Dogs come with a natural coat, their fur! They are less susceptible to the cold and they can definitely endure colder climates than we can without a jacket. But, there are times when some dogs’ fur is not enough to keep them warm. As the elements turn even colder or snowy, some of these dogs need a bit of extra bundling.

The age, breed, size and health condition of your dog can also play a part in what coat it needs. We need to make sure the coats we buy for our fur babies do their jobs but are also comfortable and weatherproof. With so many options out there, how do we choose?

We’ve listed our top 10 picks for you below. Depending on the needs of your dog, there is no particular style better than another. The main function of coats and sweaters is heat retention. Keep that in mind and read on.

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Notes from our DVM, Sara Ochoa: “When it is cold outside make sure to keep your pet warm. A good thing to pair with a warm coat is some dog boots. These will help keep your pets’ feet warm and dry.”

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1. Hurtta Summit Parka Dog Coat

Hurtta Summit Parka Dog Coat

This is perfect for more active pups, but especially for dogs with short hair or no undercoat. It not only keeps their body temperature at a stable level, but it also doesn’t slip or shift while your dog is on the go. The breathable outer layer has 3M reflectors to help with visibility at night.

The adjustable buckles allow you to fit it perfectly to your dog and it even has attachment loops for the hind legs to keep the coat even more securely in place. When in the cold outdoors, the parts that need protection the most are the head and stomach (abdomen) areas. Hurtta makes sure your dog is covered, literally.

+ 3M reflective trim
+ Breathable material
+ Non-slip design
+ Adjustable

Why We Like It – Easy to take on and off, the Hurtta Summit Parka Dog Coat makes sure to do its job and protects the areas with the most heat loss. With over 10 years of experience in making accessories for dogs, Hurrta is a brand you can trust.

2. Zack & Zoey Polyester Nor’easter Dog Blanket Coat

Zack & Zoey Polyester Nor’easter Dog Blanket Coat

A blanket coat sounds very warm and cozy, and with the variety of color options, this coat is great for style as well. The array of sizes also guarantees you will find a good fit no matter the breed. The outer layer is 100% polyester with a plaid or camo soft fleece lining inner layer. This jacket is reversible, giving you two jackets for the price of one! The reflective trim and little paw print detail on the polyester layer add safety and a touch of cuteness. This jacket closes with Velcros positioned at the neck and belly areas for a good fit.

+ Machine washable
+ Reversible
+ Reflective detailing
+ Adjustable fit

Why We Like It – We love machine washable options because of the convenience it provides. Use a gentle wash cycle in the machine and line dry. It comes with a polybag and a little hanger too!

3. Weatherbeeta Parka 1200 Deluxe Dog Coat

Weatherbeeta Parka 1200 Deluxe Dog Coat

Face-off against cold weather with this deluxe dog coat from Weatherbeeta. The outer layer is made of triple weave, fully waterproof fabric with 220 grams of insulation fill. This will provide enough warmth for your pup on any freezing day. Covering the essential areas of the chest and abdomen, the Velcro closures will keep your dog dry and warm. The proper fit will still give them full mobility and the reflective trim will keep them safe at night. The leash hole lets you hook your leash on your dog’s collar during your daily walks.

+ Reflective strips
+ Waterproof and breathable material
+ Leash hole
+ Covers the essential areas

Why We Like It – The larger than an average collar with an elastic band gives comfort to your dog without him or her feeling strangled. This jacket moves when your dog moves but stays in place.

If you and your pup are out and about at Sea, a dog life jacket is a better and safer alternative.

4. Hurtta Ultimate Warmer

Hurtta Ultimate Warmer

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You will be seeing a lot more options from Hurtta as our list goes on. This option provides ample heat insulation for extreme cold conditions. If you and your dog have extended periods outdoors during cold weather, this is the option for you. The neckline and waist are adjustable to give your dog room and freedom, but still, keep him warm with the waterproof but breathable Houndtex Membrane.

Again lined with 3M reflective trim, enjoy the outdoors day and night with your pooch. The Hurtta Ultimate Warmer protects all the important muscle groups and has a leash opening to hook onto the collar or harness.

+ Reflective trim
+ Added insulation
+ Adjustable
+ Hountex Membrane

Why We Liked It – Perfect for colder climates, the material doesn’t crinkle when your pup moves and is perfect for more active canines.

5. PetBoBo Doggie Down Coat

PetBoBo Doggie Down Coat

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We have suggested many practical and functional options. Now we are introducing one for its cuteness factor aside from keeping your pet warm. The soft material keeps your fur baby warm and cozy during cold outdoor walks. How adorable is the fur-lined hood? Make sure you measure your pup as precisely as you can because this option isn’t adjustable and doesn’t give any stretch.

Perfect for large to medium dogs, this jacket will keep your dog warm in below freezing weather! Other than keeping your fur baby warm, he/she will also be receiving compliments left, right and center!

+ Cute design
+ Soft material
+ Keeps important muscle groups insulated
+ Button snap closure

Why We Like It – A cute design can be practical as well! The small pocket on the back is perfect for keeping their doggy waste bags, extra tissues or even your keys!

6. Hurtta Extreme Warmer Dog Coat

Hurtta Extreme Warmer Dog Coat

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Another option from Hurtta, this one is excellent for extremely cold weather conditions. Unlike regular coats, this is lined with foil much like an astronaut’s spacesuit, which reflects your pup’s body heat and stimulates blood circulation. To protect your pup’s head, the tricot hood can be lifted and covers your dog’s head and ears.

Adjustable in four different areas, it will fit your dog’s frame well. There is a place to fasten a leash no matter the size and the 3M reflectors add more safety. The outer layer is 100% waterproof and breathable.

+ Foil lining
+ Reflective trim
+ Adjustable
+ Hood

Why We Like It – Hurtta has taken every aspect of keeping your dog warm into consideration with this warmer dog coat. Suitable for extreme weather conditions, this is perfect for those who live in the northern hemisphere.

7. Kurgo Loft Reversible Dog Coat

Kurgo Loft Reversible Dog Coat

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As you might know by now, we love the reversible options when it comes to dog clothes. It always makes us feel like we are getting a good deal. This is another reversible option. This reversible dog coat is easily machine washable and comes with a lifetime warranty! Also with reflective piping to keep your dog visible at night, the water-resistant outer shell keeps your pup dry and warm! Want to keep a hold on your pup during your walk? The leash access hole allows you to clip onto your dog’s harness or leash.

+ Reflective piping
+ Reversible
+ Water resistant
+ Leash access

Why We Like It – The best quality of this jacket is not the reversible style, but the ripstop nylon material with Polytech fill. It’s guaranteed to keep your pup warm.

8. Hurtta Casual Quilted Overall Dog Coat

Hurtta Casual Quilted Overall Dog Coat

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Looking at the picture, you know this coat means business. It’s an overall coat that fully covers your dog’s body. It’s adjustable on the waist, neck, and back to make sure it fits right. Because this option doesn’t have a large margin of error when it comes to sizing, they have 9 size options to make sure you get it right.

The reflective piping on comfortable and silent material gives full visibility. This option is perfect for short-haired or even hairless dogs who need more protection from the cold weather. The water and dirt resistant surface layer have an ultrasonic quilted under layer for supreme insulation.

+ Overall coverage
+ Water and dirt resistant
+ Adjustable fit
+ Quilted underlayer

Why We Like It – No two dogs are identical when it comes to sizing. Hurtta does a great job of producing a selection of sizes to fit almost every dog.

9. Hurtta Drizzle Coat

Hurtta Drizzle Coat

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Hurtta really has a coat for every weather condition! This is more of a raincoat and good for walks in rainy and muddy wet weather. It also sports the reflective foil lining like the Extreme Warmer Coat and reflects your dog’s body heat in colder weather.

The numerous adjustment areas around this coat give you the freedom to fit it as needed. It also features a rain trap inside the collar to keep the water from seeping in. Visibility on a rainy day or night is extra low, so the 3M reflectors really come in handy.

+ Aluminum foil lining
+ Adjustable
+ Elastic and silent fabric
+ Reflective stitching

Why We Like It – The drizzle coat covers your pup very well. The only parts you need to wipe down would be his feet, unless you have cute little rain boots to go with this coat!

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10. Kurgo North Country Dog Coat

Kurgo North Country Dog Coat

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With a waterproof outer shell and soft fleece lining, this is coat is good against snow, wind, rain, and hail. The ripstop nylon is strong and stands against extreme weather. Kurgo products usually come with a lifetime warranty! This only covers manufacturer defects from an authorized seller.

Not only does the North Country Dog Coat come with reflective trim, but it also has a flashing LED light strip for even more visibility and added safety. Providing perfect coverage for any season, get one for your active pooch who loves the outdoors!

+ Waterproof ripstop outer shell with fleece lining
+ Flashing LED light
+ Lifetime warranty
+ Collar or harness access

Why We Like It – Wet and grimy weather does not have to put a damper on your plans! Slip on this dog coat from Kurgo and know your dog is fully protected from the elements!

Dog Coats Buyers Guide

Does your dog need a coat? If you live in a country with tropical weather, chances are a raincoat would do just fine. For those that live in countries where you need to bear with colder weather conditions, a dog coat is a smart investment. A dog coat must be functional, comfortable and hopefully not too hideous looking. We are going to go through the top features to look for when buying a dog coat. Our final goal is to help you select an option that is practical and stylish.

What to Look for When Buying a Dog Coat?

It’s a good idea to make a checklist of these features to look for next time you head to the doggy store.


The main function of a coat is to provide warmth and insulation. Fleece-lining is the best, aside from some reflective foil on the neck areas. Fleece is preferred as it offers maximum comfort as well as warmth. Aside from their natural fur, some dogs need the aid of a good dog coat to provide proper insulation.


We all know it’s hard to get a leash and harness on our dogs, but imagine trying to get a coat or overall coat on them. Velcro is a convenient feature to look for. Buttons can easily snag your pup’s fur and give them time to wriggle free when you’re looking for the snap buttons. Not to mention, buttons are easily chewed off. An easily adjustable coat with a zip up or Velcro closure is the best.


This is a tricky part of buying a dog coat. You need to get the size right, or you’re in trouble. A dog coat won’t be able to provide proper protection if it isn’t fit for your dog. A coat that runs too large wouldn’t provide enough insulation and protection, while one that’s too small won’t cover the essential areas.


How does a coat provide enough protection? By adding reflective trim of course! Many dog parents like to go for a run or walk at night. Keeping visibility up with reflective 3M tubing is important. Make sure the coat you choose has some sort of reflective detailing.

Another safety feature is a leash access hole. This is a little hole usually located at the base of the neck to allow you to attach a leash to the collar or harness. Make sure the coat you want doesn’t restrict leash access.

Weather resistance

This factor combines material and function. In colder areas of the world, heavy rain, snow and hail are highly likely. Make sure you get a dog coat that is water-resistant above all else. If by chance it also handles dirt and wind well, then make sure you get that one! Keep your dog warm but also dry with the coat you decide to buy.

Easy to Clean

If a coat is going to properly shield your dog from the elements as well as rain and dirt, it had better be easy to clean. By easy to clean we mean machine washable. Regular cleaning will be required if you and your dog frequent the outdoors. If it’s able to be tumble-dried, that’s even better. But the usual options out there suggest hang drying the little coats.

Different Types of Dog Coats

Yes, your pup also has different types and styles of coats to choose from, each one with their own specific function. You will have a little fashionista on your hands! Let’s take a look at some of the more popular ones.

Raincoat – As the name suggests, this type of coat is similar to your raincoat. Not providing a lot of insulation, the main function of this coat is to protect your dog from the wind and rain.

Cooling Coat – It’s a little counterintuitive when you look at the name. A coat used to cool your dog off? Well, this is the type of coat you want if you live in hot climates. Sometimes temperature levels can reach a high that is harmful to your dog. These cooling vests and coats will prevent them from overheating in the summer.

Windbreaker – A windbreaker is similar to a raincoat, except they are fortified against the wind more so than the rain. Still waterproof, they also provide warmth for your pet.

Fleece Jacket – Similar to your fleece jacket, this is a very warm and non-bulky option. The soft material is gentle on your pooch’s skin and super snuggly. The only downside is fleece isn’t exactly waterproof.

Parka/Winter Jacket – Winter jackets are great for harsh winter weather. It provides excellent thermal insulation with a fully waterproof outer shell. Some of these heavy-duty jackets have fur lining either inside, on the collar or on the hood for added warmth.

Snowsuits – These suits are for snowy and extreme weather conditions. It gives full coverage and has extra padding under the waterproof material for extra insulation.

Casual jackets/hoodies – These options are the best for just a short outing or walk in nice and cool weather. Perfect for a dry day in spring or fall, your pup can look very trendy!

UV suits – Yes, this is the first time we have heard of these too! Some dogs are more prone to skin irritation from UV rays, and this baby can come in handy to protect them from head to toe, as we know sunscreen is not an option.


Now you can see how many different types of coats there are to choose from! Your first task is to identify what use the jacket will serve for your pet. Consider your climate and how often you will use the coat. After that, take a look at the different features we mentioned. Hopefully, you will be able to find one that includes all the above! Pay extra attention to the material and fit.

If the jacket doesn’t serve your purpose or it’s simply just not the right size, do not compromise. You get what you pay for. Most coats that are of a higher price point are more expensive for a reason. If you need a coat that has extra padded insulation, a hood, fleece lining and/or reflective foil, don’t worry about the price, as this one purchase should last a long while.

Expert Tip

Let’s take a look at the best way to measure your dog for the most precise fit.

Have your dog in standing position, measure the circumference of the neck and the widest point of their chest (usually around the ribcage).

The next step is to measure the base of the collar to the base of the tail for the proper length.

The right jacket will fit snugly around the neck and belly, which are the key areas to protect for heat retention. If you have a male dog, make sure the jacket doesn’t prevent him from going potty without soiling the coat.

If your dog isn’t accepting of the type of jacket you chose, try to find a different type or style, as there are more than enough to choose from!

Did You Know?

Weather conditions are not the only indicator of whether or not your dog needs a coat. Each dog is different but if you have a dog weighing less than 10 pounds, it definitely needs more protection. Dogs with longer and thicker coats that originate from colder countries will obviously need a little less.

If you pay close enough attention, your dog will let you know whether or not he/she needs a coat. If you feel cold but notice your dog is panting and overheating, don’t force the coat on him. If your pup is obviously shivering under the coat you chose, try a thicker option with more insulation.

Because fleece jackets are so comfortable, don’t shy away from pairing a fleece coat with a rain-resistant coat for the full function of a parka, but with a more comfortable fit.

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