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A great way to activate a dog is with the classic coming of fetch, but most humans can’t throw that ball as far as the dog would probably like them to. Another option – an easier option – is the frisbee, since it flights high and far with very little effort from the person throwing.

With a good dog frisbee, your pup will stay entertained for hours (or for as long as you can keep up with him or her)! It is an ideal game for high-energy dogs and dogs that seem just as energetic after a regular walk, and you can sit and relax in a deck chair, drink your coffee after work, and throw the frisbee when your pup brings it back to you. It is the perfect game for a tired dog owner and an overenthusiastic dog since it can be played in a way that gives you both what you want the most.

View The Best Frisbees for Dogs Below

1. Chuckit! Paraflight Dog Toy

Chuckit! Paraflight Dog Toy

A soft dog frisbee ideal for long-distance throws and hours of playtime! The soft material protects the dog’s mouth as well as your windows and the heads of by-passing neighbors, and it is a fun soft dog frisbee for both outdoor and indoor play. The multi-layer nylon construction is durable and long-lasting so that you won’t have to worry about your dog chewing it up in the few seconds it takes for him or her to bring it back to you.

These dog frisbee toys come in two sizes – perfect for dogs that might need a smaller size, and it floats when you play with it in water. Just throw it out in that lake your dog likes to play at and have your water lover dive in and retrieve it for you.

+ Durable nylon construction
+ Soft and gentle to grab
+ Floats in water and dries fast
+ Available in two sizes

Why We Like It – It is soft, it is fun, and the aerodynamic construction allows for it to go far with each throw – giving your pooch a chance to really stretch out while running after it. An innovative soft frisbee design for hours of quality time and play with your fur friend.

2. KONG Rubber Flyer

KONG Rubber Flyer

If your dogs are chewers, then perhaps these KONG flyers would be the best frisbees for dogs in your family! This product is possibly the most durable dog frisbee you can find, and the brand is known for making toys and doggy equipment designed to last. This KONG frisbee for dogs is made with soft rubber to protect the mouth even if your pup likes to catch the pet frisbee in the air, and it is easy to rinse off after playtime to avoid bacterial growth and dirt.

The material also helps clean the teeth and soothe the gum (great for young teething pups), and you can get it in black or red depending on your preferences. It is also available in sizes Small, Medium and Large for ultimate convenience, since all dogs – regardless of size – deserve a durable dog frisbee they can carry around and play with.

+ Choose between black and red
+ Soft but durable rubber material
+ Helps keep the teeth clean
+ Chew resistant

Why We Like It – A dog flying disc like this product is perfect for young dogs, dogs that like to chew and those that can be a little destructive! The material is made to last, and while no dog toy is completely indestructible – these rubber dog frisbees come pretty close.

3. Hyper Pet Flippy Flopper Soft Dog Frisbee

Hyper Pet Flippy Flopper Soft Dog Frisbee

Reward your dog with a toy with which you can play together, and something that guarantees long afternoons of fun in the backyard. These cleverly constructed frisbees for dogs are great for dog frisbee training – a fantastic way to exercise your pup and keep him or her entertained and physically- and mentally stimulated.

It might take some attempts before your pup learns to catch it in the air, but it will probably be just as fun to pick it up from the ground. It is a soft frisbee for dogs that enjoy a good game of fetch, and while it is not apt for chewing, it flies high and the design and durable materials make sure it lasts for a very long time when used correctly. The Hyper Pet Flippy Flopper floats in the water; making it ideal for water fun and play, and it is available in a variety of colors.

+ Perfect for the beach
+ Variety pack available
+ No sharp or hard edges
+ Easy to spot in bushes and grass

Why We Like It – This is the perfect durable cloth frisbee for dogs that can’t get enough when fetching, and it works well as both a puppy frisbee and a frisbee for small dogs, thanks to being lightweight, soft and easy to carry.

4. Chuckit! Flying Squirrel Spinning Dog Toy

Chuckit! Flying Squirrel Spinning Dog Toy

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Shaped like anything but traditional dog frisbees, this squirrel-looking frisbee for dogs is an instant favorite in many doggy homes! It is constructed for short-distance use, and it spins through the air as you toss- or throw it. Your pup will go nuts as they see it flying over their heads, and the bright colors make it easy to spot both up in the air and once it has landed.

You can play with it at night without risking it disappearing in the shadows, as this unique and flexible dog frisbee glows in the dark! This cool feature makes it easy to run after, and you might even trick the neighbors into thinking there is a flying UFO in your backyard.

+ Spins when tossed
+ Lightweight material that floats
+ Glows brightly in the dark
+ Different sizes available

Why We Like It – Ideal for smaller enclosed spaces; such as a cramped backyard, as it generally does not fly too far. The glow-in-the-dark feature makes these the best frisbee for dogs that like to play at night!

5. IMK9 Dog Flying Disc Toy

IMK9 Dog Flying Disc Toy

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A flying disc, or a Frisbee is something we need in our pet toy arsenal to expend or pet’s energy. Something that comes into close contact with their teeth needs to be tough. The Flying Disc is tough, but there are never any guarantees, right? But there is!

The all chewed-up guarantee from IMK9 will refund your money or replace the item if it’s destroyed. The aerodynamic design of this disc allows it to sail gracefully in the air for long distances without you having to throw out your shoulder. The natural rubber won’t shatter, split open or break and accidentally hurt your dog.

+ All chewed-up guarantee
+ Aerodynamic design
+ Natural and soft rubber
+ Bright colors

Why We Like It – Nothing is more annoying than searching through the bushes to no avail for the disc. The bright colors will make it stand out so you won’t lose it so easily.

6. Nerf Dog Nylon Flying Disc Dog Toy

Nerf Dog Nylon Flying Disc Dog Toy

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Nerf makes fun and durable products both for human children and for those with fur (a.k.a dogs), and this lightweight rubber frisbee for dogs is an excellent example! It floats, flies, can be used for playing tug and it washes easily with a garden hose or in the sink, so that you can keep it looking just the way it did when you bought it.

The color options are many, which means you get to pick the one that will best suit your dog’s personality (and/or your individual taste), and you can opt for buying a 2-pack for dogs with a sincere love for rubber dog frisbee games. It is a long-lasting frisbee dogs will love, and a great tool when trying to keep your fur friends exercised, happy and healthy.

+ Pick your favorite color
+ Simple aerodynamic design
+ With thermoplastic rubber
+ Brand with good reputation

Why We Like It – With the best frisbee dogs in your household will suddenly have a fun reason to run around the yard! They are great for keeping your pup slim and fit, and this product is durable enough to last through months of endless (if your pooch gets to decide) play.

7. Chuckit! ZipFlight Dog Frisbee Aerodynamic Design

Chuckit! ZipFlight Dog Frisbee Aerodynamic Design

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These soft frisbees take playing to new… heights! It soars fast and high when thrown, giving your pup a real challenge, and it is, without doubt, the best frisbee for dogs that are good at jumping to catch. These soft frisbees for dogs come in two eye-catching colors – making them easy to spot no matter where they land – and they can be used to play on land and in water when you take your pups to the beach (or the pool).

The rubber-reinforced edges help create a soft, pain- and risk-free experience for the dog and it is gentle for both mouth, teeth and gums. Choose the small dog frisbee for smaller canines, and a larger size if you have bigger dogs.

+ Safe for indoor and outdoor play
+ Soft rubber-reinforced edges
+ For beach- and pool fun
+ Bright colors that are easy to spot

Why We Like It – One of the toughest dog frisbee products that is also soft and lightweight, making it perfect for playing both in the yard and indoors on rainy days. It often rates high in dog frisbee reviews, which isn’t hard to understand once you become familiar with the products offered by Chuckit!

8. Petstages ORKA Flyer Rubber Durable Frisbee Chew

Petstages ORKA Flyer Rubber Durable Frisbee Chew

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Does your pup chew up every toy you get him within the first 5 minutes? If so, these pet frisbees are here to save the day! It is the best dog frisbee for chewers, thanks to its close to indestructible (remember that no material is 100% indestructible) rubber material, and it is soft and bendy enough to not break when tossed and to go gently on the dog’s mouth if caught in the air.

It is a simple and affordable option for the dog owner who wants to make their pup happy, and it has all the features you would expect to find when purchasing a pricier product. It is a frisbee doggo lover will have tons of fun with, and it is easy to rinse off and keep clean.

+ 100% toxin-free
+ No-hassle cleaning
+ Virtually indestructible
+ Highly functional and affordable

Why We Like It – It is likely you’ll come across this product in a dog frisbee review somewhere online, due to its simple yet functional design, and its affordable price! You get more than what you pay for, and they are flying discs for dogs that you will both have a blast with.

9. RUFFWEAR Hydro Plane Floating Disc

RUFFWEAR Hydro Plane Floating Disc

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This fabric dog frisbee is perfect for play during both summer, winter, fall and spring since it is lightweight enough not to disappear in the snow, it floats on water and the color makes it stand out when landing in a pile of fallen leaves.

The abrasion-resistant material makes it suitable even for the most enthusiastic player, and despite being soft – it can even resist some chewing! The softness of it makes it the best frisbee dog owners can get for their young pups or dogs with sensitive gums, and since RUFFWEAR is a brand that lives up to its promises, you can be sure of getting a quality product that won’t break the first time you use it, the way some low-quality products might.

+ Floats and sits on top of snow
+ Lightweight for easy catching
+ Suitable for dogs with sensitive gums
+ Excellent quality and durability

Why We Like It – You can find dog frisbees for sale anywhere, but few products compare to RUFFWEAR in terms of quality, durability, and function. The way these dog frisbees softly lands on both water and snow makes them perfect for both summer- and winter play and they enable you to have fun with your dog all year round.

10. West Paw Zisc Disc Glow-In-The-Dark

West Paw Zisc Disc Glow-In-The-Dark

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The Zogoflex material is soft yet surprisingly durable, which is highly desirable in a doggy frisbee. It is easy to throw, flies far and it is gentle for your dog’s mouth at the time of catching. The colors vary, giving you every opportunity to choose a color that suits you and your pup.

It both bounces (a popular feature since it makes landing a lot more fun and unexpected) and floats, so that you can take it with you and play with your pup no matter where you are. This product is described as incredibly tough and the material is similar to the one used in KONG toys, something that makes it a great toy also for destructive dogs and for those fur babies that like to chew.

+ Eco-friendly and recyclable materials
+ Perfect for enthusiastic chewers
+ Impressive glow-in-the-dark capacity
+ Two convenient size options

Why We Like It – Many dog owners don’t have time to play during the day due to work or other commitments, but since this flyer glows vividly in the dark – it is the perfect toy for late-afternoon and evening play in the backyard or at the dog park.

Frisbee for Dogs Buyers Guide

Playing with frisbees is fun for the whole family, and something you can do both at home in the backyard, in the dog park, at the beach or wherever else you think might be a suitable spot for frisbee play.

A frisbee is easy to bring along for outings and adventures, and it is an excellent way to exercise a dog! It might take some time and effort to teach your pup to catch the frisbee in the air, and some dogs never learn, but if you are interested in having your pooch pick up this impressive skill – be patient! Work with your pup, watch tutorials on YouTube and have fun in the process! There are a few things to consider before purchasing a dog frisbee for your four-legged friend, so have a look below, and try to incorporate it in your thought- and research process before deciding on a product.


When looking for dog frisbees online, you quickly realize that the selection is a lot bigger than what you might have seen at your local pet store and that you can get a flying disc made with almost any material.

The standard plastic frisbee made for humans (found among summer children’s toys and in toy stores) is not recommended for dogs, since they often have hard and/or sharp edges, that might potentially harm the dog’s mouth during playtime, and especially if your pups like to catch their toys in the air. Stay clear of frisbees made for humans and invest in one made especially for dogs.

A doggy frisbee tends to be more resistant than those made for humans, as they need to withstand more rough use. Many are made with durable rubber materials; flexible yet sturdy, and with no risk of sharp fragments coming loose. There are also rope and fabric frisbees, soft and cushioned frisbees, non-toxic plastic frisbees and much more.

You should pick a product that you think would work for your dog (depending on whether you have a chewer on your hands, for example), but just make sure the frisbee is made for dogs and not for human children, as an additional safety measure. Children can play with a dog frisbee, but the other way around is not recommended.


Another tip to find the perfect dog frisbee is to have a look at what you would like your frisbee to do, in terms of flying. There are short-range frisbees, which are perfect for smaller backyards or for playing where there is limited space, and then there are long-range frisbees that might be better suited for playing at the dog park or somewhere more open.

Some frisbees also tend to go higher than others, something that could come in handy if you have a dog that likes to catch it in the air, or if you would like to try and teach your dog to catch.

Soft frisbees are ideal for playing close to sensitive equipment, windows or even indoors, because while they fly just as well as many rubber frisbees to – they won’t cause damage if hitting something while soaring through the air. It is because of this that you want to consider what skills your dog has, what would be fun for your dog and where you plan to use the dog frisbee; to up your chances of finding the perfect product on the first try.

Also, consider who the frisbee is for, and if you have a small dog, look for a product that comes in a size that is appropriate for a tiny breed. If you want a full-sized frisbee, go with a soft model since they are usually lightweight enough for a small dog to both catches and carry.


This becomes important for those who share their homes with chewers, as a dog could easily rip a fabric frisbee to shreds, if they wanted to. So, if you know that your dog has a habit of breaking new toys within the first few minutes, then perhaps you should look past the soft- and fabric-made frisbees and opt for one made with durable and chew-resistant rubber.

Just because a frisbee looks like a ton of fun, it does not mean it makes a good toy for every dog, so be honest with yourself regarding your dog’s habits and needs and consider a heavy-duty frisbee for pups that like to chew.

Additional Features

Playing at the beach, in the ocean, in lakes or swimming pools is something many dogs can’t get enough of, and avid swimmer pups are often thrilled at the chance of fetching something in the water.

For these dogs, a floating dog frisbee could be the ultimate gift, and a chance to make summer days more exciting, physically challenging and fun. Most dog frisbees do float, but some are better equipped for it than others, so check product specifications before making your final decision.

Glowing in the dark is another fun feature added to some products and a great one for pet parents who like to play with their pups after work and in the evening. A frisbee that glows in the dark is easy to spot even when there is no light, and it won’t disappear in the dark corners of your backyard in the middle of a good game.

Best dog frisbee for small dogs?

The ‘Chuckit! Paraflight Dog Toy’ is lightweight enough for a small dog to carry and catch, and it comes in two sizes so that you can get one made especially for small dog breeds.

Best dog frisbee for large dogs?

The ‘RUFFWEAR Hydro Plane Floating Disc’ is a durable and versatile dog frisbee, and it is ideal for big dogs since it can be used in water, snow, and basically any weather condition!

What dog frisbee to get for a chewer?

For the chewer, you will want to go with a product like the ‘KONG Rubber Flyer’, which takes you as close to an indestructible dog frisbee as you can possibly get. Keep in mind that all toys can be destroyed and that the dog should always be supervised when playing.


If you are ready for an activity that will bring you closer to your pup, that will keep him or she exercised and happy, and one that can be performed pretty much anywhere – then a dog frisbee is definitely for you.

It is an undeniable favorite for both humans and dogs, and a great toy for the whole family to have fun with on warm summer days (or during winter to make snow play more stimulating). There are many fantastic products out there, so just set some time aside to compare the ones you might be interested in and chose the one you think your dog will like the most.

Expert Tip

Not all dogs are naturals at catching the frisbee in the air, so don’t expect too much from a dog that might not know what to do. Start out slow by throwing the frisbee and encouraging the dog to bring it back to you, and then – if you want your pup to catch the frisbee in the air – you can start introducing additional steps with the help of online tutorials and/or dog training books.

Did you Know

The frisbee has been around for decades, and the person who invented it was a man named Walter Frederick Morrison, and he was born in January 1920. When he died, he had reportedly requested to be cremated and to have his ashes molded into frisbees that were later given to his family members.

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