One of the most common issues that bring dog owners to contact professional trainers is separation anxiety – dogs that get stress and/or experience anxiety when left by their owners.

Separation anxiety can present itself in multiple ways; uncontrollable barking, peeing inside and chewing up furniture are common signs, but it can also go as far as to your dog physically harming himself. Other triggers for anxiety are thunderstorms, fireworks, and large crowds, and now there is a potential solution for these problems.

An anxiety jacket for dogs can help reduce stress and anxiety by gently “hugging” the dog’s body, and while it doesn’t work for everyone – it could be a very simple solution to a complex problem. Below are seven of the best anxiety shirts for dogs.

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1. ThunderShirt Sport Dog Anxiety Jacket

ThunderShirt Sport Dog Anxiety Jacket

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The sporty look of this thunder vest makes it ideal for the pooch that likes to look cool, and for the owner who wants their furry friend feeling extra good about themselves while also being calmed by its snug fit. This thunder jacket for dogs is available in a stylish grey and hot pink, and you can get it in XXS for dogs under 7lbs, XXL for dogs over 100lbs and any sizes in between.

It is a dog anxiety vest that works by applying constant yet gentle pressure, and it has been recommended by thousands of trainers and dog specialists. Skip medication for the treatment of fear and anxiety and try this modern-looking dog stress vest instead.

+ Applies gentle pressure
+ Sizes XXS to XXL
+ Available in pink and grey
+ Recommended by experts

Why We Like It – By using an anxiety vest for dogs when there are fireworks, for long and stressful trips and more, you reduce the risk of your dog being uncomfortable. This dog comfort vest fits like a glove thanks to the variety of sizes and the adjustable Velcro straps, and the pressure is evenly distributed for maximal effect.

2. Comfort Zone Calming Vest

These snug thunder vests for dogs are designed to cover the whole chest area and back; they provide a comfortable calming experience when there are loud noises around or when you are in a crowded area that normally stresses out your dog. A dog security vest like this might also help with separation anxiety.

It is cute, lightweight, washable and durable, available in small and big sizes (because all dogs deserve to feel calm and stress free) and it made of a soft material – your dog won’t mind wearing it, and you will notice a difference almost right away in terms of your dog’s stress levels and general comfort.

+ Allows the dog to move freely
+ Voted product of the year in 2021
+ Provides constant swaddle-like pressure
+ With maximum torso coverage

Why We Like It – Something unique about this dog calming vest is that it was voted best product of the year (in the dog care category) by thousands of voters, and you will easily notice why once you try it on your dog.

3. ThunderShirt Polo Dog Anxiety Jacket

ThunderShirt Polo Dog Anxiety Jacket

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Your dog may need a dog compression shirt, but there is no reason for why you wouldn’t pick a product that will look great on your pup! These thunder coats for dogs have a unique design, and you can choose between blue, pink, orange and camouflage.

It offers anxiety relief, helps with fearfulness, reduces a dog’s urge to bark obsessively and more; and it is ideal for the car- and air travel, for leaving the dog home alone, for episodes of lightning and thunder and when working with rescue dogs with a troubled past.

There are so many ways for you to use these calming shirts for dogs, and you can easily wash it after using it a few times, or if it is starting to look a little dirty.

+ Help with separation anxiety
+ Four unique color options
+ Machine washable
+ Made with ultra-soft fabric

Why We Like It – With this vest for dogs with anxiety – you can relax, knowing you’ve done everything you can to keep your pooch calm. It is extremely soft to wear, and it is a favorite in many dog anxiety vest reviews, and you can get it in any size.

4. @HE Dog Anxiety Relief Coat

If your dog is suffering from separation anxiety when left home if he freaks out whenever there is a loud noise outside or if thunderstorms scare him half to death – consider this calming vest for dogs, as it offers relief for dogs struggling with fear and stress. It has adjustable straps to give it a comfortable, snug and the overall perfect fit; the sizes range from XS to XL, and it is made with 62% Viscose fiber, 5% Spandex, and 33% polyester for ultimate comfort.

Get it in camo, navy blue, pink or grey, and let your dog enjoy the comfortable tightness proven to help reduce discomfort and stress caused by certain situations. It is a dog compression vest that is more affordable than many other products, and a great option for dog owners on a budget.

+ Available at an affordable price
+ With 62% Viscose fiber
+ Relieves stress with mild pressure
+ Wide adjustable Velcro straps

Why We Like It – It is an anxiety coat for dogs that are fearful or easily frightened, and the clever combination of materials gives it the perfect fit no matter the body shape of your dog, and you can customize the fit with the Velcro stripes.

5. Furubaby Anxiety Dog Coat

The Furubaby calming shirt for dogs is one of the cheapest dog anxiety shirts on the market, while still also being one of the best. It is sold in several different colors for you to pick one that fits your fur buddy’s personality, it fits both small dogs and large dogs and it has been proven effective on 80% of its canine users.

The elastic material provides an evenly distributed pressure all over the dog’s body, which helps them stay calm even in stressful situations. The dog storm vest should be adjusted so that it fits tightly, but without restricting the movements of its bearer.

+ Effective on 80% of tested dogs
+ Available in 8 different colors
+ With elastic sides and Velcro straps
+ Low in price but high in quality

Why We Like It – You shouldn’t have to pay a fortune to help your dog with anxieties and stress, and thanks to this high-quality product – you can get the best thundershirt for dogs at a much lower price.

6. AKC Anti Anxiety and Stress Relief Calming Coat for Dogs

AKC Anti Anxiety and Stress Relief Calming Coat for Dogs

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Behind these anti-anxiety shirts for dogs, we find AKC – the American Kennel Club! This is an instant sign of an anxiety dog vest that really works, because who would know better what a dog needs than an organization with years of experience dealing with all kinds of dogs? They have chosen to make it in blue, grey and pink, and it has a cute little tag with the AKC name and logo on it!

Their dog calming jacket is made with 100% synthetic materials, it is available for dogs all sizes and it closes with wide- and comfortable Velcro flaps high up on the dog’s sides. Give your dog some relief from fireworks on New Year’s, from long car trips, trips by plane or train, crowds and more, and take the edge of your pup’s stress to allow him or her to enjoy their life to the full.

+ Sold by the American Kennel Club
+ Available in blue, pink and grey
+ With synthetic materials
+ Practical Velcro flap closing

Why We Like It – With so many calming jackets for dogs to choose from, it can be hard to find the best dog anxiety jacket for your pooch! This product is distributed by the AKC, which is a highly trustable organization – you can’t go wrong with their anxiety vest!

7. KINGSWELL Dog Anixety Vest

KINGSWELL Dog Anixety Vest

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Don’t let the simple design of this dog anxiety coat fool you, because it has a lot more to offer than what you might think! The side-release buckles make it easy to put on and take off, even if your dog is the kind of dog that doesn’t like to have things put on them, and it is made with water-resistant material that is perfect for using outdoors.

The vest even has a small pocket where your dog can carry its own treats or poop bags (or your keys!), and reflective strips for increased visibility when being out in the dark. You get a high-quality breathable anxiety shirt for dogs that can be used both when hanging out inside and when you go out on adventures, and the low price is bound to surprise you!

+ Side-release buckles that are easy to adjust
+ Lightweight water-resistant taffeta shell
+ With practical Velcro back pocket
+ Reflective strips for improved visibility

Why We Like It – Anxiety jackets for dogs need to be practical and fill their function without restricting the dog’s natural movements, and with this product, you get a very basic design with many surprising functions!

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These delicious and peanut butter flavored treats have been infused with CBD – known to provide stress relief to both humans and dogs. The unique formula keeps your dog feeling alert and awake rather than getting drowsy (which is the case with many other calming medications), and it balances the brain chemistry to take the edge off situations that might otherwise freak your dog out. All ingredients are healthy, organic and 100% vegan and they are soft and easy for your dog to chew.

Dog Anxiety Vests Buyers Guide

A good calming jacket for dogs is useful both for pups with extreme anxiety and for those with mild symptoms. There are no guarantees that it will solve the issues, but research and customer experiences show that they help soften the effect of stress in around 80% of dogs.

If your dog gets stressed easily – you have nothing to lose, and you might as well give it a chance by investing in a quality anxiety sweater for dogs in your family. The major benefit with a vest like the ones listed here is that it may calm your dog enough for you to start working with his fears, to help him overcome them once and for all.

With a dog, vest anxiety won’t get the upper hand, and it won’t stop your dog from enjoying certain activities with you that would previously cause discomfort and stress. The key is to find the best anti-anxiety vest for dogs living under your roof, so let’s have a look at some of the things you will want to know before you head out to shop for one. What dog benefits from a compression vest for dogs?

Separation Anxiety

An impressive number of dogs in the United States suffer from separation anxiety to some degree; some dogs will become mildly restless and uncomfortable when their owners are away, but other dogs may go nuts whenever left at home – tearing up the furniture, barking or scratching frenetically at the door.

This can cause not only damage to your home – but to your dog too! Dogs with extreme separation anxiety have jumped through glass doors and windows – critically injuring themselves – so this type of a stress disorder should not be taken lightly.

There are many things you can do when working with a dog with separation anxiety; it requires time and patience, but a big step in the right direction is finding something that will help them feel secure even when you are not around.

Anxiety vests for dogs are built to add gentle pressure to the dog’s body, which has been proven to reduce stress in canines. Providing stress jackets for dogs is not a solution, and you should continue to work with your furry friend, but it might help you reach your goal faster while also providing relief for your dog.

Thunder & Fireworks

Fear of thunderstorms is very common, and many dogs will shake, shiver and hide away somewhere in a corner, and others will bark and work themselves up. It can be hard to see your beloved pet so terrified, but many dog owners make it worse by babying the dog and openly showing pity. This will only confirm the dog’s fears – that something isn’t right – and it is important to maintain a positive attitude and act as if the sound of thunder is no big deal.

A great way to do this is by using a storm jacket for dogs, as this can provide them with the relief needed for the worst panic to go away. Working with a panicked dog is near to impossible, and with a weighted dog, vest anxiety will be brought down a notch.

Another common reason for fear is fireworks. For these dogs, New Year’s, the 4th of July and other big holidays can be the worst of nightmares, because how can you explain to a dog why the sky is repeatedly lightening up with a literal explosion of sound? A compression jacket for dogs won’t make the sounds go away, but it will press gently against the dog’s body to reassure him that it’s okay.

Traveling & Crowded Places

For most dog owners out there, it might seem like the most normal thing to pop your dog into the car and drive to the dog park or to take a Sunday stroll through town. For others, however, this may seem like a distant dream. Some dogs are extremely fearful of crowds, cars and anything unfamiliar to them, and this can cause panic attacks that prevent them from accompanying their owners on regular outings.

No dog should have to suffer this way, and a great place to start is with a comfortable vest for dogs. This type of stress relief will make it easier to work with your dog and for him or her to overcome these fears

Best security vest for dogs with separation anxiety?

The ‘Comfort Zone Calming Vest’ was voted the best dog care product in 2021, and it is a great calming vest to help with separation anxiety. It provides tightness and a snug fit in just the right places, and it has proven effects on dogs suffering from severe stress. It won’t solve the issue for you completely, but it will give you the upper hand when trying to teach your dog that it is okay to be left alone.

Are there any good thundershirt alternatives?

Some people choose to use fabric to wrap their own thunder shirts, but this can be tricky when trying to get it right, and you might end up paying almost the same as if buying one of the more affordable vest options. Don’t gamble with your dog’s well-being, as a good thunder shirt doesn’t have to cost a lot more than a dinner out at an affordable restaurant.

Best anxiety vest for puppies?

When buying a vest for your puppy, be aware that it might quickly grow out of it. You can purchase a size that fits your puppy, and if you want it to fit for longer, buy one with adjustable side straps, like the ‘ThunderShirt Sport Dog Anxiety Jacket’.


Anxiety vests can be a great help when training your dog or when rehabilitating a dog with fears, and there are many affordable options available. It is the design of these vests that provide the calming effect, and while it might be hard to picture how a piece of fabric could help your dog deal with his separation anxiety, travel stress and more – it does, and many dog owners can testify that these vests help. All dogs are different, and some may benefit from an anxiety jacket more than others, but you won’t know until you give it a try.

Expert Tip

Getting the right size is very important, so make sure you measure your dog properly before ordering.

Did you Know

Separation anxiety is often mistaken for a behavioral issue, due to lack of knowledge on behalf of the owner. About 20-40% of the dogs that are brought to canine behavioral specialists suffer from some level of separation anxiety.

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