Who can resist a furry little face with big attentive eyes and a tongue that hangs out after a clumsy run-around the house? A puppy. Who can resist a puppy? Bringing a new dog home is a big and often life-changing event, and whether it is your first dog or if you have had dogs before – there is a lot of preparation that goes into it. Where should the puppy sleep, what should he eat, what vaccines does he need and – surprisingly important – what should he play with?

A puppy needs plenty of stimulation, and toys are a great way to teach them what is okay for them to chew on, and what they should stay away from. You will naturally want to find the best chew toys for puppies and adult dogs since it is important that they are both fun to play with for the dog, but also safe for curious (and often a little destructive) dogs.

Want to walk your pup? Don’t forget a small dog harness and an elegant pup collar!

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1. Aipper Dog Puppy Toys

Aipper Dog Puppy Toys

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If you are having trouble choosing the best puppy chew toys for your pups, you might want to try this pack of chew toys for puppies! It consists of 12 different puppy training toys – all with their own unique reasons for qualifying as the best toys for puppies and adult dogs.

In the mix, you will find floating rubber balls, rope toys that are great for tug-of-war, an IQ treat ball, and other puzzle toys, so that both you and your pup get a chance to choose what you like the most. The toys are durable and non-toxic so that your naughty puppy can safely chew when teething or playing. Keep in mind that dogs should always be supervised when playing with toys, even interactive ones.


+ Bundle with 12 different toys

+ High-quality and long-lasting

+ Fun for puppies and adult dogs

+ Includes a challenging treat ball

Why We Liked It – You don’t just get one teething toy for puppies, but instead you get 12 of the best dog chew toys available on the market, so what’s not to like? Great variety and something for every dog!

Alternative for older dogs: Top-rated bully sticks.

2. Youngever 8 Durable Dog Chew Toys

Youngever 8 Durable Dog Chew Toys

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Made with natural rubber and extra durable rope, these puppy teething toys are both fun, great for learning as well as incredibly long-lasting. There is a fetch rubber ring, a teething chew bone, a solid bouncing ball and cotton rope toys that are great for keeping the teeth clean and flossed, and the variety gives your puppy a chance to show you what he or she likes the best.

The bundle has a satisfaction guarantee so that you can feel completely secure when making your purchase, and the toys are suitable for miniature, small and medium-sized dogs.


+ Natural and safe rubber

+ 10 toys for fetch, chewing and play

+ For small and medium-sized dogs

+ Rope toys for dental health

Why We Liked It – When looking for the best chew toys for dogs, why not get a pack of different toys so that you get a chance to figure out what works best for you and your dog? Great variety from a reliable brand, that knows the importance of durability and quality.

3. Nylabone Puppy Starter Packs

Nylabone Puppy Starter Packs

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Choosing between different starter packs, you have a great opportunity of finding quality puppy chew toys for your new dog, that will last for a very long time.

Nylabone is known for having the best chew toys for teething puppies since they are made to hold despite being heavily chewed on, and you can even get toys with chicken flavor, bacon flavor and more! The toys are made in the United States and can help keep a puppy’s teeth clean and white, plus improve their breath which is great for sloppy doggy kisses!


+ Clean teeth and fresh breath

+ With an irresistible flavor

+ Entertains puppies for hours

+ Non-toxic and durable materials

Why We Liked It – What makes the Nylabone products stand out is that they have natural flavor, even though they are not edible, which makes them more appealing for a dog to chew on.

4. Team Howard 10 Pack Dog Toys

Team Howard 10 Pack Dog Toys

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Team Howard have gathered up the best chews for puppies so that you can sit back and relax – knowing you are perfectly prepared for receiving your new fur friend. The extra thick ropes and the durable joint connections make these dog toys for puppies as safe as they can be, and they are ideal for teething since they gently massage the gums as the puppy pulls and chews.

The connections are made with 100% non-toxic rubber, and while there is no toy that is completely indestructible (which is why dogs should always be supervised when playing) – these safe chewing toys for dogs all ages are about as close as they come in terms of sturdiness.


+ For chewing, pulling and fetch

+ Enforced non-toxic joint connections

+ Gently massages gums

+ Suitable for young puppies

Why We Like It – Of course, there is no such thing as a completely indestructible dog toy, but these come very close – with the extra thick rope and the anti-break joint connections made from durable rubber.

5. KONG PUPPY Durable Rubber Chew and Treat Toy

KONG PUPPY Durable Rubber Chew and Treat Toy

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Made with KONG’s exclusive teething rubber formula, these dog chew toys are both durable and versatile! They are great for chewing and helps to soothe sore gums, they can be thrown when playing fetch (and they bounce!) or stuffed with delicious treats! There is no way a puppy won’t love their KONG, and it is a great tool for keeping a restless pooch occupied for hours.

Kong is known for making the best toys for teething puppies and adult chewers; much due to their impressive durability. The puppy version of the classic KONG toy comes in blue and pink, and it is recommended by veterinarians, behavior experts, and trainers all over the world.


+ Made with exclusive teething rubber

+ Stuff with treats or use on its own

+ Fun and unpredictable bounce

+ Recommended by dog trainers

Why We Like It – This is a classic teething toy for puppy dogs that continues to be a favorite in doggy households worldwide. It can be used in many different ways and for different purposes and is very difficult even for an aggressive chewer to destroy.

6. Nylabone Dura Chew Ring Bone & Puppy Chew Bone

Nylabone Dura Chew Ring Bone & Puppy Chew Bone

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These chicken-flavored puppy chewing bones now have more flavor than ever before, which helps direct your puppy to chew on their chew toys rather than on furniture, shoes and expensive carpets. Good chew toys for puppies can also help with nipping and biting, and this duo-pack is likely to become a new favorite in your household.

The puppy chews bone and ring help soothe inflamed gums when teething, they reduce tartar and are suitable for dogs weighing up to 15lbs. Nylabone makes their products in the United States with non-toxic material that is safe for a dog to chew on daily, and it can keep your puppy occupied for hours at a time.


+ For puppies up to 15lbs

+ Prevents nipping and biting

+ Reduces tartar build

+ Extra intense Chicken flavor

Why We Like It – Teaching a puppy not to bite or chew on hands, furniture and so on can be difficult, but the irresistible flavor of the best puppy toys Nylabone has to offer makes the transition a whole lot easier. Most pups can spend hours chewing on these!

7. AMZpets Puppy Toy Pack

AMZpets Puppy Toy Pack

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This collection of adorable toys for puppies comes in a practical carrying bag, which is perfect for storing them or taking them all with you on a trip. The combination of rope toys, plush toys, squeaky bones, and rope dog balls guarantees that there will be something in there for your pooch to love and play with, and the variety prevents the puppy from getting bored.

The toys are made to survive rough play sessions, but make sure to always keep an eye on a dog that plays with toys – no matter how durable they are. The high-quality rope is designed to gently soothe those teething puppy mouths, while also keeping the teeth clean and tartar free.


+ Toys made with plush, rope and rubber

+ Carrying bag included

+ For puppies and small dogs

+ Cleans teeth and soothes the gum

Why We Like It – All puppies are different, and this bundle offers a good mix of different types of toys, which makes finding the best teething toys for dogs in your family a piece of cake.

8. Nylabone Puppy Chew X Bone Beef Chew Toy

Nylabone Puppy Chew X Bone Beef Chew Toy

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If you want the best chew bones for puppies living under your roof – this oddly shaped doggy favorite is a must! It has ridges and nubs all over it that helps massage the gum; lessening the pain and discomfort caused by teething, and it is bendy and flexible while also being sturdy enough to suit intense chewers. The beef flavor quickly catches the puppy’s fleeting attention, and the material is non-toxic and safe to be chewed on by dogs weighing up to 15lbs.

Bigger dogs can also use Nylabone but should use an adult variety, and not this puppy product. The toy can also be used for playing fetch outside and is easy to rinse off after a chew- or play session to eliminate dirt and bacteria.


+ For chewing and fetch games

+ Nubs and ridges for teething pups

+ Rinse off for easy cleaning

+ Bendy non-toxic material

Why We Like It – Give your new puppy a real treat with one of these safe chew bones for puppies and small adult dogs and see for yourself how they won’t be able to stay away from the delicious beef taste.

9. Nylabone DuraChew Ring Dog Toy

Nylabone DuraChew Ring Dog Toy

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Chewing bones for puppies need to live up to high standards since puppy teeth are sharp and ruthless when it comes to tearing toys apart. Nylabone is known in the dog world for their durable chews that won’t give in or have pieces come off, which is exactly what your new furry family member needs.

This ring comes in two presentations; one smooth and one with ridges and nubs, which is perfect while the puppy is teething. It can help stop them from biting the hands of human pack members, from chewing on the couch or on the corner of your favorite coffee table, and it also cleans their teeth in the process. Clean teeth, intact furniture and a happy and entertained puppy – the perfect combination for a new dog owner.


+ Durable ring for chewing, fetch and tug-of-war

+ Two presentations to choose from

+ Irregular surface to help clean the teeth

+ Intense and long-lasting flavor

Why We Like It – The ring shape is not only great for chewing, but these also make the best dog toys for puppies that like to play fetch or tug-of-war!

10. Puppy Chew Teething Rope Toys Set

This set of four toys for puppies to play with is an instant favorite! They are good to chew toys for puppy friends since they can help during the teething process, by stimulating and massaging itchy and aching gums. The material is 100% cotton and floss material; keeping the teeth (both new teeth and baby teeth) clean in the process.

The vibrant colors come in a random combination at the time of order, and they have that charming handmade look but with the durability of high-quality factory products. Finding the best chew toy for puppies is something you want to do well before they start teething, and this bundle is made to last all through puppy-hood.


+ Durable cotton material

+ Pack of 4 different toys

+ Safe to handwash

+ Vibrant and eye-catching colors

Why We Like It – These safe chews for puppies are great looking, durable and interestingly shaped so that your puppy will stay entertained while playing with them. They can be used for fetch and tug-of-war and can be hand washed if getting a little too dirty or slobbery.


Chew Toy for Puppies Buying Guide

Whether you have already brought your new furry family member home or if you are about to – you are going to need toys. Puppies bore easily and tend to explore and search for something to entertain themselves with, which could easily become biting your toes and hands, chewing on that invaluable cushion your grandmother gave you last Christmas or getting themselves into trouble. By purchasing puppy chew bones or other toys that are safe to play with; you are doing yourself, your family and your new dog a favor.

Good toys for puppies are those that will last long, and that is interesting enough to keep them from chewing on- or playing with something else. A toy or a good chewing bone for puppy family members is also a great training tool, and a way to help your new friend concentrate his or her energy on a safe and – most importantly – allowed chewing item.


As with everything you plan to give to your dog – material is important. You first want to make sure that you are dealing with a non-toxic product, something that should be the norm for dog toys and chews, but it is always best to double check by reading the product description before purchasing. Buy from recommended and well-known brands if you are unsure since that usually guarantees a quality product.

You probably want to avoid hard plastic altogether, since hard plastic can break and leave sharp pieces that could hurt your dog. Puppies like to chew, so it is much safer to go with rubber or soft toys that they can chew on without running the risk of cutting their mouths or ingesting something sharp. This is important for adult dogs too, but keep in mind that puppies are new to everything and are even more likely to explore and to try to eat whatever they can find, just like a human toddler might.


Keep in mind that while a toy can be deemed ‘virtually indestructible’, there is really no such thing as an indestructible toy. If your dog sets out to break it or to turn it into a pile of nothing – he or she is likely to succeed at some point, no matter what types of puppy chew sticks or toys you invest in. For this reason, it is crucial to always supervise a puppy when playing with a toy or a chew, to avoid an expensive veterinary visit or worse. Keep the puppy in the same room if he or she is a chewer and inspect the puppy chew regularly to make sure there aren’t any loose pieces.

Yes, you can choose high-quality products that are as close to indestructible as possible, but there is always going to be a risk, which it is crucial for you as a responsible dog owner to be aware of. Even if a product claims to be indestructible, you still need to use your judgment and knowledge and realize that it isn’t, or otherwise, your puppy might end up paying the price.

Benefits of a Bundle

The benefits of buying a pack or a bundle with different toys are many. Getting to know a dog takes time; which includes learning what they like, what toys they prefer and how much of a chewer they are, and when you bring a puppy home – you are only just starting that wonderful -getting-to-know-each-other process! You might buy a toy only to discover that your pup isn’t at all interested, and then you might try a different toy and hit the jackpot. Buying a set of toys gives your dog the chance to show you what he or she likes the most, plus it makes it possible to variate the games you play. You can, for example, choose to have some toys out some days, then alternate the available toys on other days. This way, your dog won’t ever get bored!

Where can I buy chew toys for puppies?

You will discover that they sell dog toys everywhere, even at your local supermarket, but these might not always be your best options. Puppy toys need to be durable and safe, so the smartest thing you can do is to investigate your available options beforehand and buy your chosen product off the internet or from a trusted pet store. The internet has hooked onto the pet trend in recent years and is now offering an incredibly wide selection, which is great especially for those who might live far from good pet stores since the products are delivered straight to your door no matter where you live. Buying online also gives you the opportunity to compare prices.

What chew toys for strong puppies?

If your puppy is a tough chewer, you might want to consider a KONG product, such as the ‘KONG PUPPY Durable Rubber Chew and Treat Toy’. The brand is known for their close to unbreakable- and heavy-duty toys, and they have been delivering quality products to dogs and owners all over the world for many years.

What chew toys are best for puppies who like to chew?

For puppies that love to chew; NYLABONE is the brand to keep an eye out for. Products like the ‘Nylabone Puppy Chew X Bone Beef Chew Toy’ gives your dog a chance to chew away at something that tastes like meat, chicken or bacon, without consuming anything that might get caught in their sensitive throats. They are durable and long-lasting, and most chewers absolutely love them.


Getting teething toys and safe bones for puppies is a crucial step in raising a happy, healthy and balanced dog, as it gives them something to do when you or other family members don’t have the time to play. It also teaches them what they are allowed to chew on, which can prevent destructive behaviors especially when teething. Quality is important when choosing a new toy or chews for your dog, so the best thing you can do for them is to learn what to look for and to always keep an eye on them while at play.

Expert Tip

Buy a set of several toys when first bringing a puppy home, and then observe to see what he or she seems to play with the most. That way you will know what toys to look for in the future, since all dogs have different preferences, just like people.

Did You Know?

The word ‘puppy’ has roots in the French word ‘poupeé’, which means a doll or toy.

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