they hold their position even on the rowdiest pets.

+ Gorgeous and original design
+ Well fitted rubber bands
+ Multiple vibrant colors
+ Great quality

Why We Like It – This product is met with rave reviews from all the consumers. They might be a big bit on toy dogs, but it will only draw more attention to the beautiful butterfly bows.

Dog Hair Bows Buyer’s Guide

If you’re a woman and you are reading this, you must know the sacrifices us ladies make for the sake of beauty on the daily. We don’t want our dog to go through pain for the sake of looking good, so to avoid that let’s look at what things to watch out for when buying dog hair bows.

The Fur

Different breeds have different fur, or hair if you will. Some rubber band attachments are virtually impossible to tie on a Frenchie for example but would look amazing on a Maltese. Make sure the bow can be fastened to your dog without causing her or him too much discomfort.

Elastic or Clip?

The safest and relatively painless ways to attach a bow is either with a clip or elastic band. Clips are much easier to use, they hang tight on your pooch with one simple motion. Elastics are much harder to tie in comparison, but they do stay on longer.

It’s up to you which one you find easier to use and has a better hold of your dog’s fur. Dogs have different types of fur, double-coated, long and silky, short, etc. Elastics could be great for long fur while alligator clips may slide right off.


Why would the materials matter? Because if you know dogs, then you’ll know that they’ll try to devour or destroy anything they dislike. On the off chance, they do manage to ingest parts of the bow, we want it to be safe. Make sure they are made with non-toxic materials.


The one thing you should never do is force anything on your dog. If he or she is genuinely uncomfortable wearing the bow, try a different style or different clip.


Most dog bows are under 20 dollars and come in packs of over 5. You get what you pay for, so opt to spend more than a dollar per bow. Better made bows will be more comfortable, so grant your pet that much and don’t skimp on the costs.

Size and Pattern

The last thing you should consider would be the appearance and design of the bow. Other than making sure it is small or big enough for your dog, the patterns and designs are all totally up to you.


Hair bows are cute and fashionable, and this is something we can all agree on. However, other than adding style and personality to hairstyles, they can also keep hair out of your dog’s eyes. The fur on a Yorkie, Maltese or English Sheepdog can get so long it obstructs their vision.

A dog bow, in this case, has utilitarian value and keeps the hair out of the dog’s face. Whether it’s for a dog show or just to give your pooch extra panache, a dog bow can do both.

Expert Tip

Just how long can you leave dog hair bows in? While there isn’t too much of an issue, groomers still recommend removing the bow and letting your dog’s hair follicles relax from time to time. If a bow is worn for a long time there are also risks of tangling that may happen. Would you want to leave your ponytail in for days on end?

Did You Know

Please only use the clips and rubber bands on the back to keep the bows in place. Some over-eager pet owners may resort to unbelievable methods to keep the bow on tight. Before you put a bow on your pup, make sure you brush away all the stray hairs.

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