Other than collars, hats, clothing, and bows, we now have dog bandanas to add flair to your dog’s everyday outfits. They are usually colorful pieces of fabric that can be tied around your dog’s neck. It’s a trendy fashion statement that reflects your dog’s personality. He may also get a ton of compliments on your daily strolls.

If you love to shop, you know that there are options upon options of designs, materials, colors, and what have you to choose from. The same goes for these cute dog accessories, so where do we even begin choosing? We have once again compiled a comprehensive guide for you to find the best quality and best design for your fur baby.

View The Best Dog Bandanas Below

1. Odi Style Buffalo Plaid Dog Bandana

Odi Style Buffalo Plaid Dog Bandana 4 Pack

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Get four different colored plaid bandanas in one purchase. As an Amazon’s Choice item, you know it has 5-star quality! Although bandanas are generally not adjustable, this triangle piece of fabric is easily customizable by rolling it up for smaller dogs.

They are made of 80% cotton and 20% polyester, making them machine washable. To keep them from wrinkling, lay them out to dry on a flat surface. The material is soft, sturdy and comfortable. The red, blue, green, and white plaid print is easy to match and great for any occasion.

+ Amazon’s choice
+ Machine washable
+ Adjustable
+ 4-in-1

Why We Like It – You get great quality for the very affordable price. With four different colors in one purchase, you no longer have to select just one!

2. MEWTOGO Dog Bandanas

MEWTOGO Dog Bandanas – Washable and Reversible Triangle Dog Bibs

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Also called dog bibs, these dog bandanas come in a 10-pack! You get many assorted designs from paw prints to letters and everything in between; they are reversible for you to get the most use out of them. The fabric is professionally stitched all around the outer edges to prevent unraveling.

There are enough designs for your dog to have a different look every single day. At the end of the week, take the bibs and throw them in the wash. If you’re worried about the colors running, wash them separately in cold water.

+ Machine washable
+ 10 pack
+ Cute designs
+ Reversible

Why We Like It – With 10 reversible designs, it’s like getting 20 different bandanas. It’s a great deal if you ask us! Your dog will be party-ready with the dog bibs from Mewtogo.

3. My Themba Dog Bandana

My Themba Dog Bandana – 9pcs Dog Bandanas Pack for Birthdays and Holidays

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Maybe you only dress up your fur baby on special occasions. With this 9-pack bandana, you will have one for every major holiday, including your pooch’s birthday! Your dog can join in the fun and take great family photos with these bandanas to commemorate the holiday festivities. Most bandanas are created in a universal size; smaller dogs will have a larger knot in the back while larger dogs will have a smaller one.

These bibs are made mostly of polyester, which makes them extra durable, comfortable, and soft. They won’t ruin in the washing machine, and My Themba guarantees a refund if you are in any way unhappy with your purchase.

+ Festive designs
+ Machine washable
+ Durable polyester
+ 100% satisfaction guarantee

Why We Like It – Customized for holidays, your dog will be the life of the party with these fabric scarves! The birthday bibs come in two different colors for boy and girl fur babies.

4. SkyCOOOOL Navigation Style Puppy Bandana

SkyCOOOOL 4 Pack Funny Navigation Style Pet Dog Signature Puppy Bandana

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Most bandanas come in a standard size that fits any and all fur babies – cats included! These 4 bibs come in a nautical style, which suits pups who love the water. Or perhaps you are taking them out on your boat for a day, just tie these soft polyester scarves around their necks.

The stitched edges will prevent the bandana from fraying over time, and unraveling in the machine. Dogs are extremely active, and products need to be wear and tear-resistant to withstand daily use. The cool blue-toned bandanas have clips at the back to fasten around your pup, there is no need to tie a knot.

+ Clip closure
+ High quality, durable material
+ Machine washable
+ Cute nautical design

Why We Liked It – The seamless hard collar design has snap closures at the back. This gives a neater look, but make sure you measure your dog’s neck accurately.

5. YaoYao Personalized Dog Bandana

YaoYao Personalized Dog Bandana

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As shoppers, many of us like to spend money on unique, one-of-a-kind pieces. Customize your dog’s very own collar with his or her name stitched on the front. Choose from four colors and four sizes, you may even decide to stitch his loving nickname or a personalized greeting. You also have control over the font and thread color.

If you’re looking for something soft to the touch, look no further as the YaoYao bandanas are made from 100% cotton. The adjustable buckles give your pup enough room to grow into if you have a puppy.

+ Machine washable
+ Customizable text
+ 100% cotton
+ Adjustable buckle

Why We Like It – Although it’s adjustable, we would still suggest measuring your dog’s neck to get the right size out of the four. Once you’ve figured it out, taking it off and putting it on will be a breeze.

6. Tail Trends Formal Tuxedo Dog Bandana

Tail Trends Formal Dog Tuxedo Dog Bandana with Bow Tie and Neck Tie Designs

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We just couldn’t resist putting this option on our list after we saw how cute it looks on! Your pup will be dressed to the nines and ready for any party at the drop of a hat. Pick from multiple different tuxedo/suit designs and even some waistcoats.

It’s very well made with attention to detail, and the scoop neckline will be more comfortable to wear and the buttons are cute embellishments. They are easy to put on, either tie it around your dog’s neck or slip it on over the collar. Due to the intricate detailing, this dog bandana isn’t washing machine friendly.

+ Cute design
+ Easy to wear
+ Comfortable cut
+ Well-made

Why We Like It – Your dog will look so dapper at formal dinners. The bandana design makes it easy to wear with the same formality as a full-on dog tuxedo shirt.

Dog Bandana Buyer’s Guide

Dog bandanas, bibs, or scarves are usually worn for decorative purposes. Events in which it’s appropriate for these stylish scarves to include any holiday event, wedding, dinner, or even just on a walk for some extra attention.

You do not want your dog to be uncomfortable, so there are a few key features to look for. Not only do they make your dog look extra suave and lively, but they also have other functions.

What to Look for When Buying Your Dog a Bandana


Although most come in a universal size that is still customizable, we suggest measuring your dog’s neck to be sure. You need enough fabric to be able to tie a secure knot. For the adjustable ones, it’s better to have some room to loosen it up as your pup gets larger or gains weight.


A lot of the options are a piece of fabric you tie a knot in to secure around your dog. There are also ones with adjustable buckles, clips, and buttons. The knot options give you full freedom to customize the size, while the other choices have less autonomy. However, the latter three choices offer a more secure fit.


The material needs to be comfortable for your dog to enjoy wearing the bib. Look for fabric blends that are mostly cotton or 100% cotton.

Machine Washable

Reversible bandanas don’t require as much washing, but that won’t really matter if you can simply toss them in the washing machine. Bandanas could absorb drool, mud, water, etc and become a breeding ground for germs and bacteria. Machine washable options are the way to go for ones you plan to use often.

Other Features

Certain bandanas made of specific fabric can cool off your pooch. Since dogs don’t sweat, a moist bandana is a manual way to mimic our sweating mechanism to cool off your pup. His body heat will evaporate the moisture within and cool him off.


Bandanas are much more useful than just being eye candy. There are functional options that take on the role of flea repellents. There are even medicated ones and scarves that can soothe your pet with a calming scent. At the end of the day, your dog should love it and it should be easy to maintain.

Expert Tip

Try not to leave your dog unsupervised for long periods with a bandana, as they can be a strangulation hazard. The ones with tiny decorations could pose as a choking hazard as well.

Did You Know

Any kerchief large enough can be fashioned into a dog bandana. If you have an old silk scarf lying around, it’s easy to trim it down to size and gift it to your dog as a new dog bib.

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