Everyone in the family deserves to have a happy holiday and to find something with their name on it under the Christmas tree. Those fur friends are family members too, and for most devoted dog owners – it is obvious that they, too, should get something from Santa. Figuring out what to put on the wish list and what to eventually get for a dog is the next step, which is why we have gathered a few gift ideas for loved pooches.

You will want to take into consideration what your dog likes in terms of treats, toys, and activities, and base your decision on that. Remember that every dog is different, and the perfect gift for one might not be suited for another. Christmas is around the corner, so now is a good time to start planning for what to surprise furry Fido with on Christmas morning!

Best gift for a dog who gets muddy paws? A dog paw washer of course 😉

The Best Christmas Gifts for Dogs

1. Hurtta Casual Padded Dog Y-Harness

Hurtta Casual Padded Dog Y-Harness

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Do your dog a favor and get him or her a comfortable dog harness that won’t cause irritation or general distress. This ergonomic Hurtta harness har a simple design made to fit all dog breeds and doggy body shapes. It comes in all sizes; from size for the smallest Chihuahua and to your favorite Great Dane, and the straps are adjustable for a perfect fit.

The harness comes on and off in seconds, and it is designed to distribute pressure evenly as the dog pulls on the leash – preventing neck- and back injuries. Thanks to the cushioned Neoprene padding, the harness sits where it’s supposed to without chafing, and you can opt for getting a red harness (the product is available in a variety of colors) for a more Christmas themed look.

+ Lightweight and comfortable
+ Soft Neoprene Padding
+ Evenly distributed pressure
+ Available for dogs all sizes

Why We Like It – A harness that fits properly makes a big difference for a dog during walks and outings, and this is a product they can feel comfortable in, and that does not move around or rub against the skin; giving them a chance to fully enjoy their outdoor adventure.

2. ZippyPaws Burrow Squeaky Hide & Seek Plush Dog Toy

ZippyPaws Burrow Squeaky Hide and Seek Plush Dog Toy

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For Christmas, this year, why not consider these three adorable Rudolph look-a-like reindeer? The plush toys are soft and perfect for cuddling, playing and fetch, and you can hide them inside the little plush box and watch as your dog tries to dig them back out. The game satisfies the dog’s natural desire to dig and activates their brains as they need to try and figure out how to get their favorite toy back out.

Mental activation is important for dogs, and this is a toy that guarantees many hours of fun play! It is machine washable; both the reindeers and the plush box, so that you can keep the toys slobber free and free from built-up bacteria. Nothing says Christmas quite like a reindeer, making this the ultimate toy gift for a playful pup who has been good this year.

+ For fetch, cuddles and active play
+ With 3 Reindeer plush toy
+ Encourages the natural digging instinct
+ Machine washable and easy to clean

Why We Like It – How cute wouldn’t it be to have your pooch playing with three cuddly reindeers on Christmas day? Durable, washable and absolutely adorable, and the hide-and-seek game will keep both puppies- and senior dog minds sharp.

3. BarkBox Subscription

BarkBox Subscription

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A BarkBox subscription lets you receive a package once every month – packed with items that your dog will love! Each month has a theme, and you can expect to find toys, treats, and accessories every time you open a new box.

A monthly shipment will usually include one or several toys for your pup to run around with, a few bags of treats and possibly a natural chew treat – like a pig’s ear! The best thing is that you never know in advance what you are going to get, and you will quickly notice how your dog starts getting excited every time the mailman stops by with the box they have learned to love!

+ Monthly box of doggy surprises
+ Healthy treats and snacks
+ Unique and durable dog toys
+ Delivered straight to your door

Why We Like It – Everyone loves a BarkBox – dogs and owners alike! Getting a subscription means that there will be a surprise every month for as long as you have chosen for the subscription to last, and it will save you time and effort since you will get treats and toys delivered to your doorstep.

4. 2-Pack Large Kong Classic

2-Pack Large Kong Classic

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Surprise your pup with this classic treat dispenser and watch them have hours of fun trying to get snacks and treats out of it. A Kong can be filled up with milk bones, peanut butter, small treats or Kong’s special fillers, and you can stick it in the freezer for a few hours to make the fun last even longer.

This is when it’s beneficial to buy a 2-pack of Kongs since you will always have one frozen and ready to go for those moments when your pet deserves a special treat, or when you need them to entertain themselves for a bit. The standard Kong is fun, dishwasher safe and chewing resistant, and it bounces in unexpected directions when tossed or played with.

+ Fill with treats and snacks
+ Nontoxic and durable rubber
+ Pack of two classic Kong toys
+ Four hours of fun and play

Why We Like It – Christmas is a busy holiday for many pet parents, so why not give your pooch something they can play with on their own for hours at a time? Don’t forget some Kong toy filler or stuffing!

5. K&H Pet Products Microwavable Bed Warmer

K&H Pet Products Microwavable Bed Warmer

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It is not just humans that like to snuggle up somewhere warm after a walk outside in the cold or in the snow – dog’s like it too! This microwavable heat pad can be placed in- or under the dog’s bed, which will keep them cozy and warm even on the coldest of winter days. Four-five minutes in the microwave is all it takes to heat it up, it stays warm for 8-12 hours and it can be easily rinsed and washed with warm water and soap after each use.

The product is safe to use and soft to the touch, but a dog should always be given the option to move away from the bed warmer if it gets too warm (meaning, do not leave them in a small and closed crate with the warmer), just in case they want to cool off. The cover is made with long-lasting Neoprene, and it has a silicone bladder made to last for years.

+ Stays warm for up to 12 hours
+ Durable Neoprene cover
+ Hand washable for easy cleaning
+ Heats up in the microwave

Why We Like It – Some dogs get cold easily, especially small dogs with short fur, and these dogs would probably love a cozy heating pad to make their beds a warm and comfortable resting place, also during cold winter mornings.

6. Raw Paws Pet Dog Birthday Treats

Raw Paws Pet Dog Birthday Treats

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While the name indicates that this fabulous bundle of delicious treats is for a doggy birthday – it works just as well as a luxurious Christmas gift to place under the tree! You can get the small dog version, the kit for medium or large dogs, or why not a special puppy bundle?

The pack contains 5 different treats and chews; such as grain-free dog biscuits, jumbo bully sticks (in the large dog pack), compressed rawhide dog bones and sticks, and some irresistible peanut butter doggy cookies. All treats are free from artificial ingredients and 100% digestible.

+ With five different treats and chews
+ Available or adult dogs and puppies
+ All-natural and 100% digestible
+ Healthy and long-lasting

Why We Like It – You can never have too many treats, and this pack of healthy and all-natural chews for dogs all sizes and ages proves that. Your dog will love to have something to munch on while you attend Christmas dinners and family get-togethers!

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7. Nylabone Dura Chew Pooch Pacifier Chew Bone Value Pack

Nylabone Dura Chew Pooch Pacifier Chew Bone Value Pack

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Feeding too many chews and treats to your dog is not good since they could easily start packing on weight, and especially around Christmas when extended family members might be slipping them a treat under the table a bit more often than they should. Nylabone has found the solution to this problem, and their durable rubber chews with real-meat flavor are made to last!

The material withstands though chewing, and the irresistible flavor keeps your pup chewing, even though he or she isn’t consuming anything. This variety pack has two bones with the original Nylabone flavor (chicken), and one Chocolate flavored bone (don’t worry, it is not real chocolate, and therefore not harmful in any way).

+ Pack with 3 Nylabones
+ Full of natural flavor
+ Promotes healthy teeth and gum
+ Long-lasting and chewing-resistant

Why We Like It – Nylabones aren’t just fun for a dog to chew on, but it can also help prevent gum disease and other oral problems, without adding to their daily calorie intake.

8. Goody Box Holiday for Dogs


Christmas Stocking for Dogs by Sub-Gift

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This exciting bundle of delicious dog treats contains 5 or more holiday-inspired goodies for dogs all sizes (suitable for dogs weighing over 5lbs). It is packed with Christmas flavored snacks for your pup to munch on during family get-togethers, and a toy to carry over to any family member that looks like they might be up for a game of tug-of-war.

The cute box itself is perfect for placing under the tree so that your fur baby also gets his Christmas gift as everyone sits down next to the fireplace to open presents. All the edibles come from known and respected brands because every pet deserves a quality gift for Christmas!

+ Plush toy for holiday play
+ Delicious holiday flavored treats
+ Comes with charming gift box
+ For dogs weighing over 5lbs

Why We Like It – It is Christmas themed; with treats that taste like glazed ham and other Holiday inspired flavors, and it comes with small surprises like toys and more. What is not to like? The perfect doggy present to place under the tree.

9. Planet Dog Lump of Coal

Planet Dog Lump of Coal

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Has your favorite pup been a little naughty this year? Perhaps he has been chewing on furniture, or peed on the side of the couch? Then, well, he might not get more than a lump of coal for Christmas! …Literally. This revolutionary and super bouncy ball – designed to resemble a big old lump of coal – is nontoxic, phthalate- and BPA free, FDA approved and made in the United States. It floats and bounces, making it perfect for challenging games of fetch, and it is infused with natural mint oils. A lump of coal has never been so much fun, and it is just like a regular tennis ball, but with a twist, taking a game of Fetch to a whole new level.

+ FDA approved
+ Extremely bouncy
+ Nontoxic and recyclable
+ Washable in the dishwasher

Why We Like It – Your dog might not get the humor in this lump-of-coal dog toy, but everyone else gathered around the Christmas tree sure will, and your dog will love the fun that comes with chasing after this bouncing orb!

10. Pup Crew Christmas Tree Dog & Cat Sweater

(NO LONGER AVAILABLE – See the alternative product in the image below)

Pup Crew Pro Daybreak Jacket with Lightweight Microfleece Reflective Piping and Breathable Flex Knit Fabric

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Giving away an “ugly” Christmas sweater is a thing in many families, and since dogs are family members too – they should get their own sweater! This Christmas tree sweater sure doesn’t qualify as ugly, and your fur friend will look adorable and festive in this ultra-soft turtleneck creation as family and friends come over for Christmas dinner. They will also stay warm; which is essential especially for small dogs and dogs with short hair, without getting uncomfortably hot since the material breathes. The belly area is high-cut for it to fit both male and female dogs, and it can be washed and dried on low heat. One thing is for sure; your dog will steal all the attention in the Christmas photos with this sweater!

+ Sizes from XXS-XXXL
+ “Ugly sweater” design
+ Soft and cozy material
+ Machine washable and dryer safe

Why We Like It – Have your four-legged friend look cool, feel warm and be awesome in this unique Christmas sweater! Plus-points for the quality, which makes it possible to wash it in the washing machine on low heat.

11. Kurgo Step and Strobe Dog Boots

Kurgo Step n’ Strobe Dog Shoes

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Christmas time and winter can be rough on sensitive doggy paw pads; with the salt used on icy roads and the penetrating cold rising through the ground, and it is a good idea to take action to try and avoid cuts, soreness, and irritation, by investing in high-quality doggy boots such as these. The Kurgo Step and Strobe Dog Boots are available in sizes XXS-XL and can also be used in the summer to protect paws from burning hot asphalt. The booties are made with tight and breathable weave mesh, synthetic leather uppers and durable outsoles; making them long lasting, warm and great protection for your pup’s paws.

+ Lightweight and waterproof
+ 360-degree reflective stripes
+ LED lights in the soles
+ Zip-cord for a comfortable fit

Why We Like It – Would you like to walk barefoot on ice cold snow, ice or salted roads? Many don’t realize how sensitive a dog’s paw pads are, and a gift like this will keep them warm and free from injury so that they can fully enjoy Christmas together with the rest of your family.

12. Buck Bone Organics Elk Antlers for Dogs

Buck Bone Organics Elk Antlers for Dogs

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These 100% natural and real elk antlers are among the most durable dog chews currently existing. It is an eco-friendly premium dog treat; full of Glucosamine (great for bone and joint health), Chondroitin, Calcium, Phosphorous, vitamins, minerals and much more, and it is unprocessed and free from fillers and additives.

It is a dog chew that is suitable for dogs all sizes and ages, it leaves no mess or unpleasant odor, while still being irresistible to your fur friends. It will provide many hours of entertainment, prevent teeth- and gum disease and it is a healthier and more long-lasting alternative to rawhide bones and chews.

+ Unprocessed and vitamin-packed
+ 100% natural elk antler
+ With Glucosamine and Chondroitin
+ Long-lasting and mess- and odor free

Why We Like It – At first glance, these chews might seem somewhat pricey in comparison to rawhide and similar, but once you see how long these last and how much dogs tend to love them – you’ll never question natural elk antlers ever again! Surprise your dog this Christmas with a treat, unlike anything they have ever tried before.

13. Dog Gone It Fabric Advent Calendar

Dog Gone It Fabric Advent Calendar

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Get your pooch a cute advent calendar, fill it up with delicious treats and let them have one ever December day until Christmas! This adorable calendar is made with durable fabric and quality stitching; making sure you can use it year after year, and it has 24 deep pockets for the treats and chews of your choice. This product does not include dog treats, for the simple reason that all dogs are different, have different dietary restrictions and needs etc. etc.

Get ones that you know your dog will love and stick one in each pocket to have it ready by December 1st. It may not count a gift for Christmas day, but most dogs would much rather have 24 small presents over the course of 24 days, than one present at the end of that period. Wouldn’t you?

+ 24 pockets for treats
+ Strong fabric and real stitching
+ Charming Christmas theme
+ For dogs, cats or children

Why We Like It – Extend the fun for all of December! Why only treat your pup on the 25th, when you can spoil him rotten with a treat every day for almost the whole month?

14. Just Chill’in Pets Holiday Dog Gift Basket

Just Chill’in Pets Holiday Dog Gift Basket

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This large gift basket is perfect for a family with multiple dogs, or for a dog that has been a little extra good this year! Imagine the looks on their little puppy faces when they get to dig into this basket packet with plush toys, squeaks, tug-of-war rope toys and more, and make them immensely happy this 25th of December.

All toys in the set have been thoroughly tested; both by professionals and by the company test-dog (who got to play with them first, to make sure they were fun enough to go on sale) – Chiller. The basket also contains two different types of healthy, nutritious and natural dog treats.

+ 100% natural cotton and non-toxic rubber
+ Option to include a personal message
+ 9 toys and 2 chew-treat varieties
+ Thoroughly tested and approved

Why We Like It – A large pack of toys and treats like this is great if you have been planning to replace the toys you already had, if you have multiple dogs or if you just want to give one dog a very special Christmas.

15. Cesar Gourmet Wet Dog Food Variety Pack

Cesar Gourmet Wet Dog Food Variety Pack

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Not all dogs will eat kibble on its own, and many prefer it topped with something meaty and delicious. Other dogs might not be able to eat kibble due to dental- or gum disease, which is when wet food becomes a reliable option.

This value pack contains 36 trays of Cesar wet dog food in 6 different flavors, and each tray contains 3.5oz. It is a wet dog food that is fortified with vitamins and minerals, and that stays fresh (when unopened) for a very long time. Treat your pup to something delicious this Christmas, and something that will motivate them to want to eat properly at every meal time.

+ 36 3.5oz portion trays
+ Fortified with vitamins and minerals
+ 5 variety packs to choose from
+ Use as kibble topping or on its own

Why We Like It – Dogs love anything delicious that they are allowed to eat, and this variety pack lets you surprise your fur friend with a long-lasting supply of chunky meat flavored wet food.

Christmas Gifts for Dogs Buyers Guide

Buying a present for a dog is not that different from buying a present for a person, because when it comes down to it, you want to get your pup something he or she will like. Dogs can be very different in terms of taste, preferences, and personality, so to buy the ultimate dog gift – you have to know the dog you are buying it for. If you don’t, you can always ask the owner (in a case where the owner isn’t you) for some pointers and guidance.

Treats are usually a safe bet, unless, of course, the dog is on a diet or allergic to certain ingredients. If the dog is yours, it is not hard to think of something that he or she would love to find wrapped under the tree, but if you are still struggling – we have put together a list of ideas. Sometimes all it takes is some inspiration, to find the ultimate Christmas gift for a dog that has been good this year (and if they haven’t been good, you can always get them the ‘Planet Dog Lump of Coal’ bouncy ball for naughty dogs.

Level of Fun

When trying to decide what to get – take into consideration how much fun your dog could potentially have with the present you plan to get for him or her. If your dog is into fetch, then go with a ball, but if your dog is more of a tug-of-war type personality, then perhaps a rope toy or a plush animal could be a better option. For dogs that get cold a lot when out for walks, a pair of dog boots could make their winter walks a lot more enjoyable and entertaining, and a pet that gets cold when sleeping indoors might love a heated bed or a heating pad. What is fun for one dog might seem useless for another, but in most cases – pups are just happy to get to hang out with the family on Christmas day and to get a gift to rip the wrapping off.


This is extra relevant when giving someone else’s dog a present, and it is the first step in the decision-making process. Do you want to give away something that can actually be useful (like dog food, a new harness or a warming sweater), or would you rather give away a ball or a plushie toy? If you’ve seen dog toys lying all around your friend’s house, then perhaps they don’t need more of the same, and then it might be a better idea to go with an item that can in some way aid the dog in his daily life and/or activities.

Quality & Safety

Always purchase dog toys and accessories from trusted brands and manufacturers, to avoid having them break after 2 minutes of play. While price and quality aren’t always related, it tends to be somewhat true when it comes to dog stuff. A 1-dollar tennis ball from the supermarket may not last as long as a tennis ball from a trusted brand like KONG or ChuckIt, and that harness that came as a free gift when you bought a pet magazine might not be as resistant or as ergonomic as, for example, the Hurtta Y-Harness mentioned in this article. Make sure you are buying your doggy gifts from reliable sources, to avoid wasting money on something that won’t last.

Best Gift for Small Dogs

Many small dogs have very little fat to keep them warm, which could be agonizing in winter. Why not surprise your miniature pup with a ‘K&H Pet Products Microwavable Bed Warmer’ – designed to keep pet beds cozy.

K&H Pet Products Microwavable Bed Warmer

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You can always combine it with the ‘Nylabone Dura Chew Pooch Pacifier Chew Bone Value Pack’ if you want to give your fur buddy something to chew on while snuggling up in a warm bed.

Best Gift for Medium Dogs

Medium dogs are a bit like middle children, and it can often be a mix of everything – small dog- and big dog qualities. They might love to be outside running around, just like many large and active breeds, but get their feet cold easily just like that neighbor’s Chihuahua.

Buck Bone Organics Elk Antlers for Dogs

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With that in mind, a medium dog could benefit from the ‘Kurgo Step and Strobe Dog Boots’ and the ‘Buck Bone Organics Elk Antlers for Dogs’. Take your dog for a walk in their new waterproof and warming dog boots and let them come home afterward to chew on a delicious Elk antler in their favorite corner of the couch.

Best Gift for Large Dogs

A large dog tends to be energetic in a more demanding way than some smaller fur friends, and they need something that will keep them entertained. Why not get them a BarkBox Subscription, so that they get to receive new toys and treats once every month? The ‘Dog Gone It Fabric Advent Calendar’ is also a great idea since you can fill it up with treats and small toys that you know your large dog will love.

Dog Gone It Fabric Advent Calendar

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Best Gift for Strong Dogs

The best gift for a strong dog is the ‘Hurtta Casual Padded Dog Y-Harness’ – an ergonomic harness available in all sizes and designed to even the pressure across the body as the dog pulls on his or her leash. It is a great looking harness that weighs close to nothing, and that does not cause chafing or discomfort to occur when worn.

Hurtta Casual Padded Dog Y-Harness

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Don’t stress too much when it comes to what to get for a dog since dogs tend to be happy as long as they get to enjoy your company. They ask very little of life and of their owners, but if you do want to get them something, just aim for a purchase that will make them happy, or that serves them in one way or the other. Something fun, or something useful. Finding the right doggy gift isn’t any harder than that, so just take a moment to think about what your (or someone else’s) dog could potentially enjoy and trust your instincts when picking out your present.

Expert Tip

Try to moderate the treats during Christmas, and especially if your dog receives them as a gift. Remember that dogs, too, gain weight, and an overweight dog is at the risk of many health issues and a shortened lifespan. If your dog enjoys more treats than usual during the holidays – try to adjust their kibble- or wet food amount accordingly.

Did You Know?

Some common holiday plants are poisonous to pets, so if you keep plants around during Christmas, make sure your dogs can’t get to them. Christmas trees are not considered a health risk to pets, but the oils produced by the tree can cause irritation to a dog’s mouth when eaten.

You don’t want Christmas day to end with a veterinary visit, so be vigilant, so that you can all open gifts together as a family.